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Welcome to Michael Donnelly's Travel page.

Been working and travelling overseas for a few years now so thought I'd set up this page so I can keep in touch with everyone and let those who want to know, what I'm up too!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 03 April 2007

Location: USA

ok just leaving NY. have changed my flights so im now arriving in Sydney on the 6th at 10 am. This is a day earlier than first expected. Il be staying in sydney friday night and leaving saturday afternoon at 6pm.

fam, let me know who will be in the city on friday if anyone. il be staying at the Holiday Inn Lido, Beijing. If you call there and leave a message for me or just email me.



Monday, 02 April 2007

Location: New York, USA

Well, the Caribbean is now just a memory and the tan has started to fade already. Missed the kiwi game today but heard they won in under 30 overs so sounds all good!

This lady started talking to me in Antiguan airport. She sounded American and was very well to do so was surprised when she said she was a kiwi but had been living in NY for 15 years. When I got out at NY airport she was their with her husband and daughter. They offered me a lift which I gladly accepted. Turns out they were very well to do. They live in an apartment on in the heart of NY. They got picked up by their "driver" which I guess was like the equivelant of a Crown car sort of thing in NZ. Not sure exactly waht "Bob" the husband does but she mentioned he was looking at a promotion to be in cahrge of Traffic Control for NY city so im guessing some sort of government something. Anyway, they were lovely and they went out of their way and dropped me to the door of my Hostel. Its the best feeling in the world meeting people like that who are genuinely nice and interested in helping others. She was reminciting about her solo travels as a young woman. Ahhhh! What a feel good moment!

Ok so its 9pm, time for a slice of pizza and a beer then sleep. Still havent sorted out my flight for tomorrow so hopefully it all turns out ok. Im just going to front at the airport and hope for the best. They have to let me on, right?? So if it works out tomorrow il be in Sydney a day earlier than planned and will stay for a whole night and day which will give me more of a chance to catch up with people that i want too.

ok will keep you posted,


Monday, 02 April 2007

Location: Antigua & Barbuda

Well my time in the Caribbean is drawing to a close. I leave tomorrow morning being monday. Had a great time, highlight probably the NZ V Windies game. The atmosphere at game was much better than Aus game unfortunately as the oz game was rained out.

Anyway, its been good and would deinately recommend the caribbean to anyone looking to see something different and just relax.

So the massive journey home begins. NY tomoorw followed by beijing again (il know to steer clear of dodgey drivers this time!!!) then into sydney. I am attempting to change my flights slightly so i get a full day in sydney instead of just a few hours but we will see. (for family that are coming to see me at airport ill keep u in the loop re: any changes)

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Location: rex halycon resort, Antigua & Barbuda

well the fun continues. oz won their game which im sure your all aware of. Seeing hayden hit 150 something was a highlight.!! lara was good but not that good.

nz game today was outstanding. nz wiped the floor with the windies. looks like they'll be out now which is no good for the locals.

resort is still good AS. IV TAKEN HEAPS OF PHOTOS BUT CANT WORK OUT HOW TO POST THEM ON THIS SITE SO WONT. to pauvla, sounds like your still having good times, not long til your back in welly! to maca, very disapointed in your lack of appearence on this site. to think i was going to buy u a present over here!!!!!

to anne and work people............. il be back soon, no one worry!!!! haha

to mum and dad, u guys are only ones really getting on this sit so thank u...nothing like family eh!!

ok, all day harbour cruise tomorrow so sleep time. hope all is good wherever u are reading this


Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Location: Halycon Cove Resort, Antigua & Barbuda

well, im here!

I can't begin to describe this place. Its exactly how you imagine it would be. Our resort spills out onto our private beach. there are jet ski's, catamarans, whatever you want to use all just sitting on the beach. We have our own bar which is on the sand. Guy called "yard dog" runs it and will pretty much sell you whatever you want.........if you get my drift.

There is a wharf that goes out into the water with a restaurant on the end. Up and down the beach, other resorts have the same set up so u just cruise up and down the beach bar hopping and chatting with people. Its fairly good!!!!

I arrived yesterday and jonni picked me up and airport. On the way in he broke a few bits of good news to me. He got a double room so i wasnt sleeping on the floor, he got me tickets to all games and last but not least, he had signed me up to play an exhibition sort of match, all the media crew vewrsus the Legends of West Indies team. The likes of Sir Vivian Richards, etc etc. So to say im excited would be a slight understatement!

For the first time this trip jet lag is playing havoc with my mind. I woke at 4am and have been up since. Game day today, first game of the Super 8's. Ill be in the Party Stand. Its Oz V West Indies, both teams are stayiong at our Resort so should be an interesting night tonight after the game. Have met the entire on ground camera crew and they said they will find me in the crowd and give me planty of airtime so keep your eyes on the game and if someone could record it would be awesome.

Ok, breaky time, better be off.

Not missing work (sorry Anne) but definately missing the people and family. Trips like this you wish you could share it with everyone!


Sunday, 25 March 2007

Location: New York, USA

ok, im back.

NY is awesome city. So much to see. Every corner seems to have a building or place that is famous for something. My hostel is right outside Maddison Square Garden so nice and central.

Met some kiwis on the plane who are going to antigua for world cup too so met up with them last night for what started out as a few sneaky beers but soon developed into a full blown booze up! Finshed up in Times Square around 4am! Good times. So far ive done a city bus tour (perfect seeing im feeling a bit worse for wear today and walking just wasnt an option!), I ve eaten one of those huge slices of pizza, i had a donut, iv hailed and caught a yellow cab " uptown", Ive been lost on the Subway and after 1.5 hours, ended up in Harlem! (not as scary as i thought but prob wouldnt go back!) and Ive been to a comedy club! im thinkin i may head to times square tonight and see if i can get some cheap broadway tickets but not sure if that will happen.

seen empire state and will hopefully be going to the top tonight as the view is meant to be amazing. saw statue of liberty from a distance, trump towers..the list goes on!

Its a fast paced city thats for sure. Saw the Sheridan Hotel, 3000 rooms! Huge, imagine doing the papers!!!!!!

So thats about all for now. no plans for tonight, off to caribbean tomorrow. cant wait!

miss everyone


Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: New York, USA

Hey guys,

im here. hasn't been the greatest experience so far. bit frustrated and tired at moment so il let u know im here and safe and il fill u in with details later.


Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: Biejing, China

Hi all,

well Im half way there. woke up in wellington at 4am friday and some 24 hours, 3 planes, 4 airports, 2 transfers (travel agant never mentioned stopping in shanghai!) 4 plane meals, 223 pages of book, 3.5 movies and 2 hours sleep later I arrived ar Beijing airport.
Met a really interesting guy called Frank at Sdney airport (older guy, HR specialist) who threw me a curve ball by saying no taxis's ran after midnight in Beijing. So as im leaving the airport at 0115 u can understand I was a little concerned. To my relief I was met but about 100 or so taxis at the door so all was good.
As i tried to eye up the least "dodgey" looking one a guy grabbed my arm and said " taxi, taxi, I take u, no bother! No bother!". I applauded his intiative and " anticipating guest need" so I decided to go with him. So he turned me round and began walking me to an unlit, unoccupied area of the carpark. I stopped and told him I get a "real cab" but he insisted, so I trusted him.(maca will know this trust thing has got me in strife before!!haha) Anyhow, he wasnt a taxi driver, his car was unmarked but he seemed really friendly and said he was cheaper. He even showed me his card, so I went. (sounds stupid now that I write it!) ALl was sweet, apart from him not believing in indicators he was safe. He did try to convince me to stay at a different hotel that was closer to airport though?? weird from a guy getting a fare based on distance!) we negotiated....well he said a price and I said maybe. 200RMB. (was that cheap? I didnt know, forgot to check exchange rate!!) Cut a long story short we ended up having a argument in the lobby of Hotel at 0100 in the morning. Turms out trip should have been 60RMB. (il have a $100 triple 3 to wellington airport thanks!! haha) so i gave him 100rmb to shut him up and went to bar for a cc and dry.

So i slept for 3 hours and woke at 0630 to excited to sleep.

I have 2.5 hrs to get to town, have a look and get to airport to get plane to NY so I better go.

Hope the fun continues!!!!

Miss u all


Friday, 23 March 2007

Location: sydney )airport), Australia

Well in transit at moment, nothing to exciting happened yet. Flight from nz was fine. Small hitch at check in when lady told me I needed a visa to get out of airport in beijing and the u.s. After about 10 minutes she realised she was wrong and i was off.

Next flight to china will be a mission, will report from downtown beijing!


Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Location: Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda

This is where im heading!!!! So excited

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Kia Ora,

As this is my first diary entry il give those of you who don't know me that well a quick update.

Been living in NZ for just over 3 years now. In this time I have travelled around the counrty quite a bit. Ive been around the entire South Island one 1 1/2 times, except for right down the bottom around Invergargill and Bluff. (Heard its really nice though) Ive traveeled to New Plymoth/Taranaki twice and even surfed in the middle of winter with snow capped mountains in the background. Been snowboarding (attempting too anyway!!) at Whakapapa (pronouced "fuc-a-pup-a"). Been through Taupo too. Spent time in Napier and Martinborough, the wine country.

With work, Ive spent majority of time in Wellington, my favourite city in the far.

Most of you will know all that already and be wondering why I started this page. Reason is, in 10 days il be seting off to the Caribbean for the cricket World Cup. I have stop overs in Beijing and New York so hopefully I will experience some amazing sights and stories.

So right now im in prep stage, keep checking this site as the adventure starts in under two weeks.


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Recent Messages

Hey Mick. Happy to hear to keep on meeting nice people. A day early in Sydney - does that mean you will be here Friday. We booked Saturday night at the Holiday Inn Darling Harbour but let us know when you can when you are getting in.
From Mum
Am looking forward to seeing you and hearing your stories. You always were one for colourful tales. Glad you had and are continuing to have a great time. Our net has been down for a couple of days but jess worked her magic this morning and got it working so all good. See you in Sydney soon. Love ya.
From Macka
10 4 good budy Im all over it. Been reading your updates.
How good was New York? amazing city huh.
Not much going on here mate but had the cricket break up last night and have been recovering all day.
Make sure you are supporting those black caps once the aussies get knocked out!!!

Love Macka
Response: hey mate, nice to hear from you. yeah im all over the black caps. went to the game v windies, was gold! wore all blacks jersey. got on tv wearing it and covered in an NZ flag!! haha according to jonni im the new judas, your off the hook! huge day, all these kiwis turned up, even a beer bong made it into the crowd!! haha bloody kiwis. to say it was a huge day would be an understatement. im leaving tomorrow being monday so will miss the black caps bangers game but wont be much of a performance i would assume. will be back in welly on the 7th, loaded with stories unsuiable for this public web page!!! haha
From Beth
Low... hows things? Sounds like u are having a absolute blast! I checked out the resort- looks awesome! Anyway keep enjoying your time and keep getting your mug on TV cause I am yet to catch one of your appearances. See you soon, Love Beth
Response: yeah i been on twice, once really obvious, the other just a crowd shot. anyway, ul be able to see my beautiful face in a few days so dont worry too much!!! haha
From Bridgette
Hey Mick,
Bummer about missing the gamebut it would be AWESOME if you stayed over in Sydney. Would u be staying with us at Holiday Inn Darling Harbour or will you be sleeping in anothers bed? Hmmm? Either way will c u soon!

Love Bridgette
Response: yeah oh well. in contact with travel agent at moment so not sure about stay over in sydney or not, fingers crossed hey. il grab a hotel room somewhere, not sure which one yet. if i can get in at holidy inn il try, see what happens. will keep u posted
From Bridgette
Hey Mick,
Sounds like u r having a bit of fun! When is this exhibition game? Been looking for u on the tv but no luck yet. Ejoy the rest of your trip and wil see you in a week.

Love Bridgette
Response: exhibition match turns out is the day after i leave. i have also decided to leave the caribbean a day early. if the travel agent works her magic i will get a night stop over in sydney, not just a few hours. worst case, il spent extra night in NY and see a Knicks game and will be in sydney as per plan. cheers for the message, either way will c u and the kids soon, cant wait!

From Glen Boultwod

Glad to hear you are having a good time. Looking forward to catching up with you on 19 April in Welly to hear all the stories.


Response: hey glen, yeah all good here. 19th is definately a goer! JJ's and some tequila slammers i think!! hahahah
From Andrew
Hey mate, sounds like your having a really shitty time. I knew before you left that this trip would be a big flop, but you insisted on going! Dont worry, it wont be long till your back at the happening 6B.

Enjoy the rest of your trip mate
Response: haha yeah long way from 6B but definately missing it..........well maybe! ha yeah good times here, party everyday, NZ won today and i was on tv in a all blacks jersey and draped in the nz flag! shame shame shame!
Like the sounds of a resort on the beach. Hotel bar sounds 'interesting!!'. We will try and tape the game - don't think we can sit and watch all night and go to work the next day - or maybe we can watch and NOT go to work. Sounds good to me. Anyway, glad you are having a great time. Hope the jet lag passes quickly. Take care of you. Love ya.
Response: yeah its all good. tape it if u can othetrwsie im sure ill tell u all about it!! haha
From Andy
Viv Richards?! No way! I'm jealous... I'm swimming in jealousy.
Who else? Joel "big bird" Garner, Curtley Ambrose,...Clive Lloyd!?

I'm not sure who to put my money on...
Sounds like you're having a swell trip (mostly). Keep us informed!

I salute your adventurous spirit.
Response: yeah, how funny will it be! il definately get some pictures. im not sure who else is playing. game today was rain deleyed which sucked. sa haydos make 150 something which was good. not sure if youve seen footage but aparenty i got a little tv shot. good times. heard ur in oz catching up with all the " families!"
From addie
jealousy is a curse, i wish i was there with you, i can not wait to see u in sydney!!! keep having fun (like i need to tell u)... see you soon..

love ya!
love ad xoxoxoxoxo
Response: don be jealous, just save your pennies and get your butt overseas!!!!!!! definately lookin forwrard o seein u guys too
From pavala+tereza
hey mick:)greetings from two eastern european chicks from dunedin:)its getting pretty chilly out here so very much jealous of you heading to carribbean!ENJOY:)
Response: cheers

c ya in welly soon
Hey Mick
Just got back from the Hunter Valley - not as exciting as what you are doing but hey, we can't all be jetsetters. Sounds like the the 'cab' driver was a quite dodgey - but all is well, thank goodness. Look forward to the next instalment of the Carribean jaunt. Will write again. Mum
From Kirst
Hey doodle
Hope your all good:)
Damn you must be well tired by now!
I must say i'm glad to hear youv'e left China..bloody dodgy taxi drivers aye
Is it cold as in New York?

Aussie is certainly in fine form, although SA def put up a fight

Bet ya cant wait to relax on some golden beach...your def not missing anything here

Take care
Response: hey guys,

yeah beijing was a bit crazy but all part of the adventure righT! yeah ny is cold, i think its about 5. went out to town last night with a couple of kiwis i met. ended up getting pretty toasted actually, went to a comedy club and all sorts of bars and eneded up in times square at about 4 in the morning!!! all's good. spend morning on a bus tour to get goodoverview of city. hope alls good at work etc etc. next stop caribbean
From G-Dizzle
Wassup brudda,

Sounds like your having an interesting time so far. You got some balls getting in that car with the dodgy asian bugger. Oh well, got you where you needed to be. Hope all goes wella nd you get to see the Kiwi's win the cup.

Love you man,

Response: hey mate, good to hear from u. met up with some kiwis who are going to all black cap games. they had some spare tickets so now i got 2 oz games and a black caps one so im pretty much set. going to be riot!

love u too

From Beth
Hahaha! Sounds like you are off to a interesting start. Keep updating us, surely its going to more and more interesting- not to mention funny! You always have a good story to share. Well have fun- stay safe and see u in syd. Bye for now, Love Beth, Garth and Charlotte.
PS- Charlotte said MUM today!
Response: thats awesome she said mum!! how old is she now?? yeah interesting start to trip. in ny now, spent, cold but fun. very busy. they say its the city that never sleeps so thats what we did last night, had an all nighter. was good times. wil speak from caribbean
From jess
what a nice way to start your trip...surely it can only get better now
Response: ta
From pavla
hey you,
sorry for yesterday was a feeling a bit weird and didnt think you were excited enough:)you probably were but i was much more and thats the point i rememeber being an asshole:)so sorry.close to dunedin now,had the best time of my life inmt cook even though we slept in the carpark and had to take shower for 1$ in a public shelter:)even had a great swim in a lake pukeki by mt cook which is a glacier lake and it was freezing cold but me or tereza didnt mind at all:)and we went there naked as we usuallly do anyway:)))well have a good trip and keep us posted:)
Response: ur a classic!! say hi to tereza for me
From Kirst and Umesh
Hey babe

haha we checking up on you us yuour planet ranger
Response: show us your new york bus tour
From Ralf Barthel
How are you Mike? Please,don't forget my postcard 54 Cudby Street Lower Hutt,
I am back in NZ on the 1 st of May for 2 weeks. Catch you than. Go the Black Caps
Response: im on it mate. il definately send that post card. saw those photos of antartica, they were awesome. i better not whinge about how cold it is in NY! will catch up next time ur in welly,

From DavidA

Goog luck mate, I'll only read up on this site if you promise to give the gorry details.
I hear the virgin islands is hot.

Stay safe brother

From jess
just have to say that i am extremely jealous but am very very very very very ( i could go on for hours) excited that i get to see you !!!!!!!!!!!
love you lots and miss you like you got no idea xoxoxoxoxoxo
From Brenda
Isn't long now. How exciting. This is a great idea - no need to call us (unless you want to of course) while you are away. happy preparing.
Response: yeah should be good. working all week but not much to prepare realy, just throw some things in a bag and get on the plane!!!!! nan just left, pretty sure she had a good time! ok, thanks for the message, will speak soon. md