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Michelle and Dave's adventures

Hello everyone, we´ve finally booked a flight home and arrive into london on 27th feb. we´re going to contact everyone to arrange meeting up once we sort out our plans.

In the mean time we´ve tried to update everything and theres some really good new photos and stories

Cant wait to see you all soon

Diary Entries

Friday, 25 January 2008

Location: Playa Blanca - Cartagena, Colombia

Phoned Peter from the beach this morning and found out that we were sailing in the morning. So we spent several hours relaxing on the beach and swimming then packed up the camp and jumped on a boat back to Cartagena mid afternoon.

We had a long busy afternoon back in Cartagena moving to a new hostel, changing our pesos into dollars all in time to get to Café Del Mar to watch the sunset over the old town and have a couple of cerveza mitchaladas as a farewell to Cartagena and Colombia.

Back at the hostel we cooked tea, washed clothes and repacked our bags which took in total about 4 hours.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Location: Playa Blanca, Colombia

Up first thing, packed camping gear and left the rest of our stuff at the hostel. We caught a boat at about 9 to get to Playa Blanca, the journey took about an hour on a tiny fiberglass boat overloaded with people and boxes on rough seas! The boat was constantly flying over the top of big waves so we would fly for a few seconds then slap off the water so hard we thought the boat would snap then fly again constantly for an hour. All of those beers last night started to seem like a bad idea. Eventually we rounded a headland into more peaceful seas and slowly approached Playa Blanca.

We offloaded our backpacks and jumped into waist high water and walked up to the most incredible beach that we have ever seen. The sand was a brilliant white color and the sea turquoise and the sky bright blue with the sun beaming down on us. It looked like the photographs you see in magazines, the epitomy of paradise.

We put up our tent right on the beach under a tree and no more than a few metres from the sea.

We spent the day lying on the beach, Dave on his hammock that he put up right next to the tent sunbathing, swimming and cooking on the camping stove.

By late afternoon the whole beach was deserted and we had it to ourselves. After watching sunset and having a few cold beers we had a really nice peaceful and private night alone in paradise

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Location: Cartagena, Colombia

Decided to give ourselves a day of rest from boat hunting and have a day trip. We have decided to go with the dodgy captain who leaves on Monday mainly because we have no other choice.

We were picked up at about 9 in a crammed minibus full of backpackers and drove for about and hour along the coast to get to the volcano.

The volcano was about the size of a 3 story house and was all mud with wooden steps up it´s side. When we reached the top we saw a crater about 8 metres in diameter with thick gloopy mud in the base.
The mud reaches all the way down into the earth.

Climbing into the mud was a really bizarre feeling. As soon as you got in a man would pull you to the side and give you a 5-10 mud massage which was amazing. You got used to the feeling of the mud after a while and it was really relaxing. The mud was warm and every so often a bubble would surface to the top.

Getting out was a bit of a struggle because it was really slippy and the mud was coming out of everywhere!!
Once we got out a man took of the thick mud then we walked to the sea and got grabbed by the local woman who washed the mud off us and believe me they wern´t gentle they ducked our heads underwater ripped off our swim wear in front of everyone and gave us a good scrub!

Once we were all clean we got changed and had a beer sitting at the bottom of the volcano then we got back on the bus to a restaurant where we had a really good meal of fresh fish, salad, rice and planatus.

After that we relaxed overlooking the ocean then got back in the bus back to the hostel.

We arrived back into the hostel at around 2pm and a really lucky thing happened. We literally bumped into a captain who was sailing to Panama and was looking for passengers. His name was Peter and he was a tall tanned German in his forties looking everything like the typical eccentric type of person who spends his life sailing around the Caribbean. We weren’t overly keen at first as we wouldn’t have a private cabin and he wasn’t sure exactly which route he was going and when. He have us his number anyway and we said that we might call.

We decided to go to Playa Blanca in the morning to camp for a few days so we went and did a bit of shopping for supplies for there.

We couldn’t get Pablo to commit to a date and the more we heard about him the more worried we were getting so that night we decided to go to have a look at Peters boat.

We walked back down to the Yacht club that night, had a beer, met Peter and had a good luck at his boat which was huge. Its 10 foot longer than the others that we have seen and was built in the 50s out of beautiful teak. Where as the other boats were made out of fiberglass and more modern. This was beautiful with lots of character and a lot more space and we both fell in love with it. It had a massive outdoor seating area, a large wheelhouse with seating for 5-6 people and loads of space, a massive double cabin, a work-sleeping area with 4 bunk beds a pc and a toilet and a kitchen big enough to hold 3 people in it.

By going with Peter we would sacrifice a private cabin and bathroom but Michelle asked if we could have the double bed and he promised us that we could and after sitting and talking to him for half and hour we felt much more confident traveling with him.

He owns a guest house in Italy with his ex wife and lives there for 4 months of the year and spends the other 8 sailing the Caribbean. He has only done this trip twice before and is only doing it now because he needs money so he doesn’t do it as his profession so hopefully it will be a bit more of a relaxed and sociable trip rather than professional.

We are over the moon to have met someone that we can trust and a boat that we love so we gave his a deposit and our passport and left relieved that the searching is over.

To celebrate we sat and got pissed in the yacht club and look forward to our next final adventure.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Location: Cartagena, Colombia

20th to 22nd January 2008

We spent these 3 days frantically trying to achieve 2 things - extending our visas as we have been in Colombia for nearly 2 months - and trying to get booked on a sailboat to Panama as soon as possible.

Extending the visa was difficult and we had to go backwards and forwards to the DAS office 3 times and pay money in their bank, have passport photo s and even fingerprints taken!

It turned out that their were more backpackers wanting to travel than there were sailboats leaving and we were worried whether or not we would find one. We looked at 2 and spent a couple of days hanging around the yacht club ´Club Nautica´hoping to meet someone sailing.

One of the boats we looked at was tiny and would have had 10 people on board and 2 of those people would have no bed so we said no thank you!

The other boat had a private cabin and bathroom but was also quite small and the captain had a really bad reputation, so it seems we are getting no where.

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From Smudge
Alright kids,
Well, haven't you two been busy eh? I'd say I was jealous but i much prefer the rain and snow storms we had here yesterday! Dave mate sorry I missed you on the email, sent a quick one as I was leaving work. Will compose a meaningful email and send it to you shortly. Gossip from here, bugger all from me really, working, drinking, training, normal life mate, what you guys have to look forward to when you get back. Did get promoted at work though which is good, just see how much i'm worth in cold hard cash now.
Anyway, no idea how long this mail is but i suspect your already asleep so i'll bugger off. Take care kids, homeward stretch now then you get to see us lot again, you lucky, lucky pair.
Response: Smudga, whats this about you not coming to centre parks. i think thats going to be the first weekend we`re back in england so are going to treat it as a reunion with everyone. you should come down with dan and pete even if it means sleeping on the sofa, would be a wicked way for us all to meet up again. well done for your promotion mate, who`s got your old job, ask them if i can have it. really need a nice comfortable job with comfortable salary so i can resume my old lifestyle as soon as possible! have a think about centre parks and ill be in touch with dates when we´re getting home. bye for now
From Adam & Kristen
Hello Middlemas & Parkin, are you dead?
Hope you've had a mint new year! All the very best to the pair of you.
When are you expecting to be back in the Toon?
The celebrations have begun in earnest, as King Kev has reclaimed his throne, with Big Al at his right hand. It’s the return of the Glory Days, blessed are the Coventry Chapter for keeping the faith. Get ya’sels back and watch the mighty Toon march on into Europe.
Hope you guys are going to be back in time to attend the Summit in the Center Parcs?
Anyway hope you's really enjoy the final moments of your travels, and
we’ll see you very soon indeed.
Take it easy,
The Kennedys.
Response: Hello you pair of loved up chickens. i sent you a really long and gushing e mail on new years day wishing you all the best but it got returned to me, assumed you dont use that account any more. cant believe that about newcastle, we`ve been in a national park for the past 10 days so have been completely out of touch with the world, thats the first news ive heard and its fantastic. season tickets next year for def now my son. who´s going to centre parks mate, and just remind me of the date, looking forward to it
From Future Mrs Woody (hm
happy new yr to you both!! How r u guys?! missing u both very much and michelle i am sooo excited to be coming back to newcastle for a wkend with NO boys!!!!!!!!! sorry dave maybe u can go to birm and visit woody for the wkend? haha...soo when u back?! hows things...has anything changed bout u? looks? missing u guys loads..cant believe its over a yr! Well i hope wherever you are you are having a wicked time and are safe! lots of love xxxxx
Response: Happy New Year Devlett.

I know I cant wait too although it is going to be weired getting back to reality after all that we have done and seen.
Yes I have changed in the looks area! I am putting on weight and my hair is totally overgrown! It sucks, looking forward to getting back to the gym and getting to the hairdressers!
Speak to you soon honey
P.S We will have the better time in Newcastle than what the lads will in Ibiza dont you worry about that missy!
From Lindsey
Hi guys, sounds like you's had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Just a quickie to let you know Shell I've bought a flat in Ellington, very scary and quickly but its all going through so may have my own place by the time you get back!! Enjoy your last few weeks, take care and speak to you soon. Love ya, miss ya, Linds XXX
Response: Hi Linds
Christmas and New Year were both really good thanks, although we missed home a lot.

Oh my god! Congratulations I am so pleased for you. I didnt think it would be so soon. I bet you cant wait. I hope I am on the guest list for the house warming! Ill always be over if and when I get a car that is!
Ill email you soon flower.
Miss you too
Lots of love
From Sheplets
Hi Guys !! Rip it up !
Response: Cheers Shep, are you a bona fide aussie yet then mate or still trying?
From woody
Hello you two

Happy new year and all that. Sounds like your still having an amazing time. I am envious of you both. That picture of that tarantula put shivers down my spine. Dave the stag do is at the start of June and we are going Ibiza should be good. Miss you both and am looking forward to when you come home.

Take care
love woody x
Response: Ibiza eh? sounds good to me mate, better than a weekend in newcastle. Sent you an e mail to your work address wishing you a happy christmas and new year etc. We`re not going to be much longer, should be home in the next 4 or 5 weeks, just in northern colombia now waiting on a yacht to take us to panama, so just depends on that. looking forward to seeing your new place, we´ll be straight round when we get back. looking forward to seeing you mate.
From Kristen
Hi guys
Happy new Year!!!
sorry i havent had a chance to reply to your face book message its just i rarely go on because i am denied access at work so i have to go on at home, and to be honest i dont go on our computer much at home- however i can get access to this!! hurray
Our new years was fun - very drunken indeed. It was a bit disappointing that we didnt hear any chimes at new year but never mind!!
We're all trying to dry out a bit now however I bought Adam a drauft master for christmas which is basically an electrical beer pump which is totally class so we are having a 'pub pulled pints and pizza night' at ours Friday - that should get messy!!
Your photos are lovely- I especially like the one of you two on christmas day on your bed - matching gowns- its a good touch- seriously it looked like you had a fab time too.
I will go and work now - see you guys soon i hope
missing you xxxx
Response: Anders Sanders, hows the porn industry at the moment, business good?

Ignore him Anders!! He isnt getting much business these days and is jealous.
Dont worry bout the facebook thing, its lovely to hear from you. We tried to call you on New Years Eve but no internet place was open. We were gutted not to speak to you all. That beer pump sounds perfect, looking forward to testing it out although we are light weights these days so it wont take much. Yes christmas was lovely but not the same away from home.
Good to see that you are enjoying our blog.
We shouldnt be much longer, we are in the North of Colombia now waiting to get a yacht to Panama so the date all depends on when the next person is sailing. Ill keep you posted though. We are really looking forward to Centre Parks (dont forget the draught Master!!)
Miss you heaps
From Emma
HAPPY NEW YEAR MUNCHKINS!!! Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year and are enjoying the last weeks of globe trotting!!!!! Can't wait to have you back!!! x x Emma x x
Response: HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too my love.

We had a really lovely christmas thanks. We spent it in a 5 star hotel suite in a little colonial town in Colombia called popayan. We had a champagne and strawberry breakfast followed by breaky in the hotel then we went for a swim, sauna and steam then had a really relaxing afternoon then headed to a really gorgeous hotel for some champagne, wine and a meal.

We are in Cartagena at the moment and had new year here too. We went to the old town for a couple of drinks then at 11.55 we got a horse and carriage ride threw the town watching the fireworks and the people bringing the new year in together. It was quite but lovely.

You look as though you had a lovely christmas too apart from being unwell, you poor thing.

I miss you too loads cant wait to see you.

Loads of love
From Cheryl and Tribe
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed your celebrations.All the best for the new year ahead looking forward to seeing you both soon.
lots of love to you both, thinking of you always
Cheryl and Tribe

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and a happy new year.
Can you also wish mam, dad, Stephen and the family a HAPPY NEW YEAR too for us and tell mam that we we call her too as soon as we can find a computer with skype!!

We are in Cartegena in Colombia now, just on the Carribean coast. Its such a beautiful place, very colonial with amazing architecture and the sun is really strong! Too strong really. We will need to get used to it though cos the Carrabean will be like this and we have a lot of time travelling through to Costa Rica. Its all exciting for us.

For New Year we had a couple of drinks then at 11.55 we got a horse and carriage ride through the colonial town with our wine and watched the fire works. It was really nice.

Miss you so much and thinking of you as always too

Love you all

From Lindsey
Just wanted to say to you both have a lovely Christmas where ever your having it!!!! See you both in the new year XXX
Response: Thanks Lindsey.

We had a really lovely christmas in Popayan, Colombia.
We treat ourselves to a 5 star hotel so we lived in luxury for 3 days and it was lovely.

Hope that you had a lovely christmas too.


Love D and M XXXX
From Duncan & Amy
Hi Guys
Just thought we'd say have a lovely xmas and great new year, gutted you arent here but will see you soon enough i guess. take care guys and enjoy the festivities
Love Dunc and Amy x
Response: Cheers you two, we´ve had a nice christmas thanks, hope you have too, dont forget to pour out some beer for the homies who aint here next time you all get together. Really looking forward to seeing you hopefully early feb. Off to the caribbean in a few days but both a little travel weary and looking forward to getting back. We´ll try and ring over new year, bye for now amigos.
From Tanquee

Hope all is well and best wishes for 2008.

See you soon.
Response: Cheers Tanq, got your e mail, sorry havent had chance to mail you back yet, hope the new flats treating you well. Hope you´ve had a good christmas mate, see you in a few weeks.
From Devi (and on behalf
hi guys hows it going?? When u backkkkkkkkk! Been way too long but to be honest cannot believe how QUICK it has gone!? Its nearly the new yr...soo quick! soo any news stories? missing u dev and the ugly one :D (a.k.a. wood...he doesnt know i wrote that :D) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hello Devinda, we wont be long, we´ve just bought ourselves a tent so we can camp on the beach in the Carribean for a bit longer though! we´re staying with a friend of mine from Colombia in his parents house (they´re ridiculously minted!) and are about to go out in the city after a day of golf and drinking competitions. miss you and my mate, give yourself and woody a hug for us both. love bob and pooopeye
From the kennedys
Hi guys
who the hell is Jean???? She sounds like a fun gal. I've got an aunty Jean in South America. She's ginger.6'3 and has a remarkably large, hairy mole in her right ear. Are they one and the same????
We love the stories- they are keeping us intregued. Its like a book, and not a very good one. Certainly not Bravo two zero by Andy McNab
No seriously sounds like you guys and Jean are having a splendid exciting time with the slippery suckas.
Tell Dave no more capsizing the boat or you might come back with two legs instead of four. Did you know Dolf Lundgren got his leg bitten off by a Croc?? throw another shrimp on the BBQ.
Well we had better go back to work lunch time is over!
take care guys..............see ya.......xxxx
Response: Ddddddd-do i stutter motherf--ker?
From the kennedys
Hi guys
who the hell is Jean???? She sounds like a fun gal. I've got an aunty Jean in South America. She's ginger.6'3 and has a remarkably large, hairy mole in her right ear. Are they one and the same????
We love the stories- they are keeping us intregued. Its like a book, and not a very good one. Certainly not Bravo two zero by Andy McNab
No seriously sounds like you guys and Jean are having a splendid exciting time with the slippery suckas.
Tell Dave no more capsizing the boat or you might come back with two legs instead of four. Did you know Dolf Lundgren got his leg bitten off by a Croc?? throw another shrimp on the BBQ.
Well we had better go back to work lunch time is over!
take care guys..............see ya.......xxxx
Response: Well hello mongole lovers, hope your both well cant wait to see you both again. not be long now. Kristen, happy birthday for the other day we´ve been in tiny little colombian towns for the past 5-6 days or so with no internet, but we tried to phone you last saturday night when we were at a festival and nearly got crushed to death in the process trying to get to an internet cafe, im sure michelle will tell you all about it a few times. I met your aunty the other day Kenny and gave her a good bumming. Shit news about Hatton, didnt get to watch it and still havent seen any of it but i dont really want to now. i was really pissed off about not getting mourinho for england manager, maybe he´ll be toon manager next season instead, then we can get season tickets, dont fancy one when allerdice is still there. anyway my friends got to go, we´ll ring you some time over christmas. take care for now, dayyyave
From kristen
oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree- its so exciting and christmassy !!
hope you guys are looking forward to it too!!!
We had put our tree up Saturday and the Rowes were round for many Christmas beverages- we tried to ring you but it didnt work !!!
Response: How lovely are your branches!! la la la laaaaaaaa la la la la!!!!!

I cant believe christmas is nearly here, its so exciting. Its really christmassy here too so it makes us feel more at home. The christmas lights and trees are lovely here and to make it even better, we might be going to a massive festival from 26th to 28th Dec in Cali which sounds really good fun.
Amy said that you had put up your tree and she said that it´s really big and lovely. Amy´s is well nice too she posted a photo on facebook for me, bless her.
I must admit I do miss being at home with our tree and family and friends but it wont be too long until we are back.
Have a beverage for us the next time you meet up flower.

Our mobile doesnt work so we are only contactable on email and skype. Thats rubbish it would have been so nice to speak to you all.
Take care and speak to you soon MXXXXXXXXX
From Leo
All good here mate working on a building site in Coromandel, nice little town only about 1200 people live here so everyone knows each other. Good weather and beautiful scenery, lots of islands out in the bay and mountains in the background. Sharing a house with the chef from the pub, really enjoy it here and thinking of staying for a while.
Response: Sounds good mate pleased you´re having a good time, hows the work, are the lads better than than the c--ts from kents?. We´re in Bogota at the minute about to head up north for a month or two in the carribean in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica for a chillout and to get our strength back before we go home and have to get back to the grind. Really not looking forward to it, think you´ve got the right idea. Heard from Paddy pantsdown the other day he´s living in Edinburgh and am going to meet up with him when i get back so we´ll have a drink for you. Dont think you´re ever going back to the UK are you.
From Lindsey
Hello there, thought I'd drop you a little note as I havent posted on here and felt guilty for not!

The new pictures are beautiful, your going to have a hard job if you want to pick any to put on your walls!!

Well done Dave on your trek which sounded cool even though Michelle wimped out I'm still proud of all the things you've done babes!

Gutted your not back for Christmas but end of January isnt that long away, take care and speak to you soon.

Miss ya Shell, Linds XXX
Response: Hola Linds,

Great to hear from you.

Im glad you are enjoying our blog.

We have much more fab photos but we are limited to what we put on the blog cos it takes ages to upload them.

Oh Linds, we really wanted to be home for christmas too but we would have had to really rush our travels and afterall this is a once in a life time opportunity for us.

Im really looking forward to seeing you again soon.

We are in Bogota in Colombia now and are making our way North to get to the Caribean coast tomorrow morning. Can´t wait to be in the Caribean. Could do with some sun, sea and sangria!

Take care Linds, miss you loads.
From denis
dave and michelle,why to the mother fu*cking i!seeing as dave's still a bit of a cave man and doesnt use facebook i havent been saying hello-dave sort it out-ive been chatting with yulia quite a lot on there!sounds like you guys are having a great time,me and dan have booked and payed for our flights now,cant wait,bit of a maverick journey,a week in NZ and then on to L.A and travelling through central america and in to south ourselves,leaving on 7th jan,going from sydney so will be nice to have a few days up there and enjoy those sydney summer memories,so when are you off home?for xmas?stay there for carnival!melbourne has heated up,it was 40 in the city the other day,all good,the brazilian is always hanging with us,what a top lad,its a shame hes not coming with us!ive not been working the last 2 weeks-been ill with the shingles,one of the most uncomfortable pains ive ever had,i think im through the worst of it,thought i'd been bitten by something but visit to the hospital saw to that,ive been looking like a burns victim forthe past 2 weeks but its healing up so hopefully allwill be well.
como va tu espanol???hopefully you've picked up some useful phrases-well can at least order a sandwich and a beer-survival!
dave you'll be pleased to hear there has been a pretty dramatic improvement on the turntables front,im going to miss those decks,they're there waiting for me now!well i'll leaveit that for now guys,will send you any news as soon as it arrives and i hope you continue to enjoy,let me kno where you're heading next and remember to try and miss your plane home and wait for us for gods sake!den x
Response: Sons of bitches, you´ll just be starting your adventures when we´re finishing, we should have stayed in Australia longer with you two!
Good that you´ve been seeing Eduardo, me and Michelle were looking at yours and his facebook photos the other day and laughing cos he looks wasted on every single photo. You should bring him along with you, he`d be useful in Brazil, we struggled like hell with the language, not much better at Spanish actually, if we´d known we´d be here so long we would have had lessons, doesnt seem much point now, dont think i´ll be speaking it much in Newcastle.
Shingles! does that still exist i didnt think anyone had had that since the 1800´s, how did you manage that? the photos look good though.
Bet you´re looking forward to seeing Sydney again, we loved being back there just before we left, funny to see all the old haunts again but we were gutted to leave Australia.
Glad you´ve been practising on the decks, i really miss mine, cant wait to get back on them when i get home.
We could do with talking, then if theres going to be a serious chance of us meeting up somewhere in Central America, that would be wicked.
Let us know your dates amd which route you`re travelling. In January we`ll be either in Panama or Costa Rica, when will you be travelling though. Just to let you know if you`re planning on crossing from Central to South America overland you cant cos theres no road loads of guerillas and jungle! we were planning on doing that but we´re going to have to get a private sailboat from Colombia to Panama which goes through loads of little carribean islands over about a week for about 200 dollars. What a shame eh!
Anyway good to hear from you mate, get back to us with your plans when you get chance.
From Leo
Awesome photos guys, keep up the good work. Lots of love Leo xxx
Response: Cheers mate, no good pictures for a while though, f--king camera broke in the jungle and no money to buy a new one. take it you`re still in NZ, how you finding it?
From Dunc
liverpool 3 newcastle 0 nuff said
Response: Ah piss off. we´ll sack that fat barrel of monkey spunk and get Mourinho then we´ll see who´s laughing. Bet it ruined Kennys birthday watching that shit and i can just imagine you being really diplomatic and tactful about it! See you soon my mate
From Amy
your response from M and D freaked me a little as I refer to my MUM AND DAD as M and D so a little strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx
Response: yes but have you ever seen us all in the same room?
From Kristen
oh my god - how cute is omar!!
bring him home
Response: he`s in the bag with the rest of the presents. something about him reminded me of kenny so i couldnt resist
From Amy
Just checkin u 2 are both ok as u havent updated ur blog for a few weeks! Hope you both enjoyed Machu Pichu take care and keep in touch xx
Response: H Ams
We are bot fine thanks, we have just been in the Amazon Jungle for 5 days camping which was amazing although I have been bitten from head to toe by the mossys! (it was worth it though)

Sorry we havnt updated the blog for a while, we havnt had he time. The computers are so slow here, it takes 1 hour or so to upload 1 photo page!! Im really pleased that you noticed though, that means that you are hopefully enjoying our journey??

Machu Pichu was absolutly unreal. I couldn´t believe how amazing it actually was - WOW.
Speak to you soon honey.
Love M and D XXXX
From Kristen
Hi Guys
I've jsut read some blog and am lovin the bit about Daves inch long bit of puss in his knee !!! I bet that knacked. i cant believe how many injuries you guys have had. Its a dangerous hobby this travelling business by the sounds of things !!
I really wish I could play with little monkeys and their babies too...i'm dead jealous. Take lots of pictures because you know how i am kind of like a Dr dolittle. Love those animals... Are you guys looking forward to centre parks? We are- should be alot of drunken fun.
i'll go and not bore you anymore
Miss you loads
Kristen (aka Anders)xxx
Response: Hola me amigo

Great to here from you.

Yes Daves knee was minging! It looked like some kind of alien that came out! long and slimey with a face !

I know we havnt had much luck in terms of illnesses have we! Its part of the fun!!

We have so many photos now, definatley enough to bore you all when we are back!!

Ill try to take lots of weired and wonderful animals for you 2 animal freaks!!

We are really excited for Centre Parks, its going to be class having us all together again.

Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on!!!

Miss you loads