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Mick and Kel - Out and About !!

Hi Everyone!!
The travel page has been a little slow in getting off the ground, but now we hope to keep you all up to date. Plus you can leave us messages so we are very much looking forward to hearing from all of you too.!.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 09 October 2007

Location: Moree, Australia

Well Kel & I have made it back home and as such this will be the last entry. A brief summary of what went on in our last month.

Late August - Decided to pack job in and come home giving us a month to travel

September (1st Half) - Went to Amsterdam, saw the sights including red light district, sex museum & van gogh museum. Caught up with uncle Jim and hired bikes and rode out to the big windmills.
Then caught the train to Paris, which was very romantic. Saw all the main sights and watched the opening game of the world cup in a marquee just across the river from the Eiffel Tower, great atmosphere.
Flew to Stockholm, not much happening there, nice town went on a boat tour of the city, very nice old buildings.
Flew to Reykjavik. Iceland terrain very different. Lots of old volcano lava covering most of the island, with moss growing on it. not many trees etc. Went and saw the geysers and waterfall in torrential rain, then next day spent at the blue lagoon which was quite relaxing, Kel got a massage.
So after 2 weeks we headed back to Levi's as we had tickets to Australia v Wales in Cardiff. Was great atmosphere and good win by aussies.

September (2nd half)
This gave us 2 more weeks. We flew to Barcelona for a couple of nights, saw all the Gaudi buildings and shops down Las Ramblas. Then went to small beach town called st feliu. Stayed in a nice hotel on the beach and just laid on the beach for a couple of day, was fantastic. We then went to San Sebastian, again went swimming and spent a lot of time in Tapas Bars. Weather not as good though. From there we went to Madrid where we stayed 1 night before heading to Marrakech in Morrocco. It was brilliant. Very different to anywhere we've been. Traffic was crazy. The markets were really good kel bought up big and if we could have got it home she would have got more. Saw snake charmers, and they would come up to you with snakes. Scared the hell out of me.

Early October
Spent last couple of days with levi. We also went to tower of london and saw the buddy holly story at the theatre. Flew home and were lucky our connection in Singapore waited for us as we were late.


Monday, 27 August 2007

Location: Wirral, England

Hi Everyone,

Just thought Id update you all on our plans as they have changed a few times quite quickly. The original idea was to stay in the UK a bit longer (prob til Feb), and move to London, earn the big bucks and travel a bit more.

Mick has since moved to london, found a job, but nowhere to live and decided that he`d prefer not to work in London and was moving toward the idea of a proper aussie summer (which I guess includes cricket as the main factor!).
I never especially wanted to live in london and we have had a great time. Decided we thought we`d rather go on a holiday instead. So, we are going to do another european trip and then come back to australia on Oct 4th/5th.

The plan is to have two two-week holiday breaks, with the world cup in Cardiff in the middle. We will head to Amsterdam on the 3rd Sept (+ hoping to catch Uncle Jim again), then Paris, then Stockholm, then Iceland and be back in London on the 14th. Hopefully after that we will spend then next fortnight in Morroco and mostly a few places in Spain to have a nice relax to then come home.

So, all in all very excited to be holidaying and to be seeing all of you again very soon. Plus a bit of sunshine wont go astray. Will probably have trouble adjusting to the heat now!!

That about wraps it up, so Cheerio :-)
Talk to you soon,

Kel xox

Monday, 09 July 2007

Location: Wirral, England

Ok we are back in the Wirral, Kel is back at work and I am doing this travel page. This is what we have been up to:

Early June: Kel and I headed to Zagreb where we spent a couple of nights before moving on to Split where we caught up with the other girls and started our sailing tour of the Dalmation Coast. It was very relaxing, we went swimming every day and ate out every night at a different island.

Mid June: After arriving back in Split we all got a plane to Budapest where we spent a couple of nights before heading back to London.

Late June: We spent a couple of nights at Levi's flash pad on the Thames and went to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. Also went to see Mary Poppins with Alison.

Tuesday, 05 June 2007

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Well I've been slack so here is a summary of what we've been up to of late.

Late April: Went to Istanbul for around 5 days before heading out to Gallipoli for ANZAC day. We were with Karly, Courtney, Liz, and Loretta. Most of us enjoyed the Turkish bath (not all) and the Grand Bazaar. ANZAC day was really great, it was very well done and an awesome experience.

Early May: From Turkey Kel, Courts and I went to Frankfurt where we met up with Jess and went on a Rhine river cruise for Courts birthday. Then, onto Berlin where we caught up on a lot of history from the 2nd world war and Communist East Germany and Sachenhausen Concentration Camp which was all very interesting. From there we went to Prague which is a nice laid back city and had my birthday aswell. After that we spent a night (our last with Courts) in a small Czech town called Ceske Krumlov which was a really nice little place.

Mid May: We then headed to Vienna where we spent a wet couple of days before heading on to Salzburg and a nice little homestay with great views of the countryside and surrounding Alps. We really liked Salzburg and Kel especially enjoyed the Sound of Music Tour. From there we went to Munich where we kicked back and enjoyed some steins and hearty German food. Pretty buggered, we then moved on to Uncle Jims for some relaxation in a proper house which was much needed.

As some of you know Kel has since been back to Moree for about 10 days, and I have stayed here at my Uncles, although i did manage a trip to Paris for a day where I caught a little bit of the French Open then went down to Nice for a couple of days and sat on the rocky beach. Also got to the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco where I brought them to their knees.

We are off to Croatia tomorrow and will be back in the UK on 19th June.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Location: Aintree, England

Had a great time at the National yesterday. Had beautiful weather. Actually found myself hot in a summer dress. Think it was about 25 degrees.

Was not the picture of what Ascot promises to be or what Sydney and Melbourne are, particularly fashion wise. We were of course in the plebs, but people were more pleby than usual. I thought I might be underdressed, but some people werent even dressed -had shirts and shoes off as soon as they walked through the gate! Even the members couldnt put an outfit together.

The actual race meet was really good though. No horses were injured, although with 20+ horses in the races (40 for the national) many didnt complete the course.Our horses were in it for most of the race which is an achievement in itself. I was a WINNER picking 2nd and 4th in the big one, the National - Steeplechase, with McKelvey and Philsons Run. Theres so many horses that you still get really good odds for the places. Although, we couldve won more if Mick had more faith and put as much on my bets as he did on his own.

Anyway, better get on with things - organising to go away.

Hope to hear from you soon, or at least one of you.

Cheers, Kel

Friday, 13 April 2007

Location: Lakes District-Belfast-Wirral, UK

Allo allo, as Nanny would say,

How is everyone? Have been a bit slack on the diary lately I know, as have been trying to work really hard and do extra hours for extra money to make up for Micks short comings and fund our next trip. Not holding a grudge though - Unless of course he leaves his jobs til "tomorrow" again as has been the case of late. I blame the cricket and Ladbrokes.

Still, we have been having a really good time. Have had a few weekend trips and looking forward to going abroad, abroad again pretty soon.

Had a lovely weekend in the Lakes a few weeks ago with Jess. Had a hire car and had a good look around. Was my dream come true seeing as I have been going on about going there since we moved to the Wirral and everyone told me to go. Was beautiful scenery though, very relaxing and would definitely recommend it.

Also, went back to Northern Ireland for Easter unexpectedly whihc was heaps of fun. Mick surprised me and bought me flights to go spend the weekend with the girls, while he entertained Levi here. Just getting you back Levi for ditching at Christmas. Really though, hope we can catch up soon :-)

Went on the black taxi tour again with Bobby an ex-IRA guy who obviously was very knowledgable. Bobby also ended up being our chauffer/taxi driver the rest of the night too. Went to Sals boyfriends house party. Sometimes, you just cant understand a word of Irish though. Very fun, but couldnt stomach much chocolate the next day.

Went out for lunch with work people yesterday, for one of the girls who has gone on maternity leave (as speechies seem to do- lucky for me workwise!) and me, which was really nice. Got a lovely card and gifts from them, and now my new claim to fame is that Im the `best locum yet`. They probably say that to all the aussie locums, but Ill use it.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Mick and I are off to the Grand National. So excited. Has been my dream ever since watching Liz Taylor in National Velvet 10 times a year throughout my childhood. Have a one in forty chance of picking a winner!! Goes for twice the distance of the Melbourne Cup and they have to jump obstacles and stuff. Hope the horses make it through ok.

Well better go, will keep you updated about the rest of the trip.
Squeezing one more days work in on Monday then heading to London Tuesday to fly to Turkey on Wednesday. Youll have to look out for us on tv.

Let us know what youve all been doing. Love hearing how you are, what you have all been up to and the goss from home.

Lots of Love,

Kel xox

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Location: Cork, Ireland

Day 1
Hitched a ride with people staying in our room who had a hire car for the day. We went driving through countryside and did the southern half of the Ring of Kerry.
That night we caught up with Kalry, Liz, Loretta, Tam and Courtney and had a few Guinness.

Day 2
Caught bus out to Blarney and kissed the Blarney stone. Court & Karly brought the house down with their kareoke performance that night.

Day 3 (St Pats)
Went down to parade with thousands of other people. Parade itself was quite low key though. Managed to find some space at pub for the arvo & night. Good times.

By Michael Bruce Picone

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Location: Liverpool and Merseyside, England

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all okay. We have had a few visitors recently, which has been a real novelty. First Liz and Courts came down to visit for the weekend. After a gruelling train ride, no need to mention the taxi they arrived safe and sound, ready for a slumber party on the floor in our room.

They did the Magical Mystery Tour - Unfortunately the magical mystery bus had broken down, we went to the Beatles museum and enjoyed Micks home cooked lasagne. Yes, sometimes he cooks!! Really enjoyed their company.

Next, when I thought I was going to be left to my own devices with Mick having planning a `Sports Fest` as he called it = three games of rugby and three FA cup games, Jess came to visit for the day on Sunday. I had escaped the fest the day before with a big day shopping (probably would have been cheaper to go away, but nevermind cos half my clothes need chucking anyway) so was great be able to hang out with Jess and do normal stuff with girl company.

We are off to Cork for St. Pats tomorrow. Realy looking forward to it. Might kiss the Blarney stone - so many germs though!! Its supopsed to give you the gift of the gab. Dont know if I want it though after meeing an Irish guy who had Wernicke`s aphasia and did not shut up. No seriously he could talk under water. Lovely though and he told me all the people around Cork were lovely kind hearted souls. So we`ll see. Cant wait to meet some :-)

Cheers to Irish Beers! Think Ill even have to have some guinness. Mick has taken quite a liking to it.

Wishing you all well with loads of good luck on St. Pats day.

With Love, Kel xox

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Location: Belfast, Ireland


Thanks for the messages. Yes, I could take the credit, but Mick does know how to add photos. None of this writing a sentence business though. Trying to bully him into doing the next one. Its really not that hard. Amanda, you could definitely have a go. All step by step.

We dont need any TAB links thanks Quinny cos there is a Ladbrokes and William Hill (the betting shops) that Mick frequents in all his spare time just down the road. No need for encouragement.

We are still having a good time over here. Im getting a bit sick of work, not that its bad cos I really like the job, but just looking forward to the next holiday. But half way through that Ill probably want to get off the road into a routine again. Theres no pleasing..

Went to Belfast on the wkend to visit Sal. Had a brilliant time catching up with her. She has a great memory and of course gift of the gab and showed us round better than our Black Taxi Tourguide. Couldnt get over all the murals, many of which, glorified criminals captaining organised crime. Unreal that it is so blatantly obvious and still going on. Totally new world to me. Didnt know there was so much need for gates. If youre looking for a business idea...Get into fencing for sure, actually, maybe its run its course.

Sal lived in a protestant area, so there were blue, red and white flags all over the street for the British ties. They are so into their Catholic Vs Protestants over there. Well, like the joke one of the patients told me on the ward - Whats the difference between Australia and a tub of yogg-ert? Yoghurt develops culture!! How rude. They think theyre so funny!! :-)

Got out to Giants Causeway. Took the tourists coastal route. Pretty windy, bit hairy with Sals driving!! (just kidding sal)
Beautiful scenery - all rocky coastline. Cant believe how well sheep can climb. The causeway itself was good, but essentially just a bunch of rocks. The cool thing about them is that theyre all hexagon shape. Think maybe when Finn McCool the Giant was running back from the Giant in Scotland or the other way round, they smashed the "bridge" and thats whats left. I think...

Got to have Irish coffees and sit in an Irish pub to watch the Irish play in the rugby. And win!! Thank goodness. Anyone but the English!! Very nice.

Looking forward to having Courts and Liz visit this weekend. Should be arriving in a matter of hours. Going to squeeze them into our little box room. Just like a slumber party :-) They are off on the Beatles Tour tomoz. Hope they get a better photo of Penny Lane than me.

Keep messaging. Its the only mail I get.

Love you lots, miss you heaps,

Kel :-)

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Location: Edinburgh and St. Andrews, Scotland

G`Day Everyone,

Mick and I have been laying pretty low over January. Have finally ventured out and made it back to Scotland. Got to stay with Liz and Courts in their little flat in Edinburgh. Such a novelty when you actually have a place and not meeting up at a hostel.
Had a day trip out to Stirling to see the William Wallace monument to shout for FREEDOM, and to St. Andrew`s. Mick loved the golf course and tributes to Bruce (or Robert the Bruce) that were absolutely everywhere. Such a luxury having a car!! And a chauffer (Poor mick its just assumed).Finally got to go inside Edinburgh Castle as well.

As now seems to be the trend, I have once again come back from Scotland with a flu. Nevermind I will get over it..Aachoo!!

Hope you guys are all well. Anyone going to Cotton Cup?

Also, a BIG congratulations to Re and Pete. Getting a real kick out of suggestions for the baby`s name.


Monday, 12 February 2007

Location: Wirral, England

Just wanted to say "Happy Birthday Mum!!" Hope you had a great day. Wish I was there. Also wish I had some homemade cake!!.

Thanks for all the messages everyone. Glad you like the page.
No new entries really cos we havent been doing too much. Hanging out for next weekend to go visit Courts and Liz and rendezvous with Jess.



Tuesday, 06 February 2007

Location: Wirral, England

Well, Mick and I are in the Wirral now. An area just outside Liverpool on the other side of the river Mersey. I have been doing a speechie job since december, at a big hospital called Arrowe Park. Have been working on the main wards, a stroke assessment unit and a brain injury rehab unit. Great experience and great people to work with. As an extra special bonus there is also brand new hospital accommodation (sort of flats with own bathroom and shared kitchen with 3 others) and Mick has been able to stow away there too.

Havent done too much since being back from Christmas. Did have one weekend in switzerland (mick`s christmas present - such a novelty to be able to give an overseas trip). Went to Basel and Lucerne. Saw the swiss Alps, bought a swiss army knife and had some nice cheese and lots of chocolate of course.

Otherwise, have mainly been hanging around the wirral. It has been pretty cold, but not nearly as bad as expected. saying that though, it snowed on the Wirral last night.

Liverpool is pretty good. Had a ticket to ride on the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (micks present to me), which was great fun. Got on a rainbow coloured retro bus with Beatles music blaring and took a ride to Penny Lane Strawberry fields and the Beatles homes and schools etc. Went into the Cavern Club too. So much music history.

Hope you are well. Please leave msgs or email to let us know how you are doing.

Kel :-)

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From Adam
Just thought i'd let you know that Moree won the major and minor premierships. I was on the wing, so it was good to finally get one.
Response: Hey Adam, Its Kel.
Glad to hear about your win. There are so many Moree people over here and Mick somehow found teh article on the web so we have kept up to date. Sure you played a big part.
Cheers, Kel
From emily
hello kel & mick,
im at tenikas house.
getting pretty home sick.
love you lots.

Response: Love you too Em. Will see you soon.
Dont get home sick. Its your dream come true to be staying with friends. Plus mum and dad will probable bring home presents.
Love, kel
From Quinny
It's been a while, but just thought i'd drop a line... Loving the pic's, can't believe all of the sport's events you've been too mick, what about the webb ellis, any plans there?
p.s if i get around to it, your going down in rugby comp. mick
Response: Heya Qunniy,
Dont know about Mick and the comp. Goingf to Aust Vs Wales tomoz. Should be good. Finally got our tickets and not without a second to spare.
From erin
cairns rained but was pretty cool.. was nice to see gumpy ray for more than 2 days.....
cant believe lil mick is no longer a man of leisure he must be devo..... it was soooo good to chat to u last week.. miss ya lovey.... xoxoxo and miss ya mick too!
Response: shame about the weather. whats your address again? sorry to keep asking, but I left it in London town. Have you got plans to go back to Moree anytime soon?
From Mave
Hey you crazy characters hows it going? Im procrasitnating at the mo got an essay due on thursday...Albury is rad still...drop me a line!
Response: Hey Mav, Heard you were back in town the other day.How come you didnt bring the woozer home? Cant believe I said woozer. Must be the lack of slang. Mick just started work in London. Planning some trips soon. Heard you may be coming over???
Chat soon, Kel
hello u fabulous people!!

how are u what u doin!
i want an update xoxoox
Response: Hello, sorry I didnt get a chance to call the other day. Mick went to London to start work. All happened in a bit of a ruch and didnt get a chance. How was cairns? Such tourists! Thats where everyone has been over here. There or Perth. Love to see photos.
From Mumma
hey buda , you got it wrong about the pest.
kelly i loved the dress and hat for the races.
Croatia water looks amazing.
talk soon love mum pest xo
Response: Thanks mum. But really, Buda is on the left and the pest side of the city is one the right. But thanks for sticking up for me.
Love, Kel
From emac
hey guys i love ur fotos!!
lots of mick and his harem by the look of it!! xoxox
Response: You know how he loves it.
From MaV
Hello! Hows it going? Hey im thinking of heading to germany at the end of the year for a few weeks...maybe with my lady...hahah
Response: Oh yeah..! Why germany again? Octoberfest?
By the way, is your girlfriend made up?
From Mav
Hey guys! hows it all going? Kel, got splendour tix, going FOR FREE!!! managed to score some tix....dont ask me how. Everything is going well in Albury, good town, bloody cold though. WERD
Response: Cant believe youve scored free tickets. Thats a bit cheeky! Heard a whisper you might have a woman over there??
From gump
What going on how was the trip back over kel your mum and dad were not late to see you off, i see. how did the stay at home husband go without you for so long no one there to look after him, did he have his washing ready for you when you got back or did he just survive the time apart. By the way it is bloody cold over here and we haveto go to walcha this weekend for rugby. There was 2 inchs of snow on kaputar the other day. oh yeah and if you havnt heard newcastle has a new port on one of its main beaches and most of maitland is water front property now, great weather over here
Response: Made it back ok. Luckily for Mick he had Uncle Jimmy to look after him. Didnt even lose anything while he was in France.
Heard about the horrid weather, although back in England it may as well be winter again. wearing jumpers and coats. Ouch!! Will it never end??
Heard you had a good weekend in Brissie not too long ago. Thats great.
Well catch you later. Hope footy went ok. Kel
From erin m
hey guys!!

hows crotia?? cant wait to see pics..... i think u dudes need to stay bit longer.... like next year so me and gump can see ya o.s!!!!
Response: Hey. Croatia was beautiful. Definitely worth a visit. Great weather. Had good people on the tour. Few aussies and kiwis and whole heap of saffa boys.
Talk to you soon. kel
From claire shepherd
hey kel & mick, have just caught up with ur travels.... looks like u're having lots of fun- very jealous! looking forward to seeing u back in the north west, claire :)
Response: Thanks Claire. Pleased you could check it all out. Off to Croatia in a couple of days so looking foward to that. See you in no time, but wont wish it away. Cheers, kel
From Mav
Oi!!! I just found this you ratbags!!!!!
Good to hear from you fats.
Response: Hey Mav, Great to hear from you. Hows things? Caught up with your ma and pa the other day. U going to splender this yr?
Keep in touch. Kel
hello kel & mick_

From emme
i love you kel & mick_

miss you_

Response: Miss you too Em, but so glad I got to see you guys.
Love, Kel
From Jode
Hey guys -
Loved the pics. Where are you off to next? How's the job scene looking, Kel?
Currently we're stupefied by the latest mystery. Sandy had only just sent a job ad to Lynda for approval last week, then on Wed we get two phone calls and a visitor requesting application packs for the job 'advertised last week'. (Twilight Zone music..)
Explanation? We speechies don't know anything about it! I figure there's an underground allied health syndicate who are going to make some hefty demands soon....paranoid about horses' heads turning up in my bed.
ARRRGGHHHH! (OR maybe a TrueTalk with the batteries ripped out would be more in line with this theme....)

Well, that's about the only mystifying speechie reference I can make for now....
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

Love Jode (and Eddie) xo
From em_<3
ello ello young ones_
how was gallipoli?
well sorry for not being able to ring mum tried to ring last night but didn't work!
love you lots kel_xoxo
From _eMily_<3_xoxo
ello ello ello_ as nana would say_ Lol_<3
well well have to comment here because your page is awesome_!!! hehe ;) sorry missed your calls last night_ i was at the show_ arrgh the kamikazi_ love you both_
p.s for micks eyes only_ haven't heard any good news about the stuff i was talking to you about b4 you left( push in the right direction) hint hint_ lol_
love em_ Xoxo_<3
From Tash & Brent
Hi Kel and Mich
Looks and sounds as though you are both having a ball, it really makes me just want to get on a plane and come join you. Well done at the races, no shoes my goodness what a sight that would have been :-)

Things are going well here back home, we are both kept pretty busy with work and helping Meg and Jed with little things around their new home they have recently purchased :-)
Brent and i went and visited your family on Sunday, Brent has a little project to do in Emilys room we are just waiting to hear back now on what colour Em has decided to go with in her room :-)

Kel i hope you enjoy your birthday and hope you get really spoilt on your special day.

Take care and talk soon.
Love Tash & Hooky
From josh.
glory glory to south sydney
From Adam
Michael losing on the horses hey. Who would have thought. Nice to see you'se are still havin a good time, even though your only living off one income. Anyways, look forward to the next set of pics. Bye.
From The J Man
enjoyed reading your 'blog'. no shoes at races? that sounds brilliant.
From Liz
Now I know why you were bottom of year 12 English Mick, a few spelling errors and typos int he old blgo, I mean blog...
Response: Liz you should know that I am not writing the blogs, I don't even know what the word means.
From Quinny
Hey guys,
Loving your work Kel, at this rate i won't even need to go over seas, i reckon i'll nearly be able to take the pictures and make up my own stories... keep up the good work...
Also, have you poms heard how good the mighty bunnies (not the easter one either) are going... on fire, unlike your waratahs mick, you wouldn't get much use of the jumper this season...
anyway, have fun...