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Mick's Decent Sized Round The World Trip

Diary Entries

Saturday, 19 August 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Day 218

Not much apart from email, shopping, and getting my backpack under 20kg after almost getting into a good old argument with some stunningly unhelpful and grumpy staff at a guesthouse who wouldn't let me pay them to use their set of scales.

Had a beer and pad thai on Khao San Rd and just sat there for a while and people-watched. Soooo many backpackers and also quite a few whackos thrown in...I wondered where they were all going and where they'd been.

Met Jodie from England and we went out for beers for my last night, but even a Red Bull couldn't fire me up. It wasn't the crazy last night it could have been but I still finished up with a brilliant KSR banana/chocolate pancake for 20B.

Day 219 The Day of Reckoning

Yes. It is The Day of Reckoning. And I'm Reckoning that I'm Going Home.

After 219 days, 9 countries, 16 flights, 5,200 photos, 67 different types of beer, and travel by taxi, rickshaw, tuk-tuk, bicycle, legs, 125cc motorbike, 250cc motorbike, elephant, rocket boat, long boat, slow boat, row boat, bamboo raft, ferry, big bus, mini bus, plane, tyre tube, truck, kayak and hydrofoil, I'm absolutely pumped to be coming home. But at the same time I'm freaking out a little bit... i just got up and was so jumpy that I had the shakes!

Things I am looking forward to:

- Sitting on a couch
- Proper hot showers
- Not getting wet feet every time I use the toilet
- Not living out of a bag
- Drinking from the tap
- Cold weather
- Cooking
- Good music

Things I am not looking forward to:

- Fixed prices
- Working
- Cold weather
- Dishes
- Crappy $10 boxes of greasy noodles with 3 prawns thrown in

Can't wait to see you all and have a $3 beer and a big catch up. To anyone who's taken the time to read this novel or write me a message, thanks heaps for dropping in. This page has been looked at 1,450 times!

As for the welcoming party, well, I don't really expect too much. Just get everyone to line the streets I guess...and maybe some tickertape and a key to the city?

Salada. Swum Tong Bau.



Friday, 18 August 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Day 212

Got a bit more cooked today on the beach...but my bee-hind is still the same colour as when I left Australia, ie. C = 0, M = 0, Y = 0, K = 0 (funnily enough - I haven't been doing too much nude sunbaking). If that makes no sense don't worry about it.

Over tea in Nuch's restaurant I met Malte, Jan and Tessa from Germany...they're all Drum n Bass heads! They pulled out some portable speakers and we played some tunes, it was good stuff!

Thought about going out but decided that I got just a bit too much sun today and was not in optimum physical condition. Played some songs on guitar for Nuch and she told me that the original full moon party was to celebrate a local girl's 21st birthday. I wonder what she would think today - like "Where the *#@! did all these uninvited people come from?"

Day 213

Went snorkelling today with the 3 Germans. We taxied up to Chaloklum, hired some gear, then had an annoying walk over a lot of rocks to get to the beach in front of Coral Bay Resort. But we got there and at first glance it was postcard stuff, a shallow natural breakwall curving around in front of a strip of turquoise water, with a pure white beach lined with coconut trees.

However there was nothing to see in the protected patch of water, and once outside the breakwall over the reef we got caned by waves washing over the top of us. It was tough trying to de-fog my mask constantly while being knocked from side to side. But we did manage to see a few decent fish and Jan saw a sea snake.

We finished up with a beer and some veg 'no-names' (fried balls of mixed vegies) at the resort then headed back. Went out again, had a boogie, stayed out until 530am with the help of my good friend Mr Bull.

Day 214

Got up and thought it was time I did some exercise, so I took off up the hill to find the track to Haad Tien. The book says there's a green dot trail but it didn't say much about which trail to take when it splits up into 5 different directions. Eventually I found the right one up the top, took in the awesome view, and then trekked and sweated for 1.5hrs to Haad Tien, a beautiful little resort on a sheltered beach.

Lay on the beach until the rain came again, so I spent most of the day sitting in a flash vego/health retreat, talking to a Canadian girl and eating pumpkin/coconut salad that tasted far too healthy so I had to reach for the mayo and dead horse.

At night we played an excellent German drinking game with dice then headed out to the Mellow Mountain Bar. Ended up having a crazy night with just me, Malte and Tessa dancing in the rain to psy-trance on the beach. It was pretty chilly and damp so I lent my hoodie and beanie to a girl who again took off with my stuff! Dammit!

Day 215

Went back to Zoom Bar and the girl had very thoughtfully stashed my stuff behind the deserted bar, which was a good find. Spent the rest of the day hanging out with the guys, got an oil massage, then ate myself stupid with fried curry, fruit salad and a chocolate peanut pancake....FAAAAAT.

Day 216

Had a final brekky of fruit salad/yoghurt/muesli - the best of the whole trip - then said goodbye to Nuch and the excellent German folk. Nuch is soooo nice! She gave me a pack of special mini dried bananas with honey - "Dis for your mudda!" Thanks Nuch.

Finally, it was time to get off the island...15 days was long enough. Caught the boat back to Surat Thani, waited an hour and a half, got another bus for 10 minutes, waited another hour and a half, booooooring, then finally onto a VIP bus with a leaking roof that dripped and splashed all night on the seat next to me. It was pretty hard to relax up the back as well, because there was a MASSIVE subwoofer sitting under the back seat for the 2 movies that played. It was like being locked in the boot of the Vectra-mobile for 4 hours!

Day 217

Happy Birthday to my girl Joey...she's also getting on a bit...27...geez! Where does the time go?

I got into stinky old Khao San Rd at 5am, then stumbled around in the dark looking for a half decent room. Ended up with an A/C room at Sawasdee Smile Inn on the less hectic Rambuttri street - ooooh lashing out for the final 2 nights - oooohhhh! The staff however don't actually know how to smile. But you get that around here.

Slept a bit, had brekky then spent a few hours doing this. Bumped into Michael and Line from Denmark again, the 4th time I've seen them now, and they invited me out to a 385 baht buffet dinner at the Narai Hotel in Silom Rd.

Well, it sounded a bit better that the curry and beer I was going to have on Khao San Rd, so we headed out and had a Bloody Magnificent 4-Star Gourmet Feast of tuna, beef, pork, sushi, sashimi, salad, juice, coffee, cake, ice-cream...I could go on but I won't. There were no other backpackers there, just locals. It was the best 385 baht I've spent in quite a while. For the same price I could've had 2 buckets but the food was a much more fulfilling experience!

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From Rossco P.Coletrain
Hey there me olde mate Micky. Just wondering when you are going to get up to something?? You know anyone can travel the world, meet heaps of new fantastic people and do heaps of exciting things!!..... Just wondering when you are going to decide to really live your life and start a 9-5 job again???

I really am not that jealous!!

Have to go my therapist is on the phone!!

Keep up the good work and I have more than one beer waiting for you. What I have done is every time i have had a beer since you have been gone I have put one asside for you! And between you and me you have some catching up to do!

Response: yeah well you just be patient mate and make sure those beers are cold (it IS ok to put ice in them if they're not cold you know...). Good luck with your therapist, i hope it goes ok.
From Ben "the German"
Hi Mick,

I hope you remember this bloody German :-)

Well, while you enjoy your time over there I had to go back to work at the hospital.

Thanks for writing all your diaries. That makes m feel as if I was travelling myself. Sad but true!

Greetings from the land of the world-cup-winner!

Response: how could i forget you mate, you taipan-grabbing German....
It's a shame there will be no Germany Vs Australia World Cup Final though...a damn shame.
From James
Hows it going, its your pommy friend from Bangkok. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. I'm working at Ayers Rock Resort currently, its quality out here. Safe journies my friend
Response: It's going great mate, how are you finding the middle of the big brown land? It's an impressive rock for sure. Australia are gonna win the world cup, by the way...
From Glenn
Hey My Boy. Just thought I'd let you know I've been keeping up with your adventures. What fun. Keep it coming! All is well here.
Response: thanks massive man.
How are you coping with the travel to and from work these days? It must be tough......!
From Christo
I think I should point out to 8-Ball and anyone who is reading, that although my helmet does indeed have "Love in Life" on the back, I had no choice in the matter as it was the only one that fitted my head properly. And as anyone who has ridden bikes with me knows (eg. Chris, Steve, Lawesy) I am rather sensible when it comes to riding gear. I have no excuse for the un-named bike though - I should get onto that.
Response: Yeah well I've just been to the mechanic for the 6th time so maybe I can't bag out Love In Life too much. New brake pads today. Big Dog is turning into a Big Fat Lemon.
From Corza
I be drunk, very drunk!

I love your communications with the rest of the world! you sould be some sort of scribe some sort of writer when you decide to come back to the real world!

You are a legend, love your work, i feel as if i have travelled every day with you, your a great bloke. You make me proud to be an Assuie! I love every mintue of your stories! ah f--k getting a little sentamental in my state!

Keep it mate, and see you soon.

Response: Ha!

Corza i couldn't resist replying to a good drunk message (sorry mate). Good to hear from ya and glad the stories are getting you in! I'm proud to be an Assuie too.
From Jeroen
Love the stories mate!
Hope your having some good sleep lately. Maybe you sould go for a 'Happy Ending' one night. See wat happenZzzzzzz.

Take care,
Response: Ha! You're a funny man Roonie...
From Kirsten
Hey there Mick

Loving your diary - it is so descriptive and brilliant. Glad you're having such a great time and meeting heaps of people - travelling is brilliant.

Bring back those recipes too - maybe you can cook them for us sometime!!!

Look after yourself
Response: hey kirst

finally i get time to answer some of these messages...nah who am i kidding, i have heaps of time. glad you're enjoying the diary, its kinda turning into a novel. and put me down for a green chicken curry night when i get back...


From Christo
Just logged in to my PlanetRanger and I've just ticked over the 400 viewings! Gotta put more pics up though.

How good is Erawan Falls? I had a swim there and was getting nibbled the whole time by those big fish. It's a great place.

If you get a chance go for a kayak on the river down to the bridge, very relaxing.

From Mel n Tom
I hope you are lovin London..... back in my home country!!! Gutted to not have heard from ya, but realise you must be crammin all into your trip.... Can't believe your in England!!! Well enjoy my friend and live it up.... go crazy in the english clubs oh and get to a proper pub!!!! I miss them so much.....