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In the Pacific Northwest

Thanks for visiting my page, some of you may remember my failed attempt at keeping in touch while travelling in Asia. Well, this is a continuation of that page, only now I am a little more stationary. Now this is just a page where I plan to occasionally put up photos and some text for anyone to enjoy. Hope you like it, and remember, it is always nice to hear from YOU.

Diary Entries

Monday, 23 October 2006

Location: The City of Destiny, USA

Hi all,
Welcome to Planet Ranger take 2. I hope that all of you are well. I am, as you may know, in the thick of my senior year here at the University of Puget Sound. I am enjoying school and the Pacific Northwest, and am luckily getting off campus frequently and seeing all that this part of the country has to offer. I hope you enjoy the pictures and stories and don't hesitate to write or call.

Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Location: Cambodia

After a long wait,
i'm back at it. sorry for the delay. i have been busy with Dad and Carolyn, having a wonderful time in Thailand, and then travelling on to Cambodia. I am enjoying my time here, Cambodia is a great place. The history here has been extremely colorful, and in the recent history, very bloody. One must use extreme caution when in the countryside, and stay on well established paths and roads for fear of the countless unmarked land mines that remain since the civil war. The people here have been very friendly, and the children love to smile and yell "hello" when i walk by. We have been visiting Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom along with other temples in the area which are monolithic, and inspiring. The streets here are dusty, and packed with mopeds, tuk tuks, and sometimes huge trucks packed with dozens of people. People us US dollars here, and Reel for anything smaller(4000reel=$1). I must say it is quite strange handing someone a bill with George Washington's face on it over here in Cambodia. The real strange thing about the currency status, is thatn Americans are far from the most common tourists here, it is Koreans, Japanese, French, and Australians for the most part. Well, i will try to get some more images up soon, so you can get the visual. I suggest that anyone who is interested to do a quick search for some images of Angkor Wat, it is really amazing. I hope everyone had happy holidays, and i wish you a Happy New Year.

Monday, 19 December 2005

Location: Malaysia

Hello again,
Well we are just wrapping up the semester here in Kuala Lumpur, and getting ready for the holiday break. I have been studying hard for our Cosmos to Cosmopolitan course which examines architecture in its earliest forms and then up through the modern age, with the combination of religion, cosmology, philosophy and colonization. It is a very interesting course that encompasses a lot of information and requires a lot of work.
I have also found time to explore the places we have been and meet some very interesting people. This weekend i went to see the new King Kong movie on "the biggest screen in southest Asia." It was pretty impressive and made the FX even better. Well there is still a lot to see here including the Petronas towers and a meeting with one of the most influential skyscraper architects in the world. So i am off again, but will give the update and more pictures soon. I hope everyone is well and excited for the holidays.

Monday, 12 December 2005

Location: Malaysia

Hello from Malaysia,
Well we are on the move again. A few days ago we headed south from Penang to Melaka. Our journey took us over the 3rd longest bridge in the world, spanning 13.5 km, and then through Kuala Khangsar. At one of the rest stops we hit on the way i had the "original ice cream sandwich," 3 scoops of ice cream on a hot dog bun(surprisingly good). We rolled into Melaka after a 10 hour journey, and headed to the night market. The night market was busy and pretty much what the name suggests, it did however feature a large public karaoke contest that was not as bad as you might imagine.
Melaka is an ineresting city with a long colonial history. I was going through the maritime museum here, which is a giant replica wooden ship, and was reminded of home. I learned that the city was once taken over by a Potuguese man named Alfonso de Albuquerque. Sunday was a free day for us so Elijah and i set out to explore the city on foot. We each purchased a Malaysian sling-shot and in effect "terrorized the neighborhood." We promptly found a dirt lot to try them out and were of a man who made almost RM 3000 (RM 1= about 27cents) by shooting just under 2000 rats with his sling-shot. Our use of sling-shots proved to be much less lucrative, and Elijah's broke about 20 minutes after purchasing it.
From there we went on to the ship museum and a few other sights. Thats it for now, but come back to see pictures of me showing off my sling-shot along with other shots of Malaysia. Take care,

Thursday, 08 December 2005

Location: Malaysia

Hello again,
I am still working on getting more images on here, but i am having trouble finding a internet cafe with CD drives.
Malaysia has been a drastic change from Japan, it was fall time and cool in Japan while here it is hot all of the time. Although I think the hotel managment may be trying to increase the Christmas spirit here by not only putting up a Christmas tree completely made of aluminum foil and pumping muzak versions of Christmas songs 24 hours a day, but also by keeping the AC cranked almost to the point where you can see your breath. Every morning i find myself walking out of the hotel thinking, " I had better get a jacket," temporarily forgetting that it is actually hot and humid to the point that as soon as you walk outside you think about when your next shower will be.
Malaysia is also extremely diverse, unlike Japan. 99% of the Japanese population is Japanese, where as Malaysia has a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and many others. There are Mosques, Churches, Temples and almost every other kind of religious structure within blocks of each other. It is amazing to walk down one street and here people speaking almost all different languages. Malaysia has a very interesting history, and Penang has actually been colonized or occupied by the Dutch, Portugese, British, Japanese, and the USA.

Wednesday, 07 December 2005

Location: Malaysia

Hello All,
This whole diary thing has not been as easy as i had hoped. I haven't seen a computer in weeks and therefore have not been able to update the site. I finished up my homestay in Japan and said goodby to my adopted family. They spent the last week of my stay trying to convince me to come back in the spring with my family and friends to see the cherry blossoms.
I then spent my free week seeing a couple of other cities in Japan. I went to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Myajima and Osaka. It was a lot of fun, and having Bonar along only made it better. I have about 400 digital images now and have to get on the neverending task of putting them on the site.
Now i am in Malaysia, soaking up the sun, fighting off monkeys, and swimming in the salty water. I got a small jellyfish sting the other day at the beach that had a little bite but has already gone away, mostly it is just cool to say i have been stung by a jellyfish. I also saw the "World's Largest Toy Museum" which i can't confirma as being true. It was in any case quite impressive and contained over 100,000 action figures.
A few nights ago, my friends and i went out to a restaurant that served bat! I thought this was too cool and had to try it. It was a large Bat body served curried and actually tasted great. There was not much meat and it was kind of like very tender chicken.
I will update the pictures and have more stories soon. Thank you for the emails and messages and i apologize for not responding sooner. Thank you

Saturday, 19 November 2005

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Welcome to the page.
I have been trying to share my travels through group emails, but have found that it is hard to try and fit weeks of travel into a few paragraphs. Plus i want to share some images of what i am seeing, and just recieved a new digital camera for my birthday. So hopefully this page will help me share my trip with you. I am new at this whole thing, so bare with me until i get the hang of it all. I am glad that you have take the time to check out this page and would like to here any words you would like to share with me. Also, if anyone wants any of the images, please email me and i will send them in a bigger size. I have tons of images already and will be limited in what i can put up, but i hope sometime i will be able to share all of them with you.
I am currently enjoying my free week in Japan, we just wrapped up a three week homestay in Kyoto. While in Kyoto we attended classes about Japanese History, Politics, Culture, and Art. I enjoyed my time ther with my very hospitable host family, seeing the many temples and other sites around the city.
Because i am starting this page so late in the trip i have a lot of catching up to do, which i will do slowly through entries and answering any questions you may have. So if there is something specific you want to know, or a great place you think i should see please let me know. Also, a few other people on the trip have set up websites like this one so check them out to see more pictures, and to get caught up on Mongolia and our China tour. The sites on planetranger are marisa and john, and steve lawnermyer, search thier names on the site homepage.

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WELL, WHOOPPTIDOO! Finally, I get to hear what's been happening since Japan. So BATS taste like chicken, huh? YUMMY! Tell me how many bats would a guy your size have to eat to get full &/or batty? Are the monkeys friendly or fiesty? Are you wearing sunscreen? I hope you won't catch cold with the strong AC vs. HOT & HUMID outdoors. Wish I was there! It got down to 13 degress last nite! brrrr! love ya ciao~ ma
Response: Let's just say bats might go on the endangered species list if they became a staple. The monkeys really just want food and i am sure they would bite given the chance. they are really clever and sneak into your stuff when your swimming.
From Bobby
Hey Miles, I hope you are having a good time in asia. If you have any coins that you don't want I'll take them. I now collect them for this club I'm in at school. Well can't wait to see you when you come back from asia.
Response: I will certainly save coins from the countries that i go to. Would you like some bills too, or just coins?
From grandma a
miles I just looked at your website I think it's great.Sounds as if you're keeping mighty busy.Love g&g
Response: Thanks Grandma