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Hey guys, here's where I'll keep you all updated on my adventures and post some photos. Feel free to leave me some messages. Enoy.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Location: London

Hey everyone,
Thought i would share a few things i have learnt about london since ive been here...
THE TUBE: Very convienient and theres almost always a train on the platform when you get there...except for today when we had to wait 20minutes for the wimbedon line cause of some 'signalling delay'.
Extremely expensive...26pounds for a weekly pass!!!!!!! thats like about $70...robbery.
Very crowded...Dont you love the smell of a strangers nose has become quite accustomed to it since living in london.
The sudden stop at each station...if you're standing and not holding on properly you'll go flat on your ass. Claire had a good theory that it was to wake everyone up cause i swear they put sleeping gas through the air vents. In the morning and afternoon to and from work about half of the passengers are asleep and nodding off onto the person next to them...its quite amusing sometimes.
THE PEOPLE: Rude, rude, rude...they're always in a rush and everyone looks out for themselves only. Going to and from the tube its a massive rush and push/shove to get on the tube. Its like a stampede and people run down the stairs and risk their life to jump through a closing door when there is another train coming in 2 minutes...i dont get it.
They're all pasty and white...ive lost my tan hoo. There is no sun here. It is now dark at 4pm...did youu hear me correctly...4pm!!!!!!!! And the men...not attractive. There are 2 types...small and weedy or pasty white and chubby. I miss all my aussie guys.
THE FOOD: MMM, yummy but fattening. There are very few 'low fat' items in the supermarket. Wheres all the lean cuisine??? Ive taken to buying fresh fruit and vege and cooking up a storm. Im quite impressed with myself.
You dont go for coffee...You go meet friends for a pint of the liquid gold. Mmm. You can go out any night of the week to a pub and ther'll be many others. Its not like good old brissy where you go out on a tuesday night and town is deserted. There are pubs literally everywhere. We now have about 12 within 5 minutes walk of our new flat. Its great.
Snickers and Mars Bar icecreams!!!! Ben and Jerry's icecream...need i say more, yum!
THE CLOTHES: I love the london fashion. I can wear my beanies and not look like an idiot. Im getting some cool 'london chick' looks going with my funkly boots and scarves and beanies/hats...and long shorts/skirts with leggings or opaque stockings and boots. I love it. Im want to buy more winter hats.
But...then you can go to the lovely Camden thats an experience on its own. Just think punk and dominatrix type styles. A little scary but definately worth a look. The markets itself have some nice jewerllery and food but Camden itself is very alternative.
Well guys, feel free to send me a message and add to these things. I know ill come up with more london experiences soon. So stay tuned...

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Location: England

Hey everyone,
Things are absolutely great here. Rainy, cold, and work sucks...haha. All i do is make beds, do obs and help people shower. I hate it...i cant wait til i get my pin and can finally work in A & E where i know what im doing. I'll send you guys a photo of me in my lovely white 'tunic'...its gross. So how is everyone at work?? Things all the same?? Are you guys wearing your scrubs yet?? Any goss??
Claire and I are going to a halloween party this saturday with clair m and her housemates. It will be awesome. Im going as a vampire and have bought some teeth, fake blood and make up. Cant wait.
Havent planned any big trips yet as i am still broke and have rent due on the 1st. Will hopefully get to ireland or somewhere before christmas and will probably plan a big ski trip to austria in feb so i can learn to snowboard.
Glad to hear everything is going well at home and the farm.
Thanks everyone for the messages, keep them up. Haha, sorry brad, tell the guys i dont think there will be any more bikini photos soon as it is bloody cold at present.
Take care everyone,

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