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Riaan & Gwen living in New Zealand

Welcome to Riaan & Gwen's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of what is happening in our lives. We will keep you up to date of our travels and hope to hear from you soon. All our Love

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Baby on the way

Hi Family & Friends, thank you for sharing this special occation with us. We only wish you were closer to experience this with us. Hopefully these photo's will help keep you up todate with whats going on in our lives.


16 December 2006

Johan & Chramaine's Wedding Day


Day before the Wedding

Our adventure, before the big day.


Donald's place

We spent time with our wonderful family, stayed on the Vaal Dam.


Going Home to SA Dec 2006

First Wedding in South Africa - My cousin's wedding.
Little Donavan got beautiful is his bride..amazing person, was so Blessed to be there.


Riaan & gwen's NZ Home

Hi guys, welcome to our home page. We hope to keep you all informed of our travels. We miss you lots and look forward to seeing you all.

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