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Welcome to Mirabella's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 02 September 2007

Location: Frankston, Australia

Home sweet home.

We have had the most wonderful holiday, and now it is back to reality
Thanks to everyone for all those messages, it was great to get them all.
It sure added to our trip.

We hope you have all enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the pics as much as we did

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Location: Paris, Finland

Versailles- It is the biggest castle and gardens in Europe. It was huge. It took absolutley ages to get inside and then we eventuallty did, it was push and shove all the way.
This castle had a relationship to the one in Vienna because it was ruled by the same family the Hapsburgs and it was their daughter Marie Antoinette which this castle belonged. It was certainly on a much grader scale then the one in Vienna.
The gardens were beautiful, really everything was. We spent the most of the day out there and it was so interesting.
But this is our last day in Paris and it is so sad to be going home, but all good things do come to an end.
Looking forward to seeing our three precious little children, who have hopefully missed their Mum and Dad and will appreciate them more now.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Location: Paris, France

Today we started off visting Notre Dame. Decided to get out and about early to avoid the crowds, not possible in Paris as there are so many of them. It was so big and beautiful. Then we took a Seine River cruise for an hour and saw lots of the sights we have previously visted (when we were in 2001) but from a different angle. Lots of bridges with lots of stories and history to them. We then walked from the river, pass the Louvre, and into the biggest most fabulous garden toward the Champs Elysees. Walked up the Champs, had lunch and then headed towards the Arc de Triomphe. Caught the train to Moulin Rouge, and sat down and had a beer. Then we headed to the Latin Quarter and wanted to go into into the uni Sorbonne, but without luck.
We had a great day and the weather was perfect.
Yep the city of love , seriously so many people just pashing on, stopping in the middle of the footpath and on the train station.
Some great fashions, great looking chicks and guys.
We have seen another side of Paris this time round, which has been wonderful.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Location: Paris, France

Arrived here by train as usual, it only took 2 hours, a most pleasurable trip and some lovely scenery on the way. Then we worked out the underground and arrived at our motel around 1.00. As usual we get this pokey little motel room, hardly swing a cat in (it has a rating of 3-1/2 stars) but centrally located. We are staying in Montemarte and it has many things to do and see.
We went and visted Sacre Coeur, boy what a church. It actually had a service just starting as we arrived but unfortunately we couldn't stay for it, too much to see and do and not enough time. So many tourists there, it was so hard to move, but lovely all the same.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Location: Montreuil Sur Mer, France

Montreuil is pronounced Mont troy, how that works I have no clues but it is French....which could explain. Anyway it is the most beautiful little place. It is surrounded by Rampards, and they are so high so I don't know how anyone would want to try and invade it. There are many British living there because it is so close to the crossing from England to France. Like my cousin , they have fallen in love with the place and it is so beautiful...hopefully they don't wreck it.
We travelled round the area, viewing many spots and historical sites great having someone to show us around. We went to the beach in Le Touquet which is about a 20 minute drive and it felt like our seaside towns but 100 times more people.
We had a wonderful time with my cousin and hopefully in the future we will do a house swap with her, because we would love to go back.

Now we are off to Paris (the city of love Vince keeps reminding me)
I have the worst feeling now because this means it is getting to the end of our wonderful trip

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Location: Brussells, Belgium

We travelled by train from Amsterdam to Brussells which we are finding is the best way to get around. Met some Aussies on the train from Brighton, just can't go anywhere. Staying in the heart of the city so it is easy to get from a-b. More spectactular main squares with churches, town halls and libraries. It has not stopped raining in Brussells which is disappointing but I guess we have been lucky with the weather.
Yep tried the Belgium chocolate and it really is something. They have fountains of chocolate and as you enter their shops they give you like a little mini teddy and you dip it in the chocolate for a taste test....yum.
We have tried some Belgium beers and according to Vince they taste just like mother's milk.......just wish I could get used to drinking beer, it would be so much easier.
Now off to the North of France to stay with my cousin

Monday, 20 August 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

More walking and sightseeing. It rained most of the morning but now it is sunny. We went to the Anne Frank Museum, that was enlightening, then we went to the Vincent Van Gough museum, it was so interesting. It was a cultured morning and I am about all culturd out......I am wonderingi if it will leave an impact!
We also went to a diamond factory, watched a couple of men shape and polish some diamonds. Didn't buy any, but is was fun watching them at work.

The two boys we meet last night suggested we see another side of Amsterdam which we did and it was lovely. We had lunch in this little local cafe and it was just so good, relaxing fun. I tried their pancakes with apple and cinamon and they were yum. One thing Vince is trying is their local beers...I reckon he has tried most and says they are all good.

Tomorrow we are off to Belgium

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wow , we should be so fit, feels like we have walked the whole of Amsterdam. Yesterday we did a cruise through the canals, great fun. Seems like rather than the dutch having a barbie they gather their friends, picnic gear, drinks and cruise the canals. It looks like some much fun. Last night we went down towards the red light district and had a Thai meal. We meet a couple of the locals, young guys, handsome, but (as we found out later) they were having a romatic evening out and we disrupted their fun. They were gay, (they spilled their guts) and they were planning a trip to Paris to make their engagement official. Bad luck........ we wanted to know the ins and out of how the dutch live. Apparently this weekend was a gay festival in Amsterdam, hence the number of tourists.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Caught a fast (and I mean fast it only took 4 hours) train from Frankfurt to Amsterdam today. It was so good, very clean, plenty of food, and easy to get here.
Now today has been an eye opener. This city is very dirty, there are so many people and mostly tourists, so that perhaps explains why it is so dirty. This is the most people we have seen in one place since arriving.
We just walked down to the red light district and all I could do was laugh and wonder why!!!

More to come tomorrow

Friday, 17 August 2007

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Back in Frankfurt. Travelled most of the day to arrive back at 6.00 Stopped and had lunch in a little place called Rottenburg which was very quaint.
Had our farewell dinner with all the wonderful people we met on the bus (excluding the Americans)

It was rather sad because we have had some much fun together...but as they say all good things must come to an end.

So it was goodbye to
Leonie & Greg (Adelaide)
Marc & Rachael (Canada)
Les & Shirley (Canada)
Daphene & Mike (South Africa)
Liz and Barry (Patterson Lakes, yep just up the road from our place)
Kerry (Chincilla - Qld)
Theresa & Helen (Canada)
And last but not least the Kiwi - Aaron

They were a fantastic bunch of people and it was so much fun

Friday, 17 August 2007

Location: Czech Republic

Heading off to Frankfurt today to finish our bus tour. It has been a fantastic 15 days. I wil fill this in with the missing days when we arrive in Amsterdam. So stay tuned

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Now in Prague, well what a place, I absolutley loved it.
A local guide showed us around as they do. The scenic views of the city at night just beautiful. We went on a little train in and out and all around the cobbled streets, just with our mouths open.
One thing is for sure the catholic churches in all the citeis have the prime land and the biggest buildings. The main church in Prague had to be swapped, the catholics took it and gave theirs to the protestants as their numbers were too big for the church... the cheek of them.
We did another river cruise for lunch and it was brilliant as usual.
Some local played the piano accordion and the translation of the words to the songs was so funny, but he tried.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Location: Vienna, Austria

Well I have to say I was a little disappointed with the scenery coming down to Vienna, it was not as spectacular as I thought, but the city is very pretty.
Went to an opera concert, the first half was music by Mozart and the second half was music by Strauss. It was simply brilliant as you would expect.
Next day we went with a local guide around the city , castles castles and more castles but they were impressive. Saw the crypts where their royals were buried.
At night we went to a restaurant out in the country, they taught some of us how to waltz (vince was shown and got a cerificate to prove it). Had their local dishes and a big night was had by all.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Arrived in Budapest late in the day and had dinner on a boat cruising down the Danube. According to our local guide it is blue if you are in love and any other colour you want to call it, if not. We saw the most amazing scenery from the boat and at night. We had a hungarian meal and music on the boat which was very nice, romantic for some!!!!!!! Then we visted the old town, shopped in a market and a free night to roam around.

We visted their parliment buildings, which you have to see to believe, had crepes with melted chocolate (to die for) and then left to head to Vienna

Another good thing about the day it was American's free, they went to check out some of their heritage.....but then who cares.
We have a whole family of Americans, 16 in total, loud brash, full of themselves and mormans to boot... so much fun

Thursday, 09 August 2007

Location: krakow, Poland

Krakow, it is so old but beautiful, and it was not destroyed during the war. everywhere we go we have local guides to tell us all the history but i don't have time to repeat it here. Went to Auschwitz yesterday and the less said there the better. Had a polish dinner last night with some traditional folk dancing. that was a lot of fun.
Today we are off to Hungary

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Location: warsaw, Poland

arrived in warsaw after a 12 hour bus ride, got sick as well, so not the best day we have had. i even had to get some antibiotics in poszan without a doctors prescription, feling much better now you will all be pleased to know.
(i have to type in lower case because it is too difficult to work out this keyboard so apologies). pics i am not sure about anymore because i cant read the language and it is all too hard

warsar is amazing, most of it was ruined during the war so now it has been rebuilt in its original state (they recycled all the materials)
had a bit of culture went to a chopin piano concert tonight and is was so good. choplin is polish and they are so proud of him naturatelly. some lady played his works.

off to krakou tomorrow

Monday, 06 August 2007

Location: berlin, Germany

more pictures to come so stay tuned

Sunday, 05 August 2007

Location: berlin, Germany

Berlin just beautiful, clean, much better than we thought, so much history and lots of things to see and do. we have done a couple of tours around and it is fabulous. went out with the group last night and had a fantastic time singing and dancing. today more sights like the brandenberg gate and other historic sights, went to a kings palace, see one see em all..... no really it was beautiful. too many americans on the bus tours but ah well, some things you have to put up with
off to warsaw tomorrow

Friday, 03 August 2007

Location: frankfurt, Germany

Arrived in frankfurt, got lost a couple of times, but eventually we made it without too many fights. i was even the navigator....surprise, surprise. We then joined up with our bus tour and did a couple of hours touring the city. we stopped in one of the squares for a beer and a bratwurst, they were both yummy. then had a dinner to meet and greet all of the other passengers. all fine so far

Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Location: Fussen, Germany

Hey no pics yet, just struggling to get these diary entries happening. We hired a car and drove to Bavaria, where we went to the castle that is depicted in Disneyland Fantasy Land. (Can't remember what its called and would only misspell it anyway as these German names are so hard to remember and pronounce) - My German is improving or at least i think it is. vince reckons it is nothing like it. We went into the castle and the walks and scenery are pretty spectacular. Off to Frankfurt now to start our Tour.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Location: Munich, Germany

Fantastic, but not long enough. We caught the train in from the airport, some Germans helped the lost (sort of) Aussie tourists. The motel didn't have us booked in till we reliased it was booked under vince instead of mirabella. Accommodation OK right in the heart. Went to the Hoffbrauhaus and it was fabulous. caught a tram, winding through the city, it was truely beautiful, clean and so easy. So far the Germans have been so helpful and friendly. We are very impressed.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Well, we have done the Dubai leg and it now feels like a long time ago. It was certainly different. Stinking hot. The hightlight was the Sand Dunes, 4WD Safari that ended in a traditional Bedouin meal out in the Desert. It was amazing, up and down sand dunes, (we got bogged), camel rides, belly dancers, henna tattoos, hubbly jubbly and many Aussies. In our group was a South African family which we had great fun with. Not impressed with Gold Land or the shopping. There is some much construction going on there, it is out of control. The Arabs want everything bigger and better than anyone else - ridiculous

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Recent Messages

From pat and Irvy
Hope Vince is behaving himself! We're enjoying your trip immensely. Take care.
Response: Pat and Irvy, so glad it is as good for you as it is for us.
Wish we could stay here
From Shelley Preen
Hi Jen & Vince

I can't believe that almost 4 weeks have passed on your great holiday. Sounds like you are having so much fun, and meeting so many nice people. Will have to catch up once you get back. I'm loving Fosters:)
Response: Shelly, glad you are loving your job. We are absolutley loving this trip, don't want to go home, more to see and do for now. Amsterdam is sooooo different
From Lauren
Hi Guys, The photos are great, i am so jealous, have I mentioned this before. Sent you a text earlier today, wil write tomorrow. See the photos
Response: lauren, got your text, we seem to always to miss each other, we will catch up soon
From Julie
Hi Jenny and Vinnie

Sounds like you are having a great time. Of course the water was blue on the river danube for you two. Vinnie looks like you were showing her how to dance the waltz. Did you like Auchwitz. The photos are great looking forward to seeing them all. Trust you Jenny to get sick. Great picture of the travel tourist bag on your chest in frankfurt shouldnt it have a baby in it. Hope this finds you both well and safe. Nothing exciting happening back here. Catching up with Mum and Dad next weekend in Horsham. They said they got a card from you. Take care and look forward to more travel news
Response: Julie, Tell Mum and Dad all our news. Another day in Amsterdam and then we move onto to Brussells, then we catch up with Toni in 3 days, so looking forward to that
From Terry
Thanks for the update, it is great that you are having so much fun, the world is a big place and it is great to see bits of it through your eyes. Thanks, see you when you get back. Take care.
Response: Terry, glad it seems like we are having the best trip, because we really are. Amsterdam is one very exciting, different city, much to explore and do
From monique
Hi Jen & Vince,
Just caught up on your travels, felt goose-bumps from your last blog - pics are sensational! Just love the European shots - so appealing. With those big grins on your faces it certainly looks as though you are having great fun.... enjoy the rest.. will look in again x Monique
Response: Thanks Monique, time is just going so quickly, i am falling behind in keeping this page up to date. hopefully i can get it organised after we finish the bus tour
From Mrs Helen
Hey Jen & Vince
It sounds like an unreal trip.
I am so jealous.
We caught up with the old gang last Friday and had a lot of laughs. Missed you though!
Keep safe and hopefully we can catch up some time in the future.
Love & kisses
Mrs Helen
Response: Hi Mrs Helen, yeah we have a lot to catch up on in the near future. we are having an absolute ball
From pat and Irvy
Just checking in to see where you are. Will need more details on Auschwitz though - maybe when you come back(?)
Alls well in Melbourne, same old same old.
Response: pat and irvy, Yep I have a lot to write about and so little time, but it may i may get more done once we finish the bus tour
From Lauren
Hi you 2 travellers, great to hear you both are having a culture fix..Get to a decent country that has champagne, no good, getting bloated with beer. Good to hear your voice and the excitement in it on Saturday (our time), sorry we didnt have too much time to talk. i am in Sydney for this week, and yeah, the weather has been cooler, kids are good, so are their parents. I am doing a bit of work tonight, trying to apese the clients, due to the stock exchange turbulance. Anyone would think it is our fault...Oh if only i had a crystal ball...Where to next for you guys? No matter where you are make sure you make the most of it and keep up the great work of your travels. Lauren
Response: lauren, will ring you next week, and finish that phone coversion
From Terry
Hi Jen, you are going great with updates & photos, thanks, glad you are getting to enjoy yourselves as well. Sounds wonderful. Caught up with Miss Helen Fri. night and some others it was lovely, will be glad to catch you when you return before your next trip, there is life beyond MTP and Australian shores, enjoy every minute, life is for living.
Response: we are having so much fun, if!!!! we come back, look forward to catching up then
From pat and Irvy
Loved the photos! Great work. Youse are gettin vey cultured - Choplin no less!
Response: yeah i know, but funny enough, it has probably been a highlight so far.
From Marg and Ian
Would love to have seen you both singing and dancing in Berlin. Seems like you are having the best time apart from the sickness in Warsaw. Take care and we will call in again soon. PS. the lollies I bought you for the trip are still lying in the back of the car. I will substitue them with Champagne when you return. That's if you do!!!!
i am really hanging out for some champagne, beer does not taste the same
From lauren
Great job on the pictures, they are great, looks fantastic, wish i was there!!!Have texed you with my mobile number, I WILL be expecting a message, no excuse....Love Lauren
Response: yep lauren got your msg with phone number at 1.10am this morning. i will msg you, in warsaw now and struggling with these pics, can't read polish
From Collette
Hi Jen/Vince, Luv readn ya entrys. Of course us Germans r frndly/elpful.We lost the war & hav ta suck up! My Uncle Adolf wud not be appy! S'prisd Dubai a Fizz shopn. I was opn t'get a gud price fa Michael, frm a Sheik! Leen'n drunk eh! BB Sling?Av fun.Will drnk ta ya f'dy nite Coll
Response: collette, yeah he has certainly left a legacy. we really loved Germany, now in poland, which is different again
From lauren
Hi Jen & Vince You 2 are having the best time, you will not be able to settle down once you get back. The travel bug has really kicked in..I am so envious, where are the mug shots of you guys enjoying yourselves? Catch you soon, keep up the great reports of Mirabella's travels...Lauren
Response: we have decided that we may not come back, too much fun to be had here
From Shelley
Hi Jen and Vince, I'm super impressed that you've kept the blogs up to date. Plus very envious of your travels. Love the pictures, keep them coming! I think you'll get time to slow down once you're back in Oz. Make the most of it:) cheers Shelley
Response: i am struggling but will endeavour to try
From pat and Irvy
Sounds great! very jealous about the sand dune adventure! Get the photos happening.
Response: the pics are hard to get on but will keep trying....i am not the best photographer
From Terry
Great, enjoyed catching up with your photos and comments on trip, have fun and stay safe. xx Terry
Response: thanks terry, next pics in a couple of days
From Leah
Hi Mum and Dad,
Hope you're doing well and really enjoying Germany. I spoke to you last night, so apart from you missing a stellar episode of Brat Camp, I've really got nothing to tell you. Thought you'd have some more photos up - not just the ones of you two in front of the family room curtains! See what you can do computer whizzes! Speak soon, Leah xox
Response: yeah we will give it a try when we have some time. Just having too much fun at the moment
From Josie
Hey Jen (and Vince) I just finally had time to log on to you travel page, cant wait to haer about your adventures, Im VERY envious! Hope you have a superb time!
Response: Hi Josie, I will get onto to putting some blogs up real soon. Time seems to be the biggest problem. It has been fantastic so far
From lauren
Hi Guys, Sounds as though all is going to plan, hope the heat is not getting to you, it sure sounds hot, do all possible and buy heaps, I hear gold is reasonably priced there!!!!


Response: Lauren, having heaps of fun, can you send your mobile no to our email address, so I can msg you
From Julie
Hi Jenny and Vince I suppose you are in Dubai by now. Hope your trip over was good. Hope it is not too hot for you. Look forward to hearing all about it I expect a running commentary on every adventure. Take care and be safe.

Luv Julie
Julie, Yep in Dubai, it is absolutely stinking hot but fun. Off to a dinner in the sand dunes, should be fun
From Shelley Preen
Hi Jen & Vince, I didn't get a chance to wish you the best holiday Jen. Before I knew it you had taken off just like the plane you'll be on tomorrow. Have a great trip, buy something special for yourself and I'll keep track of your fabulous holiday. Catch you when you get back. Love Shelley xxx
Response: Shelley thanks for that, we are in Dubai and it is stinking hot but lots to do and see. Hope you're enjoying your new job
From lauren
Hi Guys, love the photo, so loving and sweet. it is really you two...Enjoy your travels and i will be checking up on you both regularly. Behave yourselves to a certain degree...Oh and have plenty of FUN!!!
Response: we will, just can't wait to get out of here now, just 2 more sleeps
From Terry
Hi, just testing, hope it works, have a great trip, stay safe, healthy and cashed up.
xx Terry
oops Terry, forgot to type in my reply.
Thanks we will have a ball, hopefully won't loose anything this time