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Miranda's Great Escape

Just a little info on what life in Albania can be like....I'll try to post pictures as often as I can.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Location: Albania

Well Helllllllllllllllooooooooooooo!

I don't know why I never write on here anymore....I spend so much time on the internet anyways...
So Albania! At times can be wild and crazy! I am about to tell you about the postal system. Everyone told me horror stories about it but I didn't get the full experience until I went there myself. When you line up to the windows it is more of a huddle around with people pushing their mail through and throwing it over you! Also I witnessed more than one person just pushing their documents into the window when they were not in an envelope! I've also seen people trying to give their envelopes to the mail staff without addresses on them. Needless to say, the staff are happy when they see us come in with our mail in an envelope, sealed up, with the address on it, and our money ready to go. We have actually been used as an example before. The mail lady held up our envelope and said (in Albanian) THIS is how you do it.
It is a real reminder to me how closed off this place used to be. This country was the most successfully communist. They had it down pact.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Location: Tirana, Albania

It's been a while....I didn't even include Thailand, Laos, or India.....let alone Canada! I arrived to Albania after crying and frustration at the airport in Toronto. They wouldn't let me go unless I had a round trip ticket! Well this wasn't factored into expenses. Now I have a maxed out credit card. The people at Olympic Airways were very nice about it but I won't be flying with them again. Tirane is a very nice developing city. I've been walking around and around and around and there is lots to see. Everyone sits on the patios of coffee shops and they drink macchiatos or beers. It's wonderful.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Location: Korea (South)

I plan to do the DMZ this weekend...I'll let you know how it went.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Location: Korea (South)

Well I realized it has been AGES!
I can't possibly update everything that has happened in a month...therefore I'll have to do my best as to what exactly has been going down these days. #1 I've been eating crap. I got a lot of beefjerky/ chocolate/ kraft dinner for christmas. My stomache heaves as it is not used to preservatives.
I've also founded a meat club, and I think subconciously it causes me to eat more meat. I really love Korean food, and I'm going to miss it with all of my heart once I leave. HOWEVER! I figure once I get to India, I'll forget all about it.
Tonight is my very good friend Ann's birthday....we are going for dinner and drinks. Exciting. This weekend we might potentially go skiing again. Marks friend just had his appendix taken out though so we will see. We were supposed to go with him.

Friday, 18 August 2006

Location: Korea (South)

Oh yeah, second typhoon coming....only one more to go.

Friday, 18 August 2006

Location: Korea (South)

Well it has been awhile, I've been keeping busy with rock fests mud fests and muddy olympics. Things have been good. To all the people out there who complain about Korea...get over it. Your time here is totally what you make of it, and I am having the time of my life, meeting super people and seeing an entirely new place. So take that! This weekend Mark and I will do absolutely nothing because it has been a long time. The last weekend of August though we are going rafting at the top spot in Korea. I am very excited about that. I've been taking loads of pictures but I always forget to bring them to the computer with me. There will be new ones soon I promise. I sent out a group email with pictures but noone replied, so enough of that business. I'm doing well though. Albeit a little homesick.

Thursday, 20 July 2006

Location: Korea (South)

Well....I headed to the mud fest this week. It was quite a rowdy place.....we all got muddied up and hung out on the beach. Nice and relaxing. I'll post some pics but just to forwarn you I lost my they won't be mine.(sob)

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Location: Korea (South)

I forgot to mention that last weekend we went to a superhero party in was wild and I'll have the videos on youtube to explore....the weekend before we went to Jinha with Andrea and spent the whole weekend on the beach....I'll post the pics soon!

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Location: Red Devilville, Korea (South)

Well I can honestly say that Koreans are wild about the World Cup...they block off the streets, AND wake up at four o'clock in the morning to watch a game and then they head to work afterwards! The country is covered in red. Everyone is cheering for the devils. Next game is this Friday at four o'clock in the morning. I can handle that because it's on the weekend. Only problem is that Mark and I have signed up to teach english at an orphanage every other Saturday....and of course it starts this Saturday! I'm sure the kids will feel just as tired because EVERYONE is watching it. If you aren't then they will wake you up with their "Te Amingo" chants and screams. So it looks like I won't be getting a whole load of sleep! Saturday I am taking the girls to the bubble spa....super excited about that. It's been way too long.

Monday, 05 June 2006

Location: Jinha Beach, Korea (South)

Well, I am pretty beat from the weekend....but then again when aren't I? Spent it at the beach with a good crowd of people. We ended up lining our chairs up along the main strip and spoke with a bunch of strangers as they walked by. People gave us gifts too! Someone gave us 30 dollars (for beer) another nice stranger gave us BBQ'd chicken, and a very nice girl kept refilling our cups with soju. We lit fireworks and got was a great time. The next day we all rented scooters and booked it around town....we played tag on them and at one point even ate ice cream....those speed bumps were deadly though. Let me tell you it's hard enough to eat ice cream while driving a scooter without speedbumps to complicate things. To all of those who are at home, I wish you all could have been there. It was a great weekend.

Thursday, 01 June 2006

Location: Korea (South)

I forgot to mention that The Strokes have just signed on to the super outdoor venue. I also forgot to mention that I am on the internet looking very silly... it's at and when you search for it just type in "miranda elevator".

Thursday, 01 June 2006

Location: Korea (South)

June 1st. Today is the day that Mark doesn't have to wear a tie to work anymore. For three whole months! I think he rebelled a little though by not wearing one yesterday.

I went to the beach yesterday for some hot sun fun. There is an island off of the beach that we walked fun. It was Ann, Joe, their two kids Luna and Chung Heung, Sarah( a friend of Thais' that we put up for the night) and me. There are tons of tents set up for this weekends festivities and there were loads of people in the water breaking in their kiteboards/windsurf boards. It got me super excited for the weekend.
A bunch of us are renting hotel rooms and we are going to spend all weekend hanging on the beach watching the competetors. Almost Friday!

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: Busan Aquarium, Korea (South)

I went to the Busan Aquarium today, saw a bunch of sharks and turtles and frogs and some really cool fish. I also got peed on by a kid. Sweet. Thanks Gin and Julia for coming and helping out!

Thursday, 25 May 2006

Location: Ulsan, Korea (South)

Well you won't believe it but there is actually a big outdoor concert coming to Korea! The line up so far is Placebo, Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, The Black Eyed Peas, and my very favorite....the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it I am so super excited. I bought my ticket immediately in case anyone was wondering.

Friday, 19 May 2006

Location: Korea (South)

Wow. I gotta tell you it is so nice just to know that people are thinking of you.

Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: Ulsan, Korea (South)

My Morning

I awoke to strange dreams of riding my bike across Canada. I ate a danish with no fruit on it. A new mall has opened up by my house (which some people would call a "swap") and the employees were practicing what to do in case of a fire. Got on the bus and soon after these ladies got on and one of them forgot to do up her pants or something and her pants fell down. They giggled and I spent the rest of the bus ride trying to supress my laughter.

Have fun on the West coast Margie! I want to hear about all of your adventures.

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Location: Korea (South)

I realized that I haven't been giving enough info about here is a little tidbit that I have just recently learned.
As you all probably know, it wasn't too long ago Korea was a VERY poor country. The economy has grown here faster than anywhere in the world and they are actually looked up to by other asian countries as a model for how to improve those countries own economies. It's really too bad because Korea has for the most part been relying on itself to make money and now because of trade talks with the states, it is really changing.
There used to be a quota of how many Korean movies played in the theater at three quarters and now that they have negotiated with the states it is about one quarter. I know it doesn't seem like a lot but it just means they will be exposed to SO MANY MORE American movies...not really anything to look up to. There are other things happening too but I'll save them for another about that?

Anyways, where I was trying to go with this was that I wanted to tell you the true meaning of the greeting and farewells here. Annong Assayo(hello) means 'I hope you slept safe' because the temperate here is similar to Southern Canada and because they were so poor people would die in the night. So sad.
The meaning of Annong ee Kahsayo (saying goodbye to someone leaving) means 'go in peace'. It's funny that it is said everyday and this country has been at war for the longest period in history....over fifty years. From day to day Koreans are very peaceful in my opinion.

Just goes to show you that you have no idea what a place is like until you go there and actually spend some time....and then you still don't truly know!

Annong ee Kaysayo

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Location: Pusan, Korea (South)

Well my birthday party was a blast. I spent a lot of my time falling over though and there are various pictures of me with random bottles of liquor in my mouth. I will forever be known now as the girl who said "Well, you think you're drunk(insert slur here)" and then broke the coffee table. You can just guess how. So I guess that's the last time I will do that! I'm 27 now so I've got to start acting my age. I'll post the pictures soon. I'm so embarrassed.

Friday, 12 May 2006

Location: Ulsan, Korea (South)

Well guys, I've settled back into Korean life once again.....I"ve uploaded the maximum for pictures now so take a look while you still can! I'll start erasing from the bottom with the old ones. My birthday party is this weekend and I hear it's going to be a big one. Looks like I'll be a zombie next week. I'll take tons of pics though so everyone can see just how popular I am. Finally. At 27!

Things are going pretty good over here. Mark reserved a room for a bunch of us for the first weekend of June(I can't BELIEVE it's going to be June) There is a big windsurfing competition so it should be pretty cool. I'm hoping there will be a fire on the beach and I'll pretend I'm in California and I'm on the O.C.

Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes!

Thursday, 04 May 2006

Location: Ko Chang

I'm sunburnt...enough said.

Wednesday, 03 May 2006

Location: Ko Chang

I made it to Ko Chang....SO happy to get out of Pattaya. It was worth it though to see Nate and Po. Ash and I left this morning bright and early to get on the bus...the ride was alright but it is almost unbearably hot outside. We got a cute bungalow it's not by the beach but we can walk easily. It has air conditioning which is totally key though...AND a dvd player and TV so tonight we are going to watch movies and hang out.

Monday, 01 May 2006

Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Alright....spent a few days in Thailand shopping like crazy...bathing suits are soooo cheap. Got in a cab last night to come to Pattaya (dirty old man country). On the way I saw the worst motorcycle accident ever, PEOPLE NEED TO WEAR HELMETS! I won't ever go without a helmet again after seeing it. Anyways, Pattaya is like a red light district and there are bars everywhere with red balloons and red lights and dancing girls. We didn't know what to think. I can't believe Nate and Po lived here for six months! I'm excited to see them tonight and hear some crazy stories. The beach isn't super nice and most people are fully clothed there so we snuck into a richy hotels swimming pool area (so Broken Down Palace) We've spent the day sunning and swimming and catching up and getting to know each other. It's good because we are all on the same wavelength and have the same get a tan! So yeah I'll get back to you on how the night goes and hopefully I'll have a story or two.

Saturday, 29 April 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

I made it to Thailand! It is so so so hot. I guess it is the hottest time to be here. Rich and Mike were on my plane and everyone crashed out pretty hard....going to bed at 4 30 in the morning is not good when you need to get up at 6 30! The flight slowly dragged on....first time that has happened to me ever! Got out and met Ashley and it was so funny! She is so tanned and looks like a beach babe...can't wait to get to that point! She brought me presents of pineapple (a treat we've shared together many a time) and t shirts! They are so cute and I'm getting some for souveneirs. Yeah so tonight we are staying at a place with a pool which I am so pumped about and we are going for drinks and dinner tonight to say goodbye to Marilyn, and hello to me.

Thursday, 27 April 2006

Location: Korea (South)

Today is the day I've gotten 300 hits! Well that is something to brag about. Something not to brag about is that I have this cold that just won't go away! I'm pretty sure it's due to yellow dust which is worse this year than it ever has been. I think it usually subsides by mid May though. So it's almost over. Life is same old...I'm excited to start travelling more so that I'll have something to say! I bought a new camera so..I plan to put mega pics up. It's a Sony Cybershot...Is that bad?

Monday, 24 April 2006

Location: Korea (South)

Well it's crazy, but I'm leaving in a week! I'm super pumped for loads of sun and snorkling and sand. I just realized that friends from Tobermory (they're everywhere!) Nate and Cheryl are there. So I am thinking of heading in to see them right away, for the day and then taking a plane to Ko Samui and camping out there for a while with Ashley, and hopefully she is in but I have other friends on an island over from us Ko Tao....Kyte and Katie. So it feels like I'm just going to be truckin around Southern Ontario going to see friends....EXCEPT there will be beaches and seafood and it will be warm! So I get a little more excited as each day goes on. So I'll keep the site up to speed and we'll just wait and see where Thailand takes me.

Monday, 17 April 2006

Location: Korea (South)

Well...I spent the weekend in Pusan. Ange headed to Ulsan Friday night and we headed to my neighbours for a soju drenched birthday party. The next day I'd made plans to meet up with some people and head to Pusan for a little shopping. First we went to the APEC building which is actually super nice. There were many a picture of our former prime minister(Paul Martin) looking like a dumb dumb. He sure knew how to represent. Court had an all girls party, and you know how girls get when they all get together....Today I'm left feeling pretty crappy due to lack of sleep. I'm ready to start treating my body better. My friend Claire and I have plans to start our own tennis club...we just need rackets. So hopefully that will leave me feeling like a million bucks. Plus now that it is almost May I'm ready to get out and do something. I've heard as soon as June hits you can hardly go outside it's so hot. Can't wait for that! I bet you guys can't wait either because you can read pages upon pages of me complaining about the heat.....just a little something for you to look forward to.

Friday, 14 April 2006

Location: Ulsan, Korea (South)

Well the last couple of days I've been feeling kind of sick and crappy but pretty soon that will all fade away because it's Friday! Yay! I love Fridays. So I've been thinking a bit about what stands out the most to me about Koreans ...being different from home, and it's gotta be that they work SO hard. All day almost every day even when they aren't getting paid for it. They have so much energy. Even kids have more energy...they play so hard that they sweat! Man us Canadians are lazy!

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From Lindsey
It's been a while since you've added an update. keep em coming. I want to know what you are up to.
Response: awww....thanks sweet lady. I figured noone was looking.....
From Marc B.
All I can say is I wish I was there to see you bust up the coffee table. I lost it when I read that... I for sure would have tinkled on myself if I was there. Glad to hear that the older/wiser Miranda still knows how to have fun!!!
Take it ease and say hi to Mark...
Response: Marc!
I feel ten years older after being here....but at least I don't look it. Don't worry about the coffee table friends just bought a video camera so now there won't be a moment lost of all of the silly tricks I play on myself. Take care of yourself C-Marc
HI Miranda;
I've been thinking, why don't you and Cortney team up and submit some articles on Korea on teaching English there etc. and submit it to some magazines? You could do the pictures.
Miss you.
Love, Grandma
Response: Hi Grandma,
That truly is a great idea. I'll ask Court and get back to you on it. Meanwhile things are going well....hopefully the same with you! I miss you....and think of you often.
Love you,
From blake
just checkin' in! all is good!
From Margie
To the girl in the purple bathing suit,
Thanks for the shout out on your website...Now I feel like a celebrity.
I'm currently at Karolyn's in BC and it makes me think of you and all the time that you spent in these walls. I will talk to you when I'm back in Ontario!
The Girl in the Black Bathing Suit.
Response: Hey there.
Now I guess I know who my secret admirer is....IMark had nothing to worry about all this time. I miss Vancouver madly and I'm jealous that you are there but also so happy that you get to see what it is truly like.
I wonder is the Margie shrine still in effect on Dunbar Street? Say hello to all of those guys and I hope to move myself out there sooner than later. Love you,
Purple Bathing Suit.
PS I still haven't figured out who the Pirate Peniuses are.
From Lindsey
I've been doing my part and checking out the site more. We'll have a party when you are number one. Until then, take care.
Response: Thanks babe,
Maybe at the party I could make an ass out of myself and fall over everywhere....
No but seriously.
From Blake
You're number one! You're number one! (or at least I hope you will be soon...ha!) Glad you had a happy birthday! it was a wonderful evening! we need to go out dancing again soon lady...take care of yourself dude
Response: Yeah. Dancing soon. Next time I won't fall all over the floor. I think you are teasing me with this number one business. Hopefully it happens though. Are you going to the green tea festival this weekend? It sounds really cool...anyways talk to you soon. Love your neighbour,
From courtney (van)
hey sweetie! you and jackson sound great!! i love your stories and photos. hey, what did you do to hook up your teaching there? i'm thinking of getting my tefl training this summer with tommy in van, and then heading off somewhere in the world in september or so. do you have any advice for me? any sites to check out????
i'm going home to van for the summer soon...should be exciting and scary to go home after 2 years! are you going back this summer at all?
miss you both and would love to see you!!! xx courtney from vancity xx
Response: Hey there Courtney,
It's so crazy that you've been in Scotland for so long. I'm sure you'll get back to Van City though and it will almost (almost) be the same.
For the teaching thing, now is definetly the time to do it! The pay is really good and there is a really high demand right now because next year all of the public schools are going to be hiring English teachers. You should most definetly look into it. Two months off paid!
I won't be back to Van this summer but maybe next spring? You guys should come visit Ontario soon. Bring Geoff too. I can't believe he's getting married! Everyone is growing up. Talk to you soon.
Love from the East,
From Karolyn
Happy Belated Birthday!
Sorry for the late birthday wish..I was thinking about you on the 11th but was in the middle of buttf--k Idaho (really...I was in the woods in Idaho) and couldn't reach you. I am back in Vancouver now, so give me a call when you get a chance. Thailand sounded doesn't take you very long to look like a beach babe, I am sure you are there already.
Response: Hey there.
Hope your trip went well and you got all of the things you were looking for. I will call soon it's just that I'm on a different schedule and every time it's good for me to call you it is like 4 o'clock in the morning your time.
I got a pretty bad sunburn while I was in Thailand (right on my rear end as usual) and since I have been back every Korean stares at me. They like to have white skin so they don't think I look like a beach babe in any sense. Ah well! Talk to you soon. Love,
From Vanessa
hi sweetie, it seems like you guys are having the experience of a life time, keep up with the stories they're amazing, keep livin the high life, its a great way to find yourselves. PS happy BIRTHDAY GUYS say hi to Lindsey and Ryan for me. if you guys ever come back to T-bay yous all havea place to stay, if I'm still living here....Missin you guys deeply Vanessa
Response: Hey you!
Long time no talk. Hope Thunder Bay is treating you well. Sometimes I really miss that place. I'm sure we will come to visit once we get back. I'm guessing I'm not going to find you at the Apollo anymore though!
Take care. Love from the East,
From Shipreck Dick's
Wicked pics. Just lookin' at them from Johnny's in the Tub. Po and Scott's birthday!!!! Good times. Kel thinks you're awesome. Don't go near her. She'll do something crazy. We miss you. Wish you were here.


The Pirate Penises
Response: Well there.
I don't know what to say to you because I have no idea who you are. There are so many Pirate Penises to choose from. It sucks that I missed that birthday party but I'm excited to call and swap stories with them. Love from the East,
From Scott
Wow, your on holidays from your great escape! I'm kinda busy taking care of my 14-month old son, but not too busy to have a 2nd baby on the way in December. Don't let anyone tell you that the herb lowers spermcount...

Have a great time, you never know when things will change. You will remember these adventures during the quiet, settled ol' lady times.

Nameste, Scott
Too much changes while I am gone. So, I might need to come home soon. Wow. Good job Scott. Hopefully it's a girl and you could name it something like Miranda.
Keep it real. Love from the East,
From Danimal
Hi Miranda,

Nice pics! Sounds like you're having a great time out there. I miss you guys a ton. You're making me really jealous and I want to quit my job and travel the world :)

Response: Hey Dan,
Anytime you want to quit your job and travel, I'm there for you if you need a travelling buddy. I'm really just making it look way better than it actually is. It won't be long till we get back.
Love from the East,
From MOM
I don't have much time and I got dissed for the brevity of my last message but I'll leave one anyway. I hope you had a good birthday and have fun this weekend at the party. We miss you guys oodles. love mom
Response: Hi Mom,
Don't you worry I was only joking. We miss you guys oodles and noodles too.
Love you,
From Ge-off
Hey ther Parti-Grrl!! I'm officially posting here, aswell now this is bookmarked so I'm staying tuned every week for more details! Glad you're coming back to your old stompin' grounds. Hope you have time for The Coove (vancouver)! You should be my fan and see my lame site ( cococaine
). Much Love to you and yous!
Response: Thanks Geoffers,
I will always come back to Big Bad Van is my home away from home. I'm pumped to check out your site. I'm hoping that I'll find an old skool " I touch myself" video. Love on the rocks, Miranda.
From Jer
Hey Miranda...

This site is pretty cool. I have been checking up on you but havn't wrote a message yet. So, I felt that tonight was my night. It seems like you and Mark are having a great time, Sarah and I are jelous. Have you tried the dog soup, it's probably good. Sarah and I are looking forward to getting up to the cottage but it just won't be the same without you guys. Can't wait to have you the pics, keep posting them.

Give Mark a good slap on the ass for me.

Response: Jer,
I miss you guys like nuts. I think that Mark and I will fantasize all summer long about swimming in a nice cool lake with you and Sar bear....think of us while you tell creepy ghost stories.....and Mark's ass is gonna hurt!
From Courtney
Damn I'm in some hot shots on this site! Can't wait to see you on saturday for grrrls night! Don't get too wasted tonight!
love you lots!
Response: Yeah you are looking good. Thanks for supporting me on my way to number one! You made my weekend by throwing a girls night.
From Brent
hey miranda,

the pics are great as is dog soup! this is my delayed message to let you know i've been checking you out...on planet ranger.
dublin is great! if you ever make it european way, we should meet somewhere.

all the best...brent
Response: Thanks Brent....I'd do anything to make my way over to Ireland! When are you guys there until? If it doesn't happen then you guys should think about meeting up with us somewhere in South East Asia for a little beach action....we're going at the end of the year...I think. All the best, and if you had a blog I'd check you out too ;)
From Danny E
Hey there..fellow planetranger.

I was just in Korea a week or so ago and had a great time. I'm traveling all through Asia and will be in Thailand at the begining of may. Maybe we could meet up, if you're interested and or there..

All the best with your travels and i hope you make it to number 1. Although my goal is to stay number one for the rest of the month :)

Lata Dan
Response: good to hear....That is very strange because that is exactly when I will be in Thailand! It's possible we could run into each other...and thanks for the encouragement.
From Laura & Blair Hagman
Hey Miranda,

Your pictures are great, looks like you are having a blast in Korea, and travelling. Have fun exploring!! Tell Mark we say hello
Laura & Blair (Lakehead GIS)
Response: Hey guys,
Thanks a ton...still down under? Mark is looking into going to teachers college there so you'll have to let us know.
From Karolyn
Hey Miranda,
Your pictures look amazing. I expecially like the "speghetti" one and the one where you and some guy are in a circular mirror. I can also pick out your more drunken photos because of your cute drunk face. I would love to come and visit you there...
Anyways, keep updating this site, it makes for a really great way to avoid doing work!
Miss and love you!
Response: Hey I knew if anyone was going to appreciate the drunken photos it would be you. I'll be sure to take many more just for you....I'm still waiting for the pics of Scooby Doo humping Cyndi Lauper........Come and visit! We'll have a great time...I'll take you to the beach, the bar, and a kareoke room....will be your fav. Love you.
From Scooter
Why haven't you been updating your site? I'm interested...very very interested.
Response: Hey there....
I'm glad to hear you are so interested...from now on I'm going to bring it up a notch and almost even address it to you...I need your site address too though, for a little healthy competition. Love,
From Becky
I am glad that you still have me on your email list! I love to see Korea. The kids in the photos... oh how cute!
All the best in your adventure.

Take care, Be safe
Response: Thanks Becky,
Hope things are going well for you guys. Are you still in Ottawa. It's hard to keep up with people when you move so take care too.
From Bill Squaggle
Is this a blog? If it is, then I guess this is the first blog I have ever been to. Who are you? Are you really in Korea? You seem to have a lot of friends. Good for you. I think your website could use a little more political commentary.
Response: Political commentary? I don't think I know you but your initials are B.S. that is the first thing I noticed about you.
From Paris Jenn
Hey Mir (lol)
Paris Jenn in case you had two Jenn's writing to you :) Your photos look amazing!!! I'm sitting here in my office WORKING and wish I could be traveling!! My new job is going great and I got a promotion. Nich and I are doing good and working on the house....but that hardly seems fun in comparison to your travels! Keep posting the pics so at least i can dream!! tell Mark I said hi. Are you guys ever coming back?! If you do we have a ski boat now and we went wakeboarding every other day last summer! It was a blast. Reminded me of stoney lake memories...
much love, Jenn
Response: I would have known it was you because you wrote MIR! Don't worry life here isn't always so spectacular. I CAN hardly wait to get in that boat of yours. As soon as I get home I'd love to plan some sort of getaway.....Mark's parents live in Sauble too so we could always put in there. Take careof you and Nich and those puppies of yours. Love you.