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This is my travel blog! Diary for my 4th Journey to Australia to see my family.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Location: Hamstead Marshall, Newbury, England

As you have probably realised I am back home in England. My journey on Etihad was a very long one! I travelled in Business Class on A330 and had a ‘pod’ area on my own by 3 windows and I could put my feet up and watch my touch screen tv and generally relax. I watched the coast of Western Australia all along for the first hour or so and it looked beautiful. The temperature when I left Perth was about 35C. I took photos of Perth City on take off and picked out Rae’s village below me… she said later that she had heard the plane go. It was perfect clear weather.

So into the flight which was almost 12 hours to Abu Dhabi - Im not usually bored but on this flight as there were not many films that I wanted to watch and that I had lost my kindle reader on the Melbourne flight I did feel a bit bored so settled down to see if I could sleep a bit but there was a huge person in the pod behind me who was making the most ghastly snoring noises which made me feel a bit sick so I reverted to some loud music (Take That concert!) and shut my eyes. Outside became dark quite quickly and so most other people around me went to sleep. I think I might have snoozed a bit and I was very glad to get to Abu Dhabi finally and get away from the snorer!! I prayed that she was not near me for the next part of the journey to London. It. was 8.30pm in UAE and I had two and a half hours to wait for the flight to London. I sat in the lounge and had a drink then I decided to change my clothes from summer to Autumn as I knew that early morning in London was going to be cold… actually freezing. I was glad that I had only brought my backpack on the flight and had checked in my other 2 suitcases.

Boarded the A380 and had a pod near the front on the top level. (The snorer lady was down at the back!!). I really hoped to have a good sleep for the next 8 hours as it was a night flight. So I had my supper meal early and then settled down. But… there was a sweet elderly couple in the middle compartments next to me who didn’t settle down and had lights on TV’s on and were laughing and chatting all night. I had to use ear plugs and face mask to stop the light on my face. Therefore that was not satisfactory and I only drifted off intermittently. I was so tired. Anyway London landing was amazing and I picked up my suitcases and made for the bus to take me to the car hire company at 6am so that I could drive home. I didn’t leave my own car at the airport as it was almost a month and would have cost a fortune.

I was home at 9.30am and it was really nice to be back. But it was so cold!! I lay on the bed for a bit and slept for about an hour. Then went shopping for some food, watched a bit of TV and went to bed and slept for 12 hours!

It has taken me about 2 weeks to get over the jet lag which was quite significant this time and I also must have caught a virus on the plane or in Perth before I left. I felt pretty bad, went to the Doctor who said usual, just keep warm, take paracetamol and ibuprofen. Anyway now after 3 weeks I feel fine and i am getting ready for Christmas. I decided that was enough travelling for this year!

Thanks all so much for following me on here ( and on Facebook).
I wish everyone all the best for Christmas and for a happy and peaceful 2016
Until next time
Love Moira

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Location: Perth, Australia

Wednesday 18th

Day out today - we (Rae and I and 7 other elderly ladies) went on a tour to the Mandaring Reservoir in the Hills to the East of Perth City. We went in a minibus. It was great to be driven and we enjoyed a trip through the bush and up into the outskirts of Perth.
This reservoir has a 600 kilometer water pipeline which pumps water out to the Gold fields of Kalgourlie. It is quite fantastic and there is a damn at the end which you can walk across.
After driving round we all had a lunch at Hungry Jacks ( like Mcdonalds) then arrived back at Rae’s Village at 2pm.
I came back to the Apartment and finished my packing then went back for tea with Rae. We had a takeaway Fish and chip supper. Then I left and we said our Au Revoir as I am leaving for the Airport in the morning.

I have had a lovely time here in the upside down land and will be on my way back on the 3.20pm Etihad flight Perth to Abu Dhabi /Abu Dhabi to Heathrow arriving at 0640am on Friday morning.

It was a happy holiday.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Location: Perth, Australia

Tuesday. 17th

Rae and I decided to go to the Caversham Wildlife Park today. We set off and it took about 45 minutes to get there. It was a windy day and rain showers were forecast so we took our macs! We found the place and walked around and it was very good. The Parks are really well looked after and are clean and I am really impressed. Lots of space and the animals seem to be very healthy. We found a café and had a nice sandwich and a lovely fresh juiced drink with it.

Our next stop was at the Margaret River Chocolate factory. What a place! Charlie and the chocolate factory was brought to mind! ‘Umpalumpas’ working in the background behind a glass partition. Actually Rae noticed a chap who was exactly the same colour as the chocolate he was pouring out into moulds! There were lots of bars and loads of sweet things in a massive shop too.

We felt that at 3pm it would be good to go for a really nice cup of tea at a beautiful house - Tranby Farm House - which was one of the first places built on the Swan River. The first settlers The Tranby’s came by ship from England and built it in the 1800’s and brought all their families, animals, and household things. The house is now a museum and there is a tea room overlooking the river which is very English! They serve proper tea in teapots with silver jugs etc. We had a lovely cream tea!

It rained but Perth so needs it and it was nice and cool (25C).

Monday, 16 November 2015

Location: Perth, Australia

Monday 16th.

This morning I decided to go to the South Perth foreshore and have a coffee at the Boathouse café where I will be meeting up with more cousins on Thursday morning David’s second cousin Mike Tooby who emigrated here in the 60’s live in the Hills just a little bit east of Perth city.

Coffee was lovely and I had a little walk about and then drove around and popped into the shop to get some fruit for my lunch, looked in the other shops in the little centre and bought a colouring book to take home.

My satnav (GPS) didn’t work so had to phone AVIS car rentals to get a new pin number. It works now!!

Really nice temperature here today. 27C going up later to 33C . I have heard that England is going to be going into a cold spell at the end of the week so I am making the most of this!

After my lunch, I had a lovely walk across the bridge which is over the Freeway, trainline and bike road next to the river in front of my hotel.
It was still quite hot and so I paused on the way to sit on the seats along the foreshore. I had a walk along the sand. There was a man fishing – looked so strange as he was quite a way out from the shore – it is very shallow. Quite a lot of Perth is built on sand. There was a pelican floating on the water too. I walked back and was pleased to be back in the cool air-conditioned room.

At 7pm James Vicki and Rae picked me up from the hotel and we went out for dinner. So good to have seen so much of them over the few weeks I have been here. Hope we can all stay in touch.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Location: Como and Cottisloe, Australia

Sunday 15th

Drove with Rae to Cottisloe to meet up with James and family for ‘Brunch’. It is a big thing over here that people meet for breakfast especially on a weekend. We passed the place where the Royals had been the previous evening and parked the car. The restaurant was quite crowded and it was a lovely sunny morning. We sat round and had our brekkie together - James, Vicki, Maxine (Vic’s mu m) Rae and Ben - and Hope came and joined us when she had finished work. She works at the restaurant/café in Kings Park.

After brunch, Rae drove back to Perth along the river and via Applecross to see the Jacaranda trees again. I have put some photos on Facebook and here. They are amazing. So beautiful.

I came back to the apartment for my lunch and a rest, and then went back to have tea at 3.30pm with Rae, Sara and Jessica (Sara’s daughter) and we sat outside on Rae’s veranda until about 5.30. What a lovely day. Not so hot but still about 33C.

Started packing up! Not long to go before I am heading back to UK again.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Location: Joondalup & Perth, Australia

Saturday 14th

Woke up the terrible news about the bombs and terror in Paris. How dreadful it seems to be.

Going to visit cousin George Gilchrist and family today in Joondalup (north of Perth City) and we will have lunch on the coast near ‘Hillary’s’ which is a large yacht harbour on the coast north of Cotisloe beach were Prince Charles and Camilla are due to have a barbeque tonight for his birthday!.

After lunch we went back to their home and had a family chat and a cup of coffee. Then Rae and I drove back to Perth and I came back to the hotel and switched on the air conditioner. Hot day

Just heard on the news that the temperature has been 40.7C today. Phew! Forecast getting cooler tomorrow.

You might see the Royals having their supper Barbecue on TV news.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Location: Perth, Australia

Friday 13th

Today is Giles’ birthday! Have a happy one Giles!
Its very hot again here. I had thought it would be nice to go on a river trip to Fremantle but decided instead to repeat my trip to the City and so it’s a blog much the same as yesterday! Wandered around and did a little bit of shopping then came back again. Its lovely on the river and a cool breeze into the boat.

Phoned Giles in Portugal…( my evening – Portugal’s morning!)

Went over to Rae’s at supper time and we ate together.

Hot 36C in Perth.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Location: Perth, Australia

Thursday 12th

I left at 10 and made my way to South Perth to catch the ferry over the Swan River to the City. My all day ticket cost $4.50 (£2). Parked the car and just caught the ferry which goes every half hour. Perth City has four coloured cat busses that are free. They just go round their different circuits and you can get on and off when you want. I caught the Blue Cat and got off near the Centre. There is a lot going on this week in preparation for the Royal Visitors Charles and Camilla. They are on tour and arrive in Perth tomorrow.
The Christmas tree and decorations are already out and there is a big festival tomorrow with turning on the Christmas lights! It is very strange to see Christmas stuff everywhere when the temperatures is 36C today.

I decided to go trinket shopping and bought some little things for presents! I also looked for some Australian style Christmas cards,( most of which are of snow scenes!) - Found some! Santa flying over a sunny beach !!

Found the meeting place for the Gumtree meeting and the lady came with the phone charger which was perfect and fitted Rae’s old phone! Such a good find – Thanks Gumtree!

Terribly hot so found another Blue Cat bus stop and made my way back to the harbour and the boat back across to South Perth. Picked up the car and drove back. Nice breeze on the river ferry.

Popped over to Rae’s for a drink and came back for some supper in the apartment.

Beautiful sunset tonight over the river.

This time next week I will be on the plane on my way home to England. Time is going quickly now.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Location: Perth, Australia

Wednesday 11th.

Unpacked and I did a load of washing in the apartment – I have a washing machine and tumble dryer which is really handy. Then a bit of a clear up!

It is Armistice Day - Poppy Day - and I am wearing my poppy shirt, a poppy lapel badge and I have bought a Perth poppy! I saw some fighter jets flying over in formation at 11am on my way to Rae’s.

We went to the huge shopping centre ‘Garden City’ to see if we could find a charger for her mobile phone, which was left by mistake in the hotel in Melbourne last week but no luck. We stopped and had a bite to eat at one of the café’s in the complex. Rae bought some fruit and veg and we drove home.

When we got back and as we were both tired, I left and went to the hotel but stopped off on my way to the shop for some supplies. There is a small shopping centre at the top of the hill near the hotel and it is convenient for me as I don’t need much. I then spent a bit of time trying to find a charger for Rae online and found one on Gumtree and arranged to go to the City to pick it up next day.

Later I joined Rae and we had a lovely fish and chip supper together.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Location: Daylesford/Melbourne/Perth, Australia

Tuesday 10th

Time to pack up and say our goodbyes. It is cold and raining (17C) I had left my mac at Jon’s (he found it thank goodness!).

We packed and cleared up then drove to town to pick up a few items for the Shelter and drove there. Rae managed to keep her eyes open on the hilly bit! We had a cup of tea and then helped feed some of the tiny kangaroo joeys before heading off back to the cottage. We had a little ‘leftover’ lunch before packing up the car and hitting the road back to Melbourne Airport.

It was raining most of the way and took about one and a half hours. We made good time and dropped the car off to Hertz and made our way through to the Domestic terminal, through security and we boarded the plane early and took off exactly on time.
Perth Airport arrival was also on time and it is really warm! Found the Car Hire and drove Rae back to her lovely little house. Cup of tea!! Nice! Then I collected my big case which I had left there, a box of foody things and drove to my hotel. I have the same room so also ‘back home’ at Broadwater Resort Apartments.

I had pre-booked the car hire and the hotel!

Must get used to the three hour time change from Victoria – it is usually 2 hours but they don’t change their hour for Summer Time. The strange timings for Australian states! Some are even ½ hours different.

It has been good to be in Daylesford and I look forward to my next visit – maybe next year again… we will see.

Wearing my Poppy shirt and a Poppy for the 11/11 tomorrow.

Monday, 09 November 2015

Location: Daylesford & Hepburn VIC, Australia

Monday 9th

Our last full day in Victoria. After a relaxing morning at the cottage we decided to go to the Wombat Hill Café for our lunch. We went there the first day and today we did the tour of the Botanic gardens which is up high and has beautiful view. There are enormous trees that have been brought from all over the world and planted. They are extraordinary. The view overlooks a wide area and you can see the volcanic mounds all around in the distance.

Jon called to ask if we could go to the Vet to pick up an injured baby bird that had been handed in.

So we popped into town to do some shopping for Jon, we found the vet, picked up the rather sad little bird ( it squeaked all the way) and drove to Hepburn, to the Shelter to help again.

Rae is a bit nervous about the rather steep turn in the track in the forest on our way up to Jon’s and closes her eyes when we start up the hill. It is a tight corner and very steep (once we met a car on its way down). There is rather a steep drop on the side and the road is narrow. Its nice to have a large car with big wheels.

Gayle and Jon bandaged the bird who had a broken leg. They are amazing with all the animals and are so dedicated to the work they do.

There were lots of animals to feed. Rae helped with the kangaroo joeys and a number of others. I fed the baby birds which had fallen from their nest and been abandoned. Then I filled up lots of bottles of special milk for the animals with exact amounts of mixure – enough for 2 days. They are kept in the fridge until needed. After that I took a bucket of grass food mixture out to the kangaroos large and small!

Rae and I left the Shelter at 7pm and drove back to the Cottage to have supper. It was a busy day and temperature was about 29C and humid.

Sunday, 08 November 2015

Location: Daylesford & Hepburn VIC, Australia


Went to the Sunday Market in Daylesford. Its huge! All kinds of things like a massive Car Boot sale.
Love markets! Went shopping for Jon and Gayle and bought some food for lunch and supper then headed back to our little house. Ate our salad and then went over to the Shelter to help them. It was so hot and sweaty weather.
Hung out washing, brought in dry, rinsed out about a 100 feeding bottles and Rae made special custard for the Echidnas and food for the Emu (Tahini) – she also watered all the plants and the greenhouse and cut up meat for the Kookaburras. Oh yes and fed the baby birds!!

We were both tired and enjoyed our glass of wine and ready cooked supper. We watched a TV program called 60 minutes then bed!

Saturday, 07 November 2015

Location: Daylesford & Hepburn VIC, Australia


Woke up feeling freezing cold! The temperature here does change a lot but its going to be a nice bright day.
Went for a wander down town and had lunch in a café then did a bit of shopping – Daylesford seems to be a very old fashioned place – it has lots of shops, antiques, nick-nacks, and cafes. Its like going back in time. I bought some fine paint brushes for our colouring book.

Rae and I drove over to Mount Helen and had tea with Gayles mum and brother and looked around their fabulous garden. It is a lovely drive (about an hour) and going through lovely country. A lot of farming and there are small communities dotted around. The terrain is interesting as there are a lot of small volcanic hills and the earth is a deep reddish brown. The forest areas are a national park and the trees are mainly all kinds of eucalyptus, pines, and various others and they all seem very tall.

We had our supper and as there was nothing of interest on TV we did some painting and colouring in Rae’s colouring book. Lovely stress free, relaxing and nice!

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From Lesley
We'll be thinking of you both flying tomorrow and hoping all goes well. Have a great time with Jon & Gayle. All well here,
Sarah and Peter healing well! Had a good time with Claire on Sunday and a nice Mem.Service. Love from us both xxx
Response: Arrived safely in Melbourne when you were still sleeping!! at our time 4.20pm - Driving to Daylesford in the morning . Love to all xx
From Lucy & Ian
Hi Moira,
Ian & I thinking of you today. Do hope you got a good night's sleep last night to catch up. We wonder if there is great excitement there with Australia doing so well in the Rugby World Cup. Playing New Zealand, it feels a bit like a Derby with Liverpool and Everton playing each other! A bit envious about your weather: there's been a lot of rain up in our part of the world over half term. Maybe you could send a few sunbeams over our way! :) Lots of love to you and 'hi' to Rae from us both, Lucy & Ian Xxx
Response: i have just updated for this day! It was very exciting and I stayed up for a bit... some very funny jokes about the English going around- usually about them being in slow motion! xx love to all of you xx
From Chris
Hi Moira, Glad you arrived safely. Love to Auntie Rae! That gum tree looks very scary to be honest...Have you seen Poltergeist? It's been nearly 20 degrees here but chilly mornings. Was in Paris last weekend and am going down to Rye this weekend to check on Mum and Dad. Got some seeds & bulbs for Mum from Paris.
Response: Lol yes I know what you mean... looks so funny! given John and Liz my love at the weekend.
From Lesley
So glad you arrived safely. Love reading all about it!! All well here except weather not so good! Love to R. Xxxx
From Lesley
Have just tracked your landing at AbuD. Hope you have a smooth transfer to the second leg.
luv xxx
Response: Hi yes! it was a bit of a rush but was fine in the end! (see blog!)
From Louise
Wishing you a good and safe journey. Do you have a stopover anywhere? Enjoy every moment of you adventures! xx
Response: I'm excited!
From Louise (Claire's fri
Hello Moira! Claire has emailed me your holiday itinerary - looks fabulous - so have just checked in for the first time and shall be following your most interesting blog, looking forward to catching up with your trip. Have a fantastic time. Love, Louise xx
Response: Thanks Loise! Xx
From Sally
Will be following you on your journey down under. Have fun and enjoy. xx
Response: Thanks - really looking forward to going now - 2 more sleeps xx