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Liss: Living My Dream!!

Heya Everyone. Welcome to my travel page!!! Hope you've all enjoyed reading up on my holidays and adventures and fun times as I live my dream!


Diary Entries

Saturday, 06 June 2009

Location: London, England

Heya There

So it seems once again its that time to update you all and let you know what Ive been doing.....
Ive been back now for almost 3 months and its only just recently started going faster....Im missing home and you all something crazy and cant wait to get back!!
In saying that Ive been having the time of my life...Have been catching up with loads of people and am out all the time...The weather here recently has been amazing and Im even getting a tan which is insane seeing as its only just gone June!
So since I last you can see from my photos Ive been out and about lots....
Firstly....I went up a friends called Donna who lives about an hour out of London for easter...I spent a weekend there catching up with her and clubbing which was amazing...(I met Donna while working up Mt Ruapehu).
After that I spent a Sunday about 2 months ago with everyone in Hyde Park.....Which is a massive park in the centre of London (amongst the many) near Oxford Street. A friend of mine Sam organised a surprise day out for everyone and we all met up and went to the lake in this park and spent a very amazing day riding round on those paddle boats drinking etc. The weather was great and there was a group of about 12 of us. Was very chilled out and relaxed and we had loads of fun....
The next big thing after that was the Anzac Day Dawn Service (once again in Hyde Park) which is a Dawn Service for all Kiwis and Aussies etc that they hold specially. Was very moving and great to go to but a very early start. The same day once again Sam had organised a day out for us all but this time she'd gone to extremes and organised a Scavenger Hunt for us which saw us running, busing, & drinking our way through London collecting various things from places and off people and getting photos taken at certain places throughout London central...She outdid herself this day and we all had an amazing time.
Next was the girls night out at roller disco which I have to admit was very cool if not entertaining...Drinking and rollerskating and dancing do not mix (I dont recommend you try it) but despite that we all had a fantastic time...That was until I decided to show off and fell ridiculously hard right on my tail bone...I couldnt walk properly for about a week afterwawrds. Was a very fun night with everyone tho!!
I spent a few weekends having girls nights and just going to the pub after that and then at the end of May we mished it to the London Rugby Sevens Tournament with a group of 35 of us....All dressed up looking silly and ridiculous...drinking in the sun etc.
I had an absolutely AMAZING day at the sevens....Loved doing the whole group thing and dressing up...Cant wait to go again.
Last night was spent very drunk at another girls night out! What a crazy insane night we had but was great to catch up with the girls again and let loose! Got home about 5 and had a few hours sleep but hey...Thats what its all about right?
Im at a pub quiz with the boys every Thursday night which is fantastic...It become my regular and altho we've never won...(even tho we're great at cheating) we think our times coming!!

So coming up I have a few going away parties to attend...We're off to the Romeo and Juliet stage show in a few weeks and another girls night hopefully at the Sister Act Musical...In August theres 8 of us jetting off on a weekend away to Belfast in Ireland so should be a very exciting and crazy weekend so keep a lookout for pics and updates......

Hope your all missing me loads anyway....Keep in touch...Love loads....Liss.x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Location: London, UK

Hi All.....

Well Ive finally hit the shores of the UK and am back in London. FInally after being home for 10 months Ive managed to make it back and so far have been back a week. Its been fantastic catching up with everyone and have had a great time although I miss you loads Mike.
My flights over were great. Very long and tiring though. I got through 4 movies on the way over on my first flight, managed to fall asleep at my gate waiting for my second flight in Hong Kong and nearly missed my plane and actually managed some sleep on the second leg....Go those wrap around pillows!! They're fantastic!! Thanks again John.
It was really strange getting off the plane and stepping straight onto the tubes and buses and knowing everything. Made me kinda feel like I hadnt been away at all but also very reassuring. Went straight back to the flat and dumped my stuff and managed to get in a few hours sleep before Gracie got home and I had a big catch up with her and Steve.
Thursday and Friday were just spent relaxing and catching up with Amy and Sam over a wine and Saturday Me, Grace and Steve went back round to Sam and Craigs for some drinks and a big catchup.
Sunday morning I had an early start as I was catching the train up to Richies and of course me being me I managed to turn my alarm off and go back to sleep and miss my train although I the guy at the counter let me on another one without having to pay again which was awesome but of course I had to go too far on the train and had to catch it back one stop then catch the connecting bus then another train where Richie picked me up 45 mins late (on ya Richie).
From the train station we went on a little tourist day to a place called Scarborough and then onto Whitby. Whitby is gorgeous little town split over a river which back in the day was known for its Whaling Missions. Its also the birth town of Captain James Cook and is also famous for its Jet Jewellery (stunning jet black stone). Its other famous legend is Dracula and rumour has it Dracula is buried in the graveyard next to the famous ruins of the Whitby Abbey. (See in the pics).
Had an awesome day catching up with Richie and seeing sights and am spending the week up here with him and Jackie.
Will be back down in London on Saturday for a going away party for a friend of mine.....Its dressup starting with R or S so we're all apparently going as sluts so should make for an interesting night.
Also have the first Formula 1 race on Sat night/early Sunday morning so will be rocking on round to Sams to watch it with her.
Will update when I have more. Hope you all enjoy the pics.
Love and miss you all loads......Love you babe. Wish you were here.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Wow Wow Wow!!!!

So cant believe its been months since Ive written . And so much has happened since my last entry, all of which is crazy and fun!
Well in the time since I wrote last Mike has come home and it was great to see him and catch up with him after 5 months.
Getting home myself was very strange after 2 years away but it was so fantastic seeing you all and spending some time with yous before I left again.
I managed to get up Mt Ruapehu twice....once with Sarah and Aaron and once with Mikey which was awesome. Beautiful clear sunny warm days.....also 2 fantastic riding days.....
Ive done a few small hikes to Orokawa Bay and to Homunga with Mikey, Braden & Tony and also Amy and Sean etc which was great.

I started nannying again also for the 10 months I was home....with the sister of one of the families I worked for in London. Had a fantastic time with them.
I spent my time living between Howick and mums...and then moved down to Waihi with Mike as he unfortunately had a bad motorbike accident. He has done some extensive damage to his knee and has had to stay home while Im over here but hes doing much better :-)
Just a quick recap of the last 5 or so months so I will write again once I get to London and I start doing stuff again.
Hope your all well and enjoying life. Enjoy the photos I put up of stuff since Ive been home and I'll start writing more often now Im away again :)
Loads of Love to you all.............Liss

Sunday, 05 October 2008

Location: Melbourne,Sydney,Brissy,Goldy, Australia

Well well well....

What a fantastically amazing two and a half weeks Ive had. I cannot tell you how relaxed and chilled out my holiday has been and how happy I am right now. I have had so much fun and caught up with some amazing people. Has been wonderful to see some old friends I havent seen for ages!!!
I will start off at the beginning of my holiday and make my way through it so you can all follow my crazy 2 and a half weeks.... Enjoy :-)

So I left NZ on a Friday afternoon and started my holiday off in the amazing city of Melbourne. I arrived about 10pm and a friend of mine Karl picked me up from the airport and we headed straight back to his his house to drop my bags of before catching a taxi straight to the casino where we had a few drinks and I met up with some other of whom I used to work with in NZ about 8 years ago. I hadnt seen him for about 4 years so was great to catch up. After a great chin wag reminicsing (sorry bad spelling) about old times Karl and I headed out to his friends bar for quite a few drinks before we got home about 5am......which was great except I had to be up at 6am to catch my bus to Sydney. Yes unfortunately I only got to spend one night in Melbourne but a fantastic night never the less.
So I got on my bus for a 12 hour ride bound to Sydney wondering what the hell I was getting myself in for but thankfully it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I had my book, blanket, pillow, lappy for movies and music and also my ipod so dont think I could've been any more set and they also had a TV on the bus which they played movies on the whole ride. The bus driver was awesome and we also had about 3 stops on the way for food and leg stretching etc so the journey was actually quite comfortable and a great chance for me just to chill out and enjoy myself which I did quite nicely. I also met this awesome guy Anton on the bus which was cool cos we were probably the only 2 on the bus our age so we had some funny chats etc. We also went out for a drink when we arrived in Sydney after meeting up with Cherie who I was staying with in Syndey so had a great night all round.

Sydney was fantastic and Cherie and I had an awesome time catching up and drinking on the beach with her friends who were awesome. I spent the Sunday at Coogee beach with everyone just doing the barby thing as the weather was was so nice to finally see some sun!!! After the beach Cherie and I went to a pub where I caught up with Miss Emily Read which was great.
Monday Cherie had to work so I just chilled out at Bronte Beach by myself and sunbathed. Soooo nice.
Tuesday night after Cherie had finished work we made our way to the airport where I caught my flight to the Gold Coast and was met at the airport my fantastic friend Mike who I knew from Taupo and also caught up with a few times in London. We went straight back to his house and got blind drunk, caught up on old times and had some more fantastic chin wags. We both spent the next day with hangovers but seeing as the weathers was so amazing I felt fantasic, calm and relaxed.
That night I caught a ride out to Ipswich with Mikes flatmate to stay with Dad for a few days where I caught up with Hayden and Jordy and went out for dinner with everyone.......wicked to see them all and by that Friday I had made my way to Brisbane where I met up with my cousin Tiffany who I havent seen for almost 20 years so it was amazing to catch up with her.
From there my cool bud Joely picked me up (also havent seen Joel for about 4 years) and we dropped my stuff back at his house then went straight into the city where we partied it large at the Brisbane Beerfest. Was so funny as it was quite similar to the actual Beerfest except on a smaller scale....only one tent but had an awesome night as from there we headed into a few bars in the city.
The next day I went back to the Goldy where I met up with Mike again and we took his little dingy out for a ride along the canal and out into the water, found an awesome little beach and had a few drinks in the sun before getting back to his house and having a huge night out in Surfers with one of his friends.
The next day was another amazing day for the weather (about 31 degrees) so Mike, his 2 flattys Hannah and Matt and I headed off to spend the whole day on one of Matts friends boats which was AMAZING (check out the pics). We just drunk all day and chilled out and got sunburnt. I dont think Id spent a day like that just relaxing for years so it was fantastic for me. After jumping off the boat we all went back to their house wher all 4 of us proceeded to get absolutely blind drunk while dancing round their patio area like idiots before we all passed out and spent the whole next days inside feeling rotten.....except that it was so hot again and the day was so nice I felt fantastic.
That afternoon I made my way back to Dads again for a few days where I spent some more time with everyone before heading back into Joels in Brisbane for yet another night of drinking and passing out.....cept this time I passed out on Joels friends couch. Was actaully quite funny once I realised where I was....
Next day I spent with my cousin again and her beautiful 2 month old little boy. We went out for lunch and had another catch up then she dropped me off at the train station where I caught the train to the Goldy as that night Mike and I were going to Draculas which I was SO excited about. We had an absolute ball of a night and I recommend Draculas to anyone that wants a really good laugh. Was so funny.....I cant wait to go back there.
Friday was spent just relaxing and Friday night I caught up with my friend Bex. Was awesome to see her and catch up.
Saturday Joel picked me up from the Gold Coast and we spent the day being little kids at Movie World. Had a blast.....went on all the rides loads of time. Drunk some wine and had lots of laughs then went back to Joels that night and just relaxed and watched some movies on my last night.

So that brings me to the end of my holiday which Im not pleased about as I cannot tell you just how amazing its been. Everyone Ive spent time with and caught up with have all made my holiday so special!! Its been a blast!!! Thankyou all so much for everything. Love you all loads......

Hope you all enjoyed my rather drunk holiday.....will write again soon when I go on my next adventure.
Loads of love to you all.xoxoxo. Liss.

Sunday, 07 September 2008

Location: Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

Well Hello All.....

So once again I seem to have been real slack. Seems to be the way Im starting off most of my diary entries lately....
havent been up to much lately except working hard. Finally got down to Mt Ruapehu yesterday for my best friend Sarahs birthday and had an amazing day. I stayed at their house the night before as we were all up early to leave Auckland by 5am and we made it down to the mountain by 9am-ish......We were extremely fortunate to have the most amazing weather down there for the day with clear blue skies....a very warm day that to be honest acutally got kinda hot for most of the day.
I was a little nervous jumping on my board again but was soon up and loving it as usaul.
Sarah, Aaron, Melissa and I had an awesome, fantastic day topped off by a nice meal in Taupo on the way home and a beautiful sunset to eat in front of. Hope you all enjoy the pics. Im off to Aussie in a few weeks so no doubt will have some amazing photos to show you all while Im there.
Lots of love....Liss.xo

Monday, 28 July 2008

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Heya Everyone

Just a quick update to say hi to you all. Things in Auckland are going pretty sweet at the mo.. Am loving jmy job and have just started working full time hours the last week or so which is awesome. Can finally start saving some money for when I get back to the UK. I sent my visa app off last week so keep your fingers crossed for me.
I have been out in town a few times since being home and have caught up with loads of people which has been amazing!! Have been having the best time :-) Am off to Mt Ruapehu next weekend for a days riding which Im really excited about!!! Will have some pics for you all after that day so keep an eye out for them :-) Hopefully Im off to Aussie mid Sept to catch up with Dad and spend some time snowboarding with a friend in Aus which Im also super excited about :-) Will keep you updated on that tho :-)
Well other than that not much else has been happening...had just been busy trying to get everything for visa app together but now thats done I have time on my hands again. i just spent this weekend staying with Mikes sister and catching up with his family which was awesome. His new nephew is ADORABLE!! So cute.

Anyway, gota go get ready for work now but hope your all missing everyone loads.
Lots of Love....Liss.xo

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Recent Messages

From Serra
Whats been happening!!
Response: Hey You
Actually nothings been happening.We havent done anything since we got home except for Mikes birthday which I'll write about soon. Same old tho. Everyone just gone drunk :-)
Hope your good. Love ya.xoxo
From millie
Response: Thanks Mill. I passed it on.xoxox
From Tori
Hey babe, where was my birthday bebo? How rude! Just kidding, i totally forgot to birthday bebo u too! Sorry! Happy belated bday!

Hope europe is treating you well!! xxx
Response: hey chick. yeah im so sorry about that. the gay thing is that i realised after i sent daniel a birthday present that yours are only 3 days apart (arent they?) and then mum said you had your 21st's together and i really have been meaning to txt you but im being a slack bitch. happy belated birthday to you too. hope you had a wicked night. europes great :-) its cold tho!! hows kiwi land? hope your good anyway. lots of love. keep in touch!!!! OXOXOXOXO
From Bex
Things are all fine here, planning another trip now, to Croatia, but other than that just work work work!
Response: Nice. When do you leave? We're off to Croatia over the summer so looking forward to that. Should be stunning.
From Daniel
yo lis its daniel sorry i havent been intouch 4 a while i can onely tx 021. oi thank u so much for my camera! its the best present i got ha ha ive just been looking at your photos for the first time and it looks like u have been to sum fukin awsome places! at the moment im just liveing in mt wellington and working in penrose as a fabricator welder im doing real weal 2 and ive got a mean boss that byes me every thing and pays 4 all my schooling! im al ready a year into it with 2 years to go but this first year has flown bye! so ill b outa my time in no time. now that ive gota camera ill send u heaps of pics and wen i get my lap top ill b able to keep intouch more miss u lots and love u heaps tell mike i said hi and ill cheek if u have rote me bk nxt time im at mums bye!xoxox
Response: Hey Dan. So glad you liked the camera, I thought for ages about what 2 get and then asked mum if you had a camera and she said no, that you use hers all the time :-) Hope its an ok camera for you. I brought myself one not long before I got yours :-) They're sweet hey.
Yeah things are sweet over here. I cant wait to leave the UK tho and start somewhere new, try somewhere different. Our snowboarding trip was AMAZING!!! We had so much fun and Im getting really good now. I'll have to go riding with you whenever we come home - maybe in Queenstown or something.
Thats awesome about your job and that your doing so well and that your enjoying it. I always j
knew you could do it.
SO good to hear from ypu anyway and to hear alls sweet. Make sure you send me heaps of pics. Mum has my email addy.
Love you heaps.xoxoxox
From Bex
AWESOME pics!!
Response: Hey Bex
Thanks heaps. Yeah we had loads of fun. How you been?
From Serra
Love the story and the photos!! :) Cant wait to see more.. hope you're loooking after yourself!
Response: Heya
Yup looking after ourselve. Having loads of fun. Home now tho unfortunately!!! Sux!!!
Hope your good. Love you heaps.xoxoxo
From Rhian
Hello. I would like to wish you a happy birthday for the 17th feb. Hope your having a great time still. Be good and party hard.
Luv rhian
Response: Hey Rhian
Thanks heaps for the birthday message. Great to hear from you. We're off on Friday for a whole month of snowboarding in Europe - cant wait. Hope your well anyway. Take care and will be in touch with stories of our travel plans soon. Love liss.
From Rhian
Hello stranger, sorry it has been so long since i messaged you last. been very busy with the new business trying to make some money.Hope you had a good christmas and hope santa gave you everything you wanted. anyway it still looks like you are having heaps of fun. i will try to meassage you a little more often and you can email me to, slack ass.

Ok take care and be good

Response: Hey Punk. Great to hear from you. Yeah I have been pretty slack lately, am going to try harder from now on tho as well we have a very busy year this year and my entries and messages to everyone should be a little more exciting, Glad the business is going well, are you happy doing it? What happened to the police force? You still trying for that? Hope you had a fab christmas and new years yourself anyway, Mike and i are coming through Oz in October sometime for a holiday so will have to catch up yeah? Keep smiling anyway and keep in touch :-) Liss.xoxox
From Serra
Yay :) I still do check here regularly... what sort of camera did you get?
Response: Heya - just one pretty much the same as what we had stolen. Just a Sony Cybershot thingee. So cheap compared to what Mike paid in NZ for it but its all we need - plus takes some cool little videos for when we go snowboarding. So excited. Hope your well. Love ya lots.xoxox
From Serra
You need to keep this thing updated girl!
Response: Theres nothing to update it with!!!
From poodle
Hi hun, am soo sorry, have meant to ring or email you - have been real shitty sick lately and for a while but feeling heaps better now. also, a new development, I have been offered a possible job working in the French Alps over the winter (december - April) so if that goes ahead will stay in NZ until end Nov and then come to london - apparently they sort out picking you up from London so works perfect.I dont know the full story yet so am just waiting to hear - may take a lil while. Anyway, I miss you and i still cant wait to see you guys - oh my god!! Imagine if I really do get to work in the french alps!!! mucho awesome ski poodle!!! cool!!!!!
luv heaps! xoxoxoxoxox
Response: Wow thats wicked. Hope it works out for you. The Alps anywhere in Europe are beautiful and amazing if the snow cover is good enough. How long will you be in London for before you go to France? We'll have to catch up - also we're doing a snowboarding trip next year and will be somewhere in France - what resort will you be at? Love lots, Liss
From Bex
Coming over on a Highly Skilled Migrants VISA, so get two years initially but can extend it. Shane will join me early next year too, so will there a while! yay!
Response: oh fancy. Wow thats pretty cool. we're off in june next year so will have a bit of time to catch up but thats my 2 year working visa up. its gone so fast.
From Bex
Cute pics of Lara! I will be moving to London in October, have to catch up for a drink!
Response: No shit really? how come? how long you going to be living here for?
From Trish Smith
Hi have looked at your pics they are great , you may not remember me but I worked across the road at Gemtime and made an appearance at your 21st, and am now working with your mum at Stonex and she says Hi. You and your man look very happy together and have shared in some awesome travels together. Good for you both. Cheers Trish S
Response: Hey Trish
Course I remember you :-)
Great to hear from you!! Mum mentioned that she we was working with you. Thanks for the message & yes we're having a fantastic time. We're off to do more travelling at the begining of next year and on our way home so keep looking out for photos.
Lots of love.Liss.xoxox
From Ness!!
heya.. hehe thats good u got it.. really wish u kud both b there!! :( :( :( :( wont b the same witout u!! really miss u both!! oxox
Response: We really wish we were there too!!! You'll have a wicked time tho and we'll just have to have a wicked party when Mike and I come home for a month next year. Will be awesome :-)
From Ness!!
Hey there. How are youse? Just letting u no i sent Mikey an email. I dont think he will get it tho becuz hes useless!! I sent u a letter nearly 2 weeks ago. Can u just let me no if u got it cuz i dont no if i got the right addy.. Hope u r both well.. MIssing u lots xo Love youse!!!!!!!!
Response: Hey Ness
Yup we got it but we only received it yesterday. Thanks heaps for the invite etc. It was really sweet of you.
Such a shame we cant be there but really wish we were. Your presents on its way, it mite be a little late tho cos we'll send yours and Dannaes together so it will probably go to her house if thats ok?
Hope your well abyway, tell everyone we say hi.
Loads of love.xoxo
From paris
hi elissa .wat is your phone number?i won a teddy bear!i named it cheaster.dice is sitting on my lap and it is really hard to type so sori if i make a mistake.are u going to france(paris)?the rugby world cup!
Response: he paris
thankyou for all your messages. I will send you something from a different country next time I go to one and I will brink you home something from the uk. your kitten sounds really cute - he must be growing fast. thats stink about breaking your bones - i bet that hurt but at least its better now. I wont be coming home for a while yet - over a year as i have lots more travelling to do :-) anyway i had better get back to work but good luck on your project - let me know what information you need and il see if i can send you some. Lots of love, elissa.xoxo
From avalon
hi elissa.what have u been doing in the last few weeks?we hav been mostly at home.
love from avalon.
Response: hi avalon
i havent been doing much - just working lots and i am very tired. what have you been up to? I hope your well anyway. Lots of love, elissa.xo
From Serra
Awww Lara is so cute :) she has grown so much since we saw her.. looking like a little madam now :)
Response: yeah i know shes beautiful hey. getting so big now. almost walking
From paris
hello elissa how are you?? I have a new computer that I can write to you on. Love Paris
Response: Hi Paris - thats cool about your new computer.
Im good - how are you? What have you been doing lately?
Lots of Love - Elissa
From MUM
Response: Heya Mum
Thanks for the message, give Mo a big cuddle for me - I miss him lots. Did Tyrone and Jordan like they're presents?
Love you lots and lots. Liss.xoxox
From SAM
Hey Liss,
Hows things going? we are coming into a dreary winter over here but i cant complain cos the snow looks like its gonna be good1 well not Steamboat good but good for aussie :) We went to a Warren Miller thing the other day so Craigs all amped to get to Europe and start boarding. Looks like we might make it to Thailand In october as well so at least we are getting some small travel in before the big one. Apart from that all we've done is small trips withink Aussi (nice place) Sarahs moved to Brisbane now so Im going up there a couple of times by the end of the year so hopefully i wont completely lose the only brown ive ever had in my skin tone!! Keep in touch . gutted we missed Mikey the other day online but hopefully we can sprt out another time..
Response: Heya
Glad everyones good - was a bit gutting to miss you on MSN but another time. Mike and saw the Warren Miller film about 4 or 5 months ago - was pretty wicked hey.. I love his movies. Lucky for you's going to Thailand - we're going to go on the way home next year cos Mike hasnt been - cant wait. Let me know when a good time to jump on MSN as I need to update you with a few changes etc to our travelling - nothing bad but will talk later :-) Take care and lots of love - liss.
From Amy
just a big thank you for seans pressie!! he absolutely loves it!! he is now all geared up for the snow boarding season!! not too much happening over here, alan & will are back which made sean very happy! stacy has gone to melbourne, tess reckons shes going in round about 6 months time!! so yeah nothing much else to report! take care
Amy xoxo
Response: Hi Amy

Glad he liked it. Can you wish him a happy birthday from Mike and I - Mike wanted to call him except we dont have a phone no for him. If you could get him to text Mike or I that would be great. 00447881488618 is Mikes or 00447765654030 is mine. Hope your both well and things are going good. Lots of Love, Liss.xoxoxox
From Mum
P.S Happy Birthday Mike. Hope you had a wonderful day On the 19th.
Love Debbie & John.
Love the long john thermal pants!!!!!!!! Looked like you were trying one last attempt to thermal something else before you went out in the cold snow!!! LOL
Response: Thanks mum - im going to send through some today but it takes a while to get there. will text you anyway. Love you :-)