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Moo Clan Adventures

Back in OZ after some quality London Life, European festivities, Indian and Egyptian adventures and a mammoth overland trip in is good :)

Photos - Click Below


South Africa

After 2 months on the truck, it was great to get to South Africa and have our own car and our own itinerary!



A land of constrasts, from Etosha NP to the dunes of the Namib desert, to the waters of Swakupmund



From breathtaking lion manes in Chobe NP to the tranquility of the Okavengo Delta



Now when we say Zimbabwe, we mean Vic Falls...its almost like a principality!



We kind of just transited through Zambia enroute South, but we got to enjoy alittle solo walking safari and sunset on the Zambezi!



We spent our time here going from lakeside camps to lakeside camps....relaxing and beautiful!!!



Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater...natures wonderland!



We started off our African adventure with a trip from Kenya through Uganda, and what an adventure! From a horrific past emerges a people with warmer hearts and smiles than anywhere else! And the wildlife is pretty good too!



Lions and Rhinos and Giraffes oh my!
The Masai Mara was our first introduction to Africa!


Diving Egypt

Most of the group used the last few days of the trip to chill out and relax...but i couldnt get enough of the underwater world!


And more Egypt

From the southern temples and tombs we head across the Sinai in search of the Sea...


Egypt Part 3

We disembark our floating homes and head off in search of more temples and tombs...


Egypt continues...

Abu Simbel and felucca-ing on the Nile...this is the life!


On The Go in Egypt

Egypt Rocks!!!
We had the bestest time ever!
Cool group of people and awesome tour!

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Recent Messages

From claudia
Hi Asia, happy birthday hun, the big 30, hope you have a wonderful day!!! just waiting for you guys to get up and running with the skype? hope alls well down under and that weather hasn't got to ya!
Big hugs and kisses XXXXX
Ps the pics look fab, I feel like taking a year out!!! :(
Response: Do it!!!!!
We have a spare room in our new home and there are always rooms at mum and dads too and you would be so so welcome!!!
Thanks for xmas pressies too...we WILL be skypable soon I promise x x x
From rich/asia
Oh my god! , look at you ,travelling the big globe!
As you can see i received your card, and logged on straight away to see if it was me long lost little bro ? An it
is. having lots of fun all over the world looking fit an happy.Glad to see your mum Sandra is looking well and happy. How is me lovely Amanda and Lars dooing ? is she still living in bacon land of
danish , I cant see any pictures on here of them, Has she had any other additions to Ameil and Emma ? please pass on email address when you speak to her , and georgouse Claudia , what is she up too , has she got married yet ? any children did she start her own flower buisness.? I hope they are all well and happy We are all well at this end Plil is well and Connor is nearly 16 , god that makes me older as well ! arrrg!. I passed your no onto Jonni I know he tried to contact you at one point .My mums fine , there is so much to talk about but too much time has past , for me to get it all down today , but now i know where to find you now, I will bore you on a regular bassisha ha! It would be lovely to see you when your passing through ? Love to you and your wifey ,look forward to meeting her soon ,take care lots of love an stuff And a happy new year to you all , Angie , Phil and Conor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Jesse
Looks great Aissy and yes you did look rather dapper Richy!!!!
can't wait for xmas and new year
that way i can be in more of these moments with you :)
big love
jes xo
From mum
thanks for the flowers and the love
From sazzle
Loved the piccies Aissy! Especially the Cornwall Travellers and the one with the scarf over my head (very fashionable!)... maybe you guys will come visit us next? (yes, who knows?)
From Sonny
Great to hear from you - missed you in London in June - only there for a few weeks and could not contact you :-( Have sold Terrigal and move to Potts Point on 1 December - heaps of work to do there to get it habitable - keep on enjoying yourselves - I hope to be back in UK at end of April XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Response: Shame I missed you...congrats on the move, will be quite a change I'm sure - but probably nice to get back to Sydney as well! Look forward to seeing you on the next visit! Love Asia x
From jill & ilze
Greetings from 'down under'=Love your page=feel like we are there with you (we wish)=keep up keeping on and we send our love , as usual, Bye for now from your Aussie Aunts XOXO
Response: Thank you and so great to hear from you both, all our love is sent straight back to you x x x
From saz
Yes, well now that you are a travel agent maybe you can swing me a good deal ;-) and I will be there!
Response: hmmm....i wish...if the bloody taxes werent so high! i cant even get myself great deals! hehe
but come anyway! x x x
From saz
Jezza says hi too. He wants to come visit as well :)
Response: You guys should come visit!!! We want to visit you too....would be cool if you came first though teehee x x x
From sazzleburger with a
Omg, I am a naughty girl and did not see your pics until now... Kindly erase that hidious picture of me on hens night ta. LOVE the time out stop the bike pic.. love it love it. Oh and of course I love the travel pics.. I wanna come visit *sniff*
Response: hehehe...there are NO hideous hens night pics love....they are all staying!!!
x x x
From mum
what happened then
Response: your funny! we WILL update...promise!
x x x miss you x x x
From Uncle Sonny aka Trev
Great photos - and happy memories - just back from UK and France - ready to go again ! The French were revolting, as usual - strikes and no transport - the Brits friendly in an awfullly expensive place !
Response: Hahaha....Rich will get a great giggle out of that! We are looking forward to getting back over there!
From Ems
Hi you two - great to catch up on your recent home shenanegans. Hopefully will be joining you up there in the new year before you jet off on that next adventure. Such small windows of time. Miss and love you. Say hi to the rest of the fams for me (you guys dressing alike was hilarious xx)
Response: Teehee....we are the silly ones....but it wasn't even on purpose!
From mr leith
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to come and play with you guys on a beach sometime. We could just lay around and talk and drink and laugh... mmmmm sunshine

love from my Melbourne
Response: dont just say it mister...lets do it! I have the funniest story for you...must chat soon x x x
From mum
Hi you two
I've been trying to get through to you, with no joy.
Hope your both OK please get in touch when you can, the pictures look great
love mum
Response: Hi Sandra...we have been a bit slack...will call you very soon! Glad you like the piccies x x x
From mum and dad
hi asia and richard...great photos..looks like you're having a fab time....we're all very envious you and miss you too.
Response: we love and miss you too x x x
From tambolina
hey me lovelies...this is great to see your the fishies...the rose is travels...
Response: I'm glad you like the rose...we weren't sure if it would show too well...miss you x x x
From mum - London
Finally got my act together with this computer and I've been browsing through your pictures the underwaters once look fabulous, looks like your having a fabulous time. Received your card this morning, the one with the lady on the bike with the bananas. By the way, I've got a visitor with me at the moment I think you might know her, she's got this strange accent, hers names Nad !!!
Response: So great to hear from you! All is going fab...say hi to the naddily noo for us and give each other hugs from us! x x x
From jealous brother :)
oh you Moos, it all looks so amazing, the smiles sooo big and the rest of us so jealous :)
i thought the underwater pics were pretty imreessive actually, i must join in again some time soon......
Response: we thought those ones were not so great....but we hope to improve! cant wait til we go diving together again....i am working on my breathing!

Miss you x x x
From Sue
Hi Asia & richard
I have just returned from leave and am wading through my emails, only to discover the mug! Great photography, very surprising and very funny. Thanks for the laugh.
Love Sue
Response: Glad you liked it. Love to know how the holiday was. Are you revitalised and destressed????
From Susan
Hey guys, we just cacked ourselves, I thought you would just smash the cup - but yous did it!!! Ohh its almost like being there. Glad you are enjoying and seeing the great spots, what a great site you have created. Here its just plodding along...miss yous heaps. xxS
Response: Hehehe...we hoped you would enjoy it! Next time it might be the reefs of vietnam! Miss you all too x x x
Hi Sandra, Rich & Aisa,
Just been looking through your pics with Claud & it looks like you're having an amazing time, I'm green with envy & it has nothing to do with the bottle of wine I had last night ;)
Anyway, enjoy the rest of your trip, and have a fab 2007

Lisa xx
Response: Cheers Lisa!
Congratulations on your wedding...the photos looked fantastic!
All the best for 2007!
Rich and Asia x x x
Hi guys have seen your site, looks like you're having a great time, hope you had a fab chritmas, all the photos look amazing. me and ollie are going up on the heath for a long walk, got to work tomorrow (boo!)
Mum, I will be glad to have you back so you can take over the dog walking duties! Will see you all soon. lots of love Claudxxxx
Response: The photos will look better next time...when your in them too!
Merry xmas, all our love
Ais and Rich x x x
From mum
do you think the snakes in our backyard might be water pythons as in photo with jesse?...
Response: Hmmm...maybe! They do have that rainbow kind of look....
From susie
Hey guy's, cool sight. Finally got to have a look, personally i think it would make it a much better website with more pics of me... but hey.
Love you both & miss you both. Susie and better not forget my better half... Pete!
Response: Well you know what needs to happen to get more photos of you up there....get your butt up here woman! Hehehe...miss you x x x