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Welcome to Jill, Steve and Mooresy Bear's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Location: Los Roques, Venezuela

Our last destination was the Islands of Los Roques which lie just off the coast of Venezuela. We took the stunning 1 hour flight from Isla Margarita and soon we were above what can only be described as paradise. Tiny deserted Islands surrounded with crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches. We landed on Gran Roque which we think is the only inhabited Island as the others are National Parks. We got off the plane on the tiny airstrip which is at sea level and is sandwiched between beaches at each end. We wandered for a minute to get to the town and tried to get some accommodation. However it is very expensive here and most places have meals included as there is a lack of restaurants, well lack of most things actually. There are no cars as there is no need and besides there are no roads just coral sandy paths which are bloody hot. So what do you do here then? Relax!!
Jill wanted to do some scuba diving but found that the limited shops were never open or just didn't seem overly bothered. We heard this place was a divers dream and that it would be full of divers but we did not see a single one. Why, we are not sure but we think there could have been a storm which has wrecked the reef. No coral equals no algae equals no fish so it is a downward spiral and this is what environmentalists fear with the threat of pollution.
One day we took a snorkel trip to Bocas Del Cota which is famed for it's diving but not even another snorkeller never mind diver. All the other passengers got off to sunbathe at the other secluded Islands of their choice. Indeed the coral reef did look a little jaded but we got see a few fish where the coral was better preserved. On the way back we stopped off at a hut on stilts in the middle of nowhere with 2 guys fishing. The water surrounding it was never deeper than a foot. The hut was run down but had an old loo with one of the best views in the world. There were large drawn pictures of Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse on the walls, bizarre!!
The rest of the time we took the relaxing option of secluded Islands with just a restaurant to get some grub but one trip we didn't even have that so we had to get some sarnies etc from the supermarket before we left. We were a bit peeved when others had cool boxes and we had to drink warm water. Apparently just ask at your Posada (hotel) and they will do you a picnic, for a cost of course.
One Island which was just a 15 minute boat trip was Madiscky which was very popular and there were an abundance of private yachts, catamarans and some boats nearly as big as cruise ships just anchored off the beach. They even got their servants to bring them more booze in the little boat as and when required. They had huge marquee structures where they would party and we had our little rented parasol.
The water was unbelievably warm well hot actually, possibly because it was not very deep and fairly still. You can even walk across to other Islands without getting above your head or even walk out a few hundred yards and sit on a sand bank. A few people even went out a 100 yards with a deck chair and sat in the sea.
We would sit and watch the laughing gulls and yes they do sound like they are laughing, scrounge food from those who had picnics.
Steve could not sit still and would always go off for a walk and one day went for a few hours. He ended up at the other end of the Island which was deserted but awash with plastic and other rubbish. This part was far rougher and deeper as the waves battered the shoreline. Steve sat alone with his thoughts for a while in total isolation as though he was the only survivor of a nuclear holocaust. The ground looked as though it had been bulldozed and it was all dead coral, perhaps an earthquake many years ago. The chunks of coral were at least a metre thick and just piled high. However it was good to look at all the fossils in the rock.
In places there were piles of Conch shells as big as houses and we presume they must have been fished to extinction in this area.
However something had to go wrong and it did. After lunch we sat around for a while baking in the sun and then Steve went back for the loo but nope and this was the busiest Island apart from inhabited Gran Roque. Err what now? The sea!! But it's not that deep so he had to go out as far as possible and away from the others. Here there was a bit of a current and as Steve plopped it floated right up to the top and floated past but thankfully not near anyone.
At night we would have a few sundowners either on the small pier or outside a bar on the sand in a large bean bag to chill even more before some grub in our cheapo Posada which looked more a tat shop when you first walked in. The owners were a little weird too and hardly spoke.
We relaxed the days away before the inevitable was upon us and we could hear the song My Way which we made into Our Way but either Way the END was near.
We boarded the flight back to Caracas with big lumps in our throats. It was fitting that we left Los Roques at sunset which was truly amazing from our little plane.
We did nothing the next day and just waited to get the transfer back to the airport as a thunder and lightening display danced over our hotel for a few hours in the afternoon. It felt like we were in a war zone!!
Then it was the long flight to Toronto in Canada where we booked a luxury hotel with huge comfy beds with squishy pillows and crisp, clean bedding, bliss. Not forgetting the power-shower. What luxury. Then it was the flight to London and then after negotiating Heathrow airport, finally to sunny Manchester to be greeted by Jill's Dad and Ryan plus a welcoming committee of Steve's sister Jo plus Harry and Callum.


Oops sorry forgot to update the Planes Trains and Automobiles part.

Buses 539 Hours
Boats 464
Jeeps 66
Taxis 59
Planes 58
Train 12
Hire Car 16
Horse 9
Kayak 5

TOTAL 1228 Hours or 51 days just getting from a to b.

We slept in 122 different beds (mostly lumpy, small, very uncomfortable and if you were lucky a pillow like a brick) and this equates to sleeping in the same bed for an average of just 3 nights each.

Plus we have had almost 2,500 visits to our Blog so thanks for reading.

So the big question is, was it worth it?

Every minute through good and bad.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Location: Isla Margarita, Venezuela

So it was off to Canaima to see Angel Falls but once again things started badly as Steve was crammed into his seat next to the pilot by a mass of powdered milk and newspapers in the small 5 seater plane. Then it got worse as we had to get off because the battery was dead. We sat around for 20 minutes with Jill saying "I´m not getting back in that bloody thing" but she bravely did. Were off and it was a great flight as we looked down the Orinoco river and towards the jungle area of Canaima as we flew over the Tepuies, it was just like being Google Earth. We had a great view of Canaima Laguna and its several waterfalls as we came into land. Canaima is an Indian village deep in the National Park and is only accessible by plane. After a brief chat our group walked along the river and had great side view over one of Canaimas many waterfalls as it plunged into the Laguna itself. We then boarded the canoe type boat in 2's and headed off on the 3 hour journey into what can only be described as another world. It was like being in a Jurassic park film and we half expected to see the odd dinosaur as we meandered along the brown jungle lined river with the mountains and tepuies looming over us. For a break we got to sit behind a small waterfall which was a relief as we were getting numb bums by this point. We then set up camp from where we could see the mighty 1km high falls and after dinner we settled down for a night under the stars in our hammocks. These were surprisingly comfortable but a lot of the group were freezing including Steve.
After brekkie we set off for an hour ish walk to the mirador which afforded fabulous uninterrupted views of the whole waterfall. Steve decided to have a wander as he does now and again and ended up at the foot of the falls, well the foot of the second part of the falls which goes to form the river, the guide was not too happy to see him down there from the mirador. However the group soon joined him and most of us went swimming and jumping in from a ledge. Whilst we waited for lunch to be prepared back at camp a few of us decided to have a swim in the very strong current that rapidly dragged us off down stream so we had to make sure we could get out before we got dragged too far.
As we set off back to Canaima it was baking hot but we could see some ominous black clouds in the distance and we were soon drenched. Steve had given Charlotte his rain poncho, how chivalrous of him, but I think perhaps he regretted it as he and Jill spent the next 2.5 hours right at the front of the boat being blasted by the downpour in just a t-shirt and shorts whilst the others with rain jackets used us rain and wind shields.
Pete and Charlotte are a very friendly couple of English lawyers, well just starting out on that path as they were only 24. We got on great and that evening we decided to get some of the expensive plane imported lager for after dinner.
The next morning we took a boat trip across Canaima Laguna passing all it's waterfalls until we reached the other side where we walked for a while before reaching a huge waterfall called Salto Sapo. Here we stripped off to swimming gear and negotiated the passage underneath the fall itself. At first we had great views out until we entered deeper where we could see nothing as the mass of water cascaded down in front of us in ever changing colours. The water also came backwards towards us and in parts it was difficult to breath.
The water colour kept changing as we progressed along the tunnel and the noise of the fall was thunderous which made for an unforgettable experience. As we exited we all had a great big smile spread across our faces. We sat and took in the view as the water fell below us into the Laguna whilst surrounded by jungle. Then we had to do it all again as we re-traced our steps and in fact some of us did not want to come out. Then it was off for a walk to marvel at the views from the tops of other falls. We landed back at the beach where Pete was trying to photo the exact picture that is on the front of the Venezuela Lonely Planet, which he did making a fabulous photo.
Our guide then sorted who was flying out when and only Pete and Charlotte were left. However when we arrived at the airport, well a concrete strip in the jungle which was actually a 5 min walk we were told to come back in a couple of hours, great more beach time.
Then when we got back the second time all the others were still there and funnily Pete and Charlotte were the first to fly out which the others and especially the Italians were not happy about. We sat and waited patiently and at last we set off for our flight over Angel Falls. At first it appeared that the 5 seater plane was not going to make it over the flat Tepui Mountain but it just did and we flew closely over it wondering what undiscovered insects or even animals were roaming around up there as no humans lived there and little of it has even been walked upon. Then we hit the valley to the majestic sight of the world’s highest waterfall. We circled around for a while before going directly above the top itself in a sweeping banking motion that enabled you to look directly down the world’s highest waterfall, scary but worth it especially at only £25. We did this a few times before the flight back to Ciudad Bolivar where Pete and Charlotte had booked us a room. We all got changed and went for some nosh and a few beers. Charlotte said to Steve I almost started talking…. then there was a pause before she said Northern like you but I'm convinced she was going to say Common as the Pulp song came racing into our heads. Steve would not have minded if she did as he is common!! It was funny to listen to Pete and Charlotte have slightly heated discussions about upbringing, money etc as Pete is from a fairly run of the mill background where Charlotte is more privileged. She even had an "allowance" from Daddy whilst at Uni but that had stopped now, supposedly but I don't think Pete quite believed her.
The following day after breakfast with Pete and Charlotte we said our farewells and headed off on the bus to Puerto La Cruz. We stopped at a cafe on the way where we marvelled at the old Yank cars and pick ups that were amazingly still going, obviously no MOT or emissions tests here. Old guys were sat chatting over a few beers before driving off whilst the police officer just sat there and did nowt.
Puerto La Cruz, what a dump!!
It was like Blackpool with Kebab shops all along the front. We got a few beers from the store, well hole in the wall with bars across it and then sat to watch the beautiful sunset. We were told at our dump of a hostel that there was no need to book the ferry to Isla Margarita and that the dock was within walking distance, bollocks!!
It was that dude Simon Bolivar’s National holiday, you know the guy who liberated South America from the Conquistadors, well actually the peasants just stopped paying the rich Spanish money.
So we could not get the 10am boat and had to wait to get the 2pm one instead. We sat outside at 1.30 waiting but nothing was happening, then at 4.30 a truck arrived full of ice with free bottles of water for us all sweltering in the intense heat, not Steve he was in the shade and having a few beers. Finally we got going at 8pm and we were in the poorest section of the ferry where people were trying to sleep on the floor etc plus the stink from the loos was horrendous. We were soon the usual novelty and people started to talk to us especially one little mouthy kid who eventually became a right pain in the arse. We docked in the early hours of the morning and fought our way onto the bus. Once again the taxi drivers at the plaza tried to rip us off again but Jill was having none of it and we eventually got to sleep in a relatively comfy bed. Porlamar, the capital is just like any other city and we had the unenviable task of finding a Lavanderia before our humming stuff crawled there of its own accord. As we walked along we heard loud squawking and as we looked around we saw several parrots dotted around on top of lampposts and signs. We soon hated this place and hired a car to travel around the Island. Jill had never driven an automatic and nearly ran Steve over whilst getting out of the hire companies car park.
Jill negotiated the cities madness where all the time the others constantly beep at you as they are in such a rush but to do what as they then just sit around when they arrive? Firstly we headed to the Western side which is more desert like but not much there so we made our way round to the Northern part to Juangriego.
Juangriego is just like Porlamar but on the beach and therefore slightly nicer. There were beachside restaurants which in themselves were clean but if there was rubbish just off their property then they would leave it including rotting fish. The staff would just sit around and not think that if they moved this they may just get more custom. I think this is just the way Venezuelans are in general, scousers!! In the hostel/bar we met an English couple from Wigan who had moved here to work and a lifestyle change. He was Looney Tunes and then some. He said he had been in the forces and started to tell us about his adventures etc. Then he went on to tell us that when he first came here he set up his own security company but it was too much hassle so he was now working the bar. However when his girlfriend was attacked on the beach and beaten with a club, she did have a scar, that he sorted it out and the guy was no longer with us if you get what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink, right. He then started going on how he knew all the bad guys and was also a friend of Chavez the president, yes and I'm Shergar!!
We also met a US expat called John who was retired from the army after being wounded in the Vietnam War. He was a real hippy type and lived on the boat he had built with the money he received from his injuries and he was now living off the army pension. He was a bit mad as all expats are and would sniff women’s hair. However he was very knowledgeable and new lots about history and would recite many poems.
We then spent a few days chilling on the beaches of La Cribe and Playa El Agua. La Caribe was quieter and Steve went for a walk along the beach to a more secluded part where the sea was rougher but this was great for Pelicans who dive bombed the sea just off shore for the fish. Just Steve and 50+ Pelicans about 5 feet away. The prawns for lunch were delicious and we had them every time we visited this beach.
Playa El Agua is commercialised with lots of apartments and rows of restaurants along the front. There are rows and rows of sun loungers and umbrellas making it more like the Costa Del Sol in Spain. We finally made our way back to Porlamar to drop the car off and had a meal at the hotel. There was nobody else dining and the old waitress who looked like the bird out of the film misery gave us one menu and stood over us impatiently tapping her foot and huffing as if she was in a hurry. Then it dawned that she wanted to watch the TV but Steve decided to piss her off and turned it over whilst she took our order to the kitchen, the look of horror on her face when she returned was that bad Steve offered her the remote, not often a bloke surrenders the TV remote!!
Then she was annoyed when we did not tip her.

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From Rhian (Miss Piss)
Hi guys! I've spent a couple of hours this dull & wet Sunday in London reading through your blog, being reminded of fanny tuna, no gracias and those Cusco pub quizzes! I now want to be back in South America more than ever...and then I recall the 'Miss Piss' moments and think perhaps not ready for all that again just yet! Hope you are both keeping well and still get the 'wow' feeling when you think of what you've experienced! Lisa & I didn't embark on careers as Butlins redcoats - she's now doing teacher training in Brighton and I'm working for BT (on a pharma project...remote link I know)! If you're ever passing down this way drop us a line. x
Response: Hi MP
Jill and I have gone our seperate ways and she is now at Uni in Sunderland and I'm still travelling. Now in NZ and then to OZ before Asia. I'm also applying for teacher training to start in Sept 2008. Yes I still get the buzz about S America and I too want to be there!!

Hope all is well,
Take care,
From Robin
Too right you will never forget it. Better to have memories than dreams. The only problem is you realise there is a lot more to the world and you want to go there as well.
Hugs and thanks for the stories.
Penelope said Mooresy Bear is terrific at everything he does and the first Bearenguins are due in the spring
Response: Hola Robino

Como Estas?
Too true it is better to have memories than dreams!!
Steve and Jill,
From Matt and Jen
Hi Steve and Jill,
Just came across your story of the Soropta experience. It was nice to see it left you with a memorable experience, just as the sound of Steve´s projectile vomiting will forever be ringing in our ears. (glad you´re better)..See you at O.T.
Matt and Jen
Response: Hi Guys

The Turtle experience was definately one of our trip highlites and I think we were very fortunate in what we got to see. We are now back home but have gone our seperate ways. Went to OT against Sunderland but the game was rather poor to say the least, things can only get better, I hope.
Where are you guys now?

Hope you are both well and take care,
Steve and Jill.
From Sarah and Mike
We loved reading of your adventures while we are back home and wishing we were still there! Glad to see you found the "local bar" in Bocas Town. Seems they have ALWAYS got soccer - I mean football :-) - on the telly. Did you ever end up staying in Bastimentos? Did you ever hike the muddy path to Wizzard Beach? Just curious. Safe Travels! Enjoy!
Sarah and Mike - Florida
Response: Hi guys

Hope you are both well. We too are back in the UK now and loving it, not!!
No we did not get to Basstimentos and do the Wizard beach walk as we had to head out to the Turtle Sanctuary.

Take care,
Steve and Jill
From Mooresy Bear
Please help me !
Response: Ha Ha very funny, not!!
From Jacquie & Al (we mee
Hi guys,
Have no idea if you remember us, we are the scottish and irish couple we went for drinks in some raggy bar in peru somewhere, even i can't remember it's that long ago about 8-9 mths now. We had the little yellow bear as a campanion ...

Any way, sorry to hear for your loss, tis a real pain when you get robbed and especially with the amount of gear you had steve :) anyway hope you both have recovered from it now and are still enjoying your time travelling, we are home now 7 mths and hating every minute of it as you can imagine :) your blog is very funny, love to catch up on your adventures. Take care and be safe. love Jacquie & Al
Response: Hi Guys
Yes we remember you both. Puno for the trip to the islands of Lake Titicaca. We did e-mail you after but you did not reply so it was good to here from you again.
Drop us another line when you can.
Steve and Jill.
From Joras and José
Hi Steve and Jill,

We were really shocked reading of your robbery.

We hope you are doing better by now, that the frustation goes away and that you continu your trip like you guys want to. Keep your head up!


Joras and José
(from Belize remember? We are just back home by the way)
Response: Hi you two! Can´t believe you are back home already!! Hope you enjoyed your travels - let us know about your adventures! Jill & Steve
From Eva (from Cusco reme
Feel so bad hearing about the loss of all those precious things and of course the Bear. Such a hassle, you don't really want to experience that on a trip like this! Hope you're keeping well & your spirits up, and just remember that these bad times will eventually be transformed into great pub stories.
Response: Hi Eva
Good to hear from you. How are you? Won any pub quizes lately?
Take care,
Steve and Jill,
From claire
Hiya guys, nice to hear you are still on the go, a long time since rio eh! back in england until tomorrow then going to france for a month. cant stop the travelling. trying to find a job in france or spain for september. carry on carrying on. take care love claire xoxox
Response: Hola Stokkie bird
Good to hear from you. We are having a nightmare with the insurance forms after the bag was stolen.
Oh back to Rio anytime!!
Take care
From Susy King
Hey Jill and Steve,
Sounds like you're off the gringo trail & having the true travelling experience with so many locals and not so many tourists! Sounds great. We're really getting settled - actually bought a fridge and a washer on the week-end! Domestic bliss : ) Keep updating the blogs - it's fun to travel vicariously. Happy birthday Jill! Susy & Doc
Response: Hi there you two, we only have 3 months to go before our return to the real world. Please let us know your new address so we can send the photos to you on CD. Jill & Steve
From Andres Bermudez (Col
Hi guys! Sorry about Man U crashing out... but what a glorious game when they beat Roma. I'm not a fan, but that game was as close as I'll ever be of supporting them!
Response: Hi Andres
Good to hear from you, how are you?.
At least the long ball boring Chelsea are out and United are Premier League CHAMPIONS, again!!
Take care and keep in touch,
Steve and Jill.
From Mum and pete
hi steve and jill
this is your mum doing email
we are at roys hope jill had a wonderful birthday.alec is alright he goes to the pub with gordon his mate.we are haveing a wonderful time roy has taken us to some fab places.we missyou ever day.
Response: Hi Mum, Pete, Roy and Jeanette.
Jill says thanks for the birthday wishes. Great to her\ar you are having a good time. Make sure you do it more often.

Missing you too,
Steve and Jill,
From Joanne, Kevin, Callu
Great to hear from you last Sunday. Happy 40th birthday Jill hope you have a great day. Do you remeber your last big birthday when we went to Paris!!!!!

Mum and Pete send their love, they have gone visting Roy in Spain.

Speak to you soon Love Jo, Kev, Callum and Harry
Response: Hi All, Thanks for reminding me I am now officially an old fart! I remember Paris very well.... Happy Birthday to Kev (another old fart, ha ha). Love Jill and Steve xxxxx
From Bugs & Lou
Hi Guy's,
Not sure how often you get to read the comments, so we thought we'd get in early, just wanted to wish Jill happy birthday for the 23rd, cant beleave your turning the big 4,0, Jill, you only look about 12, or should i say act 12, but i supose that largely due to the current company your keeping, ie: Steve! really wish you all the best from this side of the globe Jill, im sure you'll have a ball where ever you pair are, if the blogs anythings to go by!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work you guy's........Take care of each other.............Stay in touch..........Were alway's reading what you've been up to on your travels!
Love the Kiwi Midgets...
Bugs & Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi there Kiwis, Thanks very much for the birthday wishes, I sure don't feel 40 either! Glad your still enjoying the blog, Love Jill xxxxx
From Dad and Sheila
Hi Guys
Still fascinated by the ongoing account of your travels. You've certainly seen some sights to be treasured by the sounds of it!
Just don't seem to be able to get to see the photographs; anyway you can lend us a hand here?
Loads of love
Keep safe
Response: Hi

The photos should be on the left side of the page. Click on the bit that says Easter Island and they should appear.
Hope all is well and will speak soon.
Steve and Jill,
From Bugs & Lou
Hey Guy's!
Great to see the photie's, bet you'll have no end of comments, "Jill" you look great all done up! " Steve" " Suits you Sir" just reminds me of the night's at our's in Buxton, "You must remember" Say no more,
Cheers Guy's!!!!!!!!
Great to see!!!!!!!!
Stay in touch!!!!!!!!

Bugs & Lou xxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Matey

Of course I remember those SPECIAL nights in Buxton!! Great nights too. Maybe have a few more when we visit you in NZ.

Take care,

From Andres Bermudez (the
Glad you guys are still traveling around... I'm back at home and envious about it. Too bad you missed out on Colombia... I know it's subjective, but it would've definitely been the highlight of your trip! I'm not subjective though when I assure you it's fine to travel around safety-wise. Cheers!
Response: Hi Andres

How are you. We have not forgotten Colombia. We are looking into visiting from the west of Venezuela as we should have time.

Take care,
Steve and Jill.

From Helen and Bron
Very jealous that you guys are still on the road, I would kill to be back travelling, though Bron had had enough! Sounds like Rio was a hoot and something that has to be done by all!!!!!! Iam heading off to NZ for Easter to catch up with a friend, but Bron will trooper on at work. keep safe and continue to enjoy this special time,

Love helen and Bron xx
Response: Hi U2

Rio is a definite for the party animals!! U2 would love it!!
Enjoy NZ. Where are you going to exactly. We hope to there someday and also visit you on the way. Poor old Bron but as they say when the cats away the mice will play!!

Take care,
From john moores
hi. jill steve sounds as if your having a good time up and about flying with the birds in the sky and in the bars, steve be carefull you going blind he he ,take care john glen xx
Response: Hola
More sedate now on the beaches of Mexico. Tried the scuba diving but not for me. It´s not natural for us humans to breath underwater even if it´s where we came from, I ain´t got gills!!
Take care,
From Roy and Janette
Hola steve and Jill
Great to read your diaries,we are quite envious we would love to have done a similar journey if we were younger. Instead we are adapting to a new way of life in spain.
Good luck on your travels
Roy and Janette
Response: Hola y Buenos Dias
Como Estas?
Jill y Yo e bien.
Well thats the end of my rubbish Spanish.
How are you both and how are you adapting to your new life? Hows the Spanish? Would be good if mum could get over to see you at some point.
Take care,
Steve and Jill,
From Sally n Stez
I cannot believe you have been wading around barefoot and so many bugs n things...gross. Been in Swiss alps and now off to Austrian Alps in the hope that there is a tad more snow...Global warming v bad consequences for Stez.....not so bad for me as I can sit ourside of sun drenched restaurants with glass of wine (or three) and not a bug in site. Am now expert sledge puller (for Matty) who has no intention of learning to ski, in fact much to Stez's dismay he cries if the snow touches his he has spawned a pap. We are erring towards a sabbatical to do some travelling but I think it will be along surf crested coastlines and definitely not have bugs or anything furry that can eat you. Carry on up the jungle u 2

x Sal n Stez
Response: Hola amigos
Now in Central America so many more bugs to deal with. Actually in Playa del Carmen in Mexico which is like Blackpool full mof Americans, bliss, NOT!! Cant wait to get out of here asap. Great surfing round here for Stezzie boy.
Take care,
From Dene,Lisa,Leah & Tob
Nice to hear you are having a great time. We had Tobys chrisining last week, it was a great day, Toby now has started to smile, classic cheeky little boy. anyway keep safe and enjoy yourselves.


The Goodies
Response: Glad the christening went well. Please send some pics. Cheers J & S
From Debbie, Australia
Hi Jill and Steve
Look forward to reading about your amazing journey. Even though I was definitely ready to come back home at the time, you're making me jealous and wanting to be back over there. Things have settled down at home and work at last, although I still keep looking at my photos and dreaming. My photo of Mooresy Bear on Deception Island came out really well, and everyone comments on it. Watching as many Utd games as we can get over here. Good to hear you can see a few. Giggsy is nearing 700 games. What an absolute legend! Loved Ole scoring against Reading, of course, and hearing the song!!
Keep safe both of you. Love Debbie
Response: Just got the result against Lille - yes! and we stuffed the Scousers again. MB is delighted with his worldwide fame. Love J & S (and the Bear) x
From Bugs & Lou!
G'day guy's,
Glad you've updated the Blog again, weve been gagging to hear what you've been up to recently, sounds bloody fantastic, any chance of uploading some more pics?
Keep up the good work!!!!!
Chow for now,

Bugs & Lou xxxx
Response: Would love to upload some pics but Steve keeps downloading his pics to DVD and then sending them home before we have chance to even look at them! Hope you had a good summer in NZ. J & S xxx
From robin twizell
A friend of mine saw Rupert the other day and all seems fine. Penelope is however a bit homesick for Antarctic and I suppose avian flu doesnt convince her that England is the land of pilchards and herring she was promised.
Are you sure the lizard that was green with yellow markings was not just a green lizard that had been caught in one of Steves dashes to deficate.
To cure it don't eat for two days just drink heaps of water. 5 litres a day plus. It will flush it out.
Response: Hola Robin

How r u?
Tinned Tuna is good especially fanny tuna in Peru, yes that is what it is really called. Get Rupert to get some imported. If he loves his bird that much Im sure he will.
Best Fishes,
Steve and Jill