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Welcome to Michael & Susanne's Travel Page.

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A day trip to Alice Springs

Into Alice for some shopping and a night away.


Santa Teresa NT

First full day at Santa Teresa.

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Recent Messages

From Dad and Jan
Hi Michael and Susanne, did I see a Kit Kat in your hand when you were sitting on the seat? Love Dad and Jan XXX
Response: No, Michael ate it before we got out there!
From Dad and Jan
If it looks like a snake it IS a snake and should be treated accordingly!!
BANG XX never mind what he locals say!!
From Ann Gorey
Good to know you're enjoying your time at Santa Teresa. Great photos! Ann
From Dad and Jan
Thanks for the photo's. Gives us and idea of what and where. Glad that we got to give you a hug before the train left, couldn't believe hoe early they locked you in! Hope you both enjoyed the Hilton, but of course you did, didn''t we all. lots of love to you both.XXX
From Lisa
Loved your photos! Keep posting them. Looking forward to being there with you in a couple of weeks.