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Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Location: Cape Town - long street, South Africa

Here starts the true backpacking experience, seriously no sleep, too much drinking and meeting fantastic people. We arrived in long street backpackers to be met by a rather hansome fellow. our room was not the ritz carlton, bunkbeds, gorgeous views of pigeon poo and slimy walls......but the atmosphere was fab, music was fab, lazing around the varanda, bbq's in the evenings and extreme partying in long street, great bars such as Zula with their reggae music.

await more soon...

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Recent Messages

From Penny Taylor
Hi Louise and Jess,
Make sure you put everything on here so that you have a record for when you come home.
Thinking of you all the time and wishing I was with you
From Rich, Mum and Ellie
Hi Lou

Get some text and pics on here quick, we're dying to see what your'e upto.

Response: HEY MUM!! yeh all is fine... having an amazing time, loads of love MWAH x x x x x