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Heard she's finally roaming!

Hi Everyone.. how are we?.. I know i've taken awhile to get this going.. but here's some evidence that i'm not just stuck in tassie somewhere ;) Keep in touch and know that i'm thinking of you all. Mega hug!

Photos - Click Below


Fjords - Norway

Just breathtakingly beautiful.


Oslo - Norway

An impressive culture amdist striking scenery.. you must have to have a decent deposit of good karma to be born here ;)


Dublin - Ireland

Contrary to the usual banter surrounding the irish..I encountered a celtic circle & cross that I'll hold dear for some time to come. The cross is defined by the containing circle which confronts ordinary & sacred time. Ordinary time or chroaos, is a single dimension, rational & logical. Sacred time is both stillness & movement, meditation & dance. Without sacred time, we are deprived & become caught in the noise of civilisation, blind to chance & synchronicities.


Paris - France

More ghostly seductive than romantic, paris had me numb just for the mere fact that I was there. Uncannily my camera refused to work for me, almost propositioning that I return with someone special .. ;)


Barcelona - Spain

Spain was such an eye opener. Never before had I seen architecture that deliberately set out to challenge the uniformity that is otherwise normally depicted & this was amplified in it's food, people & culture. The photo's equate to a mere representation of the city's diverse art forms.


Amsterdam - Netherlands

Beautiful bridges & canals amidst fairy tale houses, liberalism amongst those chirpy people & side streets that lead to so many stories :).. I had a ball.


Brussels - Belgium

Brussels seemed such a contrast of people and place. On one end, it boasted stupefying neo gothic architecture & on the other quite a rough red light district that had 'female exhibitors' in windows at 7 in the morning.. I had to take that route to get to work you see ;). Again this was a slightly rushed trip through work, so I look forward to returning & finding out more about the place.


Cork - Ireland

My first trip through work.. cork introduced me to a version of english that i'm still trying to come to grips with, pretty gardens & a few eccentricities.


Salzburg - Austria

What can I say.. Salzburg was just picture postcard perfect. The greenest of green, the nicest of people, the fluffiest of swans.. even the wine was lovely!


Rome - Italy

Choosing the No-frills of No-frills airline, where you run to get a seat because none are allocated, was the perfect grounding for the chaos that awaited me in rome. Once there, I had my uncle drinking in a bar at the wrong airport because I misinterpretted his fluent italian!. Apart from the drama's however, the city soaked me in & I left watching the sun rise from my plane window..arrrrr!


Naples & Pompeii

At a current height of 1276 m, the initial volcanic eruption by Mt Vesuvius wiped out the entire city of pompeii in 79 AD. The last eruption occured in 1944, so I decided to go see what the fuss was all about ;)

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Recent Messages

From Dil xxx
I'm soooooooo jealous i've been in London like forever and i haven't even gotten close to seeing what you have seen... great on you girl!!!! keep it up and make sure you have enough energy to Party onn with moi!!!! speak to you soon xxxx
Response: If you can contend with the risk of budget airlines and far from flashy dwellings.. hop on anytime hun ;) speak soon, xoxo
From Reggie K
No wayy!! Pungaley!!

You have seen soooo much and your photo's are just amazing!! AND your looking hotter then ever - Just like fine wine pungaley - and I'm sure you would have had plenty of that! - wine that is ;)

Rest is good - cant wait to see you again!

Response: hehehe.. gosh, i miss your madness!!.. cant wait to see you too!.. certainly have been doing wine justice - you know me too well ;) hope your having a ball.. speak soon, crazy hug!
From Harinder...
Nang's..!! How are you luv...yes, it seems you've decided to appear out of thin air all of a sudden, we love your guest visits though darling, keep them coming. It is beautiful to share your travels with you through your breathtaking photos and decrptive comments...missing you so very much and am counting the days till you come home..!!

Lots of love
Response: My gorgeous haz! feels like my arms cut off abit i havent seen you in that long!.. sure I'll see you soon enuf though.. got your email, sounds like your in a very tidy place right now ;).. love you & will mail you in length x
From Elton
Hey hey Nal

Yes Yes,,, its been a while, but all the more to catch up i suppose... Works same old nothing new : [ Your photos once aagin are amazing and the places you have been i could only dream of, hope one day i'll be able to do the same. Take care of your self and if can swing by South America belive me you will love it.... Chaio : p
Response: Hey hey right back!.. south america is certainly on my long term agenda and who better to come to for advice than yourself ;)..look forward to catching up when i get back, have a heap of fun, xoxoxo
From Nats
Hi Nal,
Never thought Norway could be so breathtakingly beautiful!! The springs... the mountains.... An ideal place to be. Great photos
Keep living your dream Nal.
Take care
Response: It was lovely nats..wish i could have stayed longer. how's everything with you!..we always meet way too briefly.. will mail in length, massive hug!
From Uncle Sunil
Hi Nalinka,
We saw your pictures, very nice, good to know you are having a great time, we have your Ammi & Asoka at home with Berty Seeya & aunty Srini so you can imagine the fun we old folks are having among the farts and yawns.
Good luck & take care
Response: Hellooo!!!.. by the looks of it..old age certainly hasnt tarnished your wacky sense of humour though ;).. I keep hearing about the good time's you all are having. We'll just have to have a big fam "yawn" session soon..hehe.. huge hugs to all!! xoxo
From Uncle Rohan
Nice reading look forward to meeting you, Keep well & Happy, Uncle Rohan& Aunty Indhira
Response: Hi uncle rohan, aunty indira, lalz & co!!.. lovely to hear from you.. how are the chilow outfits going ;p.. do miss you all heaps & i look forward to giving you all a big hug on my return.. take care xoxo
From Uncle Mervyn
Thanks for u're last letter.. shall be writing to you.. jus thought odf checking your website out when i got an oppurtunity to do so at manilal's.... look after u're self
Love and god bless you,
Uncle Mervyn and Aunty Rita
Response: Hi Uncle Mervyn & Aunty Rita! Lovely to hear from you as always.. xox
Hey gorgeous!!!!!

how are u? have u been receiving any of my emails to your telstra account? cause I haven't had any replies so I started getting worried!!

Looking at the site you seem like u are having so much fun =) and looking at the pics makes me want to come and adventure with u, man these pics are better then the travel brochures ;)

Keep taking photo's and make sure u takecare of yourself =), I guess asking u whether u would reconsider coming back early would be out of the question uh? =) I'm going to keep trying cause I Miss u heaps!!!!!!!! MUAHHH OXXXO

Love Resh
Response: heya resh!
I'm sure i mailed you?? I did get yours. I am having a good time.. would be so much better with you lot here though ;) miss you too darling, will write in length soon. Hope the new job's going well. Love and mega hugs, Nal xoxoxo
From Elton Morales
Hey Nalinka

Wow these photos are amazing, i had no idea you were such a good photographer : p Adviser is not the same without you and its good to hear that your well and safe. Hope to see you soon. Chaio Elton M
Response: Elton!!!
Pics dont compare to the one's you had on your computer though ;p let me know how things are with you? how's the band? u take care now, xoxox
From Evash
Hey Nangs,
Glad you're having a ball! Nick gave me your dets. If its ok, I'll call you soon. I know you've been up to heaps, and things here have changed hugely too. Take care of yourself. Love always,
Response: Hello darling!
Hope you got the email i sent you.. & since when do you ask to call me - what the?! yeah.. heard sum stuff that's going on over there..we'll have to have a good yarn soon, take care vash, xoxo
From Nats
Hi Nal,
Wow. you seem to be having a great time!(living your dream!!!)
Prague is beautiful. A place that i must visit!!!
Loved the photos.
Life in SL has been ok in general.
Take care
Response: Hi Sweety
It does feel surreal at times.. & you'll feel right at home in prague with all that classical music ;) xoxox
From Joe Purcell
I cant beleive that you went to Prague without me(what rhymes with witch) you so made out that you wernt interested....shame on you. It looks like you are havin a ball...Im so jelous. We all miss you that photo of you in the hat.....very Vogue striking a pose. Talk soon ok.
Response: And you wonder why sum think you swing both ways ;p.. oh you know your loved! xox
From Virann
hey you.... you seem like the travel chick on bbc. heheh....good to here your still sitting on your pretty ass doing what we all wish we were doing... Well as for me i just got done with that damn show room we were trying to get open ... Absolute hell i tell you. I think i'll just sleep for a week. well. look forward to checking out the pictures take care and be safe
love always
Response: hello!!
you know i've always wanted her job.. hehehe... so the job's not taking too much out of you then - please.. i can imagine how many breaks you take inbetween ;) take care, love nalinka xoxo
From cham
Hey Nalinks,
Beutifiu pics . love the comments . Dont go around london too much.. Although a close up of a bomb would be nice....
Response: heya cham, well.. if i'm caught amidst one and still live to tell the tale.. lets hope my camera does me justice :)
From Chris Magnus
Hey Nalinka,
Great to hear from you. Looks like you are having a great time. Your photos and descriptions are amazing. Did you copy them from a travel brochure? I was actually surprised that there wasn't any photos of Sizzler in there! That's the reason I thought you went.
Well keep the updates coming and say hi to Rahm for me if you bump into him anywhere.
Response: Hey nutter!
Good to hear from you too!.. heard you've moved onto bigger and better sales things ;) And it's not from a travel brochure.. it's all my hard, talented work.. know there was even a big ass ING banner in prague!.. didnt understand what it was trying to say thou. met up with rahm for a beer the other day.. he's doing well, unlike me.. has a job! anyway.. will keep in touch and you take care, love nalinka
From Chris Jackson
G'day bueatiful!!!!

Great to hear from you and life appears fullfilling for you and your adventures. Please take care and safe travelling.

Warm regards
Response: Heya chris!
Great to hear from you too!.. keep in touch and buzz me if your up in london! hug, nalinka

From Joely
Hey you, great to see you are still alive and having a lot of fun.
Things are going pretty well over here... work is same old but I'm pretty relaxed and very happy. :-)
Don't let it be such a gap next time you update us! Anyway, I'll keep checking your site now that I have it.

Love you sweety!
Response: Heya jolie!!
having a good time but missing you guys heaps! when are you coming to visit?? love your fwds btw.. keep em coming. take care, huge hug, nalinka
From Milena
Hello my lovely Nangs!!

I am so glad that you are having a great time!! Miss you loads xx and I hope that I can catch up with you very soon - am heading over to the UK on the 10th of August.
There has been a bit of a change so will have to update you..... LOVE you darling and take care of yourself!!

Milena xxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey mile!!

Cant wait to see you.. i take it we have alot to catch up on then ;).. you have my number so give me a buzz when you get here. Yes, having a great time, but really really miss all of you heaps! Anyway, take care and i look forward to catching up!
love u tons gorgeous,
Nangs xoxox