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Natalie's adventures in the big wide world

Kia ora, glad you dropped by. Leave me a message if you'd like - I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Cheers, Nat

Photos - Click Below


Dan's Africa Rally

Today was the launch day of the Adventurist's Africa Rally - at Dunsfold Park (where Top Gear is filmed). Plenty more pics on FB, but here's a sampler to check out mad brother Dan and his crazy mates


Roman Holiday

After a gorgeous week in Tuscany (lots of pics of that still to come) I had a lovely weekend in Rome - concerts, churches, sculpture. Oh, and food. Of course.



A long weekend of divine relaxation - Cornish Cream Teas, fabulous seafood, getting sunburnt (oops), oh and did I mention dolphins?


Seven Sisters, Sussex

Clifftop wandering from Seaford to Eastbourne, along the Seven Sisters, past Birling Gap and across Beachy Head...


One Track MND

It's that time of year again - the moment that I shamelessly solicit donations to the Motor Neurone Disease Association as we do our Ride for MND.


A Day at the Circus

An awesome introductory day to (start to) learn a bunch of different circus skills - always good to push one's comfort zone!
Thanks Charlotte and Alison for the pics


Hitting the Rocks

So in the spirit of a true adventure, our ship (the Ocean Nova) ran aground south of the Antarctic circle, we had to send out a distress call and get rescued! You can also check out my Facebook if you like.



Yep, really here...


Kayaking in Antarctica

Woohoo! What a thrill! Like kayaking through a giant margarita...


South Shetland Islands

En route to Antarctica we visited the South Shetland Islands to check out the penguins - and Deception Island was particularly stunning landscape-wise! Climbed to the top of the hill for some awesome views...


More Iguazu Falls - Argentina

Some more falls, plus a friendly Coati and the fab B&B I stayed in


Iguazu Falls - Argentina Side

Wow! Got slightly too snap-happy but these falls are awesome! Higher and longer than Niagara apparently. Loads of water coming down (it had been raining upstream and was raining on us too...)


Buenos Aires

A couple of days for Nat to explore, then Dad and Geoff arrived. Loads of greenery - and we stayed in Recoleta so beautiful Parisian style buildings too.


Kayaking in Kent

Chris and Jed gave up their Saturday morning to show Matt and Nat the ropes on a lake. Good times!

Videos - Click Below

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Recent Messages

From Jessie
Hi Natalie, I often go in to your site to see what you are up to so thought I would wish you all the best for 2010 from all of us here in Canada. Bill and Sue left today in the motor home to spend a couple of months in Arizona in the sun but the rest of us stay here in rainy Vancouver. Have a great year, dear. Love Jessie
Response: Aunty Jessie, so good to hear from you! Happy New Year to you too, xxx Nat
From Russ & Jan
Hi Natalie,
Enjoyed your Rome photos, plus all the ones before as I haven't been on here for awhile. Our drive is starting tomorrow - yea!! so you will have to come home in a fwe months and see it. Hint, hint.
Love you, from your favourite Aunty and Uncle
Response: exciting, a drive! now it will be YOUR turn to send ME pix! xxx
From Ben Fernando
Great shots of Antarctica - we went a couple of years ago. Nice to read about someone else's adventures. Loved your comment about kayaking through margaritas. the Sea kayaking is my single favourite travel experience of my life.
Response: Yep - was awesome! Thanks for your message...
From Simon
Hi Nat, you made it on to the front page of PR!!! Well done :-)

hugs from Invers

Response: Oh, didn't even realise! Thanks for letting me know.... hope all's well on the chilly side of the world
From Mummy Dearest
Hello dear
Lovely to see some summery pictures (a far cry from what we are experiencing here with strong cold southerlies) and to see you looking good. That gap in the cop of the cliff is a bit concerning, as is the beach access! Is it pirate country?
With much love from home xxx
Response: Yep smugglers ahoy! It's a bit of a heatwave at the moment, I have to sleep with windows and doors open and no duvet - last night I had a wet towel on my neck to keep cool... good excuse for lots of icecream! xN
From Bryan and Betty
We loved looking at your Antarctic photographs. What a fantastic adventure except for the near shipwreck!
Response: Thanks it was great anyway! Now I just need to save my pennies to go back... xxx
From Aunty Jan
Hi Natalie,Cool circus photos. Next thing you'll be running away to join the circus - if you do just make sure it's one that comes to New Zealand.
Lots of love, Aunty Jan
Response: hey why don't you and your family circus come back over to the northern hemisphere again and we can compare tricks! was fun when you were here last time.. xxx N
From simon
Hi Nat,
great work on the trapeze! That high stuff looks scary as hell. But why and how are you circus training?
Response: it's alright - just a one day intro session for a bit of a laugh - nothing permanent!! my abs wouldn't stand it...
From Jessie
Hi Natalie,
I have really enjoyed your latest escapade but still do not want to go anywhere where there is ice and snow. Had enough of it this winter. And am happy you are safe and sound Please stay that way. Love Jessie
Response: Thanks for your message Aunty Jessie! You stay safe and sound too x N
From June Stewart
Hi Natalie and your 'sleeping partners',
WOW, aren't you just fantastic. It's (almost had a mis-place comma there - that will never do) wonderful being able to look at where you've all been and aren't those falls just FANTASTIC. After the Niagara FAlls, I can picture the magnificence of them, but the setting looks so much more exotic than Niagara. It's so great that you've been able to put up photos so soon. I spoke to Janice today and she said you had some on your site, so decided I must have a look today.
Hope your Dad has brought some of the items in his 'emergency kit' viz the ear plugs for you!
Keep having a fantastic trip.
Love June and Joe
From simon
Hi Nat!
Good work, love the shots! Who are the old guys you are travelling with? One of them looks kinda familiar... ;-)

Funny to see dad doing some planet ranging! Good on him. Well done for dragging them across there.

Say hi to the old guys from me.
Have fun.

From roselyn
Wonderful to see you all in the flesh as it were! The falls must be amazing! Good luck for next part of journey. We're all keeping tabs on each other here and swapping details of phone calls, txts and emails! Keep it up
Love to all
From Aunty Jan
Hi Natalie, Roger and Geoff,
Lovely to talk to you today. As you can imagine Robyn was not impressed. The Talls look amazing. Why were you in a cemetery? I thought I was the only one who did strange things like that oe sent my daughter to go instead. Have a great boat trip.Love Aunty Jan
From sandra & dave
Happy New Year! Thanks so much for taking a camera on good to see Hayley and friends in some photos. Feel like we have been around the world, so thanks for the peep into your travels, better than GetAway on Channel 8 anyday. Hoping to have lunch with Alexander McCall Smith at the new hotel on Featherston St in the good company of Wendy Oliver,in a few weeks. Our own bit of Edinburgh coming right to us, yah. Keep well and keep clicking. All the very best for 2009. Love the Whites xoxox
Response: No worries, I was under very strict instructions from your daughter so figured I ought to do the photo thing :) Enjoy AMcCS, he's a brilliant speaker xxx to all, N
From Jessie
Dear Natalie,
I have spent the afternoon going around the world with youand have enjoyed every moment of it. You are enjoying your life so much. Good for you. lots of love,dear.Happy New Year Jessie
Response: Happy New Year to you too Aunty Jessie - must be a whole year since I saw you?! Lots of love, Nat
From Janice
Hi Nat, Thanks for the update. From the photos and video the orphans Christmas seem to have been fun. Love you, Aunty Jan
Response: Indeed the orphans christmas was great fun! Miss Pip already believe it or not...
From Rusty
Hi Nat,
Cool (pardon the pun) photos. I'll have to take you fishing on your next visit. 1 out of 4, what the... Hope you had a great Xmas we did if a little quiet.
Response: I know, I know, I needed you there to help me catch the fish! Ah well, I blame fumbling fingers due to the freezing cold! Hope you enjoy having your l'il daughter back soon x
Hi Nat,
Lovely to talk to you this morning. Great pictures of Sienna and the opera place and people. Keep enjoying life.
Love Aunty Jan
Response: Great to talk to you too! You keep enjoying life too, see you this side of the world again soon I hope x
From Mia
An update! Mum will be pleased! Well done you!
From Mummy Dearest
Hello there
Thank you so much for the photos, and how lovely to see Aivale too.
Response: Just for you... x
From Timothy Atkin (From
Hi Natalie. Hopefully you remember me from the start of last year when I flew down to Wellington and you picked me up from the airport. Well I'm now heading over to Europe and the UK this year. I fly from NZ to London on the 16th of July, and after touring the continent for a bit I'll be back in the UK around November. Your mum showed me this site and so I thought I'd leave a message to see if you'd mind me coming to visit at some point between November 2008 and June 2009. If it's ok with you then email me and we can try to sort something out. Cheers.
Response: just sent you an email, would be great to see you! definitely come on by...
From Mia
Mum will be pleased you've put some pics up! Hope you're over the cold thing you had, and sometime we need to talk about your garden... but I digress... just thought I'd say hello!
Response: hello! only just checking msgs now, see this was from a week or two ago. off to milan for the weekend but let's chat when i'm back... x
From roselyn
Hello there young Rattly Nattly,
lovely to see some new pics on your site! looks as though Jersey was an interesting sort of place! All ok here, just plodding on!
Response: hey aunty rose, yep i'm a bit erratic about putting new stuff up but get there in the end... glad all's well with you, next stop for me is amsterdam...
From Mia
Hehe had a giggle at your pippy pics...
I love my new flat, it's really nice, you should come and stay some time. Mum planted us some strawberries and swanplants and parsley and cape gooseberries and a kakabeak which is so sweet of her. And there's grapes growing on the garage, waiting for them to ripen in order to gorge on about 15 bunches! I need to buy a broom and a recycling bin and a rubbish bin though.
Talk soon, love me xx
Response: hooray, glad you liked the pics - and even gladder you like the flat! will definitely be coming to stay... x
From Aunty Jan
The photows are much appreciated. She must have some of her mother in her seeing she cried.
Have a great time on you road trip.
Luv Aunty Jan
Response: thanks - only got this msg now we're back - will put some roadtrip ones up now tho xxx