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My whirl-wind adventure's through Finland

Welcome, Greetings, Terve and Tere.
This shall be my contact with the outside world for the next 3 months as a travel around the beautiful country called Finland. Please feel free to leave me messages and keep in contact whilst I am overseas.

Diary Entries

Monday, 26 June 2006

Location: Gosford, Australia

Hi all,
Life has been very busy for me lately, i've been working 6 days a week because some people have been sick!
So I haven't had much time for anything else!
Pimu is growing up so fast she is now 6 months old and has lost 4 baby teeth already. She has started school and has made many new friends already. I keep reminding her that she is there to learn and not only socialise as she thinks.
My car is going well, even though Vaari smashed into the side of my car when it was parked! it cost $1000 or 600euros to fix! Luckily he paided for it, and now the car looks as new again.
Missing you all very much.

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Location: Gosford, Australia

Hey all,
Just a quick note to say hi and that everything is going well. The weather is getting colder yesterday was only 21 and today is 19. It's because of a strong wind blowing from Antarctica.
I have been very busy at work, this week I am working 6 days, I only have sunday off!!!
Pimu is going very well, she is now 2kg. And learning new tricks.
Well I have to make this short. I got to go to work.
From Natsku

Thursday, 13 April 2006

Location: Gosford, Australia

Hi all,
Not much to report, just finished work. And now starts the easter long weekend!
Been heaps busy at work with extra shift because i'm filling in for a few people who are away. But hey the extra money helps!
Missing you all heaps. From Nat

Tuesday, 07 February 2006

Location: Gosford, Australia

Woo hoo I have a car. It's a 2005 model Hyundai Elantra and it's red!!!
I'm so excited, it's a 4 door sedan, with cd player, power windows, central locking and an alarm.
It's so good to be able to get to where your going without having to wait for buses and constantly look up timetables.

Thursday, 26 January 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Happy Australia Day!!!
It's so hot here. It's been +40 degrees and i'm suffering.
I spent the day in the city with a friend looking at all the Australia Day festivities and visiting a few museums.
I've been swimming quite a few times since I got back, so i've now gotten rid of my winter fur!!!
I'm now starting to settle in and began looking for work!
Hopefully it won't take long.
This sunday i'm going car shopping woo hoo.

Friday, 13 January 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

After a long flight I finally made it home!!!
It's been over 30 degrees here, and very sweaty.
Actually starting to miss the snow!
But it's good to be back and enjoying the sunshine. My tan has gotten better already. I'm no longer white, woohoo.
I can't sleep in though, as i wake up each morning at 7am when the sun rises. And the birds start singing outside.
I went shopping yesterday and bought a new mobile phone. My new number is 0431633616 if calling in Australia and 990 61 431633616 if calling from Finland.
It was great to spend time with everyone over in Finland and I miss you all very much.
Love Natalie

Wednesday, 04 January 2006

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Greetings from Sweden.
I'm having a great time here playing in the snow with the dogs. We are travelling back to Finland tomorrow.

Monday, 02 January 2006

Location: Lahti, Finland

Hi all,
Today I am going to Stockholm Sweden for a couple of days.
I can't wait!!!
I'll be back in Finland on the 5th of January.
Just in time to get organised for my flight departure on the 8th of January.
I'll be back in Australia on the 10th of January at 7am.
See you all soon.

Sunday, 01 January 2006

Location: Lahti, Finland


Saturday, 24 December 2005

Location: Hamina, Finland

Well, today is Christas eve, it's snowing outside and everything is white!!!
We bought the real christmas tree inside and it was completely frozen. Once it had thowed we decorated it, i was grea to have a real tree for a change.
Then I went and had a sauna, it is statistically proven that 70% of Finns have a sauna on Christmas eve.
Then I went to the local Lutheran church for a christmas eve service. The church was comletely packed full of people, and we all sang Christmas songs and listened to the Christmas story read from the bible in 4 different languages. Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. The Christmas peace could really be felt there, and it was a great way to spend christmas eve.

Friday, 23 December 2005

Location: Hamina, Finland

Once again I packed my bags again and moved to Heli's place. (The one's who own the konditoria).
I'm staying with them for Chrismas.
Spent the evening talking and playing on the net.

Thursday, 22 December 2005

Location: Hamina, Finland

This morning at 9am I was awakened to my phone ringing and it was my grandpa's sister husband calling to sing Happy Birthday to me. After that the phone didn't stop ringing and messaging all day!
I also got a few cards in the mail from mum and grandma.
Yes, it is true, I am now officially an adult!!! Today I turned 21!!!!!
Quite scary actually.
I went with Maija to the Konditoria where that had a birthday cake with a candle and everything for me. It was so sweet.

Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Location: Hamina, Finland

Today was the Markkinat- huge markets in Hamina even though I didn't buy anything it was fun to look around and see the christmas trees on sale, and heaps of other christmas ornaments.

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Location: Hamina, Finland

Today I visited Huovila's Konditoria and had a cappochino. They had made the entire nativity scene out of marzipan! It looked amazing. Then I went shopping and bought a few hand woven table runners.

Monday, 19 December 2005

Location: Helsinki, Finland

This morning I went with Maija to Helsinki. She drives like a crazy person! I actually started to feel a bit car sick! Luckily we made it there safely. Whilst she went to her chiropractor, I wondered around the strets looking at the christmas shop windows.
The Christmas lights everywhere were so beautiful, and the Christmas arts and craft market was awesome. I could have bought everything there!!!
Then all of a sudden I got a phone call informing me that I had won 4 movie tickets to whatever movie I wanted. I had totally forgotten that i had even entered any comp. It was a nice surprise.
Then I had coffee at the Fazer cafe and before I knew it it was time to leave.

Sunday, 18 December 2005

Location: Kymi, Finland

Once again I packed my stuff into my suitcase and moved house. I have now slept in 31 different beds during my holiday! That's on average a different bed every 7 days!!!
We anyways, so I moved to Maija's place who lives in Hamina. She has a huge tv and over 100 different channels. And the tv is in my own living room upstairs!!! This is going to be fun!!!

Saturday, 17 December 2005

Location: Viipuri, Russia

Guess what I did today!!!
I went to Russia for a day visit!!!!
It was so sad to see how poverty stricken they were over there.
There where street kids and stray dogs everywhere. The houses were tilted to one side like they would blow over at any minute, and the streets had potholes the size of elephants foot prints everywhere.
But it was an interesting experience!!!
And the shops were heaps cheap!!!

Friday, 16 December 2005

Location: Kymi, Finland

This afternoon I visited Sirkka, a sweet old lady who lives next door. It was fun to talk o her because she knew so much about my families history, and she used to be a lotta (war time nurse) so she had heaps of stories to tell.

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Location: Kymi, Finland

Today I went down the roa again to visit Pauli. They had just baked fresh pulla so we had coffee and had warm pulla.

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Location: kymi, Finland

This morning we went to the forest in search of the perfect Christmas tree. After a long trek we finally found the right one!!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Location: Kymi, Finland

Today I went to visit my friend Leena and her cat Viiru, dog Tassu, and her flock of sheep.
Went to the local school to sing christmas carols. It was fun to sing carols in Finnish for a change.

Monday, 12 December 2005

Location: Kymi, Finland

Today I went to visit the hunter's hut where the hunting men gather before and after they go hunting. It was interesting to see where the animals get processed after they have been caught. The scenery was great too- Out in the snow covered woods.

Sunday, 11 December 2005

Location: Kymi, Finland

This afternoon Juhanni's grandchildren came over and we played in the snow. We built snow domes and put candle's inside.
It was great to have kids along whilst playing in the snow, since I fel a bit wierd building snow men ect. by myself!!!

Saturday, 10 December 2005

Location: Kymi, Finland

It's so tiering here. The sun doesn't rise till 10am and it sets at 3pm. Luckily today the sun appeared for a while. Often it is so overcast that the sun cannot be seen at all for days!!!
This evening I went to kärkisaari- an island which was set up as a Christmas island. There were reindeers, elves, santa's wife and ofcourse santa. There was also an impresive display of fireworks. It was so beutiful to see the christmas lights on the island. And it was snowing too.

Friday, 09 December 2005

Location: kymi, Finland

After having a great sleep in I went down the road to visit the home where Ritva had grown up. I spent most of the day there just talking and looking at old photos.

Thursday, 08 December 2005

Location: Kotka, Finland

Today we went to the harbour side town of Kotka. We visited the beautiful church, and saw the docks. We also looked around the shops.

Wednesday, 07 December 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

After having visited the markkinat- a huge market held one a month, I caught th bus to Kymi. It is a place in the country near Kotka where my grandmother is from. I went there to stay with family. And to see where my grandmother grew up.

Wednesday, 07 December 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

This morning bright and early I took my suitcase to the bus station and then headed for the markets. Today was the markkinat- it's a once a month even bigger market than usual. Almost the entire city try to squeeze into the market square all at once!
Then I caught the bus to Karhula which is near Kotka where I went to stay with family from my mothers side.

Tuesday, 06 December 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

Today is Finlnd's Independence Day.
I watched part of the march through the strets of Lahti and then I went to my cousins sons name day party. Niko was so excited to be getting presents for his name day, and then in a weeks time for his birthday and then soon Christmas presents too.

Monday, 05 December 2005

Location: Helsinki, Finland

We spent the day wondering around Helsinki and had Indian food for lunch. Then we caught the bus back to Lahti and I ended up staying another night at he place. Playing with her dog Retu.

Sunday, 04 December 2005

Location: Helsinki, Finland

This afternoon Tuula and I made an abrupt dicision to go to Helsinki to watch the movie Lupaus. It was a very moving movie about war time nurses. Then we went to Tuula's friends place for the night.

Saturday, 03 December 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

Tomorrow is Airi's name day so today Heidi and I baked a gingerbread house for her.Then I went to a friends place for a sleep over. We stopped by her sister's place for dinner first because she was having a 3 day long graduation party for her son.

Friday, 02 December 2005

Location: Orimattila, Finland

Today I went to Orimattila to visit friends and to see their new baby for the first time. She was adorable, I couldn't help but feel a bit clucky!!! But thankfully I have recovered!

Saturday, 26 November 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

Well i'm back in Lahti again.
Today I went to my cousins Grandmothers 80th birthday party. It was a really nice church hall that they had rented out and we had lunch there and watched the grandkids and greatgrandkinds perform. And watch the snow falling onto the pine tree forest outside the windows.
Then after that I went to a friend of a friends 50th birthday party and didn't get to bed till 1am. It was great fun.

Sunday, 20 November 2005

Location: Kuhmonen, Finland

Today I drove to Kuhmonen with Ulla and Ahti to see my grandpa's family. It was so scary! I had to drive over black ice, and then it started raining too. It felt really wierd overtaking trucks on the left hand side.
It was a relief when we finally made it there. And got to catch up with people and learn about family history.
Then we drove to Ulla's holiday house near Piäksämäki where we stayed until thursday. It was really relaxing staying there by the lake watching the birds on the feeder outside in the snow.

Thursday, 17 November 2005

Location: Lohja, Finland

Today I went to Lohja to the summercottage to prepare it for the winter. ie. rake up the leaves, turn over the boat, empty the water canisters so they don't explode when they freeze ect.
Even though it was 0 degrees outside it was really sunny. So I couldn't help but do a bit of sunbaking!!! Since it would be my last time sunbaking at a summer cottage these holidays!!!
So what if there was frost on the grass, and steam was rising off my back, as I lay on the wharf getting some sun!!!

Monday, 14 November 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

Today I had to wake up early and go to school!!!
Voluntarily ofcourse, I went with a friend to spend the day in a Finnish school. It was an interesting experience, having lunch in their cafeteria, playing in their drama class, getting confused in their Swedish language class, and giving a presentation about Australia in their English lesson-I think they understood me!!!
They came up with some funny questions about Australia too.
And they were really impressed with a photo of a rainbow lorakite. But i'm glad I don't have to go to school tomorrow, it brought back momories of high school-yuk...

Thursday, 10 November 2005

Location: Porvoo, Finland

Today I went on a bus trip to Porvoo to see the old town and to some factory outlets. There was even a meat outlet that sold smoked kangaroo meat for $50/kg. Crazyness!!!
The old town was so interesting, especially the old church. The sun even came out from the clouds for a while.
We also went to a chocolate factory outlet, to buy Christmas supplies to take to family.
From there i went to my cousins birthday party, and saw family.

Saturday, 05 November 2005

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Today we spend the day in a relaxing day spa. Where we sat in the sauna, played in the wave pool, went down one of the longest waterslides in Finland- on one part of the slide it was pitch dark and then on the next bend there were fairy lights. We also realaxed under the massage water shoots, and I even went for a dip in the cold water pool which is ment as the training pool for ice hole swimming. It was freezing!!!
We also went for a drive in the country to see old farm houses and the great Finnish scenery.
Tomorrow we travel back to Lahti again.

Friday, 04 November 2005

Location: Kuopio, Finland

After a busy 3 days in Jyväskylä I now arrived in Kuopio. Where i'm staying with a friend and her family.
In Jyväskylä I climbed to the top a tower to see the 360 views of the city. I also visited the biological museum, the handcrafts museum, the historical museum of central Finland and the oldest building in Jyväskylä. Plus just chilling and catching up with Heini and Toni.
The historical museum was really interesting because of the way it showed the development of civilisation as time progressed. Such as fashion, shoes, children's toys, money, furnature ect. Most of the exhibits where from the 18th to the 19th century. As well as some from the bronze age ect. The weather has been really overcast and rainy- thus perfect museum weather.
Today in Kuopio I went to a photohraphy gallery which had photographs from the early 19th century Kuopio.

Tuesday, 01 November 2005

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

Well, i've just arrived in Jyväskylä!
The weather is 6 degrees and the sun is trying to shine through. Last nights folk festival was great. There was a group of children ages 3-6 performing and they were so cute. For some it was there first performance. One little boy stopped dancing and stood in the middle of the stage and started starring at the audience lookingh for someone. Probably his mother!!! He stood there for ages and the whole audience started giggling. Then finally he remembered the performance and he rejoined the group and started dancing again.
There appears to be heaps of stuff happening here in Jyväskylä over the next few days. So it looks like i'll be kept busy!!!

Monday, 31 October 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

Tonight i'm going to Hollo ja Marta, it's an intervational folk festival held at the Lahti Theatre. It should be great.
Tomorrow I am going to Jyväskylä where I will be spending the rest of the week. Then on to Kuopio and the day spa for the weekend and then back to Lahti.
The weather has gotten warmer again. It's 8 degrees today, and the snow has melted. But the sun is still hidden by dark clouds that look like they might rain. But thankfully the ice has also melted from the pathways and roads, so I can walk normaly again!!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This morning when I woke up and looked out the window the world was white!
I ran down stairs, put the coffee machine on and then went outside to make a snowman. Then I came back inside to warm up with my coffee and porrige. It's so cold here last night was -6 degrees. And this morning it was -2 when I woke up.
Everyone seems to know how to walk on the frozen icy pathways normally. But I have to do this duck like woddle in order to keep from slipping. And walk really slowly staring at the ground! Tomorrow I will have to wear my boots. Hopefully that will help, today I have my joggers on and they don't have much grip. I need tractor tires for shoes!!!
I've taken heaps of photos today, and I walk around with this silly grin on my face, thinking wow- im seeing snow for the first time. Where as everyone else seems to look really grumpy because they know that winter has started for real now. And their not looking forward to the darkness that is approaching. Although it should be around 7 degrees on the weekend. Which is actually a bad thing because it means the snow will melt and everything will be sloshy!!!
Next month i'm going to Jyväskylä and Kuopio for a week, and then to Porvoo for a day trip. Then i'm planning to spend some time in Helsinki for a change.

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

This morning was -3 degrees as I left for work!
In the evening I went to see the Dominante chior's 30th year celebrations at the Sibelius Hall. They had 78 members in the chior and were accompanied by 2 sopronos, and 2 tennors. I had the best seat in the house on the top balcony, front row and right in the middle. They sang the story of Elijah in German. But in our programs they had the words in German and in Finnish so thankfully I could follow along, what they were saying.

Sunday, 16 October 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

I've been to so many musical performances this week! Today I went to see a group of girls called Selia perform at the local pentacostal church. The way there voices were combined was amazing. It sounded like one person singing, instead of seven.
Woohoo next week is my final week of Metro distribution. I've so had enough! I've been doing it for 7weeks now, and the weather has been 0 degrees in the morning. Not my idea of fun.

Thursday, 13 October 2005

Location: Lahti, Finland

This evening I went to the Sibelius House to watch the sinfonia orchestra perform with Pekka Kuusisto-a violinist.
They played music by Sibelius, Tchaikovsky and Bach.
He was awesome, the way he added his own character to the music made the performance more original. Although at one point during his violin solo he took it to the extreme when he placed the violin behing his head and kept playing!!!

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From Suvi
I haven't heard about you for a while, does your email work? Are you still busy with your job? Is it cold there? Here it has been quite warm for a long time, all the plants are almost dying because it hasn't rained properly for a long time. Couple of my friends are planning a trip to Australia, they'd like to find job there cause they're staying there quite many months. My summer job (cleaning) is ending and I'm now preparing for final exams, which are in a few months!
Response: Hi Suvi,
Yes my e-mail is working. It's
I'm working 6 days a week at the moment. It's been very busy. I start work at 7am oand it is only 4degrees. During the day it warms up to about 18.
You should come over with your friends. It would be so much fun.
From Natalie
From min
Hi nat,
how are u doing? busy very day, isn't it? your pimu is so small so cute.can she get taller in the future? your new mobile number is optus or telestra? did u keep in touch with other girls?
miss u!
Response: work has been very busy!!!
Pimu will grew a little bit more. her back will be about 30cm high. my mobile is with optus. No, i haven't been in contact with the others much.
Not enough time and I live so far away it's hard to make time to meet.
From heidi
hei<3 mitäs sinulle kuuluu??
Response: Hyvaa kiitos
From heidi
kiitos kuvista..oli oikein ihanat... onkos siellä ollut vieläkin niin ihanan lämmin??
paljon terveisiä sinne<3
Response: Moi on tännä 31 astetta!!!
From tuulakk
Onnea uudelle autolle!Vaikuttaa tosi hienolle.Ikävä kun meri on välissä ja pitkä matka jolloin tänne on mahdotonta ajella.Mutta onneksi siellä on varmaankin aina uutta katseltavaa ja paljon vanhoja ja uusia ystäviä.Olen nyt Paimelassa maalla ja Retu haukkuu ulkona ja telkkarista seuraillaan talviolympialaisia jotka tulevat Italiasta Torontosta.Suomi ei ole vielä saanut ainuttakaan mitalia,nyt on kuitenkin vasta eka kisapäivä ja kisat kestävät vielä pari viikkoa.Täällä on aika lämmintä verrattuna mitä oli tammi-helmikuun vaihteessa; nyt on vain -10C kun silloin oli jatkuvasti noin 20 astetta vähintään ja mittari näytti myös joskus -36 astetta!Olisi ihanaa uida meressä; ainakin ens kesänä oon ulkona joka päivä kun on hyvä ilma ja lämmintä.Huomenna menen ilmeisesti Monan ja Robertin luo Mäntsälään kun tehdään sitä häävieraslistaa.Odotan kovasti kevättä ja sitten kesää ja niitä häitä.Onneksi menen töihin vasta 6.3 (minulla on edelleen se oikea olkapää ja niska vaivannut lieko joku nikama siirtynyt ) Kipu kyl muistuttaa jos teen jotain rasittavampaa ja jos tulis lottovoitto tulisin sinne katseleman ja lepäämään.Mutta nyt on levättävä Retun kans, se maaliskuun eka viikko on lomaviikko ja en vielä tiedä menenkö jonnekin.
voi hyvin,t.Tuula
Response: Moi, hyvä kuulla että on lämmintä! Täällä on +31c
Vähän leean kuuma!!!
Olen ollut paljon Pimun kanssa ulkona ja töissä.
From heidi
heippa!! mitäs sinulle kuuluiu?? toivottavasti hyvää..laitoin sinulle sähköpostia juuri äsken ja laitoin tässä pari viikkoa sitten kirjeenkin...toivottavasti se on tullut perille.... mites lentomatka meni??? mutta nyt puitää mennä kahville...terveisiä kaikille!!<3
Response: Lentomatka meni hyvin, ja Kirje tulli perille Kiitos.
Laitoin sinulle sähköpostia. Moi moi
From Anne
Mitäs kuuluu?
Mulle ei erikoisempaa,pakkasta -20 ja yli ollut jo muutaman päivän,ensiviikolla lämpenevää.Äidiltä myös terveisiä!
Terveisin:Anne Lahdesta
Response: Moi, on ollut 40 astetta ja eilen kavin uimassa.
From tuula
Yritin eilwn soitella mutta olit kai jo koneessa!Meillä oli koko pvän perhettä kun oli ne Retun 2 v. synttärit.Nyt se makaa tuossa sohvalla tyytyväisenä.Olen ollut koko ajan täällä Paimelas kun se mun autokin jäi silloin Jalkarantaan.Se meidän Ruotsin reissu oli tosi kiva, terkut Annelta ja koiriltakin.Kiitos myös kaikesta mukavasta seurasta täälläoloajaltasi.Toiv. matka sujui hyvin ja olet tullut turvallisesti kotiin!Meilaillaan on jo ikävä sua kun oli aina niin rattoisaa.
terkuin Tuula, Retu-koira ja muu perhe
Response: Jo, olen turvallisesti kotona. Paljon terkuia Natsku
From Anne
Toivottavasti matkasi sinne kotiin sujui hyvin.Täällä ei ole enää niin kylmä kuin silloin kun olit täällä.Hyviä jatkoja ja Emily ja Maija heiluttavat hännillään sinulle terveisiä.
terv Anne Sigtuna
Response: Kiitos, nyt on kuuma kotona!!!
From paivi
hei pimu.
no nyt olet sitte aikuinen nainen.onneksi olkoon.mie olen arjan paikalla. on uuden vuoden aatto. me ollaan taalla, mummo vaari ja mie. peter on ollaan taalla lounaalla ja iltaruoalla.sitte lahdetaan kotia pain ja minut tiputetaan pappilaan, siella on uuden vuoden pileet.kaikki taalta ligar stilta lahetaa sulle paljon terveisia ja uuden vuoden toivotuksia.
mie soitan sitte meijan keskiviikko aamulla.
so,jutellaan ensivuonna.
kerro kaikille paljon terveisia.
From Shelly
Happy Birthday you 21 year old!!! It sounds like you are in a dream place to turn 21, however, you must be bored, all these entries in just a few days! Its good to see you active again! We're on our way down to Nevada today, will be on the road for another couple of days. Have a wonderful couple of weeks in Finland and I look forward to seeing you when we're all back in Australia!
Response: Thanks, no i'm not bored, but it gets dark by 4pm and for once I have a computer at home I can use. So i've been making the most of it. And whilst burning my photos to CD it's a good chance to chatch up on my diary.
See you soon
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you !!!! and a merry xmas to you. a white xmas how grate, it is 40 over here, remember to wear your summer gear on the plane. we'll see you soon and all thous picks..... love arja peter, leah and david
Response: Thanks, Leah's CD is on it's way. Let's se who gets there first, me or the CD!!!
T-shirt, shorts and thongs here I come.
From leah & Arja
we cheked out that band you recomended 'Indica". ... and we realy realy like them!I ended up sitting around for 3 hours down loading the film clip for 'scarlet'. Can you plases pleas pleas get 'Ikunen virta' for me and my mum. we'll fix you up for it when you get back, promis.
hugs and kisses,
Leah and Arja
From Shelly
Hey you're back! We had about 2 inches of snow here and J went out in his Aussie gear (shorts, t-shirt and barefeet) and made a snow angel! Of course we got it on video!

Glad to see you're still around!
Response: Yeah, whilst i was at the holiday house I had no way to communicate with the outside world. I was having netsurfing withdrawrells!!!
From heidi
hei! koskas laitat uusia kuvia tänne?? hei laitatko niitä kuvia joita otit koulusta?? :D juu... nämä sinun sivut on hienot! :DD
Response: Laitan kuvia kun voin moi moi
From paivi
taa on varmaan viimmenen kerta kun mie kirjotan, koulu loppuu tanaan ja sittehan sie jo tulet kotia.
et voi uskoa kuinka onnellinen mie olen siita asjasta.
vieta hauska joulu siella ja kerro kaikille paljon terveisia, ja hauskaa joulua mie en tana
vuonna lahettele kortteja sun kautta tulevat terveiset saa riittaa.
soitellaan. pirautat ja ilmotat missa olet niin mie soitan.
21 vuotis synttaritkin olet siella. no pidetaan sitte myohaset synttarit ja kotiin tulo pileet siella thai ravintolassa.
mie olen niin onnellinen kun kohta voi taas alotaa laskuun
paivista 654321 jeeeeh.
terveisin ikavoiva aiti
From Shelly
Hey Nat! I bet you're having more snow now! J and I are in Seattle, Thanksgiving was yummy and they're saying it may snow here tonight or tomorrow. J's hoping so! The rest of us are holding our breath! I hope you are doing well!
Response: There's so much snow now that they have to remove it in truckloads!!!
It's great fun building snowmen and making snow angels
From Shelly
Sounds like you've been busy as usual. Love your new pictures. We're leaving Tuesday but I have your link on my new (Johnathans hand-me-down) laptop so I can still keep tabs on you!
Response: Yeah no rest for me!!!
I hope you have an awesome trip, and get to play in the snow. It's snowing a few hours north of where i am now. And we are going there tomorrow to see some relos. I'm going shopping today for a thicker Gore-tex jacket!!!
From paivi
hei, olipa ihana nahda lumi kuvia ja niko ja henri.ja katin vauva.onko jo kuinka kylma.mie naytan aina kuvia luokassa muillekin ja ne on innoisaan kun niittenkin maassa on lunta ja se tuo niillekin koti ikavaa. voi kakka joku koe alkaa, pitaa lopetaa. hei hei mie soitan sulle ullan paikalle.
i love you. paivi
Response: Tänä oli -2 pakasta. Mutta aurinko paisto. Minä otin aurinko Lohjalla kesä mökkillä.
From paivi
terveiset gosfordista sinne.
koulussa taas. kyllapas sulla on hauskaa, toivotavasti opit taas elamaan tavallista elama taalla ja toihin se tyo on sitte jannaa lapboratorjossa. pitaa lopetta ja alkaa kirjotaa leikisti formal kirjetta.
terveisin paivi aiti
From Shelly
Well, just relish and live in each moment you have left there. When do you come home?
Jonah is fine, he's going to the birdy sitters in about 2 weeks so J and I can go on holiday. We're going to the US to see my parents! I'll tell you all about it when I see you.
Response: I fly back on the 8th of January. Thus returning in oz on the 10th at around 5am. It's great to hear your going back home for a while. Even if your heading into their winter!!!
From Shelly
Will you even remember how to speak english when you get back?! LOL
Response: True, I can't believe it's been 6 months already!!! Time has gone past so quickly, only 2 months left. Time is running out again! Still too much to see and do...
By the way how is Jonah? Learn't any new tricks?
From Shelly
I love living vicariously through you! You're having such a great time doing all the things you probably would never get to do later in your life. I'm so proud of you! Enjoy the snow... you won't for long ;)
Response: The snow is fun, put the dressing and undressing takes forever! By the time I find my mittens, scarf, woollen socks, ear muffs, jacket, long-johns, woollen jumper, shoes... I have to wake up 10mins earlier than usual just to get dressed. Then strip again to go to the bathroom!!! GRRR...
And then people give me wierd looks when I walk in the snow instead of on the path, because I like to kick the snow as I walk! Like all the kids do!!!
From paivi
moi. lunta sataa ihanaa yksi loma kokemus leikkia lumessa ja saada ihania kuvia laheta mulle please. mutta ei se olis kivaa asua siella pakkasessa kun ensi viehatys on haihtunnu.katos se kun tulee aina vaan kylmemaksi. mutta nauti nyt vahan aikaa erilaisesta kokemuksesta.

terveja muista i love you.
Response: Jo on kivaa leikkia, mutta liukas!!!
From Shelly
I would have LOVED to see that concert with you... I love the violin. *sigh*, maybe someday I'll be able to play mine
Response: Yeah I know what you mean, i'm thinking of learning too. I went back last thursday to see the sinfoni again. It was so good. The accustics of the room were awesome.