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Nath & lou's goats tour

Welcome to nath&lou's Doggin trip. We are endevering to find the best doggin spota around.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Location: The Rockies, Canada

We left on the monday for our tour of the rockies. One of the high lights of the trip the tour guide Alex was a champion and had climbed and been in the canadian rockies alot. The people on the tour were great and from all round the world. I will say this though people from asia are the biggest pains in the arse when it comes to tours they are gauranteed to be late among other things.
Although we were whingein about the cold in calagary it was a blessing in disguise as it placed a nice frosting of snow over the mountains which really set of there natural beauty.
We stopped in Banff breifly to pick up supplies then headed up the old transcanda highway stopped at castle mountian for lunch. It was fantasic to be out of the cities and into the wilderness we were right next to a river that was cristal blue. Arr the tranquilty. then a freight train came barging into the landscape blowing its horn.
We stopped at Lake Louise the lake was incredible the pictures you see do not do it justice. The hotel there stood out like a sore thumb. We went for a hike up into the hills with bear mace!!
It completely rooted me and lou it did help that we went out for a late birthday dinner for lou and meet up with two canadians for drinks and were a little worse for wear. It seemed the way of our trip we only had one flight we did not have a hangover on.The elevation gain was fanastic and gave a great veiw out over the valley which were created by ancient glaicers millions of years ago it blows the mind at how big they wouldhave been.
Sleeped in the Lake Louise hostel for the night. We went up to morraine lake in the morining which we thought was the most beautiful of the lakes we saw on the trip and way better then Lake Louise which was incredible. The pic of louise with lake behind her is morraine lake. Went for another hike and made a transvestite snow man and had snow balls with pure maple syrup over the tasty.
We travelled up to shunda creek hostel which had a hot tub its tuff on the trail. We went out to do some cliff jumping well me the guide and another dude. noone else on the trip wanted to do it. the cliff was about 10 meters but the biggest fear was the water it was freezing when i hit the water my balls went missing.
We had hamburgers for dinner lou and i bought beetroot for the burgers most liked it. Had a fire for the evening outside Lou nearly won chubby Bunny which involves stuffing a marshmellow in your mouth then yelling chubby bunny lou got 7 in it was f@#king funny i was in stitches they were drooling white slop every were the winner only got 9. We ended up getting pissed in the hot tub and i beat to canadians at who could lie in the snow the longest i got to 2 mins my head felt like it would explode. We had shmores as well which you shove a melted masrshmellow between two choc coated biscuits awesome.
We were supposed to climb a mountain but the snow was two deep at the top. We just cruised around the area to the small town of Norregg and a walk around a lake then travelled to our next hostel rampart creek..... to be cont.

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Location: Calgary, Canada

We left edmonton for Calgary things were looking up. the eye doctor gave lou a good review and said she would be right to go snowboarding. We were looking forward to a 6 day tour of the rockies.

We arrrived in calgary and it was abousolty f#*@!$ng freezing it was sleeting snowing raining raining and about 0 C which doesnt sound that bad but we had been enjoying summer for the last 6 months and not ready for it.

We booked our tour but it did leave for couple of days. We meet an irish lad from winnepeg again at the hostel. and he was going on a day trip out to drummheller, which is an hour west from calgary on the praries were they are finding heaps of dinosaur bones and a museam. The town was preety small it was a bit weird though. Your driving along the flat of the praries then the next thing you drop down into this valley were the town is.

The museam was sweet full of old fossils they had all the favourates. trainasuaras rex, triceratops, it was realy cool looking at the fossilized bones of 250 millon year old reptiles. and the first life they can find on earth 500-600millon years old.

We also traveled out to see the hoo-doos which were really mad they were just a rock that protected the dirt from under neath from eroiding away but they were cool.(picture coming soon)

Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Location: Edmonton, Canada

We arrived in Edmonton after an 18 hour bus trip. We walked for 4kms to our Hostel, up a pretty steep hill.

We walked around the biggest mall in the world. It had a slippery slide in the mall and a roller coaster.

We had lamb for the first time since England. Which was Greek lamb.

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Location: Winnipeg, Canada

We arrived in Winnipeg from Toronto which was a 31 hour train trip, we had enough after 20 hours.

We stayed in a HI Hostel, there was only 3 people in the hostel that actually spoke to anyone, everybody else was rude.

We went out with somebody we meet from the Hostel for a couple of drinks, we went to a Aussie Bar that had Australia Beer and put Beetroot on a Burger. We also went to an Irish Bar that served American Pint Glass, we got screwed.

We started to walk across Osbourne Bridge back to the Hostel, when someone threw a McDonalds cup full of ice from a moving car which was doing 60-70km's. Which i had to stay in hospital for 4 nights.

We were sick of Winnipeg, we had to stay for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada

We stayed in a hostel that had a bar and had happy hour.

We climb up the CN Tower, which is over 553 feet tall, it was huge.

We went on a Moose Tour to Niagra Falls, we went to a Winery first that makes it own ice wine, its like a desert wine, and is very sweet, then we went to Niagra on the Lakes, it was a very beautiful old town, there were alot of tourists around the town. Then we went to Niagra whirlpools, our tour guid told us that Matthew we forget what his last name is but it starts with a P. Well Matthew swum across the English Channel, and decided to he wanted to swim across the Whirlpool, Matthew actually got sucked up and his body stayed under the water for four days. We went on the Maid on the Mist at Niagra Falls, we looked like smurf's (see photos). We also got to see the falls at night, with different colour lights in the background. The America Falls looked better then the Canadians ones at night.

We tried a polish smoked sausage with relish and tomato sauce and mustard, it wa yummy.

Friday, 25 August 2006

Location: Ottawa, Canada

We decided to be naught on the train, just so we could stay in jail for a night. Just joking, we stayed in a HI Hostel, which used to be a jail. ( see pictures, when we finally put them on)

We watched a light and music show, which is on at Parliment Hill, and walked around the city.

Thursday, 17 August 2006

Location: Montreal, Canada

We arrived back into Montreal, after a short train trip, which wasn't too bad. We stayed in a Hi Hostel in the City, this time.
We decided to go on a pub crawl on a Tuesday night, which the hostel arranged. We started at a cheap pub, which was a pretty quiet pub, the second pub was the biggest pub in Montreal, it had a massive beer garden, it was bigger then The Mean Fiddler, the third pub was really weird gothic and punk people, but it was a pretty good bar. The last pub we were meant to go to was a latin bar, but it had a 3 hour wait to get in so we went to another bar which was three levels plus a open roof floor, it had four deferent levels of music which was great. We couldn't believe how busy the bars were on a Tuesday night, all the bars we went to were packed.
We walked around the Montreal Formula One Track, and left our foot prints, on some wet tar on the track. We saw some Muckmoots on the track (french name for a groundhog).
We also did some roller blading around Old Montreal. Nath's first time at roller blading and thinking some small bushes would stop him from falling.
We really enjoyed Montreal.

Monday, 14 August 2006

Location: Quebec City, Canada

We arrived in Quebec City at 6.30am, after another long train trip.
Quebec City, was also full of french tourist.

Quebec City is very european, the old buildings and the stone roads. it is a very beautiful city, but coming from prague, we didn't think much of the city.

We walked around the wall, and the city, pretty much in a day. Our hostel was inside the wall so we were safe from any outsiders.

We ate marple ice cream with marple topping, very sweet, but nice.

We tried to find the smallest street which was 109 metres wide, the locals still drive down it.

Friday, 11 August 2006

Location: Gaspe, Canada

Stayed in uni student accom in our own room which was sweet, but we went out and bought pork chops and vegs for dinner. Then arivved back at th accom to find nothing in the kitchen to cook it with spewin.

Second night Managed to russel up some cooking stuff had the meal choice. There was a festival starting on the second night and the theme for the night was african funk. We got some tickets and went to party the night away to some sweet afican music. We had meet Sophie in Perce and ran into her at the concert which was sweet spent the rest the night hanging out in some bars until the night passed away.

Left Gaspe for Quebec next day had some best poutine yet for lunch in the harbour.(Poutine - French for chips with chicken gravy and small chunks cheese)

Thursday, 10 August 2006

Location: Perce, Canada

Left campbellton on a bus fleed up to Perce for a couple of days.
The Bus followed the coast around the Gaspsie Peninsular which had fantasic views of the coast as we wisked along.

The hostel we stayed in at Perce was a converted barn right on the coast with high hills behind us it was very pretty. It is a pure tourist town and only operates for 6 months of the year so it was pretty expensive and full of people. It has a famous rock called the Roche (french for yum). The rock has a big hole in it at one end and at low tide you can walk out to it.
There are warnings everywhere that it is dangewrous because of falling rocks!! Lou and i said she'ill be right and headed over no sooner had we got to the rock then people were saying a large boulder had just fallen down and missed some people. So
we said she'ill be right again and carefully climbed around it.
Tried to go scuba diving but the current was to strong and lou and me have not dived enough and it went to shit. the dive dude gave us some money back so it was not to bad.

Monday, 07 August 2006

Location: Campellton, Canada

We stayed in a lighthouse hostel. the lighthouse is still used today as a lighthouse.

we walked around campbellton town, we went toboganing on Sugarloaf mountain, we had so much fun until it started raining and they closed the ride down.

there was much to do in campbellton so we booked a bus ticket to Perce, and we left the next day.

Thursday, 03 August 2006

Location: Halifax, Canada

we had a long train journey to halifax. the train we delayed 5 times, and we didn't leave until 9-9.30pm. it took 20 hours to arrive in halifax, it was long.

the hostel we stayed in was really friendly, everybody was really nice.

We looked around all day in halifax for some good hiking boots, which we need for our doggin and hiking adventures.

the hostel put on a BBQ for $5, it was ok, we had alcohol.

we hire some bikes for the day and caught a ferry to Dartmouth and rode to fishermans Cove, nobody told us that it was a 6km bike ride, which we had to catch another ferry to get us to McNab island. it was a beautiful island, we rode around the whole island, we were stuffed by the time we finished.

we cooked a live lobster for dinner, everybody in the hostel was watching us, it was so funny, nath was playing with it in fresh water.

our last night we went to ao night club, it was a really mad night club. it didn't get packed until 1-1.30am and the music was really bad. o well we had fun, and there was a really good cat fight.

Friday, 28 July 2006

Location: Montreal, Canada

we had a problem when we checked in at the airport with Air Canada, we weren't booked on the plane. lucky the plane wasn't full, and there were 2 seats available.
when we arrived montreal we hadn't booked any hostels as we just picked a place on the map and we went there.
we realised that there were alot of gay people in the city. we didn't reali se that the gay games were on.

we found a nice tapas bar in Mount Royal, we meet a really nice guy at the bar called Pierre (peter), he told us some really nice places to go to, and offered for us to stay with him at his house.

We had a bad experience with some cranky lebsos and through it was time to leave montreal until the gay games were over.

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Location: New York City, USA

New York

It was so bloody hot in NY, we wold just walk outside and start sweating.

We went to Staten Island on a free ferry the only thing that is free in New York. We went past the Statue of Liberty, going to Staten Island.

We walked around Staten island and got some real mexican, it was beautiful.

We walked down Broadway, with all the nice expensive shops.

We checked out Time Square and the McDonalds which is a fancy pansy restuarant. The McDonalds in New York are mad, big TVs, police in there getting there free Macs.

We went to an Irish Bar where we met a guy call Turf and went out partying with him. It was pretty mad. In New York they dont have a standard shot of 30 mls it all free pooring, which get you pretty pissed.

We went to the Empire State building at night it was amazing and pretty packed.

Tomo i tired the Meatball Sandwich with cheese and sauce it was beautiful.

Thursday, 29 June 2006

Location: England

Sunny Sunny England

We arrived in London, and it was cloudy. We stayed in Londin for three days then head to Manchester.

We arrived in Manchester it was so hot we had to put on t-shirts, shorts and thongs. (flip flops as the pommies call them)

We stayed with Paul's amazing
parents (Tomo's). Tomo's parents are amazing, and are very very lovely people. We had so much fun with them both.
There hospitality was very much appreciated. Especially the home cooked meals.
Tomo you might be getting hambargers when your parents come to Aus.

We went to Cheesy Blackpool for the day and went on a ride called the big one. (remind us to show you the photo when we get back to Aus. Nath also went for a swim in the sea which is a suewer out let, nath said he was going to be sick when he got out of the water.

We also went to Chester, we walked around the wall, it was amazing the wall, and to find out some of the history in the wall.
It took us all day, we looked at our watches and said look it beer a clock (3.30 pm) at the Queens Head.

We also went Camping at the Lakes District, we borrowed a tent and sleeping bags of Nick and Nat. We had to pay $10 each for the both of us to get to the Camp Site, which was a rip. The only food we had that night was chips, fruit and sandwich. The next day we had to venture to Hawkes Head which was a 3 mile walk there and 3 mile walk back, We got a fest, Cumberland sausage, 2 lamb kerbas, cheese, stuff peppers and olives. we found a BBQ that you can throw away. oh and i can forget the fosters and red wine. (that is call backpacking with style).

Nath work with Nick for a couple of weeks, which was much appreciated, from Nick and Nat.

While i went out with the girls, (Nat, Annie, Nat sis, and Sara) shopping and having a cheeky one in the afternoon (beeeeeeeeer)
the shopping was so cheap at Primak i loved it.

We tried Fish n Chips and Mushy Peas, i love the Mushy Peas nath wasn't a fan. We also had Yorkshire Pudding yummy, and Black Pudding. It was beautiful. for my gang in Cranebrook it is pigs blood.

We also had the famous Manchester Curry with Nick and Nat it was top noch.

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Location: Stuggart, Germany

Match day: Australia vs Croatia

Very nerves and exciting day.

Walking around in our shirts all day showing off to the croatian's, as they started celebrating a day before the game. Then all the Aussie's came out on match day, it was even stevens.

We checked out the Mercesades and Porche Muesums they had old and new amazing cars.

We went to a bar near the stadium, which was full of German's, then, all of the Aussies came in and started sitting around us and chanting, we even had a English couple with us chanting.

The Game was so fanastic, it was so amazing, the atmosphere was alwsome.

There are some photos from the match, under the heading of World Cup.

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Arrived in prague hungover from staying up till 4 in the morining in bangkok found our hostel near the park and had a glourious shower went out for an explore and food. Came back to the hostel for a short snooze sleeped right through the Australia v Brazil match which we were going out to watch i was spewing we had missed it. This was most of the reason we were in europe so we could be in the same time zone

Thursday, 15 June 2006

Location: Bangkock, Thailand

We got the hostel in Bangkok we wanted with the pool on top of the roof which was sweet, sun and water.
All Lou and I ate and drank thai food and beer for the three days.
Went down the main river of bangkok for a cruise on the water we saw a restraunt on the river to have some lunch 50min later walking along the bank of the river and up side streets we never found it. Next night we tried to find cabbages and condoms restraunt walked around bangkok for an hour never found it either ended up in a little thia district and found a red duck curry yum.

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