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The time has come for young Nick to slip away from the comforts of home and take on the world. A brief account of the adventures will be posted on this sight for all to see. Wish me luck and here we go!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Location: Turkey

we're back. where was i, so the next day we wake up in eceabate unsure of what we were going to do. the idea was to head south but we found that turkey is much bigger than we thought, to go down and be back in time for the flight on saturday would mean two days of solid busing and only 2 days relaxing, arse to that. thats when we met our mate ned. he owned a string of yachts that do cruises from fetye to olympos, 4 days 3 nights, and decided to stay for an extra week, excellent choice.
we ended up on the ferry and bus to selcuke through a fella dave bought a t-shirt off and away we went. on the bus we met a bunch of kiwi girls who were headed in the same direction, thats when the fun began! at the end of the trip we had sorted a place to stay in secuke thanks to tony, the owner of a hostel in town with 6 kiwi and 6 aussie girls, nice one tone.
we stayed in selcuke for two nights, excellent place. tony and his family drove us where ever we wanted to go. saw ephisus, the buried city, that was very impressive (photos later) and had a nightout in a neighbouring town, can't remember the name. the evening started on the roof of the hostel which was decked out mediterranian style, very nice, with a few beers and a lot of raki, the local fire water. we bused it into town and hit one of the clubs. they employ blokes over there to dance and get everyone excited and up on the floor. quite didnt take long and i was up pulling out the macarana! the drinks are free pour and the bar men are not shy so after a few more rakis and rums, we stumbled outside and back to bed.
the next morning we got a bus down to fetye to board the yacht the followin morning. had a cruise around the markets, a massive 3 course feed that totalled about £10 and retired for the day.
the next morning we got up and headed to the docks to mount the boat.
unsure of what to expect, us and the 6 oz girls boarded an old wooden yacht. the crew were all locals and as excited as us at the ratio of girls to boys. from then on it was feet up and effes (the local beer) on the deck, not alloed to lift a finger. the photos will give you an idea of the water but not quite like being there. you could dead set see thebottom of the sea where ever you went. we docked at butterfly cove and i didnt want to dive in cause i thought it was too shallow, on further inspection, i nearly got the bends trying to touch the floor.
each day we awoke to a cooked breakfast at around 9.30, then it was in for a swim then on the decks to recover from the night before. after lunch, back on the effes,and so the cycle continues. it was amazing, i have never been so relaxed in my life. totally recommended to anyone, even you oldies. we had a 45 year old on our boat, the producer of victorias country hour on abc radio. tried to make an add for him one morning, you know the one where you draw the symbol, couple of breky vodkas ruined that, makes for funny viewing though. made a love tape to myph (Triple J) aswell, think she wants me!
on the last night of the cruise, all the yachts dock in a little cove that consists entirely of one night club. there was around 12 yachts all together so it made for a good night out. funny though, all the males had, over the past 4 days , become very protective of their heiroms, so it was a little bighty to start but once the raki hit, it was all love and candy!
unfortunately the next day meant the end of the trip. we unboarded? at olympos and proceeded to book into a tree house where we would stay for the next 3 nights. olympos is a one street town that follws a dry river bed. it is around 3km long and is full of hostels, pubs, night clubs and kebab shops, and thats it. a bed, dinner and breakfast will set you back AUS$15 a night, and the food was amazing. caught up with maroulis and cuppa again and the same old shenanigans continued for thr next three evenings. worn out ready for a quiet night in we left olympos and headed for istanbul then back to london. awesome all round trip, definately doable again.
back in london and broke again it was back to dry bread and water, for a couple of months, now off to spain! bring on the bulls! hope you enjoy the photos and will try and update on a more regular basis now we are not working 26 hoursa day 8 days a week. hope to hear from you all soon, take it easy.

Thursday, 12 May 2005

Location: Anzac Cove, Turkey

Hey all, been a while since an update, sorry about that, been so busy, you know how it is... Any who, have just returned from a two week stint in Turkey, possibly the most hospitable and beautiful country in the world, besides oz of course!
The trip started the day before anzac day (24th April) when Dave and myself left london after a send off deserved of someone never returning to the country, needless to say, an epic night out with the boys that ended at 4am when our cab arrived to take us to the airport. (T minus 14.5 hrs till service) We arrived in Istanbul, not a clue where we were, where we had to go or how to get there. Travel king Joey D had told us that it is easy to get around turkey and EVERYONE speaks english! of course they do, who doesnt!! Got off the plane and hailed a cab to take us to the bus depot to organize transport to anzac cove. We explained in our best tuklish (slowly spoken English with a bad turkish accent) where we wanted to go, a nod of the head and we were off.... 100m, the cabby pulls over, gets out and scoots off back to the airport. 5 minutes later he returned with an interpreter, all was cleared up and away we went. Lesson 1, never listen to Joey!
We get to the bus terminal, HOLY... There are turks every 2 metres screaming stuff at us and of course expecting us to under stand them, hmm. so we replied in english, anzac, anzac??? eventually we worked out where we needed to be. Lovely area, not highly recommended while nursing a hang over..
Joey didnt arrive in Istanbul till 7.30pm so the closest bus we could book was at 10.30pm, cutting it thin as it is a 6 hour bus trip to Eceabat, then anther 1/2 hour in the cab to the cove.
(T-8.5 hrs) Joey arrived with Dave close to stringing him up after convincing himself that we were destined to miss the service, "she'll be right Dave, we always make it!".
(T-6hrs) We board the bus in Istanbul with the driver, after just trying to marry his grand daughter off to me, assuring us that we would make it on time. the bus set off 20 minutes late, settle Dave, and we were on the road to anzac cove.
(T-30mins) 4am we arrived in Eceabat and legged it in boardies and pluggers to the cab. the cabby tried to explain in his best Turklish that the cops were everywhere and was hard to get to the cove so we hit the back roads to avoid them. belting along an old dirt track in a car with more rattles than widgy, (my beloved telstar for those who dont know) and we came to a T, or so we thought, left, right, or straight ahead over a rubbish tip. and thats where we went, at this point the heart started racing, pitch black in a cab in a foreign country with a driver trying to avoid the police. Turned out that he didnt want to have his way with us and we reach ed a point 6km from our destination. troops swarmed the car, pulled us out with machine guns at the ready and sent the cab on his way. Not a clue where we were and some what shaken after the past 20 minutes events we set off on foot down the track to anzac cove. a 15 minute trot later, we arrived on sight just as the preservice began. nice one boys.
we settled into the crowd and enjoyed the service. it was quite moving as the sun rose over the cliffs and they played the last post.
From there we trekked up to lone pine for the Australian memorial service and then up the hill to the kiwi one. we were all psyched to see the hucka but apparently the Turkish president saw it as pornographic and offensive so it didnt happen. Whilst at lone pine we ran into Maroulis and Cuppa. The boys were on their way in the opposite direction to us after that day, we tried to convince them to join the trio but they would have no part in it. Also ran into Annabell, she had a different agenda as well so it was back to the 3 of us and off to Eceabat to get a hotel and a bit of shut eye.. yeah right. We paid a local sales man 60 million TL to drive us back to town which enabled us to avoid the traffic jam with 600 buses you probably heard about. Al the way back down the hill, school kids were pulling us up for photos and asking for presents from oz. the kids over there were amazing so friendly and no shame at all, makes you feel like a rock star, which was a new sensation for Dave and Joey....
Got to Eceabat in the afernoon tired and ready for a shower. we booked into a hostel which was where we first heard about the cruises down south and decided to extend the trip to two weeks to accommodate for this, good option!
we had a couple at the boomerang bar with a heap of other ozzies on various tours. good night and found out a few of the must see and do areas in Turkey, its all about networking..
I will leave it at that for now so you dont get bored. will return in the next couple of days and continue with the scintillating stories and add photos for those who cant be assed ready all this. enjoy and hear from you all soon.. dorns

Wednesday, 02 March 2005

Location: London, UK

Hello Australia, hows the sunny side of the world.. We are back in London punching out a bit of work and trying to put a bit away for the next trip to Dublin on paddies day.
Had a few large weekends out here since the last update. We work with a couple of irish larks who organised for 10 of us to go up to Edinburgh for the Ireland Scotland six nations match. Massive weekend. Dave and myself worked from 5am thursday morning till 6am Friday morning then boarded the train to edinburgh at 9, full of energy..... Went to the pub for lunch and that was us till sunday at 6pm when the train came back to london. Big Joey came down aswell on the Saturday for the match, in form as always. It was a top weekend but the accomidation was questionable. We stayed in a backpackers which was in the centre of town, nice, but smelt like the treatment plant in Bondi. not nice.. On the first night some random guy got into our room (which had 22 bunk beds) and left two not so pleasent surprises for us in the morning. Other than that though it was all good.
Dave , Jake and me went to the hilltop hoods concert last friday night at the Cargo in london. the place was packed, awesome concert. we wangled a place on the guest list but because it was sold out, werent going to be let in. A bit of smooth talking and money spinning by the snake changed that.
That weekend began on the thursday night with a fair well for Joey Stephen, (a couple of quiet beers) and ended at 3am on Monday morning, feeling slightly human again now.
the party industry is quiet during the early months because of the cold and excessive xmas shopping i suppose so we are chasing cash work until it starts again in a couple of weeks. Dublin and Gallipoli and our next ventures, probably see a couple of you there. Will make sure to take some more photos at these and might even snavell a few of some of the larger parties we have done to show you the scale of them and rediculous amounts of money people throw into one night. Hope all is well with everyone and keep us updated on any juicy stuff that is going on. Till next time, take it easy...... Dorns and Dave

Sunday, 16 January 2005

Location: Kirchberg, Austria

Finally got aronud to downloading a few photos from the start of the trip. Alot of them I didnt put on CD and just printed straight out so if you are lucky you can see those when I get home.
Well the holiday is over and its back to London and work now. It was an emotional time to say the least, but we all survived.
Jake and I got back from Austria yesterday, that was an excellent week. When we got back from Edinburgh we decided to hit the slopes somewhere so it was onto the internet. Found this deal in Austria which was half the price of any other so booked it on the Wednesday night and flew out Friday morning.
We arrived at the resort in the late afternoon with a guy from Perth and a young fella from California to meet the rest of the crew. It was too late to hit the slopes so we got all our gear organised for the next day and it was off to the pub. The austrians are a party race, when we got to the local at 4.30pm there were people dancing and singing on tables and the bar, early starters. To close the bar they cover it in some sort of alcomohol and light it. Good times.
i wont go into too much detail about that first night but i will say that the staff at habitat knew us pretty well the next morning. After a couple of rough hours sleep it was an early rise and up the hill to our 1st day of pain. Of course being pros we decided that lessons were not needed.... bad idea. ook a while to reach the bottom of the 1st hill and was met with a T-bar, not fun on when your snowboard experience spans a whole hour.. Needless to say half way up i came a gutser much to the amusement of the locals. Next move, undo bindings and walk down for round 2, but hold board, i forgot the latter. The board shot off down the hill next to the T-bar. It took me around 3 hours to retrieve it and make my way back to the top due to hip deep snow and a serious lack of energy and motivation. Anywho, got back up, an instructor helped me up the lift and that was me for the day. Close of play on day one, mountain 1, Nick 0.
Sunday night was another biggn, Jake and i hit the locals with our guide for the night Wally after a little 9 pin bowling. Photos of the masks and wigs tell the story of that one.
Early rise again Monday and back up the hill. Feeling a litle better today as i managed some breakfast. Up and away and after a few falls am feeling confident and wait half way down for Jakey to catch up, waiting, waiting.. One good buster and hed ripped the bindings off the board, end of day 2 for the big man. I stayed on for a few more hours, got a few runs out, good day. Mountain1, Nick 1. Back to the bar. Bit quieter that night, just cards and a few pints. Lost a few Euros though, damn you Bob.
Jake and i split fro the crew Tuesday as i needed to buy some new gloves and he needed a new board. headed up the hill together, did some quality boarding and conquered the T-bar. good day.. Mountain 1, Nick 2..
Back to the bar for a dinner and a dew before heading up the hill again for a little night time tubing. All was going to plan, cruise down the hill on rubber tubes, Steveo stopped you before the fence and shed, down a couple of shots, then back up and start again. about an hour into it the snow plough man came to resurface and told us the game was up, finito.. Like hell, one last run was in order and this time we would double up to increase velocity. Speed definately at least doubled, but control... out the window, by the time we reached the bottom there was no stopping us. Estimated speed, 40km/h, only brakes available, a wooden shed at the bottom. We hit this and it sounded like thunder, we both bounced off and lay there wondering what was broken. luckily no serious damage was done but there are some nice bruises showing now.
Mountain 8, Nick -5. at this pointi stopped scoring!
No boarding the next day, way too sore but the bar was open another quality night at the club habitat bar.
the next day it took a while to rise and Jakey was still way too messed up to head up so me and Bryce (Californian) went up and did the run from the top of the mountain back to the village. Good times, plenty more falls. That night i was totally drained so it was an early to try some quality boarding on our last day on the slopes.
Early rise and i follwed the crew up to a few different runs, they shot off down a few black runs and i restrained myself to the much friendlier blues. Did a few nice runs, attempted my 1st jump and ended up wrapped backwards around a pole.... done very gracefully though. Had a little lunch at the top of the mountain then off on another run, alls well til about half way down when my board decided to go out in sympathy with Jakeys and the bindings snapped off. End of boarding for dorns..
There was a farewell party that night (as if they needed an excuse) which ended around 6 am then up at 7 to head to Munich for our return flight to London.
Was an awesome week but its back to London and work, boring. Hope this finds you all well look forward to hearing some goss from back home. Take it easy and hope to hear from you all soon,

Friday, 07 January 2005

Location: London, UK

Hello Australia, hope you all got the email about xmas and new year, here are the photos that go with it. There arent as many photos as there should be but these will hopefully entertain til my return from Austria. Hope this finds you all well, loves yas all and speak soon, dorns. You can leave messages on this sight aswell, just gdays or what ever. Happy new year....

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nice photos pick, good to see your hand is still attached to your balls some things never change
From dorns at laarge
are you ok?
were aare yoy know?
kay & Brian
Response: all fine. over in spain for the running of the bulls. hope alls well at home.
From Campbell
Thanks for ageing me five extra years!!! Mind you, right now I'm feeling it. A month back at work and I can't wait to go again.
Myf very touched by your video devotion to her. Onwards and Upwards and give my regards to Dave and Joe.
Response: good to hear from you mate, sorry to have missed you in london. over in spain now with the boys. take it easy.
From Ferg
Whats doing you peanut, havent checked your site in about a month and its still the same, youve changed man..You used to be about the game. Make sure your back by October for my 21st i need one of you there Matt will be off rehabilitating mear cats in Botswana or something. Take it easy killer.
Response: doing it now ya maggot, shut up for a while!!!!!
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when are you going to finish your update and put some photos on you slack arse?
Response: umm, later!
From Ted
Dorns, you have had me in stitches reading this. Good to hear somethings never change (joey running late, and packer stressing) look after yourselves.
Response: how are you big fella. tried to call a couple of times but gave up. good to hear ya kicking around ok. take it easy
From wom
pick, sounds like its all going well mate, good to here. back in contact with the outside world for awhile. all going well up here. talking to dave the other day and it sounds like for you big man when it rains it pours. take care mate hope all is well say gday to the other boys for me. wom
Response: hasnt stopped raining over here mate. will be good to get some sun in summer but a wet one is predicted.
From bart
hey skippy,
sounds like fun keep the updates coming. would have loved to count how many f--ks packer let rip trying to make it to turkey on time.
Response: tried to count but lost it in the 1st hour. stay black, word!!!!
From Phweebs
hey dorns,
really enjoy your updates and piccies>especially the austrian ones!!so glad you're having a blast.makes my life seem pretty pale in comparison except for the brizzy weather!!look after yourself matey. hey went to a going away party for gus anderson last thurs he is heading on over to uk as well! say hello to others 4me
Response: long time no hear pweeb. weather is starting to warm up now and heading to the mediterranian for summer, so be jealous.... take it easy mate. dorns
From Wardy
Hi Dorns,
Looks like you guys are having a ball from the photos.
Say G'Day to them for me.
Take Care
PS. Going to Carmel's wedding on the weekend!
remember her???????
Response: yes i do...... interesting. good ta hear from ya wardy, hope alls well.
From Benny Warren
Hey Pick you big run over pidgeon chest you! Hope things ar well buddy. Just had a week in New York with a few of the guys from Colorado, crazy city. Tell Packer that I am going to kick him in the ovaries and ask him if he has won anymore free holidays lately. Talk soon fella's. P.S When you are in Dublin, make sure you go to St.James' Gate and do the guiness tour, but make sure when you get your free pint at the end of the tour you give yourself the biggest belgium dip possible. Later Bud.
Response: good to hear from ya mate. when do you head home? all good over hear starting to warm a little, very keen fa summer. talk soon big guy! stay classy..
From Katie Vale
Hi Dorns,
Looks like you're having a blast! Thanks for the updates...Im so proud of my old house mate! You should drop into WA when you're back, I think you'd like it.
Take care, Katie.
Response: Its all good Valey, what are you up to in wa, chasing carly boy? good to hear from you.
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hey f--ker
goin great guns in inverell teaching at the high school. Wish i was there with you larks killing my liver a little more. keep havin fun and remember that black is back and little white pidgeon chested people are funny. See you when your privates part.
Response: run over pigeon chest mate, get it right!
From wom
gday thud your still alive i am impressed. not much happening here mate flat out with work at the moment i heard dave sold his car to go and see G now that is love from the big man. hows the ladies treating you dorns well i hope. take care have fun wom
Response: are you still in armidale or up north now? will have to chat soon. take it easy. havent seen toe nails in the news over here for a while, tell him to pull his finger out!
From browny
Hey buddy some great pics and looks like your havin fun. be good say gday to the lads. see ya soon
Response: Havn a ball mate. bit quiet at the moment but will liven up again in a couple of weeks when we hit Dublin. Say gday to everyone back in the dale. speak soon..
From Pratto
'Dorns at large'-&gt'Dorns runnin a muck international', kin oath keep it up, great to see you both are making the most of it. Ladies day at the races tomorrow (6th year in a row) kin oath, in Taree now... all the best
Response: Gday little wud, long time no hear. Hope ladies day was good, gettn a bit old arent you son.. take it easy..
From Ben Mason
new address
Response: cheers maso, are you working at the uni now? give us a little up date, had no news from home for a while..
From Marto
great to see you & the boys r having a ball. Keep up the great photography.
We are living in the burbs of Melbourne now. Plenty of shit weather, impatient drivers and fun-boy shoes.
Say g'day to the boys for me.
Talk soon.
Response: sounds like london bud, will we be back in time for the wedding?
From Buttrdge
Me and the Cup will be over there at the end of April if you are still around. Let us know you little mothers...
Response: will be here bud. how long you gimps over for?
From Kiwi Chicks
How did you manage to get a photo with those hotties on New Years day at the pub? Must be kiwis to be THAT hot & awesome!!!
Response: not sure, some cheap hussies we ran into and somehow got in the photos!
From mum
Hey Nick
Club Habitat was where we stayed too. Heg lived there for years in the 70's.
Love the captions and travel log - didn't realise you were such a talented writer.Recognised those red eyes!
Sooo glad you survived the shed. xx
Response: yep, i is good at england. its all teh stuff i got learned in skool.
From David Llewelyn
Finally got some time at the computer. great site, you should load it up with some more pics. Hope everything is well and all the bumps and bruises have healed. Will give you a shout soon. Have got some interesting news...
Response: will put some more pics on, takes ages to do though, flat out at the moment. got the news, interesting!
From BDB
Like the look of that snow. Leaves 'traya for dead. Thanks for sharing the fun with us. Keep up the good work and don't break too many bones (not like you're trying or anything).
Response: Gday BDB, hows tricks. Hope all is well done in the MIA.
From Chloe
Hey big fella!!
Sounds like you're going off in true Nick style! Keep up the good work, and don't let those mountains get you down, they've had an odd billion more years at it than you.
Too bad you'll miss my big 21st bash! No matter, go hard on the 12/3 for me.
Hope to catch up when you drag your scraggy butt back here!
Response: Have a good bday chlo bow. pity to miss it, done think ive made it to one of your families yet, book me in for Grants!
From wom
thanks for the tips on how to survive up there i think i will have it covered now. leave in a couple of weeks, to kununurra at first and then where ever they send me after that. should be fun say gday to all the boys over ther looks like you are having fun take care mate wom
Response: All ways take care wom, you know me. if you have a land line txt it to me and will give you a buzz. good luck up north big man!