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Ness and Pop's excellent adventure

Welcome to ness and laura's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 29 September 2006

Location: London, UK

hello govna,
Can't believe we've only got two and a half more weeks to go and then it's home. Has absolutely flown by. Probably our last entry and set of photos before we're back.
Spent the last week in London with Miche and Nic. Living the life of a sydneysider working in London, just without the work. We shopped everyday instead, cooked dinner for our working girls, drank wine, and got kicked out of London Clubs. Apparently you're not allowed to go to the toilet in groups of three in London. No one told us this rule! Had an awesome time though. Thanks Nic and Miche!! It's inspired us to come home and work hard so when we come back we don't have to live like them! ie. no bed bugs and fleas....
And to all those people who didn't think we could take it and would be back in 2 months...we just had our 4 month travelling anniversary! And if anyone wants to give us some more money we'd stay over here for longer.
And on another note...what's this myspace business???? Has everyone gone crazy?! You know none of you have anything on us, and our website - there's no camels, indoor skiing, sailing boats, shishas or anything really! Except yourselves? WHat's the deal? Even you mum (sue)!
Ok, well, we're home soon. Hoping Holly and Fran have organised us a dinner club for the following thrusday already. Looking forward to seeing everyone...kind of.
Also, Happy 21st Birthdays to Miss Heidi Mortlock for the 30th, and to Kat Weihen for the 12th October. We're sorry we're just missing them but we're sure you'll both have very special days!!

God save the Queen,
N & P x

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Location: Bibury, England

Can't believe we're back where we started in Bibury. Have had the extremes over the past 2 weeks, arriving in the English countryside from the Arabian desert.
Abu Dhabi was out of this world. Packed so much into the 10 days we were there, and it just flew. Big thanks to Gen and Ben for having us in your home. We loved being there with you and your TV and your fridge and your washing machine!! We will miss you both.
Also great to see Harry in Dubai, keeping the friendship alive. Hi Harry!
Have just uploaded photos from our time there...they tell the story, but basically it was hot, sandy, and lots of fun. Highlights were the desert safari, ski dubai, drinks with Gen at the Champagne Bar, and being in a home!!
Off to meet Nic in London tomorrow, and we're there till Oct 1. Then it's off to the US for some family fun with the Zems.
Miss you all, but are you missing us?!?! We haven't had messages for ages!
Ness and Pop

Saturday, 02 September 2006

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Arrived in Barcelona yesterday to yet another scabby hostel and more smelly germans! We left the hostel this morning and round the corner, sitting on the ground, was a man with no pants on. Absolutely starkas nothing impressive though. Not worthy of the webpage! Not the kind of thing you want to see first thing in the morning! Actually, it was so bad, and we're over germans so much, and the naked hobo's that we've just checked out to go to another hostel where we can have a private room...just the way we like it...ness and pop...alone.
Excited though, cause tonight we're going to a live jazz show in a cool underground club. Ness is going to wear her hat. update you -
San Sebastian was spantastic! Wish we had extended our stay. Hostel was really cool. Felt like being in a home (not a special home but a homey home). Meet some really cool people that we drank sangria with...a whole 2 litres for 2 euro! Bargain!
We tried to do the tapas thing but everything was served on bread..not very glutey free friendly, but still, good to look at! Had an entire day on their main beach, 'La Concha'. Actually lay on real sand and swam in water with real waves...something we haven't seen since home. It was very exciting. We're easily thrilled these days!
Shopping in San Sebastian was really great, but only window shopping for us because of our budgets...tough times. You know this when your stealing cutlery and plates from Starbucks to use for your supermarket meals. This is not a joke. This is really what we have to do to survive. But who would suspect us of stealing...
Anyway, holding our bags tight, and watching out for each other.
Send us money, clothes and food....and messages!
Love N & P

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Location: Bordeaux, France

Writing from Bordeaux; A very beautiful city in France's South. Lots of wine.
Just done a massive upload of photos AND some short movies for you too.
Heading to Spain tomorrow so Au Revoir France.
Thanks for the memories!
See you Rater,
N & P

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Location: Nice, France

Hi everyone,
Wanted to update you on the past few weeks of the trip, but firstly, and most importantly, we've made the top 5 most visited sites for this months thanks to all of you!!! And we have the feature photo on the planetranger site, thanks to us! Woohoo!
So...Paris - Such a beautiful City, especially at night. Cause it was both of our second times in Paris, we didn't do the usual sites and museums. Just visited our favourites, like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, but only from the outside! Instead, we took a night bike tour (unbelievably adventurous for Pop if you know her history with bikes) and also took a day to go out to Eurodisney and Walt Disney Studios (The highlight of the trip so far)!
The bike tour - well, it wasn't very informative, but it was fun. It included a night cruise down the Seine with free red wine - which was successfully spilt all over Pop and my new top! Can you believe that they trusted us to get back on our bikes after the cruise after we had drunk at least a bottle of red each?!?! Ness was alsmost killed...twice, and Pop struggles with bikes at the best of times. We understand now why its illegal to drink and drive...Thank god for those reflector vests! (Photos to come).
EuroDisney - Don't even know where to start. Was just the best day ever. Arrived for the opening of the gates at 9:00am, along with all the other 7 yr olds and their parents. We wont go into to much detail but there was definately running...and a little bit of skipping...not from the toddlers....and even some shoving....bloddy children. They should respect their elders!
Highlight 1 - The Stunt show. Picture this. Around 1000 people in the crowd and way up the back two little girls, dressed in pink and yellow, are watching, just like everyone else. The presenter asked who would like to be part of the stunt show, ness says to Poppet, 'I've seen something like this at Movie World. it's someone planted in the audience.' Seconds later 'Yes you in the Pink top, come on down!' Clearly, we were both shocked. Poppet was chosen to be in the show...SHe even had to get up in front of everyone and make car noises AND actions. Very funny, photos also to come!
The rest of the day was just as good. Spent hours playing in Fantasyland on the Teacups. Got to go on rolercoasters - definatley were the ones making the most noise. Finished the day with the Princess Parade down Main Street USA. Oh, it was just so great! We were the two biggest kids sitting in the front row. Ness made sure we had the best view of all the Princesses. She made us get there an hour early,...just to be sure!
In Nice at the moment. Still yet to make up our mind as to how good it is, but nice to be back to sun and beaches.
Keep checking the site, and tell your friends.
Write us messages!!
N & P

Thursday, 17 August 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany


We´re in Berlin! The most amazing city. So so cool. A big detour in the itinery but a great one! Had to fly here from Paris via London which was absolutely crazy with all the hightened security measures in place. No one had any idea what was going on. But thanks to Ness and her endless supply of snap lock bags, we were fine!
So much to see here - will post photos ASAP. Some pretty funny ones on there way!
So...what have we been up to since our last entry...SO MUCH!

First stop - Florence: Pretty cool little city. Lots of pigeons and jewellery. Had a great time.

Next - San Gimingano: So beautiful. As we said on the photo page, we ate, drank and washed our undies! Stayed at a camp site in a bungalow thing. It was ok. Not to shabby. Had the best gelato of the trip and we both have put it out there as the best gelato IN THE WORLD! (Thanks Nicka for the tip!)

After San G - Como: Here we rubbed shoulders with celebrities! Well not exactly, but close enough. We spent a day in an awesome wine bar that George Clooney frequents. We didn´t see him but the owner told us he was there only four days earlier! Pretty cool. This wine bar also hosted a private Oceans 12 party where Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Denyel Washington, George Clooney and Michael Douglas all attended. That´s our claim to fame so far. Wine was awesome and they fed you for free!! No wonder we stayed there all day!!

From Como to Chamonix, Mt Blanc: Another awesome stop that wasn´t on the orriginal plan. Had the funniest time. Thought that it would be appropriate for us to climb the Aguille de Midi in thongs - it´s 3000meters above sea level. It was snowing on top and there were people ice hiking up the mountain. It was pretty cold. per usual, received the special treatment we´ve become accustomed too. The lifties let us sit in the control room until we thawed out, bringing us tea, chocolate and even offered us a doobey (don´t worry mum´s and dad´s - of course we refused!). The village was so beautiful and we stayed at a lodge run by an Aussie - Glenn. Pop kept on calling him Greg - Oh well, close enough. He was the one who said we´d be fine on top of the mountain in jeans, a jumper and thongs...
The next day we went inside a Glacier. Also very cold - but today we were clever chickens and wore shoes!! And bought extra jumpers!

Sadly left Chamonix, arriving in Lyon: Completely overrated! Hostel was disgusting, the only good thing about it was the shopping...and we hit it pretty hard! Thank god for the credit card!

And that brings us to now! More photo´s on there way. Keep the messages coming...It´s nice hearing from home!

Ooohhhh....we´re going to a swing bar tonight!! Photo´s should be funny!

Bye bye... N & P

Monday, 31 July 2006

Location: Rome, Italy

We arrived in Florence today, to temperatures that we did not think could get any hotter than Rome, but apparantly they do.

so to our time in Rome:

-The Pantheon. Wow!!!
-The free water bottle refills from the public fountains. we are finding any way to save money these days.
-Got into the Vatican for free, becasue it was the last Sunday of the month. We did not even know it was free untill we were inside at the paying stations. so excited!!!!
-Piazza Navona. Our favourite square, had a wonderful dinner here and some great busker watching.
-The best cappucinos we have had so far
-some great sushi. we know this is not very Italian but it was living the life of a local, the place was the local hot spot.
-We managed to avoid those dam gypsys, and left Rome with nothing being stolen.

-Rome was hot, but we still managed to walk arond the whole city
-Waiting in Ques. Our longest waite was 1 1/2 hours in the Vatican line.

Florence awaites...............

Friday, 28 July 2006

Location: Roma, Italy

Arrived in Roma yesterday...luckily. We were very very close to missing the train so not the best start to our time in Rome, as the station master had to stop the train from leaving to help us on, and he wasn't impressed, then we were two hours late for checking in at our accommodation place so we got in trouble there as well. All this prepared us for yet another barraging when we had to wake up the owner of the apartment we're staying in to buzz us through the security gates cause we couldn't work out how to use the key!!
So very sad to leave beautiful Venice!
- The Doges Palce. Wandered around for hours with our audio guides (the first of the trip).
- Getting lost in all the little streets and window shopping.
- Our beautiful hotel room and bubble spa baths

- Leaving

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Location: Venice, Italy

Finally arrived in Venice this morning after a long 33 hour ferry ride from Greece. It went suprisingly fast.
Things that helped:
- Lilos to sleep on for beds
- The Pod
- SLEEPING TABLETS - we ate them like lollies
- An hour of english TV
- Eating and drinking, and gambelling.

We had a great night in Athens with Brendon Bulos, James Metcalfe, Ed Cregan, Jake, and Julia. Thanks Brendon!! Lived the life of a local for a night, staying with Brendon in his family's apartment. He took us to Galea - A club on the beach just out of the city. We were the only english speaking people there. Was so great. More dancing on podiums and a couple of bottles of Grey Goose Vodka. We were looked after very maybe not living the life of a local but close enough. Thoroughly entertained by European men and their great pride in their clothes. Photo's to come.

Venice is beautiful. So far have just got lost in all the streets and bridges, and visited St Marcs Square. We're staying on a canal with water views. Did we mention we got upgraded to a suite?!?! Living it up,
Thanks again Kerrie and Raybo,
Ness & Pop

Friday, 21 July 2006

Location: Greece

In our very last days of a very fun time in sunny (but windy) Greece. Visited Athens, Mykonos, Paros, Ios and Santorini.

- Started with a big bang scoring a nights accommodation in Vienna ina four star hotel, fully paid for including dinner and breakfast PLUS 150 Euros each! We both bought new sunglasses.
- Holly at the airport in Athens, and her new brown hair.
- Mykonos: Mel and Bridge, our new GC (Gold Coast) friends.
- Paradise Beach: Pools in bars are the best inventions ever, as is dancing elevated!
- Elephant man in G-String (See pictures)
- Ios: Ness's 22nd Birthday. Sparky Marc surprised us at Far Out Beach Club. We had a big birthday party that night.
- Cccody
- All our friends together. 7 girls - Ness and Pop, Hol, Marns, Alex and Heidz and Nic, and One boy - Tom.
- Red Bull Bar - THE Red Bull Bar. More dancing on barrels/tables/stools/bars - pretty much anything above the ground.
- Harmony. A really layed back restaurant with a great view and great Nachos.
- The tube rides on our last day. Poor Nic. She got a fat head to the chest (Heidi).
- Santorini: Very romantic, lots of picnics and sunsets.
- Volcano walk and Hot Springs.

- Far Out and the Bungy. We had to share toilets with feral people that were like 1km away from our room. Difficult when you're bustin in the middle of the night.
- Not being able to flush your toilet paper...Yes that's right. It has to go in the bin. Trust us we tried! It comes back up.
- The wind!
- Santorinis so called 'Red, Black and White Beaches'. They aren't beautiful. It's more like red, black and white dirt/dust/mud/rock.
- The ferry back to Athens. Got up at 2.00 for a 3.00 bus to take us to our 4.00 ferry. Ferry didn't show till 7.00. NOT HAPPY.

Heading to Venice tomorrow where Ness's lovely parent have put us up in a beautiful hotel for two nights. THANKYOU KERRIE AND RAY!
Pictures will follow shortly.

Leave us messages goddamnit!
This has taken FOREVER - and has cost a lot of internet time and money!
N & P

Monday, 12 June 2006

Location: Croatia

Hey All,
Finally we've found a way to keep everyone updated on our trip without writting billions of emails and spending hours in internet cafes!

Croatia was so great! Would recommend it to everyone, but you should get there quick before the Euro comes in, because the Euro is already killing us and we're only 2 weeks in!

- Sailing around for 10 days. The only way to really see Croatia.
- Hvar. An island 1 hour south of Split. We booked 6 nights there but ended up staying 2 weeks. Met some Melbourne boys, James and Harry. Our new friends for life! Hired boats, sailed around, drank cocktails and had two pretend birthdays for Vanessa, which turned out to be two very cheap nights as everyone bought us rounds of cocktails and other drinks.
- BenQuick. Tastes like nesQuick but has the texture of Milo.
- The Blue Caves. These cave that rest on the water and let the sun shine underneath them so when you row into them the water glows this amazing blue/turquoise colour. Like nothing either of us have seen before.
- The Croatia vs Australia game. So lucky to be in Europe for the World Cup and even luckier to be in Croatia for this game. The whole town we were in went nuts. There was a huge Australian contingent there that went crazy. Whenever the Croatians scored red flares went off all over the town square. Aussies were typical Aussies - loud, drunk and disorderly. Our warcry was 'We've got sand on our beaches', sung to the tune of that one tonne rodeo car ad.
- Gen coming to visit us for 2 weeks. Stayed with us in dubrovnik and Hvar and a few days on the boat.

- the weather for the first 5 days. Was like Sydney when we left. We were wearing 2 jumpers every night. Croatia claims that it only has 10 bad days a year, and we think we got nearly all of them!
- had some freaks on our boat. eg. Dolphin lady - thought she could talk to them. Seriously. Psycopathic Kiwi, Paul. Crazy Orst. Pretty-girl hater Marnie - she threw a coke all over Ness.

And that's Croatia! Or what we can remember right now!!
Greece will come soon. We entered Heidi in a wet tshirt competition so stay tuned for photos!
Missing everyone.
Write us messages!
Love N & P

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From Heidz
Hello my two fav girls in the world! I miss you! Not long so pumped. You'd be very proud, since my 21st which (exactly one week and 3 days) i have turned over a new leaf! Drinking in MODERATION, cleaned my room, cleaned my car and many other interesting improvements! So ii'll be a big bundle of joy and healthiness when you return to me! How is the US? Many funny stories to tell, im sure you have some also! Ness.. tell me you've picked up again you big pussy. Pop, saw will at canana the other night, get back here and work on him please, that myth only stayed out for one beer! Tell Bud and Rosie we won netball the last twp weeks, we are doing so well just tell them not to bother coming back! hahaha Cant wait to ciao down it up with you, cabana it up with you and gym it up with you. Ness, cant wait to tred in a bit more of your dogs shit..great times! Love you both to the moon and back, but i will not love you if you dont hurry the f--k up and get back to me! LOVEEEEEEEE YOU!!!
From Georgie
Hooommmee ssooonn! !!!! whoo hoo .. miss u. xx-> for me xx-> from les xx -> from soph .. Hi Pop :)
From mel & bridge
hey girls.. your nearly home hey?! make sure you put up the rest of your pics.. we will have to catch up in sydney or the GC sometime so we can get really drunk and talk about our travels.. have a safe trip back..
ps. ness i bet you cant wait to get rid of those bloody zip lock bags...
also - hi to HOLLY!
Response: home on the 17th. cant wait to see you both in GC or Sydney. got rid of the zip locks already, people were getting to mean about them. succumbed to peer pressure. cracked!!!!!
love you both. hows is it being back home?
hey girls NOT LONG TO GO!!!! cant believe you will be home soon!!! - crazy!!! Not much to get excited about pretty boring here but we are all looking forward to seeing you soon yay!!!
-Enjoy the US please buy some cool stuff that i can borrow :) - love you lots and SEE YOU SOON XX
From mark
You are in trouble girl. Wait till I see you...can you imagine the lectures. I read someone said junior and anthony have one has left...we are all still there missing you on the front door. Jamie says hello tooo an hopes his present came in good use as well.
Take care, Mark
From Ame
Just a quickie - funniest rumour: heaps of people thought Ness had flagged it and flew home yesterday! Haha, don't know know how on earth that one started, but cracked me up! You're still over there aren't you Ness!? xxx
Response: hi ame, its ness still here!! cant believe that. we think its really funny though. looking forward to seeing you next week.
From Ame
I miss you!! Getting excited for the states - LOTS of stories!! Just did a body attack with kat, it rocked. Enjoy England & see you both in one week baby! xoxoxox
Response: I miss you too ame!! So pumped for the US. Ness is soooo bud it's unbelievable. Definately going to be some good times. Only 9 more sleeps!! xx
From Nicole
Hello my pretties,
So proud of your skiing!! It looks just like an indoor iceskating rink (but sloped)! Cant wait to see you guys again - only one month to go!!!
Love always, Nicole
Ps- Loz, I saw an add for a big gluten free expo in Sydney next month. I'll have the gluten free tapas waiting for when u get back xooxoxoxox
Response: how did thrdbo end up, was there as much snow as in Dubai?? and we will look forward to your glutey free cooking!!! ness is a ceoliac now to..
From Kerrie
Have you survived the climate change from Abu Dhabi to England..?? Did you have time in AD to go sand dune boarding and camel riding..?? Looking forward to the next update on your website. Lots of love to you both. Mum (Kerrie)
Response: has not been to bad mummy. still have not seen rain in any of our time in england yet. so far we have been very lucky. the photos of teh camel riding are up!!
love you.xx
From Sue
Hi Poppy and Ness,
What a wonderful time!!! The skiing looks amazing....much better than we had here this year! Hope the feet enjoyed their little taste of luxury. looking forwards to seeing you boyh soon, LOL mum XXX
Response: Hi mum, we're looking forward to seeing you in NY too...can you please bring me a new toothbrush..Ta Poppy x
From sparky
Hola chicas!

ok, i wrote a msg the other day but for some reason it didnt work...hmmm...just a quickie to tell you guys to go to Champaneria whilst you are in barcelona. 1.50-2.50 euros for BOTTLES of champagne - ES MUY BEUNO! Packed every night of the week but closes at 11pm. Enjoy! Adios amigas!
Response: thanks sparky,
but we have already left barcelona. would have been good though.
From dr dre
yo ness that naked bum/hobbo sounds like some one we escorted out from zeta bar the other night, any way have u met any bull fighters in Spain yet, also Paris is beautiful but the people just suck..... theres been a lot of changes at zeta bar with management.Every one wants to run the bar now, those who you know say hi to you & the rest cant give a s..t ? we miss ya & hope to see ya soon ciao bella xx
From clint
Hi girls! Great to see and hear your both still having an awesome time! About the challenge though, Germany! I know I said on a beach, but I would have been really blown away!!! if one of you made it happen. Life in aus is good. Anyway stay beautiful and live the dream
Response: Good to hear from you Clint. Bet life over here is better than Aus. Keep up the messaging! You're doing better than Will!
From Heidz
Ahhh...i actually came on your site chickens!!!
Girls...get back here. I am in desperate need of my two fav ladies!!! Cant wait to see both of your scabby feet (so un-poppet and ness...not even i got scabby feet over there you dirty bitches). love you both. XXXXXXX
Response: On our way Heidz, just a little longer. Love your dirty little friends, Nessa anad Poppet x
From Pip Besy
Hey Loz!
Wrote you an email-not sure if you got it yet. Was wondering where you recommend Bec and I stay in Ios, Santorini and Mykenos - we're looking at hostels at the moment. Or even anywhere NOT to stay?? Any advice would be awesome! Thanks
Response: will write you an email asap. Got lots of advice!!
From Holly Dolly
When are you coming home im lonely hehehehehe - i dont even want to imagine your scabby feet Vanessa - YUK!!! just remember dont touch your face hehehe!!!! - Steve Irwin died from a stingray it is very sad!!! - but other than that nooooo news - When do you leave for AD????
Lots of Love and miss you heaps - Hi Poppy
Response: hi baby girl,
keeping the feet away from the face dont worry. we heard about steve irwin. so sad. we didnt realise how much of an australian icon he was till we came over here. every foreign person we meet knows who we is and always asks about him. it was a sad morning for us over here. we leave for abu dhabi tomorrow night. might see jc in london tomorrow for a couple of hours if we can work it. very exciting...
miss you heaps
From Sarah
Hi Ladies, my friend and I have just stumbled across your site, were heading off on Friday and only hope our blog can be half as good. You girls make travelling look chic, stylish and fun. Well done!
Response: thanks heaps sarah.
it helps because we are chic, stylish and fun.
hope you have a fantastic trip away.
From Lydia
Loz - don't have your email addy. Can you post it and will send you an email revealing the details of my sordid life... xo
Response: sent you one, so now you have it!!
From Simon Wilson
Dudes, well done on the top 5! Looks like I'm following you around the world at the moment, I was in Paris when you were, and I'm going to Barcelona tomorrow for the week. Let me know if you want to meet up, maybe we could do a PR day at the beach and photo shoot?
Response: No thanks.
From Daddy Long Legs
We have sent money and clothes - This is the message, but can't do much about the food!!! We have arranged for both of you to get a pedicure in AD as we hear you both have dirty scabby feet from the dirty scabby hostels!!! Thanks for Fathers day call. Love to both of you - Jazz club -don't believe it!!
Response: hi daddy,
you dont know how happy we are to hear that we are getting a pedicure!!!!!!it is in such desperate need. pops feet are the scabiest.
you would have loved the jazz club
love you
From Lydia Campbell
Hey Loz!!!

Goddamn girl - long time no freakin speakin! Have missed you like crazy. Amy worked for the first time yesterday and filled me in a bit - you didn't even say goodbye! :( Anyways, so glad you are having the time of your life. You photos are beautiful and your adventures sound incredible.

Everyone from work sends you their love - me most of all. xoxoxo Lydz
Response: Lydz!! How are you? How is your crazy life going? Ame told me about her first sounded crazy! Write me an email.
From vinny, the frenchie
hi, ness, I see you re having a lot of fun. I m in australia at the moment, but I m going back to france the 19th, so if you want a "special guide" to visit Toulouse (which is a great city), just send a message.
Response: hi frenchie!!
great to hear form you, looks likem we are going to miss each other in france. but thanks for the offer of being our special tour guide. hope that your time in sydney has been good again. bet monty was happy to see you.
From Georgie
Hello Ness and Poppet, I love your photos and it is so great to see the world away from sydney through the galavants of the cutest planet rangers ever!!! Your adventures make me laugh and I can totally imagine the red wine induced bike incident:) Miss you lots and love you more... Georgie x
Response: hi gogi,
glad that we can bring a little entertainment to you in sydney. how is er going? love you billions
From mark
How is your going away present going????
Response: hi mark,
its going really well. putting it to good use over here. really an invaluable present. how are you going, whats goss around town. tell jamie i say hi too.
From hermione
ahh i did eurodisney as well... it rocked my world!! did yuo fast pass it... its the only way to go.
travel safe girlies! x
Response: no fast passes, queued it all the way. was not very busy though we were really lucky.