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Niall in Central and South America

I do it the opposite to everyone else, I am home and only getting round to posting my pictures on the web. This is a tribute to all the great people we meet along the way. Best people in the world travel!!!! So to all who we got to know and had to listen to my poor guitar playing and crap jokes, I will keep in touch.
PS. Pardon my spelling.

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Argentina 2

Here is a photo diary of where i have been and what i saw. It may not have always been pretty but i done the best with what i got.

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Recent Messages

From heather
Hey there crazy cats,
Well not nearly enough photos of me, however judging by the ones you do have probably just as well!!!!
Looking forward to coming over in Aug to catch up......Are you scared yet!!!!!
Looking forward to a good piss up. And i know from experience you can do it.
From Caroline Wennersten
Hi Niall!!
How are you?
Really funny to see all your pictures. In Sweden it´s bad wheater and I´m just working working. I want to go travelling again.
I hope everything is ok with you, Regina, Damien and Dylan. Say hi to them.
Take care/ Caroline (C.)
Response: Good to hear from you caroline. I will keep in touch, we may even come over to Sweden, so watch your back. Working very hard myself, only just lifted my head since i came home. Regina and damien are doing fine. R u back at work.