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Welcome to Nick and Kym's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment and when we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply.

Email: &
Address: Ground Floor Flat, 39 Chepstow Road, Notting Hill W2 5BP London
Nick: 07 8494 29095 Kym: 07 8450 48530

Diary Entries

Monday, 07 August 2006

Hi all,
Quick update to bring you all up to speed. Kym and I have finished up our jobs in London in search of the endless summer!!
To start the adventure i ventured with Tom to the unforgettable destination of st tropez. Lots of drinking,dancing and good times on the biggest yachts I have ever seen let alone been on!
Currently Kym and I are in Sunny Nice for the next week and are enjoying the sites of the french riviera including Cannes, Monaco and Antibes.
From here we are off to Italy for 3 weeks then Spain until early sept but will try to keep you all updated with entries and photos.
We are still on the same mobiles so drop us a text and look forward to seeing you all soon.

N & K

Sunday, 25 June 2006

Sorry for the lack of entries, have been busy enjoying the summertime with dad visiting and lots of things on - lame excuse i know. Have finally uploaded some photos and will hopefully give you all an update of our activities shortly.

Til then hope you all are well,
Nick & Kym.

PS: go the socceroos in the world cup - it is manic over here!

Thursday, 04 May 2006

Location: UK

Today it is 24degs in London! - Summertime has finally arrived.....

Last Friday night, Darryl and I went to see the Kaiser Chiefs perform at the Brixton Academy. It was a full house, great show and excellent venue even though its on the wrong side of the tracks. Made it out safe and sound before hitting the Walkabout which is equally seedy. Not to big a night (for me anyway) before the big weekend ahead.

Saturday morning we ventured to The lake district in Northern England, so far one of the most relaxing places we have been. We (Tim, Josie, Kym and I) took the 5hr drive up.

Highlights was the hotel itself with awesome food (5 course dinners!), a relaxing pool, sauna and steamroom all with spectacular views over the lake and town. Outside of the hotel we enjoyed horse riding and boating around the lake in the warm weather.

So the good times continue but no travels booked for the immediate future. Will keep you posted.


Sunday, 16 April 2006

Location: Cascias, Portugal

Happy Easter!

Nick and I are currently in Cascais, Portugal with Nicole, Aynsley, Tim and Josie. We are enjoying the awesome seafood (very very fresh) and the warmer weather.

We celebrated Nicole´s and Aynsley´s 27th Birthdays yesterday (not only are they sharing a room, but they share a birthday) at a restaurant/bar that overlooked the Atlantic ocean.

We have been exploring the area and will post a longer message and photos once we get back to London.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter,

Love and kisses

Kym and Nick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 02 April 2006

Location: Croyde, Cornwell, UK

Hi All,
Couple of new pics (courtesy of Cez) added from a road trip to Croyde in Cornwell for a quick surf with the boys (Tim, Cez, Benny and I). Airtemp was a balmy 5degs.

We are off to Portugal for Easter so should have some pics and stories to follow.

Til then stay well,

Monday, 27 February 2006

Location: Cologne, Germany, UK

Have just completed another action packed weekend in Cologne Germany for the traditional Carnival! 2nd time round (Terence & I went last year), we were more prepared with costumes and a larger contingent including Gustuv (our partner in crime at Oktoberfest), Darryl, Cam and Glenn.
Arriving late Friday night we didn't waste anytime and hit the pubs/clubs dressed in Lab coats and sporting stethoscopes. Sounds stupid, looks pretty stupid but is great fun and when in rome......!
Both nights out were great fun, met lots of friendly Germans, drank many a beer and sang as best and as loud as we could in German? Between clubs we supplemented a late night kebab for a Bratwurst which somehow cured our hangovers in the morning.
Took in the Sunday Parade from next to the famous "Dom Koln" which was very family based with Candy for the kids and Darryl and lots of bright costumes.
Took and easy 1hr flight home on Sunday and am feeling fine and refreshed after a great weekend away.

Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Monday, 27 February 2006

Location: UK

Although these entries are becoming few and far between, the many adventures have continued.

Our latest adventure to Les Deux Alps with Tim, Josie, Cam and Sharon was amazing! Skiing in europe is a must do and our resort appropriately dubbed Deux Vegas fulfilled all our expectations and more.

* Skiing/boarding the many long runs with clear skies and sunshine
* Lunch on top of the mountain with a cup of hot chocolate was spectacular with views of Deux Alps village and Mt Blanc in the distance.
* Tradional raclette and cheese fondu and a great restaurant called "crepes a go go"
* Being ambushed by 10yr olds in a snow ball fight following 1ft+ of snowfall.
* Cam & I partying in Toga's (photos to come) during a pub crawl through the village - needless to say it was a bit chilly between destinations!
* Our group surviving injury free unlike many we met with broken wrists and dislocated shoulders.

Friday, 10 February 2006

Location: UK


We are off Skiing/boarding in Les Deux Alps in France this coming week with Tim, Josie, Cam and Shaz. Taking the long way there (bus), but will be sure to return with lots of good photos and stories. We are contactable by email and txt message where possible as its expensive to receive calls on our mobiles.

Back next Sunday the 19th, so you will here from us again then.

Au revoir
N & K.

Saturday, 07 January 2006

Location: UK

Happy New Year!

Well after amazing 3 week holiday back to the Gold Coast, we are back in London very jet-lagged and slightly homesick. The great times with family and friends was just what we needed to get us through the harsh London winter. So for now its back to work with our focus toward the many exciting adventures that 2006 will bring.

Hope you all are well and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nick & Kym.

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Location: UK

After such a long european summer, the cold has arrived and the days have shortened. Its now time for coats, gloves and beanies with temps getting down to -1 this week! Soon we will be leaving in the dark for work and we are already coming home after dark. But its not all bad news, we have just all booked in for outdoor ice-skating at Somerset House in the city! Also the workplaces, buildings and transport are equipped for the cold with radiators and heating, unfortunately in summer you just have to open the windows and make do!

Sunday, 06 November 2005

Well its been a while, so heres a quick update.

Kym and I visited the impressive city of Edinburch last weekend. We took the train up and got to see some great views on the way including glimses of the ocean!!!! It was another great weekend away, we visted Kym's friend Donna for Dinner and stayed in a really nice hotel. Did the usual tourist stuff with a hop on hop off bus tour, saw the main attraction the castle and did a ghost tour through the alleys and closes of Edinburgh hosted by Dracula and a monk on Halloween weekend.

Next on the travel itinary is home for christmas so we are both very excited that we are going to be able to catch up with you all very soon! Following that we have booked a ski wekend with Tim and Josie in the French Alps in Feb so we've got a lot to look forward to.

Hope you are all well.
Nick and Kym.

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Location: Munchen, Germany, UK

As you can see in the photos, this weekend was quite a blur!
Terence and I flew out of London on Friday night to meet Gustav from Sweden for the biggest beer festival in the world Oktoberfest! On the saturday we donned our lederhosen and ventured into town getting many strange looks along the way, it turns out our hire costumes were the funniest thing the locals had ever seen and as far from authentic as you could get. If anything this only boosted our fun, with lots of photos and conversations with the locals. It was a huge night of drinking, singing and dancing! Sunday we eased ourselves into it again and it was tough to leave the festivities at 4pm for our flight home. This is definately a recommendation if you get the chance. Thanks to Terence and Gustuv for a great weekend away.

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Location: UK

Well its good to be home after 2 weeks in sunny Greece. Quick update on each below:

Had a great time sightseeing the many sites, also thanks to the relatives there, we got to visit some more local restaurants and sites which were awesome. Highlights were the Beach Club with its modern design and the famous Acropolis, despite the 36 degree weather.

After the short ferry ride, it was great to reach the authentic villas of Mykonos which is just like the pictures with the white houses and crystal clear water. Enjoyed relaxing by the different beaches and shopping in Mykonos town. The highlight was cocktails by little Venice for the sunset.

Not quite as touristy as the others, but just as beautiful. Visited the beaches and dined by the beachfront restaurants. Took up racket ball which seems to be a national sport here.

Postcard perfect, the town of Oia was amazing! Met up with Marney and Josie and enjoyed 4 days in the sun. Went to to see the volcano, swam in the hot springs and rode donkeys from water level to the village 500 steps above. Also hired a car to visit the red and white beaches on the south of the island.

At home now preparing for the Notting Hill carnival which comes down our street, little bit worried as the neighbours and shops have boarded up their windows and front entrances......

Next trip planned is Octoberfest in a couple of weeks with the boys then Kym is visiting Barcelona in October with the girls.

Hope all is well :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Location: Greece

Quick update, all is well is in sunny Mykonos. Great food, beaches and lifestyle. Off to Naxos tomorrow then Santorini on the 20th. We can both be contacted by txt msg if you need us. Lots of pics to come on our return.

Sunday, 17 July 2005

Location: UK

Today marked 6 months since we begun our oversea's journey, and although we miss everyone and the great lifestyle back home, we can happily say London is growing on us each day and would recommend the London lifestyle to anyone who has the chance.
This w'end we took full advantage of the beautiful 30 degree days cycling through Hyde Park, past Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the eye of London, Parliment house and Westminster Abbey which lucky enough are all only about 30 mins cycle from our house.
Today we ventured with Terence and Nicole to Hampstead to sample the cafe's and park which was great fun, although it is still wierd seieng people sunbake in the parks and not be able to cool off in the surf, but guess you make the most of what you have. As for getting there, like most other Londoners, we have got back on the tubes and buses, with most people, especially me, looking more stressed than normal, which given the circumstance is understandable.
Next big trip for us is Greece and its Islands in mid August, will keep you posted on that one.
Hope this message finds you all well and look forward to hearing from you soon.
N & K.

Thursday, 07 July 2005

Location: UK

Quick message to let you all now that we are safe and well following this mornings incidents!
This includes, Kym, Terence, Josie, Tim, Chris, Marney, Nicole, Bernie, Sophie and Anthony.
Most phone lines are down due to congestion if you are trying to call.

Let me know if you need me to check on someone.
Speak to you all soon,

Wednesday, 06 July 2005

Location: UK


Nick and I have just spent an awesome weekend in Spain, Salou. We arrived on Friday night and Nick's friend Mandy picked us up from the airport and took us back to her place, a beachfront unit. That night we went to Cambrils for some Seafood Tapas. We sat by the water, surrounded by yachts and munched on prawns, octopus, paellas and sangria. Yum!

The next morning we awoke to beautiful sunshine and immediately headed to the beach. After soaking up some sun we strolled down to the centre of town and found a beachfront restaurant for lunch. While Nick munched on a hamburger, I tried to make my way through an extrelmely oversized half a chicken, salad and chips. That aftrenoon we went back to the beach and took part in the customary siesta.

Saturday night we indulged in some Mexican (at the restaurant where Mandy works) and then some gelati. Sunday was great beach weather once again - so you can guess what we did. Basically our weekend consisted of sunbaking, eating and sleeping. We both now feel revitalised and are looking forward to Greece.

All is well in London - just work, work, work. Hope nobody got hit too hard with the flood. Although I think my mum now lives on the water.

Happy 50th Birthday Bruiser! Have a drink for us xxx

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Location: UK

We departed last Friday evening on another exciting adventure to Amsterdam with friends Marney, Chris, and endless summer traveller Ying and met with Brendan,and Martin who have been living in Paris.
The city is really trendy, with nice bars and buildings built onto a intricate but nice canal system which I'm told is similar to Venice. We visited the Van Gogh museum and Ann Frank house, hired bikes and cycled through central park. Ventured down the seedy red light district where prostitutes and drugs all form part of the thriving tourist trade, even checked out the Grasshopper bar which was recommended but as the name implies, not our style, although think it helped us sleep!
So far Amsterdam is one of the best places we have visited, probably helped along by the 30 degree days and great company though. The short flight and proximity of the airport makes it a great weekend retreat which I hope we can get back to soon.

Next weekend we are off to Salou in Spain to stay with Mandy a friend from Fone Zone. Will keep you posted on that one.

In other news, our Regents Park touch football season came to a close last week with our team known as the "swiss cottage cheeseman" going down in a action packed game 5-4. with the girls (cheesettes) cheering us on from the sideline, while dining on cheese and wine.

Go the Maroons this week!!!!! QUEENSLANDER!

Monday, 13 June 2005

Location: UK

Hello again from a very sunny London, no kidding!
Its been great relaxing the last couple of weekends in London, enjoying the sites, parks, restaurants and museums. Last weekend we ventured to Brick Lane for some if its famous curry's. Kym took care of the bartering getting the 6 of us 20% off and 3 free bottles of wine!

The weekend before we spent the long weekend in Oslo, Norway. The crew of Marney, Chris, Tim, Josie, Murray, Kym, and I were shown the sites by a local Stig that Tim was friends with in Sydney. Although small and expenisive, Norway had many beautiful sites, a great nightlife, lots of history and a contemporary art exibition on. Best of all was our luck whilst there including:
1.Nearly missing the flight and being escourted by security onto the tarmac to catch the plane
2. Murrays camera being left behind at a restaurant and later recoverd.
2. Marneys bag being stolen from outside the hotel room before being return by some drugged up lesbians whom were wearing her lipstick and blusher
3. Tim in a drunken state contemplating stealing his own wallet before deciding to hand it in, and returning the next day to collect it from the bar with all money accounted for.

Thats about it for now, all booked for Amsterdam this weekend, Spain the start of next month and Greece in August so stay tuned!

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From mama smurf
Nick what was that on your head at Cologne? I thought you said the costumes were better this year I liked last years better.I guess after afew drinks all costumes look good. Glad to see your having a great time. Now I realise why Kym didn't go.
Response: Hey mum,
Yes costumes all a blur after 10+ beers.... Hat in the photos was just from a market stall, having seen the pics, glad we didn't purchase them! All good fun though.
From Marney
Just wiritng to say I miss you guys sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response: We miss you toooooooooo!!!!!!! Can't wait to c u - maybe July???? xxxxxx
From Amelia
Just read your message properly and see you are coming home for Chrissy!! What are your dates?
Response: Hi Measles, will be home on the 11th of December until the 3rd of January. Can't wait to grab a drink and catch up on all the goss with you. xxx
From Amelia
Hi guys, it is so nice to read your news and see your pics. Those pics of you guys in your sexy silver suits at the ice bar are hilarious! I loved Edinburgh too what a cool town. How is Donna? Homesick still? I want to post you a christmas card, what is your address? Caren wanted me to work at AG and Mums desire for a free calendar was pretty high so I have given in and am working a grand total of three shifts!! Can you believe both Ang and Kate are getting married in April! Love to you both, Amelia xoxo
Response: Great to finally hear from you!!! Ha ha - I've been just as slack :). Donna is great and looks fantastic - she doesn't look 5 months pregnant! Back AG hey!! I'm sure you'll have a great time. Will send an email shortly to catch up properly. Miss u xx
From lesley
very jealous to hear of your weekend in scotland. we are in process of selling our unit at Burleigh. will let you know if address changes. three weeks and three days of school left!! Take care love Lesley
Response: Scotland was beautiful, got to catch up with an old friend too. Where are u thinking of moving to? I only have 3 weeks and 2 days as well as I'm coming back for Liz and Rob's wedding. Arrive home on the 11th Dec. We'll have to catch up for a drink xxx
From bruiser
tis a wee nich tonich yon jock

yeh sorry about that but it does look very scots robert the bruce about it

ps its 29-30, humid and storms in the next few days

surf is wet and waves definitely up & down

oh the wit of the man!!!!

look forward to see you both back here on the farm

Response: Hiya Bruiser, can't wait to hit the sunshine and beach. Looking forward to one of ur famous bbq's on the farm. Are there road signs to lead us the way there??? Love K & N xxx
From From Jill
Luv yr new bikes - u won't have to spend so much time in the gym now. Kym you should know better than to feed squirrels chocolate - poor things - probably got huge tummy aches. looking forward to seeing u both in December.
Luv Mum ooooXXXX
Response: Oh well, there are plenty more in the park haha. It's fun riding our bikes through the parks, especially on a warm day xxx
From TYS
HEY HEY ! i enjoy coming back to your web page every few weeks to find some new photo's and insight to what your up to. Love the photos of spain. Muco Guso..

Response: Hola big dog,
Hope all is well, hi to lil dog too.

From Lucy
Hi Guys how are u feeling?
I bet u are walking everywhere.Cannot get thro by phone obvious reasons but so glad you are all safe. If u get a chance to call it would be nice to hear your voices.
wish Marney a Happy Birthday
Love and hugs Mum
Response: Hey mum,
Yes all ok here, will call you soon. love Nick & Kym.
From terry & bev
Hi, glad to hear all is well amazing what it takes to make some people to make contact . Have been meaning to say hi many times before anyway keep safe love terry ,bev
Response: Thanks for the message, it was great to hear from you. Mum sent some photos of Bruiser's birthday, looked like fun. Hope you both are keeping well. Will see you in Decemeber xx
From Lesley O
Hi Kym
So glad you are ok!
What a disgrace. keep safe.
Response: Heard about the flood hope you weren't effected too badly. How's everything at school. Will send you an email to catch up xx
From bruiser
yeh thanks for the birthday wish
but call us, hope you won't near that London explosion
waiting to hear 8.05pm
Response: Thanks for concern, but all ok. Look forward to seeing those B'day pics!
From Ma smurf
love the photo in the fountain and the one of Kym with that cap
Cheers Hope all is well you both look fantastic and the weather is better over there.
Response: Yeah, saw some photos of the floods at Bond uni, much nicer here, you should come over. Hope you like the spain pics.
From ma Smurf
Amsterdam looks fantastic. I liked the canal cruise boat and cycling thro central park
Looked like you all had a great time' Thanks for putting the photos up so quickly
John's birthday 1st July

Response: Hey mum, thanks for the reminder, who is John again? Just joking. Speak to you soon.
From James
Great to hear you are having a wonderful time. Im thinking about packing my bags and joining you both for some of this fun. Only one problem I dont think Jackie or Schyler would be to happy. Love reading the diary notes. Take care James xxoo
Response: G'day James, just bought a futon, so you have somewhere to stay. Hope all is going well back home, best wishes to the family too.
From Lucy C
Love and lots of hugs and kisses from Lucy and Ken
Response: Thankyou! Thankyou so much for my subscription too. It's a fantastic gift. We received your photos and postcards from Sydney. It made me laugh to look back at some of the pictures and see how different we look. Miss you heaps - hopefully we'll see you soon??? Love Kym
From bruiser
great pics
go the MAROONS

see ya
Response: Queenslander, great game and great result. Hope all is well Mountain Man!
From Lucy C
Waiting for update on the Grand Prix and Monaco photos.
Response: Hi mum, loved the photos and post cards you sent. Will post photos soon.
From Mum
My aren't we getting around - see you're indulging in a little culture as well. Oh boy send the 14 degrees over here I'm sick of the hot weather - actually if I could order it approx. 20 degree would be lovely. The new house is great - still getting used to the reduced space though - Oh well just have to throw out more of Bruces stuff!! - just kidding. We're slowly getting settled - it's the big mowing day this wekend - should be fun to watch - and I'm doing the watching. Talk to you soon
Luv to you both Mum xxxx
It looks like we'll have your idea of lovely this long weekend. The forecast is for 20-22. So I am very excited. We are planning to go to the seaside in Brighton! Take some picture of the mowing so I can laugh too. Love you xxxx
From Ma Smurf
Beautiful one day purrrrfect the next as they say on the Gold Coast., Funny how one forgets just how good we have it downunder. Nice to read that you are having such a wonderful time seeing all the sights visiting all the cafe's and piano bar. Next you'll be visiting the new Pope in Rome Vatican City I should say .I am stilltrying to get the trip together but time is running out Miss you lots and love the photos
Love and hugs mumxxooooooooooooo
Response: Heya Mum, we are certainly missing the Goldy lifestyle. Hopefully we will visit Rome following the summer break. Looking forward to that. Maybe we can go with you?
From James
Hey Nic and Kim
Well I finally completed Detective Training School and now have that monkey off my back. Sorry I havent written sooner but I had 8 weeks of pain. Glad to see you both are having a wonderful time. The photos are great. Coley is coming down to see us all at the end of this month. Im looking frwrd to catching up with him. Wish I was there with you both. luv James
Response: Howdy James, nice work getting that monkey off your back, bet he was heavy! Coley is very excited and bound for trouble so keep an eye on him. Hope the family is well. Hi to Ash , David and Alex also.
From ma Smurf
love the photos of the footie stadium . My how big it is. Soccer on a grand scale.
Lions playing tomorrow at the Gabba (Thusrday) first match. Package include hat this year rather than a jumper.
Photos of the cafe district and Portobello markets look interesting. But how is the coffee? One of the shots look as if it was outside of Aria's shop.
Response: Heya, Soccer was great. Not as good as our Gabba seats though. Coffee is nice, went to Aria's shop but she wasn't there. Miss u lots.
From tyson
Surfs up...
It looked cold as, but did you get out there i saw a wet suit but did you get in.? Surf at home has been golden plenty of waves.

Response: Chief,
Got waves on 10ft longboards, only problem was instant ice cream headaches when your head went under.
From Kelly & Carey
Hey there Nick and Kym, so good to hear that things are great for the two of you! Carey & I are both well - I'm working and attempting to learn French, and Carey is surprising me by studying quite hard! We are both really excited about coming over to Europe and looking at your travel page makes me want to leave next week! Hope you have a wonderful time in Budapest, and Happy Easter!
Love Kelly & Carey
Response: Heya Cez & Kelly, London is great. We're both looking forward to having you guys here to travel and hang out with. Best of luck with the studies and have a great Easter.
From colestream
hi guy's,have a good easter and a great weekend,and kept us posted with your photo's and your trip.
love big daddy
Response: Will do Coley, happy easter to you too! Talk to you soon.