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Wednesday, 09 August 2006

Location: London, UK

Hi all,

A lot seen and done since last diary entry.

Spain was amazing, loved it. Lots of chorizo and way too much sangria! Loved running with the bulls. great festival. Didn't enjoy seeing the big bulls in the ring and knowing that nick was in there somewhere with them though!

Just got back from Italy, france, switzerland and germany. Had a great few weeks there, swimming in the clear blue med, holding our pockets away from thieves, in 4o degree plus heat most of the time.

Photos will fill you in a bit more...enjoy,

Nick and ness xoxo

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Recent Messages

From nick & ness
Hi ya nick & ness, just checked out your photo update- what a fantastic time you guys have had, something you'll never forget- the weather looked perfect & you both look happy as.What an experience nick running with the bulls- what a nightmare with all those people-good on you. the walk you went on in italy was beautiful, great photos.thanks for the update, aren't computers wonderful things! thinking of you, love to you both-haze & garth xx
Response: Hi Gath and Haz, great to hear from you both. Awesome that you keep up to date with our photos. Hope things are well with you. Been meaning to email you but mum emails me with your address and i then delete the email by accident! Thanks for your messages over hte past few months...fantastic to hear from you!