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Nick's Gap Year 2006

Hello friends and family. Here is my website for my gap year experience 2006 i hope that you like it and please feel free to leave messages on the site, i will attempt to be good and reply to all of them!!!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Location: London, UK

Well folks its been a while since i last wrote on my website as i havent really got round to it.

In my last diary entry i had just move upstairs at the White Horse, I no longer live at the White Horse i am currently at the Dowdens residence (family friends) up in north london.
I have carried on with work in the hospitality industry and i am currently a cocktail barman at The Junction Bar on Highbury Corner, quite a posh area so we get a good crowd. The Junction is completely different to the sloany pony as we have tv's music dj's and live music and the crowd is also alot younger.
the bar itself is great the management is good fun and the environment is really relaxed, we often end up playing pool during shift, its tough but hey rather me than you guys, and the rest off the team is also good fun, once again a very cosmopolitan bunch of peeps.

Since i last wrote, i have subsequently been travelling in France for 3 weeks with the family and the Jedburghs (Godparents). We started off in Paris, wow what an amazing city, jammed with Chris, which was awesome had some huge nights with him, usually ending up at a tiny cafe outside our apartment at 6:30 am reflecting on our night of awesome debauchery. Natalie and Martin (chris's girlfriend and her brother) also arrived in Paris where we had lots of fun, Martin is a legend and good fun especially when i am the wingman.

after a week of serious party we headed to the Loire Valley, ironically not famed for its abundance of great wine but its abundance of Chateaux's and cathedrals.
i am so buying one of them for my home, i have realised that the French definately knew how to live it up.
it was great to chill out and get some good R&R as i had also done some heavy partying before i had even got to Paris so it was very welcome, the early nights andd long sleeps.

from the Loire we packed our bags and then headed off to Burgundy (Borgogne).
This part of the trip was very different to the rest of our holiday, as in all of the other places we had things to do cathedrals to see, however in burgundy there is nothing.... apart from FOOD and WINE.
It was amazing to drive around some of the most renound vineyards in the world and of course taste some of the incredible wine, along with amazing food, which often left us all feeling massively full and completely content as we had a belly full of amazing wine and food, once again understanding that the french really know how to live it up, with living in chateaux's drinking a grand cru wine and dining on Bresse chicken and creme brulee. It does not get better than this.

after all of that i said goodbye to the family again and headed back to london for the second half of my gap year.

Since I have been back in london, have acquired a job and some exciting prospects for my end of year.
I am going on trek again, this time as a leader which will be good fun, I am really looking forward it, which means i will be returning home in october from my year abroad.

i look forward to seeing you all at the end of year and cant wait to do some partying with all of the crew.

Nick xx

Saturday, 20 May 2006

Location: London, England

hello all!!

I am now officially back in london, still working at the White Horse.
I have also now officially moved up stairs at the pub which has its definite benefits and definite bad bits.
Living with 15 other people is definately an adjustment however all of the people upstairs are good fun and have been looking after me.
i will definately post some pics of where i am living and my house/accomadtion, and the the crew which is upstairs, crazy people.
otherwise i have been working as usual and when something exciting happens you all will hear about it hopefully.

Nick XX

Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Location: South America

Well folks i have just arrived back in London, after having spent 3 weeks in South America.
I arrived on the 6th of April in Santiago de Chile after having had a very interesting time getting to South America (aiports suck).
I was greeted by 2 very happy and familiar faces Philly and Alex (they had a welcome sign "bienvenidos") it was a little embarrasing.

I was then taken to the Grange School (Alex & phil are gap sudents there) which was realy hectic, its an uber rich school.
I was then introduced to the other Gap students Emily and Nick (not me another one)
the girls have a really good set up and they dont work that hard, so they are just living it up at the moment!!!!!!
Santiago itself is a really interesting city with lots of different things about it, its all a bit strange. The surroundings are awesome and the Andes mountain range is very impressive, from what you could see (the city is very smoggy, pollution)

On my second week/end (easter weekend) we went camping in the Andes at Cascade de las Animas in Cajon del Maipo it ws good fun, it was great to get out of the city and "be at one with nature" it was a awesome and cold experience camping but i think next time Ill get a cabin or a bigger tent!!

On my final week in South America, Alex and I headed of to Mendoza a city set in the foothills of the Andes (on the Argentinian side).
Mendoza was awesome we ate huge steaks and drank some really good wine for stupidly cheap prices, it was great.
the shopping there is also really good its cheap for even South Africans so we both bought stacks of stuff.
We went on 3 tour/things which was really cool
1: Big City Tour- drove around and learnt about Mendoza
2: Wine and Distilery Tour- went around various wineries and a distilery and tasted all they had to offer, really good and we were then given this amazing and huge lunch, put on by one of the wineries
3: Trip to Mount Aconcagua- we went to the Biggest mountain in the America's climbed it (not really) got great photos tho.

Well I hope that you like the website and please write to me and let me know how all of you peeps are getting on.....


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Recent Messages

From alex
where is the new stuff???

Response: The new stuff is on its way.... promise....
love me XXXXXX
From Alex
Hey hey bisnate!!!
France looked amazing!! Good wine and good doesnt get better than that!!!
Will reply to your mail tom...very sick at the mo!!!
Lots of love Alex xxxxxx
Response: Hi there bisnach i am still expecting the email will put some pics up tom
lots of lovely lovings love me XXXXXX
From Kim
Hi nick!! sounds like you havin an awsome time over there - the pics are really cool! hope you have fun and keep us posted...missin u xxx Kim
Response: hey kimbo how are you???
ya having good times, will write you an email soon
nick x
From Philly Willy
Hello Gibbons!
hope you setting back into London life well and enjoying life at the white horse.we´re enjoyiong the sunshine in Salta.
chat soon
Response: hi philly from chilli in Salta???
The sloany pony is good hope you are well, you have to give alex a hug and kiss from me ok, enjoy the sun.. very jealous
From The Munniks
We like your site - keep it up! Welcome back to the UK- sure that the sun is shining at last! I love this time of the year in England as the bluebells are out!
Happy birthday for tomorrow - make sure that you spoil yourself!
Heaps of love
All the Munniks
Response: thanks munnik family happy birthday lynne for the 4th hope you had a great day
hope all munniks are great and well
love nick
From Rhoda Gibbons
Like the website but where are the photos. After France where to next?
Lots of love
Response: maybe home, maybe canada with phil and alex, maybe back to london not sure yet
love nick
From Chris
Hey Nicky Bum.

hope all is well and you are enjoying London. South America sounds really good. you still owe me an e-mail... look forward to seeing some photos on your website soon.

Natalie says hi.

we're in knysna at the moment.

Take care.

Cheers Chris & Nat
Response: hi the pics are coming just have not had time to put them on yet.
From the offended gappies
Thanks nick we feel the love...we work bloody hard. sorry that you didnt enjoy the squishy tent...we quite enjoyed being woken up by droplets of condensed gin (only the best) its character building! SSSSHHHMODEL.... to the max!!
and for the welcome sign... you werent embarassed!!! anyway nice photos! we miss you already bisnate....xxxxxx
Response: hey offended gappies, i did like the squishy tent i was just saying for next time (",)
miss you peeps too
nick xxxxxx