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Nicki Away

Greetings and welcome to my travel page.
It has become more of a 'staying put' page though!
I started out in Canada on 13th July 2007 before spending 5 weeks in America. Then it was on to OZ, where I visited Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne before arriving in Adelaide.
The plan was to leave OZ at the end of 2007 and spend two months in NZ before heading back to England...but then I met my boyfriend in Adelaide and am now looking to stay here with him permanently.

Diary Entries

Friday, 04 January 2008

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Well - this is the end!!
Since I'm not really travelling anymore I am ending updates on here.
In future I will do monthly email updates to all my contacts (as well as sendong individual replies if you write to me) and will post any photos on photobucket and do links in the emails!
I am sending an initial email in a moment - if you don't receive one and would like me to include you in my news emails, then drop me a line ( and I'll add you to the list!
*Love and hugs to one and all*

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Location: Port Augusta, Australia

Greetings from Port Augusta.
I have been here since Monday and it's been nice. I am looking forward to getting back to Corey in Adelaide tomorrow though - I've missed him so much!! I'll give him a call again shortly...
We went shooting last weekend again and spent some time with his parents.
He has 3-11pm shifts the next two days but then a couple of days off, though I don't think we have any definite plans so far!
Soon we'll be into 2008!
Hopefully I'll get some work early in the new year...
May not get online quite so much as before now that I am round Corey's most of the time - but will try to pop on at least once a week!
Bye for now!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Ok, time for an update then, though there's not much exciting to write at present.
I am registered with 3 agencies now, so hopefully can get some work for the new year...
Right now, I like to spend as much time with Corey as I can - once I get some work I won't get to see him quite as much...*sad*
Tuesday night we went out for my birthday, had a nice dinner and saw a film. Last night Sarah, Shane and I ate out to celebrate.
Corey gave me money for my birthday so I used it to buy some straighteners. Sarah started a recipe book for me, as I need to learn to cook for Corey.
A package from home arrived yesterday with some stuff I wanted and the rest will come after new year. The parcel from my sister still hasn't arrived though...
I am having dinner with Corey tomorrow night before he goes on night shift, and then Sarah and I are seeing "Assassins" Saturday night.
On Sunday and Monday I'll be with Corey and we'll do some shooting possibly, some Xmas shopping and go to a BBQ hosted by one of his work colleagues. That will be nice.
He's also off work Thursday so I'll spend time with him then too.
Wednesday I should be lunching with Mike and then Corey is off again at the weekend. I think we will be at Sarah's still on 22nd for a 'baking day' with Kelly coming too - I need to check that with Sarah...
Then it's Xmas. I'll go up with Sarah and Shane to Port Augusta on Xmas Eve and then they'll stay there for a while but I'll catch a bus back on 27th to be with Corey. After that it's New Year's Eve. Corey is working 12-8pm but we'll do something after that!
Bye for now guys!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Back in Adelaide now! Hooray.
Corey was waiting for me at the airport and it was so great to see him.
Today I must be quick on here as I need to shower then get into town for my interview at another recruitment company.
Then I will spend time with Corey once he finishes work...

First though - a couple of pics from Perth for you...

Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Location: Perth, Australia

Well, I am killing some time here in the internet cafe on William St in Northbridge, Perth.
Soon I'll pop back to the hostel then wander up the road for some food before evening. A guy in my dorm is having birthday drinks tonight. If they start at the hostel I may join them for a bit but I won't go right into the city as I want to be fresh for tomorrow and don't want to have to do the 20 odd min walk back to the hostel on my own at night...

I am not struck with Perth (though I allow that the fact I'd give anything to be back in Adelaide with Corey right now might be colouring things!). Corey had to pretty much drag me onto the plane on Sunday. Now I'm here, I'm just trying to fill the days till Sunday when I can fly back home!

That brings us to the problem - the lack of things to do unless you want to pay for expensive trips! There are only a handful of museum type bits and I've already done half of them! The city is modern and therefore kind of boring unless you want to shop. "Zoom in on my empty wallet."

Yesterday I checked out the city centre and riverside as well as booking a wine tasting trip for tomorrow and a 4WD tour to the Pinnacles on Friday. Today I went to the Mint and did the tour and then ended up in the cinema seeing "Beowulf" - haven't decided how I feel about the film yet...

Saturday I plan to do the museum and gallery and will definitely come online briefly that day too...and will look forward to my flight home the next morning. Thursday is the problem day...I can see myself ending up in the cinema again as things stand...that helps kill a few hours at least...

I will upload a few pics next week when I'm back home in Adelaide but I am not enjoying the trip here on the whole and hope the next few days pass quickly...

Saturday, 01 December 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

December is here then! I am used to seeing the Xmas trees etc now but I still find i a bit weird hearing carols when it's 30oC!

Thursday I did some job hunting and heard back from one agency straight away. I had an assessment with them yesterday morning and Corey dropped me off on his way to work. That went well and they put me on their books though said things were slow at present but usually picked up arund mid January. We'll see...I also applied independantly for 5 admin roles.

Corey will pick me up in 6 hours time then I'll be round at his place till he takes me to the airport tomorrow evening.

Yesterday night I had to kill a white tail while Sarh held Bailey back - life and death stuff here in OZ!!

Off to Perth tomorrow for 7 nights and will miss my wonderful boyfriend - but he's said he wants to see lots of photos etc so I'd better do some stuff while I'm there!

Will aim to get online once or twice while away and will get back to Adelaide the afternoon of the 9th.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

I am now back online after my long weekend away with Corey.

Last week I spent some time with him and also had lunch with Mike on the Friday...

Then Saturday morning Corey went to vote (new government here now) and then picked me up. We left Adelaide at 9am to start the drive down to Mount Gambier and the Limestone Coast. We had a couple of short stops on the way and got to our motel at 2pm.

That afternoon we went to look at the Blue Lake and local area.

Sunday we got up and drove to see the caves at Naracoorte, which were very interesting, then we headed back to Mount Gambier, stopping at Bool Lagoon and a couple of wineries on the way.

Monday we left at 10am and took the scenic route home, again making a few stops along the way. We got back to Adelaide at 5pm.

I have no real plans so far this week. Shortly I will add some pics from the trip, then I'll go into town for a while where I want to get some pictures printed off. Corey and I are starting a photo album. I also need to catch up writing my journal over the next couple of days.

Then I will continue my job search. I dropped a few CVs in on Friday and have a few more places to try.

Sunday I fly to Perth for 7 nights, though I'm not overly enthused about it and would rather stay here...oh's only a week...then back to Adelaide once again and the last couple of weeks before Xmas!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Back from Alice Springs then!
The train back was a bit of a nightmare once again and, like before, I got no sleep. We were also 2 hours late (it was going to be 4 at one point) because of an accident outside Adelaide. Car crossing when the train was coming - two killed. We saw the car as we passed later - worst I've ever seen; no one could have survived that!
But back at last and slowly catching up with sleep!!

Corey and I have been talking and I'm changing my travel plans (aside from going to Amy's wedding) - I am now staying in Adelaide on this visa till August and will look to apply to stay permanently!!!
Wish me luck with that - I am so very happy here with Corey and in this city. I think I found where I belong...

This week I have few major plans. Corey and I will see each other Tuesday and do something and may have lunch with Mike if he's free...Corey then has a long weekend so that will be a great time to do stuff!

Saturday is election day here too!!!

More later on - I have lots to start arranging, stuff to cancel and will need to sort some things and buy more clothes etc as I'm now staying!! Busy times ahead! Not least, I must now seriously look for some suitable work!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Location: Alice Springs, Australia

Greetings from the Northern Territory!
The train journey here was a bit of a nightmare sadly...26 hours and I just couldn't sleep at all; it went so slowly and I was so tired.
I got here, phoned Corey then had a brief wander round the town.
Yesterday morning I was then up at 5am for my day tour to Ayres Rock and the Olgas.
It was a nice trip but I was too tired to fully enjoy it and had a headache. I took some pics though and will share some soon...
They kept us well fed during the day and there was champagne at sunset.
I thought the sunset was a bit of a let down though, I must say...
We nearly hit a cow and a roo on the drive home! That was funny...
I got back to the hostel at 1am this morning and got up at 9am. I called Corey again and have now come into town. Will get lunch soon and have another wander before getting supplies for tomorrow and heading back to the hostel for shower, dinner and sleep!
Tomorrow I can sleep till 9am, check out at 10am then at 11am the hostel people will drive me back to the station for my train home.
I get back to Adelaide around 1:30pm then must bus into the city then back to Hectorville as Corey and Sarah are obviously both working...I will then have around 3 hours to sort myself out, unpack, shower etc before I go round to Corey's for the night.
I have no major plans for next week yet - spend some time with Corey, maybe lunch with Mike if he's free and possibly see a girl from the hostel here as she may have a few days in Adelaide before heading onwards...
Given the hideousness of the train trip here I decided I couldn't face 2 nights on the train to Perth so have changed my plans now. I am still going but only for a week now and flying both ways - so that is 2-9th December...2 weeks back home first before I set off on that short trip...then 2 weeks home again before I go off with Sarah and Shane for a week over Xmas...
Bye for now

Friday, 09 November 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Another quick update then before I go to Alice Springs on Sunday.

Spent some time with Corey the other day. We went shooting again but with his dad this time. None of us did very well on this occasion though.

Tomorrow I will see Corey for a bit in the evening before going to the opera then Sunday I catch the train to Alice.

The journey last a whole day so I'm on the train over night. I then have a few hours in Alice. The next day is a long day trip to Uluru and I have a full day in Alice on Wed. I catch the train back on Thursday, getting into Adelaide on Friday afternoon - Corey and Sarah are both at work then so I'll need to bus back...

Made flapjacks for Corey again yesterday...they went better the second time...when we have a day together and there's time, I'm going to attempt Mississippi Mud Pie!!

That's all for now. I may try to get online once while in Alice - but if not I'll be back this time next week anyhow...

Monday, 05 November 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Greetings one and all...
Long time no write...I've been doing stuff, but not much to share here...
In summary though - have spent a lot of time with Corey, around his work shifts. Went to a Halloween party at his youngest brother's house, went ice skating (I suck), went window shopping, rented dvds and went shooting again. Just spending time together, having fun...
I won't see him till Thursday now though as he has work...then on Saturday night I am at the opera and on Sunday I go to Alice Springs for 6 days...
Will write about that on my return from there!! Will post some new pics then too!!
Can't believe we are now into November - and soon it will be Xmas and the New Year!!
Today I will probably just wander to Glynde and get some supplies for the next few days...then I'll go into town tomorrow or Wed for a bit...
Thursday I think we are going shooting again and Corey's dad will come too this time. Corey says my targets are quite good - better than my attempt at ice skating anyhow...I had to hang onto his arm the whole time!! *lol*
Oh well - bye for now everyone...

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Another quickie from me before "Chasers" comes on TV.
I've not written my journal the last two days either since I've been out the house, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.
Corey gave me a call Monday night and went out with him for drinks with one of his brother and friend.
The next morning we set off for Victor Harbour. Sadly the weather was cold and windy and Granite Island was closed but it was still a lovely drive and we stopped in a few other places, heading back...
This morning we went into Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. We had lunch there then visted a chocolate factory and Kangeroo Creek before coming home.
Tomorrow night I am going to the greyhound racing with him and his folks.
I'm hoping to catch up with Mike for lunch soon and will hopefully see Corey at the weekend too.
Other than that I have no major plans for this next week...will see what happens...
Some photos from the day trips are here on the site now...

Monday, 22 October 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Just a quick line before I get ready to go into town...
First off there are now pics and two videos up from yesterday when Corey took me out shooting at his club.
That was really fun and he said we might go again - I have my target sheets from this time to take home!
We then went briefly to his parent's place before heading back to his house where he cooked me dinner and we spent a nice evening together.
Today I am on my own and will just pick up a few bits in town, then tomorrow and Wednesday Corey is still off work and will drive me to some places.
Will write more on that in the coming days!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

A quick line then from me...a few things happening here.
Had lunch with Mike the other day, which was good. He's hoping to finally have a night free to do something soon.
On my way into town to meet him a guy sat next to me on the bus. We started chatting and I saw he had a shooting magazine so asked about the range here, as I have been thinking of having a go.
He said it would be expensive but invited me to shoot with him one day as he went often and it wouldn't cost me then...
He then said he and a few friends were going to a jazz club in the city that night and asked if I wanted to join them.
So he picked me up at 7:30pm and I spent the night with him and had a really wonderful time.
He said he'll take me shooting on Sunday and he has some days off work next week so we may be able to go on a day trip together then too, which would be nice.
His name's Corey and he only lives a few streets down from me...
Wednesday morning I then had my hair trimmed and today I popped into town for a few hours.
I will probably do the same tomorrow but am toying with the idea of going to the cinema late afternoon too as there is a French film showing. We'll see...
Saturday evening Sarah and I are at the concert - that should be good.
I'm really looking forward to Sunday though and it still seems a way off yet...

Monday, 15 October 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Back from our weekend trip into the Flinders Ranges then!
We set off Friday eve for the drive to Quorn. We arrived at Shane's parent's place and met them then ate some soup before heading to bed.
The next day we got up early and Sarah, Kelly and I drove to Wilpena Pound while Shane stayed behind with Bailey.
We did one of the bush walks there and I was happy to have my Coober Pedy hat as there were lots of flies and bugs around. We spotted some emus, lizards and kangeroos and then we drove back.
Kelly and I watched some films and Shane and Sarah's friends came round and they played darts.
The Sunday we met up with Sarah's family and drove to Warren Gorge where Philip caught a lizard and I got to hold him.
We got a flat tyre though, so had to stop and change that!!
Mid afternoon we started the drive back to Adelaide via Port Augusta.
I am still rather tired after Coober Pedy and then Flinders but had a good sleep last night that helped.
Today I am staying in to catch up with my journal etc then tomorrow I will head into town. I am waiting to hear if I will have lunch with Mike this week at some point then Saturday evening, Sarah and I are at the ASO concert.
Other than that I have no definite plans till the opera on 10th November and then I go to Alice Springs on 11th November! There are a few bits I'd still like to do around the town though and I will try to do some writing on my new novel.
There may be the chance to do something with Sarah during the day some weekends too....we'll see...and I hope to see Mike, but he seems really busy right now...
I have been getting lots of reading done these past few weeks too, which is nice.
Oh and all my travel and accomodation for NZ is now booked too - but I will tell the itinerary for that nearer the time...
I added a handful of pics from the weekend on here just now...
The weather seems to be warming up here and there was even a bush fire in the hills behind us when we got home yesterday.
Oh well, more later on...

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Recent Messages

From Harlene
hey you just keeping tabs on you. sad you're missing Corey but you will have lots of time with him once you get back!! also good news about the job!
will email you soon

Response: Thanks Harlene - look forward to hearing from you!
From Vikki
Just checking in - emailed you the other day but it got returned as address unknown - but I replied to your previous mail?! Anyway, just so you know I haven't forgotten you... Wish you were here to sing carols in the cold with me!
Response: Hey Vikki.
The email is :
Is that what you have?
I am in Perth now but back to Adelaide on Sunday - hooray!
From Janice
Was just checking in to see how your travels are going, and it looks like you're still doing well and meeting lots of people. Have happy holidays.
Response: Hi Janice.
Yes, it'a going great and I am very happy here right now, especially since I met my boyfriend!
*love and hugs*
From Mel
Hey Nicki! Thanks for the text - so far so good here, the fires are far enough away from us just now that it's not dangerous. You can see the smoke from all over LA though, and the air is worse than ever. Going to read your newest entries... *hugs*
Response: Glad you're OK!!
From Lena
Hi, Nicola!
I am glad you are having great time and enjoy your round-the-globe travel!
My best wishes!
Response: Thanks Lena
Lovely to hear from you and hope you are well too!
From Harlene
glad to see you're enjoying Western Oz, not got to that neck of the woods yet, next time for sure! What kind of work are you planning on looking for??

Response: Hey...well techinically I'm still SA right now..will go over to WA at some point though.
I'm going to start by signing up with a couple of agencies and looking for office temping
From Janice
No!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I just read the Phantom post minus Anthony. Glad you enjoyed it anyways, but still - it would have been so great to see him onstage. This from a person who never has. I still haven't gotten around to sending your package to you, but I will put on it "Throw over fence."
Response: *lol* Yes - over the fence with it!!!
I was really gutted about Anthony but what can you do...!?
From lauren
so glad yougot to do the ocean road, and that phantom was good. have fun in adelaide
Response: Thanks cherie!
Love and hugs to you!
From Mark
Damn, seeing your pics makes me so envious - Wish I were there! Hope you continue to enjoy Melbourne, and the same for Adelaide (tho to be honest I found Adelaide a little dull..) luv *M
Response: Hopefully neither of my Adelaide friends will read your comment!!!
Melbourne is nice but I've pretty much seen all I want to see now, so it's just some more stuff with Bron till I leave for Adelaide on Tuesday...I'm looking forward to getting there: staying put with Sarah for a while and seeing Mike again...
I'm also still looking forward to seeing you next year of course!!!! *smile*
From Harlene
glad you enjoyed the Great Ocean Road and I remember being in Melbourne in October and it being REALLY cold!
Have fun at Phantom
Response: Hey there...yep...cold tis!
Phantom was great except that Anthony wasn't on. I'm still really gutted - though all credit to the understudy: he did a great job and had to contend with a disappointed audience!
From Harlene
Hey Nic!
I'm glad you went to the Three Sisters, amazing place isn't it. And I love the video of the Tazzie Devil, reminds me of the one I saw! Crazy little creatures.
Have fun in Melbourne and enjoy Phantom!! Enjoying reading your trip and we must meet up when you get back!
love H xx
Response: Yeah - the Blue Mountains were lovely and great to leave cities behind for a day!
Absolutely we'll catch up on my return...when I get to Adelaide in a couple of weeks I'll send you a proper email...
From Mark
Enjoy Melbourne - its a nice city, I think you'll like it :) Luv *M
Response: Thanks, Mark, cheri...I'm looking forward to it and meeting Bron, an online pal, tomorrow too, which will be great! *love and hugs*
From Mark
Have fun in OZ! If you go bush walking in the Blue Mountains watch out for creepy crawlies and slithery things - they freaked me out totally and I gave up the idea of bushwalking in minutes :) Luv *M
Response: Eeew...thanks for the warning...may go for the train trip down instead o the walk then...we'll see...
And if they freaked you out with me being such a girly-girl....
*love and hugs*
From Melanie
Oh that's awful about the photos! Are they still on your card? Ick, I feel like that's something I should have thought of. :(
Response: hey deleted them from the card once i saved them to disc...don't worry...nothing to be done now...i'm pretty resigned now...
From Liz Gould
Hi Nicola

Looks like you're having a great time. Pics look fab. Have fun.

Response: Thanks Liz...having fun so far!
From Katie! :D
They there, beautiful! Sounds like you are having quite the adventure! So sorry about the plane ride! But I'm glad you got to meet some nice people and had a good time in San Fran! :D I miss you soooo much and I hope that every moment of your trip is wonderful and you are enjoying yourself! I love ya! muchly!
Response: Hey cherie! Yeah, things are good. I'm at Mel's place in LA for the afternoon - nice to hang with her a bit and have met some nice people here...
From Janice
Hope you're having a wonderful time in L.A. Have a safe flight to Australia. Hope to see you again one day. Wishing you all the best. And in case you were wondering, after I left you at the airport, it took me about 10 minutes to realize that I parked the car on Level 2 and that I was walking on Level 1. Told you I wasn't a morning person.
Response: Oh dear! I am enjoying LA - though don't think I would so much if I wasn't with a friend...but who can tell. Hopefully it will be thrid time lucky with the flight thing!!
From Melanie
Haha... I'm a dope - I thought you were here today and I was spazzing out at you being lost in LA....
Response: *lol* No - tomorrow cherie! Will get in touch once I get to the hostel and sorted!
From Katie Nalepa
NICOLA! MAN, I MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! I hope you got to San Fran alright! Hope the plane ride was okay... :*( I miss you soo.

Keep in touch!

Katie! :D
Response: Hey Katie
The plane was a bit of a nightmare but will write about that here OK now though and just dealing with those photos too!
From Harlene
Hey Nic
when you go to Sydney if you get a chance, go to the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, they're awesome! they're about 2 hours out of Sydney on the train.

H xx
Response: Sounds good - maybe I'll look into doing a day trip there too!
From Amy
Sounds like you're having fun...
Looks like you'll be in Aussie for a while ! Any more plans for NZ ?
Response: Hey there.
Yeah I'm in OZ from mid Sep till end of the year as I'm staying with Sarah for Xmas and New Year - then over to NZ. I am thinking 5-6 weeks in the north island then down to Christchurch for the last couple of weeks! *smile* Will be great to see you guys then!!
From Melanie
Hey if you still can't get your photos sorted in SF, I'm sure we can get them done here. Looking forward to seeing you - given any thought to anything you want to see here?
Response: Great - thanks!
Well, I'm not really sure what there is to do apart from seeing "Hollywood" so I'll let you guide me when I get there!!
*love and hugs* See you soon!
From Kirsty
Knew you wouldn't like NYC it's too new for you :)

Saw Simpsons other night so funny!!! Spider pig spider pig no he's Harry Plopper :)

Almost finished Harry Potter but pacing it out so it lasts.

Want to know the end when I finish? Though if you already know don't tell me!

love ya k x
Response: Ah well...I already know the end and who dies etc...will read it next year when I'm home.
NYC horrible...but I like's kind of a cleaner, friendlier version of NYC...much better!
From Janice
Glad all is going well and that you are enjoying the adventure. And that you are rethinking visiting San Francisco. In case you needed to know, the 2 local airports are SFO and OAK.
Response: Thanks Janice...I am about to start searching for flights now!!
From Mel
Just got back from a little trip of my own and checked in here to see what you were up to - lot of progress I see!

Are you rethinking the Grand Canyon and stuff? It's pretty remote out there, but it is worth seeing. If cost were no object I'd recommend you get to Vegas and take a helicopter tour of the GC - but it's about $150 and I'm sure you could do a lot of things with that!

I'll keep checking this blog so I know when you're going to be in this area. Any ideas what you want to do in LA?

See you soon!
Response: Hey there...just sent you and email! That will tell you all...sadly I will give the Canyon a miss now - another ideas what to do in LA - will look to you for recs!!!