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Nicki and Davina's adventures!!!

Over the next few weeks we will be travelling around South-East Asia starting in Thailand. From there we will be making our way north into Laos, travelling into Vietnam then Cambodia before returning to Thailand. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read (including pics). Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 11 September 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Well everyone - it is the end of the road for us now!!! We arrived in Bangkok this morning and as we said have visited the Chatuchack weekend market and hardcore shopped. It was great!! Nicki i thought of you the whole time - it was your heaven!!! Martine bought 4 skirts, jeans, 5 tops, shoes and hair accessories all for the bargain price of 40pounds.

We are now in Kho san road, eating a final paad thai and about to shop just a little more!!! Time is precious, so better be off.

See ya all soon
Adios xxx

Friday, 09 September 2005

Location: Ko Chang, Thailand

The weather unfortunately for us here has not been great!! Feeling the full effects of the monsoon season!! Thankfully though a trip to the Khlong Phlu waterfall was pretty amazing due to these high levels of water we are experiencing at the moment. Unfortunately the trek there through some rather rough terraine proved to be very difficult for Davina. This was because she was wearing a flimsy pair of flipflops that Martine had generously given her free from a magazine, causing her to cut her toe!!! ( The same flip flops she was wearing when she fell in the cement!) She is now wondering if Martine may have cursed them!!!

That afternoon we ventured to Lonely beach (by Gavin's recommendation) by taxi. To get there we had to drive through mountains ( which felt like the Val De Terres X10!!!! ) as you can imagine Martine and Davina arrived there a definate shade of green! It was pretty though.

Sunday we have booked our return trip to Bangkok where we intend to hardcore shop for our last time before coming home!!!

Wednesday, 07 September 2005

Location: Ko Chang, Thailand

Today arrived in Ko Chang. Pleased to be here safely after Davina falling knee high into some cement and getting her flip flop buried in it (Martine= hehe!). Then getting the feeling we might have been ripped off on a ticket we bought to Ko Samet. Sorry to say this was the place we liked the least. It was beautiful, but we found the people were not too friendly and have already found the difference coming here.

We are planning to spend 3 days here. Hopefully doing a boat tour round the surrounding little islands and maybe getting a cookery lesson, and generally making the most of our last few days on the beach, before heading back to smelly bangkok. To do this we felt it necessary to actually book ourselves into a rather swanky hotel (still only costs 7 pounds a night!).

Monday, 05 September 2005

Location: Ko Samet, Thailand

Arrived in Ko Samet yesterday afternoon. It is a lovely little island surrounded by gorgeous sand and sea, however apparently tiger sharks like to live here too so haven't been swimming quite as much!!!!!

We also had a very warm welcome here from the mosquito's. Unfortunately i think a couple of downpours has brought them out in full force. Martine currently has 18 bites covering her twigs (with the wood scrapped off)!!! and i am not far off that!! With the most painful hindering me from sitting down!!! Apart from that still enjoying the hard life.

Wednesday we will head to the island of Ko Chang for the last bit of our journey!!! :(

Friday, 02 September 2005

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

Hello all!

Arrived here yesterday morning after a rocky boat trip. Once we finally found some accommodation we decided to take a terrifying trip up the mountains to a fantastic place called Jamakiri Spa, where we pampered ourselves with a steam sauna, body wrap, facial and an oil massage (Nicki this is where those Irish girls recommended to go and it was that good!).

Today we went to one of the small neighbouring island called Koh Nang Yuan. It was beautiful! It's 2 islands joined by sand bars, surrounded by reef, so for most the afternoon we snorkelled.

Tomorrow we're heading back to Koh Samui, to catch a flight to a place called Pattaya, to then catch a boat across to the islands of Koh Samet and Koh Chang, which is where we will spend our last week.

Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand

Hello! Yesterday did an elephant trek in the jungle. It was Davina's 2nd terrifying experience. Uphill was fine but going down, a rather tight grip was in order. Today we went on a Boat trip round the island, exploring some of the other bays. Went to Bottle beach which was gorgeous, however the locals were trying to charge Martine a 100 Baht to go to the toilet! After being harrassed she came back out with her bikini bottoms on inside out, much to Davina's amusement. Also got the chance to snorkel today which was a quite an exciting experience, being sure that we were amongst Nemo and his friends.

Tomorrow head to Koh Toa for 2 days for some pampering at a Health Spa and some more snorkelling.

Monday, 29 August 2005

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand

Hey guys! Arrived in Koh Phangan this morn by boat from Ko Samui. Found a little beach hut slightly North of Haat Rin, which opens up onto the beach. Planning to do a boat trip around the island tomorrow, then elephant trekking and cookery lessons the following days.

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Location: Ko Samui, Thailand

Hey everyone! Believe it or not, I am making the effort to write a diary entry. Well....actually Mart's doing the typing. We flew from Bangkok to Ko Samui, and stayed there for a couple of relaxing days on Chewang Beach. Martine was getting over jet lag whilst I was sunning myself. Not much else to report from here because literally did nothing. (It's a hard life).

Friday, 26 August 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Well folks, its the end of the road (for Nicki anyway). Arrived in Bangkok once more and have met up with Martine, Debbie and Justine (a little Guernsey re-union). Although they are all here in body, they are not quite here in mind due to a little jet-lag! Had a couple of cocktails to celebrate and have been hitting the market hard!

Davine and Mart are flying to Koh Samui tomorrow to lie on a beach and do not much else until the jet-lag wears off. Nicki has unfortunately got to return to work so beware Davina has to continue this site alone - so it might be fairwell from us both! All depends on whether she can be arsed to move from the sun lounger!!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

We got up at 5am this morning. Earliest rise yet!!! Went to temples of Ankor Wat today. Watched sunrise over the temple and got some fab photos. The architecture is quite something!!! There are so many to see, we have a 3 day pass to go back and see more tomorrow.

This afternoon we visited a landmine museum where children, who are victims, live and run the grounds. There are still 6 million landmines lying live in cambodia. It was very distressing to hear the childrens stories. As well as losing limbs and sometimes sight, many of them have lost family and friends also.

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Arrived early afternoon after another 6 hour bus journey. Davine struggled big time but this time it was due to lack of sleep and a horrendous hangover! We went out with some folk from the Uk and ended up in a seedy club not getting back to the hotel until about 3 and having to get up at 6 for the bus!

Almost forgot to say that we had a go at tasting the local delicacy of spider!!!! Well some of us did and some of us pretended! Davine had a go at nibbling the legs, but one of the guys actually put the whole thing in his mouth and chewed away saying it tasted like pork scratchings!

Anyway found a nice place to stay and Nicki had her very own adventure whilst Davina nursed her hangover in bed! Nicki got a local guy to take her around the city to see how the local people live, she also went to see some handicapped children making local handicrafts.

Going to bed really early tonight as we're up at 5am tomorrow to catch the temples at sunrise!

Monday, 22 August 2005

Location: Phnom Phen, Cambodia

Hired a tuc tuc driver for the day and visited all the sites around the city. Started off by visiting the S-21 museum which was horrendous. It is where the thousands of people were inprisoned and tortured during the Khmer Rouge regime (1975-79). There were still blood stains on the floor!! Nicki almost puked as she had taken her malaria tablet on an empty stomach so seeing the remains of peoples skulls didn't really help the situation!

After that went to the equally depressing killing fields where mass graves have been excavated to reveal thousands of bodies. You could actually see the remains of bones and clothes as you walked around! Was a real eye-opener we had no idea about how horrendous the whole regime was.

Headed to the Royal Palace where we were stopped at the entrance for not being appropriately dressed! Davine couldn't be bothered to go in so Nicki had to pay for the privaledge of hiring a B.O. smelling, extra-large 'Anker Wot' temple t-shirt so she could enter the temples!

Sunday, 21 August 2005

Location: Phnom Penn, Cambodia

Arrived in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penn. It is so hot we reckon we have lost at least a stone through sweating!

Spent the last two days doing a boat tour of the Mekong Delta and ended up crossing the border with Cambodia. The first day was spent rushing between different places that showed you how they made local delicacies so was anything but relaxing. The second day was a lot more relaxed and involved a trip on a small rowing boat around floating villages.

We eventually arrived about 6.30pm, but then we had the task of finding accomodation!!!! We eventually found somewhere that was not ridden with mozzies!! Hoping to see the killings fields and war museum tomorrow, and maybe fit in another market!!!!

Friday, 19 August 2005

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Did a half day tour of the Cu Chi tunnels this morning. It was a real eye opener. We crawled along one of the tunnels for about 30metres and cacked ourselves, it was horrible. I can''t believe people lived in them.

Had a look around the American War museum this afteroon. After feeling quite depressed decided a little retail therapy at the local market was in order!

Going on a two day one night boat trip through the Mekong Delta into Cambodia tomorrow, so will keep you posted.....

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam

Lay in the sun all morning as the weather was gorgeous again - Davine's now suffering with survire sunburn and is struggling to sit down!

Went on tour of the sand dunes in the afternoon with Sheena and Rich, a couple we've met up with who are travelling the same route. Hired a jeep and saw a fishing village, the red canyon and red and white sand dunes. We each had a go at sliding down them but is was a bit disappointing as it wasn't fast enough!!!

Heading to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow so its back on the bus!!!!

Monday, 15 August 2005

Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam

Arrived in Mui Ne this morning. Might stay a few days because it is a much quieter place with a long white sandy beach that goes on and on. Our place is a small bungalow right on the beach
- just what the doctor ordered!

Heading on a tour of the nearby sand dunes tomorrow - it involves surfing down them so should be a laugh. Will let you see the pics soon....

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Have been in Nha Trang for the past four days and have eventually found a beach!!!!! The place is the most lively so far so we have had a couple of good nights out. Spent a couple of days just relaxing on the beach and went of an island boat tour. Visited a spa this evening and had a mud bath, followed by a hot mineral bath and then a swim in a pool that was 38 degrees - was great! Really needed a bit of pampering.

Heading south tomorrow to Mui Ne for a couple of days before going on to Ho Chi Minh.

Monday, 08 August 2005

Location: Hoi An, Vietnam

You have to look at the pics about Hoi An as they took me over half an hour to upload - bloody hell - will send some more when I find a quicker system!

Arrived in Hoi An and stayed for 3 nights in a gorgeous hotel with a pool - splashed out a bit but it was well worth it. Weather was really naff so we ended up spending a lot of time in the shops. The tailors are better than those in Bangkok - subsequently I will have to buy another bag to bring it all home!

Met a really nice bunch of people there and met up with them a couple of times. One very messy night included going to a 'party' on the back of a scooter out of the town in what appeared to be somebodys garage - v amusing!

Sunday, 07 August 2005

Location: Hue, Vietnam

Arrived in Hue completely shattered after a 12 hour bus journey over night! Booked in to a hotel and decided to go on the 'Perfume river cruise' straight away - we hired a boat privately with another couple we met from the bus trip. The boat took us along the river to visit a number of temples and tombs. We saw the 'Ming Mang' tomb and one other temple before deciding to head back. We were so tired after the bus journey we couldn't hack any more culture! Wondered around the city in the evening and got harrassed by a cyclo driver who would not leave us alone. The people here just continually hassle you until you give in!! We both ended up squished on this one cyclo (me literally on top of Davine) just so he would leave us alone!!!

Anyway heading to Hoi An today, can't wait. We're planning on staying there for a few days as its supposed to be lovely. A couple of days on the beach is much needed!!!!

Saturday, 06 August 2005

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

We arrived in Hanoi two nights ago. The city is great and much better than the likes of Bangkok. Its completely full of mopeds - I have never seen so many in my life - we have had a couple of close calls - you just have to walk in front of them and hope for the best. The Vietnamese tend to use their horns a lot more than necessary!

Anyway arrived late on the 3rd and booked straight in to a hotel. Decided to go on a tour the following day as our time is limited. Had a great trip to Tam Coc (2 hours W of Hanoi) where you ride around amazing rock formations in and out of paddy fields in a little boat - awesome scenery. We were harassed the whole time by people trying to flog us things that kind of ruined the whole experience for us but it was still worth doing. Got back and went to a local Jazz club which was great.

Headed to Halong Bay (4 hrs E of Hanoi) on the 5th for a two day one night boat trip. Arrived after a 4 hr bus journey to be told the trip would be cancelled due to an approching typhoon!! Luckily the storm passed after about an hour and the rest of the trip was gorgeous sunshine. The area is a World Heritage site so had more amazing rock formations. we spent last night chatting till late on the top deck of the boat watching shooting starts - bliss!

Got back today and we're about to embark on another bus journey, this time a 12 hr over night trip to Hue, down the coast. Davine is not looking forward to it!!!!

We will post some pics on the site when we get to a decent internet cafe.....

Monday, 01 August 2005

Location: Vang Vieng, Laos

Just arrived in Vang Vieng after a 6 hour bus journey. The scenery was awesome but Davina really struggled because the roads were so windey as we were travelling through mountains. It is continuing to tip it down as it's the monsoon season so we might be moving on pretty quick. This place is meant to be awesome for tubing, kayaking and caving but not so great in this weather!

Sunday, 31 July 2005

Location: Luang Prabang, Laos

Arrived at Luang Prabang and found a nice place to stay. Met up with some others we'd met on the boat for food. Went on a trip to see the Kuang Si falls but it tipped it down with rain the whole time - typical! They were stunning though... Off south to Vang Viene tomorrow morning.

Friday, 29 July 2005

Location: Mekong River, Laos

Travelled down the Mekong river from Chiang Khong in Thailand to reach Luang Prabang in Loas. The total journey time was 12 long hours! Stayed over night in a little town on the way run by a really friendly family. The town had a power cut at about 10.30 so there was no fan in our room - absolutely baking!! Views were spectacular but the boat was jammed full of people so you could hardly move - definatley 3rd class...

Monday, 25 July 2005

Location: Chaing Mai, Thailand

We arrived in the sewage smelling city of Bangkok! We decided to go a bit more upmarket and stay in a hotel as opposed to a youth hostel as we needed a good nights sleep - was definitely a good idea as we had a 10 hour train journey up to Chiang Mai (North of Bangkok) ahead of us.

Arrived in Chiang Mai after the worst nights sleep ever and found a place to stay. Spent the first day mouching around and familarising ourselves with the place. Had an oil massage from a blind man which was very relaxing! Went on a one day trek which involved an elephant ride through the jungle, a visit to 2 hill tribe villages and a bamboo ride down the river that was awesome. Also managed to find our way to the night market and purchsed a few bits and bobs. Had a 5 hour mini-bus ride up to Chiang Kong today and am staying in a grubby little place. Heading to Laos tomorrow and travelling down the Mekong river for 2 days, is supposed to be stunning so we'll see.

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From Jackie & Kim
Hi Davine
Di gave us your website details today and we think your photos are fab! Makes us want to go there so we've put it on our "to do" list. Have a fantastic time and we want to hear all about it when you get back. Love J&K xx
Response: Thanks girls. I agree you should defo visit. I can see you two backpacking and fitting in great! XXX
From Donna
Hi there girls
Thought I'd escape my assignment by looking at your website before I loose the plot.

Did I really read the word 'cookery leasons'!!!!!! Davine, no offense but having tasted your past culinary creations do they know what they've let themselves in for? Please get them to teach you how to cook rice - not rice that looks like a bowl shaped cake thing!

Am really enjoying looking at your website and photos so keep up the good work. Keep enjoying yourselves and the sunning sessions.
Lots of Love Dons & Livi xx
Response: Hey Don and Livi - yeah i know. Decided it was time to learn, however the cookery lesson hasn't happened yet. The beach just wont let me leave at the mo!!!!
From Phil P
Hi Davina
Nice to see your having a good time. O to be youg again!
Mums missing you ( well the barnet is at least) have a nice time look after yourself and little sis.
Phil. xx
Response: Hey Phil.

I know she is probably missing me because the house is no doubt in a tip! Will see you soon
Davina and Mart x
From cat le tiss
hey davine and mart!!!! hope your having a great time whilst we are all stuck here at home!!!! wishing i was there with you thats for sure!!!!! the photos all look so amazing - wishing i was in them !!!!
take care of yourselves and see you soon

Response: Allo!!! So glad to hear from u. Thanks for the postcard btw, received it the day I left. Took a while. hehe. We're gonna have to get together and compare photos when I get back. See u soon. Loadsa love x x x
From Nix
Hey you guys, glad you have kept this up - v impressed. Miss you guys already, am v jealous of the lazing around on the beach - don't seem to have jet-lag and have lots of energy, will probably hit me soon though! Make sure you try a bucket guys! Have fun xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey Nic!
Just spoken to you on the phone. Missing u too. We're about to try a bucket tonight, so wish us luck! See u soon x
From Teej
Bonjour les doddoires des cabbage et les petite cabbage!!! Just wanted to quickly say I'm v impressed that Davine got off the sunbed to update the website... keep it up Davine. Glad you got there safely Mart, hope you have the best time. See you both soon, love you lots.
Teej Xx
Response: Hey Tray
Hope all is good back there, we are having a fab time. topping up the tans before our return. see ya soon xxx
From Sonia
Hi Girls
Its nice to see you are still keeping the website going - its been really great to read and the photos are wonderful. Hope Martine is not suffering too much after her close encounter with the shark! Hope you continue to have a great time. See you Soon. x x
Response: Only you mum would be so gulllible!!!! However Martine has slight bruising after the elephant on the trek we did today decided to sit on her!!! Love you, your girlsxxx
From Aimes
Hey you guys! (Goonies stylee!)
What a journey!! A seedy club huh?! Bet you felt right at home had you been suffering folies withdrawl symptoms! - Maybe theyve set up a chain?
Temples at sunrise sound incredible. Hope you're journey home is stress free Nicki and enjoy the sun Veen & Mart, Lots of love xx
Response: Hey Aimes
having a cool time with my mart. lookin forward to seein you shortly!! xx
From Donna
Hey birds. It all looks and sounds so good and so different - I am very impressed with the photos and that I haven't seen too many boggy green outfits on this trip. I have sent a photo of Olivia to your hotmail address. If Aimes is worried about the size and contents of your bag now wait until you have kids - you'll need a suitcase! Anyway have a brilliant time when Mart arrives and keep up the good work and photos for us. Lots of love Dons & Livy xxx
Response: Hey Donna, NO none of those outfits anymore!!! and not planning on having kids just yet!!! see ya soon honey XX
From Rin
Hello ladies! Sooo impressed with this internet thing going are stunning! Just needed a wee break from work (yes i am now in full time employment as a research assistant in the nutrition dept at uni!) Loving it, everyone is very easygoing. Exped to svalbard was fab - saw beluga whales! Back to the rock for the long weekend and canae wait as the smell will be back too - bummer you guys are still away but have a fab time as I'm sure you will and we'll have a drink (or 2) for you both! Lots of love and bug hugs Rin xxxx
Response: Hey Rinny. really good to hear from you. Glad you had a good time we'll hopefully catch up with you in the near future!!!
From Aimes
What an adventure girls - very entertaining photos! Was pleased to see that even in the smallest of tunnels, Veenie has her trusty handbag (Mary Poppins carpet bag in disguise - what do you put in there mate?!) and still manages to be colour co-ordinated - ur amazing mate! Nicki - full marks for ur ICT skills - absolute legend - very impressed but still expect the full on slide show on ur return alrite bud?! Lots of love to you both xxxx
Response: Well Aimes it has everything - including a chemical warfare protection suit for when i visit some toilets over here!!!!
From Sally Chick
Hi Davina & Co

Just to say your mum gave me your website to view, and i must say that you and your friends have taken some great photos and by reading your diary it seems that you are having a great time, take care.

(Your mum's friend from work)
Response: Thanks Sally. Yeah we are really pleased with the website, much more exciting than an email!!!
From Sarah
Hi dave just seen photos looks like u r having lots of fun... you are looking really well ... miss you lods ... so jelouse..........................- ...............:) Take carexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sarah actvhair
Response: Hey bird, great to hear from you. Havin' a ball thankyou. Can't believe Nicki goes home in two days!!! Will miss her!!
From M&D
Glad to see you & D are in touch. Give each other a cuddle from us. Tell her we're missing you both. Can't wait 2 c u & to know when we'll see her!
You look v. well. Speak soon
M&D xxxx
Response: If it actually happens we will ring you!!! hopefully friday.
From Steph
Have just come back from Barcelona - had a great few days. I enjoyed reading your diary and looking at the photos. All I can say is ...brilliant ! Rickmansworth is going to seem very tame ! Take care and enjoy !

love Steph
Response: Glad you had a well deserved break. Will bore you with all the pics on my return!
From Deb & Juz
Not sure if last message sent...gonna try to book room in hotel tomorrow...please let us know if it is on Rajdamri Rd? Do you have your mob...Juzy's no is +44 7781 402699 so text if you need....speak soon Dxx
Response: I've looked too, but there's no pic of the outside so not sure! Deb look at your e-mail coz I've written you a long message....
From Deb & Juz
We have looked on internet and found hotel - hope it is the right one!! Gonna book it tomorrow for night of 26th...please let us know that it is def Bangkok City Inn on Rajdamri Road??? And if you have the number it would be great...ta!!
From Fart Brain
Allo! Looks and sounds fantastic, Can't wait to be joining u guys, Only a few days now! Can't believe it....(that's of course if I actually do manage to get there!) hehe. C u soon! Take care love Mart x x x x
Response: can't wait to see you - we'll be there to fetch u we promise!
From Pat
Hey Davina and Nicki!

Amazin piccies, the scenery out there is just fantastic!!

You're both looking very tanned and healthy, not that you weren't before of course ;)

Take it easy and keep enjoying yourselves, can't wait to see the full set of snaps on your return.

From Helen
Pics are amazing. Glad you're having fun. Stu and I went round to Lydia's last night and I saw old school pics!!!! Davine what a barnet you had back then! Have fun and I hope the sunburn has calmed down. xx
Response: Yes Helen I know about the old hair style - that's why I went into hairdressing! Hope the house is cool love Davine x
From activcrew
Fantastic photos...... Loved it .... what a beautifull place its paradise.... keep sending us more photos we love it.... glad to know you managed well with the local food...cheese omelete.... all good hahahaha
From activcrew
fantastic website..... love it have fun and will log in everyday to check your adventures ....
love rutex, Andre, Andrew, Alex, Sarah, Helen, Mim, Ally Ellie Millie, Kylie, Anya ..... i think i didn't miss enyone xxx
Response: Thanks for looking, miss you guys.
From Di and Chunks
Hi Girls
Trace forwarded your website to us, great to see you in your recent adventures it all looks great, have fun and take care
Lots of love
Broom and Chunks xxxx
Response: Hi Broomenellas. Glad you have had a look. Your right, we are having lots of fun. Have had a well deserved rest on the beach for th last couple of days but paid for it with a sunburnt bum! See you guys soon x
From Jasmine
Salut Nickie!
You seem to be having lots of fin and really the photos make me feel like going on a holiday over there! Once again you travelled all that way, next time you come on this side of the world push off to Sydney! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays, take care, grosses bises, Jasmine (i'll be back in Europe few weeks at x-mas to catch up!)
Response: Glad you've had a look at the pics. I'm in France at xmas so we will have to definately arrange to catch up. Will give you a ring when I get back. Grosses bises Nix xxx
From Brownie and Karen
Now then my little chickens. Glad you found the website! Hope that you are admiring our picture that has pride of place on the home page mwahaha!

Trust you are still having a wicked time. Have m,anaged to leave the "Happy Land" of Laos and are now baking in the heat on Phangan preparing for the Full Moon debauchery.

Take care and travel safe

James and Karen
Response: Yes I note your pride pic of the gient panda on the home page - v impressive!

Glad you are still having fun, Davine will hopefully meet up with you in a weeks time for a drink on the beach...I'll be back at work by then boo hoo