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Our itinerary: Thailand-China-OZ-NZ-Fiji-USA

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Diary Entries

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Location: Rushden/Northampton, England


We are finally back in the UK! We'd better fill in the gaps from the rest of our trip though...

The rest of our time in San Francisco involved a lot of shopping and we also went to Fisherman's Wharf where we tried the local speciality, clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. The soup was really nice but the sourdough got a bit too much. I think there's nothing wrong with a plain old crusty roll! From there we strolled down the bay for views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It looked pretty cool but the Bay Bridge further inside the bay is bigger and somehow looks more impressive.

San Fran is also famous for having a massive gay population so we thought we would check out the gay area called Castro. We were expecting it to be a bit like Brighton but once we were inside the neighbourhood with it's rainbow flags everywhere, it seemed to accomdate every cliche we have ever heard of. People were much more open than elsewhere and Castro was a nice looking neighbourhood. It was mostly full of men holding hands, walking dogs and the the bars were full of moustachioed leather clad bikers. It felt like we were in an american prison. We sank a few beers a wandered back to our hostel.

On our last day in SF we went to Pacific Heights. This area has definitelty been used in a lot of films and the houses were amazing. The streets were really steep and we were given some awesome views of the bay. That night we flew to New York..our last stop before home!

We arrived in New York on Monday morning absolutely knackered due to no sleep on the plane and were welcomed by a thunderstorm. As we approached the city, the sillouhettes of the skyscapers in the mist was an awesome sight. Our hostel was just north of Central Park in Harlem. The area was pretty rough but the subway was just around the corner and we were soon in the centre of Manhattan. The subways don't look like they have been improved since they were built about 100 years ago. They make the tube in London seem like paradise and the maps are pretty hard to understand. Despite New York's reputation, we felt really safe in Manhattan. It's obviously been cleaned up loads since the bad old days.

We turned up in Times Square on the Monday afternoon and had a wander. It was pretty touristy and tacky, like Leicester Square. On Tuesday we went to Ground Zero and saw that construction is in full swing for the new tower. There was a tribute centre next to the site which had items recovered from the wreckage. It was shocking to see one of the aeroplane windows, and I imagined how horrific it would have been to be one of those passengers. There were loads of exhibits including a batterd fireman's helmet, melted pistols and wallets of people who died. They also had a memorial wall with photos of all those who went mising in the attack and it was pretty upsetting.

Close by to the WTC site is the financial district and we saw Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. From there we wandered down to the tip of the island and took the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry is free and we got spectacular views of Manhatten's skyscrapers and also went close by to the Statue of Liberty. Later on, we had a look in Little Italy, Chinatown and SOHO.

The following day, we went up the Empire State Building to the observation deck. The views were obviously wicked but the queue took about 2 hours and inside the building was covered in scaffolding so the experience was spoilt a little bit. Later we went to Grand Central station and did some more shopping up Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue. At the top of 5th was the toy shop called Schwarz where Tom Hanks played the big piano in 'Big'. That evening we went to Grenwich Village which is the posh part of NY and totally unlike the rest of the city. We saw the apartment where Friends was set had had a well deserved drink.

The next day we went to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked across through to Brooklyn and from there went to Coney Island which has a beach and a run down fairground. We went on the pirate ship and tried one of the famous beef hotdogs. For our last day in NY we went to Central Park and saw the Dakota building where John Lennon was shot and his memorial nearby. That night we flew back to Britain. It's good to be back, and we are looking forward to seeing everybody. I'm sure the excitment will rub off when work starts again but we've had a wicked time and thanks for reading.


P.S. I've put up some more photos from OZ/NZ and the US from my phone.

Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Location: San Francisco, USA


After last writing we spent a relaxing day by the pool. For a crappy hostel, the facilities wern't too bad although the free continental breakfast consisted of a muffin and the free dinner was southern fries. The hostel was also directly under the flightpath of LAX so was pretty cool to watch the planes flying over so low but a nightmare when trying to get to sleep in a sweaty, uncomfortable 20 man dorm. We bought some coronas and got chatting to Diane & Chris from New Jersey and spent the night with them.

On Friday we woke up ridiculously early and set of for Universal Studios for our second visit. We spent all day there and managed to get every ride in. The Jurassic Park ride was pretty good and the studio tour was wicked too. On the tour we drove through sets, including the War of the Worlds, Jaws, Phsyco, The Great Oudoors, Desperate Houswives and loads more. We also saw the Waterworld show with stunning special effects.

On Saturday we rode the bus to San Francisco. It was roasting during the whole journey but when we arrived it was noticably a lot colder. San Fran is famous for it's fog and we can see why, the tans will be going on hold for a while. Our Hostel here is really nice and the area feels a lot safer than the one in L.A. It has more of a European feel and is not so spread out as L.A. There are loads of bums still but they're pretty harmless.

Last night we went on the Alcatraz cruise to the former prison island. It's not too far out into the bay and you can see the Golden Gate bridge in the distance. Because of the fog, it seemed really eerie and mysterious. We had a guided tour around the island and the cellhouse. It was really good and we would recommend it to anyone. We had access to the whole prison and we could go inside the cells, the 'hole,' the wardens office, the control room and the dining room and we also saw the cells where the prisons had widened the grates to escape in, 'Escape from Alcatraz'. We managed to escape from the island so have got another 5 days here and will be in New York on Monday morning.

That's about all for now


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Howdy Partners!

So..there's not much else to say about Dunedin. We were pretty bored there and had to climb a massive hill every day back to our hostel. It was grey most of the time and pretty cold. From Dunedin we climbed the world's tallest street and passed through Lake Tekapo where we saw the bluest water we have ever seen. I know we've said this a lot but it really was this time! Lake Tekapo was just an overnight stop and we were treated to a chilli courtesy of Pete and Theresa & then headed out to see what the town had to offer..which was not a lot. The one bar that we found insisted that we all provide I.D. New Zealand is pretty strict about this for some reason but they were pretty good about it and took us back to our hostel in a minibus to get our passports. I can't imagine anywhere back home doing this.

The following day was spent in Christchurch, our last stop in New Zealand and NZ's most English city. We didhn't have much time there but we went to the Antarctic centre where we got to ride a snow mobile and experience a storm at -20 degrees. I wasn't happy with our audacious room mate who asked for some of my red wine. Grrrrrr!

On Saturday, it was time to leave NZ for our destination, Nadi in Fiji. Because of all the hassle we had when our passports were relieved from us, we were only going to spend a day there and Nadi was probably the worst place we could have stayed on the island. It was warm but it rained most of the 24 hours that we were there. Our hostel manager told us when we arrived that there were no rooms left. It got a little heated, then he told us that he was only joking. After spending most of the day on a plane we wern't amused.

There's not much to say about Nadi because we only wandered down one of it's streets. It was pretty dark and felt a bit dodgy. We had gotten used to all the shady characters lurking in the dark in Asia but was a bit unnerving all of a sudden to be thrown back into that kind of environment. There wasn't many tourists around and the locals were trying to hustle some money out of us some of the time. The one highlight was 'Mamma's Pizza'. We enjoyed half of it and were planning on saving the rest for the airport until about a thousand ants from the room got there first.

The flight to L.A. took 11 hours and went over the international date line so we arrived before we had left Fiji if that makes sense. Our hostel is not in the nicest areas of the city, infact it's like being on the set of 'Boyz in the Hood'. We wandered out on Sunday afternoon and we were definitely the minority. There were loads of pimped out cars and stuff like that which made it feel quite surreal as we imagine this and the way people act only happens on T.V. There are so many crazy people and bums here, it's unreal.

We went to Universal Studios on Monday. We loved it and went on the new Simpsons ride which was wicked. We've got BOGOF tickets so we get to go again on Friday. Can't wait. We decided to hop off the metro in Downtown L.A. for some food. Big was full of crackheads and bums and all we could find was a Subway. It was all pretty scary as was the train ride home which passed by Compton.

There is so much temptation in the city, especially the food and shopping. We planned to go to Venice Beach yesterday but once it clouded over we decided to wonder to Santa Monica Boulevard. It was awesome for shopping and it is so cheap here, pretty much half the price of stuff back home. Food is wicked too. We've literally eaten Mexican every day. Oh, I almost forgot the earthquake yesterday. We were sat at us a bus stop when we felt the seat move from side to side. Didn't really think anything of it and thought it was the metro until someone told us later on.

Today we went to Hollywood and the Walk of Fame. One of the major drawbacks of this city is the size of it and the buses take forever. After about three hours we finally arrived and to be honest it was a bit of a let down. It's just a load of stars in the pavement with names on. We saw the Hollywood sign in the hills and then took the bus down Sunset Boulevard. We passed all the famous neighbourhoods like Beverly Hills and Bel-Air and landed at UCLA which looked really cool.

Anyway speak soon


P.S. Apologies for lack of photos as I've got camera issues again.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand


We spent most of last week in Queenstown which isn't a bad little town... if you're loaded! Lots of people were there for the skiing and was something that we hadn't thought about doing in New Zealand so we had to pass up on the oppurtunity. Also, given the fact that our travel insurance isn't good enough for a new passport, I doubt we'd be covered for a Michael Burke style rescue on a a ski slope! There were also plenty of other activities on offer which we unfortunately had to foresake; Milford Sound, the worlds tallest bungy, the canyon swing.. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Our first couple of days were spent doing very little but we had quite a few walks and Queenstown, like much of the country offers some amazing scenery. During the week, we did however go on the luge. This was even crazier than the one in Rotorua because of the steepness and icy conditions and I absolutely loved it. I wish we had these back home.

The nightlife in Queenstown was pretty good too and we had a couple of nights out. We had the same problem in the daytime in the hostel when once again some bright spark thought that it would be a good idea to watch another 9 hour marathon of Lord of the Rings. Staying with the movie theme, we also went to the cinema and I am ashamed to say we saw Mamma Mia. This was the most uncomfortable two hours of our lives so please don't get it out from blockbusters once it's out on DVD.

One of Queenstown's most popular attractions is a place called Fergburger which offers huge burgers. It was packed all the time and one of those places where all the backpackers seem to go. To be honest I felt a little bit let down by the place, maybe because I've been brought up on Texas Longhorn's. Nic liked hers though so it wasn't that bad, just a little overhyped.

On Saturday we left Queenstown for Dunedin. Dunedin is the furthest south we will travel in New Zealand, so from here on on it can only get warmer, we hope. It is New Zealand's 'Scottish' city but it's actually not that bad. It's got some pretty cool shops, the world's steepest street and the Speights' Brewery where I indulged in some pretty tasty lamb shanks last night. We went to the Cadbury's factory tour today, and also got some samples. That's about all for now.


P.S: We'll be back on Saturday 16th of August so if anyone fancies joining us out that evening in Rushden then that'll be wicked!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand


We spent a few more days in Wellington in one of the worst hostels so far on our trip. It reminded me of an old abandoned hospital but we couldn't move because the whole city was booked out for the rugby. We also went to the Te Papa museum which was pretty good. On Saturday the All Blacks were playing South Africa in the evening so we went to see the game. It was absolutely freezing and because we had bought the cheap seats, we were sat at the front and got soaked by the rain. We saw the Haka and the game started off quite lively. There was even a big scrap but the atmosphere soon petered out. It was more entertaining than the AFL we had seen in Sydney but egg chasing in our opinion is not a patch on watching footy.

After the game we met up with our friends, Pete & Theresa and went for a night out in Courtney Place. We had a good night until Pete got chucked out of a bar for being slightly drunk! We woke up on Sunday morning feeling like death and we had to catch a ferry to the South Island but on our arrival we found out it had been cancelled due to the bad weather. It may have been a blessing in disguise given our state. We checked into a much nicer hostel, the YHA and treated ourselves to a roast dinner. It's been nearly six months since the last so we thought we deserved it.

On Monday we finally got on the ferry to the South Island. You can actually see the South Island from Wellington but because the ferry is so big, it has to go at a snail's pace so that it doesn't capsize all the small fishing boats. It took five hours and although neither of us ever get seasick, the bobbing of the boat made us feel pretty groggy.

We arrived in Picton in the evening so didn't really get to see much of the place. the hostel was really clean and they served us a free chocolate pudding with ice cream! In the morning we went to the harbour which was very picturesque. The bus then picked us up and took us down to Nelson. We drove through the Malborough region, famous for it's wine and admired the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Three days were spent in Nelson and to be honest we didn't really do much apart from laze around watching movies. We woke up on Friday morning to find most of the hostel garden flooded and we had no choice but to get our feet soaked. We were travelling down the West Coast towards a place called Greymouth. Most of the area is in the National Park and on the way we got the chance to see a seal colony.

We arrived in Greymouth late in the afternoon and went to the Monteith's Brewery Tour. The actual tour wasn't that interesting but at the end we had the chance to try their range of beers. They sell this stuff in Waitrose so look out for it! The Original and Celtic were really nice and Nic liked the Raddler which has a lemon and lime twist. The tour included a barbecue and a free pint so it was well worth doing. We wandered back to the hostel only to find bloody 'Lord of the Rings' playing back to back in the T.V room. It was filmed in New Zealand and it seems everywhere we go, the gimps just can't get enough of it!

The following morning was another early start and we arrived in a town called Franz Josef around lunchtime. It is here, where there is a massive glacier tumbling down the mountain. We were due to go on a half day hike but because of the bad weather it was cancelled. Instead, we took a shuttle and walked through the rainforest to see specatacular views of the terminal.

The All Blacks were playing South Africa again so we spent Saturday night down the pub with Pete and Therea. After the game there was a band playing. The songs were a bit inappropriate for a Saturday night, including lounge room stuff and songs from musicals. The ginger transexual on the keyboards was a sight to be seen!

This morning it was time to leave again for our journey down to Queenstown. We passed another glacier, the 'Fox Glacier' and went for a walk around Lake Matheson and took some picture-postcard photos. We also passed through Wanaka and are now in Queenstown. I promise I will upload some photos tomorrow.


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From pauline
Great reading your travel log and super photos.
Now down to earth!!
Response: Cheers! Can't believe we're back already..not enjoying the job search. Hope you have a great trip too x
From richie
alcatraz! awesome shit. Universal studios also sounded quality, i must admit i thought it was the best theme park that florida had to offer.

Not long till the return now though chief, bet you cannot believe how quick it's gone?
Response: Yeah mate, loved it! Have always wanted to go. Remembered the one in Florida being good but can't remember many af the rides apart from Back to the Future. It's gone really quickly, especially the time in America. See ya in ten days buddy! Let Shak know i'm in contention for footy again.
From Caz
Oy!!! What do you mean - 'It is New Zealand's 'Scottish' city but it's actually not that bad.' How rude!!! What were you expecting it to be like?!! Lol! Glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves. Can't believe you'll be home soon. See you on the 16th!! xx
Response: Ha ha! I was only messing..just checking that people were still reading the blog! yeah can't wait for the 16th and to see your new place! xx
From Jonny Lusk
Hi mate - apologies about the bumbling messages and lack of any proper contact. Have kept up to date on the blog though and all sounds awsome. Seems like only seconds ago we were drinking buckets on Phi Phi (tear) yet you've done so much. Can't believe your back in little over a month!

Rest assured - Me, Ash and Ade are already planning the biggest night of the year for your return! I won't go into details just now but just to check - you don't mind downing vodka by the pint and then swimming the width of the Thames do you? Brilliant.

Love to Nic. x
Response: Hi buddy, I was gutted to have missed that night out..won't be long though. Can't wait for the reunion. Am up for any time after the 16th. Ha ha, I'll bring my goggles! Mwah and love to Ali too x
From Pauline
Hi both,

Love reading your log. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing some photos!

Not long now before i'm off to Borneo-can't wait-although not looking forward to the jabs!

Pauline(mums friend)
Response: Cheers thanks for reading..should be some photos tomorrow. it's been ages! Hope you enjoy Borneo, you'll need those jabs hanging around all of those Orangutangs!
From Michelle
PS If you see the Penguins go to the night time viewing and look out for wierd stuff on your journey........
From MIchelle
Glad to hear you're ok again. Been looking at my old NZ diary. We stayed at Paekakariki Hostel outside Welllingon which is a small hippy place but lovely views then drove to Cape Palliser Seal Colony it took a whole day to get there but we enjoyed it. In Wellington you'll see loads or Art and Lord of the Rings stuff esp around the port area. After crossing to the south Island we sailed to Ship Cover and walked Quen Charlotte Sound at Picton - a challanging trek but great views if the weathers good. Stayed at the Lazy Shag at Kiakora and did a Whale/Dolphin trip - amazing. A half day trek at Franz Joseph was cool. LOVED Wanaka - Stayed at the Purple Cow - lovely views and can hire bikes - visit wierd Paradiso cinema. Stayed at the "Deco Hostel" in Queenstown - great views - they organised our ski dive - have a night out /Pizza at Winnie Beygoes. Omeru is a strange little town worth a visit to see the
There is NOTHING in Christchurch don't waste time there. Hope you enjoy the last part of your trip!!!
Response: Cheers Michelle, we're nearly in Christchurch (in Dunedin now) so got this advice too late. Loved Queenstown however and did most of the things as suggested. Looking forward to seeing you all, won't be long now xx
From MIchelle
Hi guys you mum's called me and told me that your stuffs been pinched again. Are you ok and getting help from the insurance? One of my friend's family lives in Auckland if you need any help let me know, Hope everything goes ok Michellex
Response: Hey Michelle, cheers we're all sorted now. Sorry we've taken so long to reply! x
From Hayley
Hello! Dr.K live on stage...thats brilliant!! And Michelle Skully was surely young, short and round when she was on TV?! Your updates keep me entertained on what is always a dull, grey day just lately!

Take care x
Response: Yes the "sexy" (not my description) Dr.K, well actually it was quite disturbing but he was very nice!! Not long nw till the next summer schools. I'll send you an email x
From Liz Nichols
I have just shown my year 11 form your neighbours pictures. They were so excited bless them. But couldn't remember michelle scully!!! Crazy. Sounds like your having loads of fun. Take care x x x
Response: Yo Franco! So i'll be famous at your school now? Maybe I could come in and do a little talk when I'm back!? Know what you mean about Shell, don't think anyone remembers. See ya soon xx
From Salv
Wow i really cant wait to get to Oz, sounds like you guys are having a great time over there.

Ah Neighbours what a old school program didn't realize it was still going.

you heading over to Perth at all, I'll be there next Wednesday,

catch ya soon

love you

Response: Alright dude, we were in Perth about three weeks ago and heading up the east coast now. Hope your ready for all that goon, it's mental! Neighbours is still going strong, on channel 5 now though. Miss you xx
From Hannah
The Kennedy's i'm impressed! and i'm sure Grandma would be 2, i didn't realise she got a new tv thing just to watch neighbours, i'm more of a Home and Away fan myself so if u met any of them i really wud be jealous. Ur trip seems amazing, Tanzania seems nothing in comparison but i'm sure i'll get the chance 2 travel after Uni. Has it cost u a lot? I think Grandma can't wait 4 u 2 come home, she keeps mentioning how u'll be back 4 both hers & ur bday & i don't think she really realises i'm going away yet. Anyway, i better get back 2 revision, ur photos hav definately provided me some interest during my break tho - i hardly remember that Michelle girl!
Response: Ha ha, yeah Dad was going round to show her the photos..I heard that she thought we were actually appearing on the show! Don't worry, she'll notice once you're away, it never used to sink in when I used to tell her. Haven't seen Home and Away for years so we didn't bother but apparently it's filmed near Sydney. I'm sure your trip will be really cool and it's definitely worth saving up for after uni. It has cost us quite a lot and OZ is similar to UK prices but Asia is really cheap. Good luck with the exams!
From Em
EEEEERRRRGGGHHH Dr K smooching it on the mic !!!!!

The scenery photos look amazing. Looks like your still having a great time, still missing you lots.

Take care both of you.
Em xx

From Jayne
Hiya Just though you would like to know your dad did our first BBQ of the year yesterday. it was fine but didnt know if BBQ would work ok after he set fire to it last week while cleaning it!!!
Grandma excited that you are going to Neighbours she thinks she will see you on TV!!!!! I am off to Cork for the day tomorrow
Take care both of you Miss you xxx
Response: So you're all living to tell the tale then! So I guess there wasn't much damage, I'd be gutted if there had been. Tell her we met Dr. K, Susan and the vet?? Arrived in Sydney today, looks really cool. Enjoy Cork, want to go there someday xx
From richie
dude make sure you get a decent neighbours pic, it'll be the best thing you'll ever get in the world.

if only izzy was still there?

and aren't you glad you're not in Burma?!
Response: We're going there on Monday night dude, wouldn't miss it for the world! Hopefully will have some of the old characters..hardly recognise any of them now. Yeah that's rough what's happening out there at the mo..hows the hol plans?
From MIchelle
P.S. After reading about your hong kong hotel you should know by now that you don't have to stay in the hostel you booked. If you don't like it leave and look for another one!! Toad Hall in in Melbourne is great and try this website for others....
From Michelle
Hi Guys, I can't belive that you are in Melbourne already!! I must recommend that you go to Drag Queen Bingo at the Sugar Club it used to be on a Monday night. It can't be missed!
From Marty & Caz
Word up! We've had a grrrreat bank holiday weekend. Missed you at Hunstanton yesterday for our annual fish & chip fest! Caz spotted a beached whale, was about to administor jets of water before the whale lept onto its feet, wedged its crocs on & waddled to the donut kiosk! Hope your having a great time in Perth. Mayeb the accommodation's a bit sweeter?! Lots of love. xxxxx
Response: Ah we thought of you two as we were sunning ourselves on the beach here! I wouldn't be outdone so we got some fish and chips too. Not as good as the hunny ones though and double the cost. Hope the lifeguards have improved since last year! Enjoying Perth but we're competing with bedbugs now! xxx
From Granny
Hello Nicola and Nick
I've just seen the Hong Kong photos and read the diary and really enjoyed it - distance doesn't seem to matter anymore. You're probably in Perth by now. That's where your great aunt Lil and lots of your cousins grew up. They asked us to come over many times but I never really wanted to go - when you've added some photos I might wish I had accepted the offer when I had the chance. I hope you are taking care of yourself, Nicola, you look well in the photos. God Bless. Granny xx
Response: Hi Granny. We're in Melbourne now, but spent the week in Perth, the weather was lovely there. We needed more time really, but I can see myself coming back to Oz in the future so there's always time for that. Postcard on the way xxx
From Gitsy
Haha, how the fook did they even fit that bed in the room!
Oz already, I cannae believe it.
Take a trip down the Swan River to Freooooooooooo. Miss that place.
Craig's just got sponsorship so you should meet up with him in Melbourne.
Planning to do the east coast or go up the middle?
Weather is awful here and starting to make me angry. Work is tiring me to death so lots of early nights. Baldy is down this w/e so a few cheekies are planned.

Keep on truckin' xx
Response: Mate, i'm surprised they didn't try to fit a bunk in there. I was so tempted to try the indian on the 4th floor but waking up with the smells was enough to put anyone off. Been to hippeee club tonight...great times!! Have been in touch with craig... hope baldy kept his slithery paws at bay! xx
From Katie
hey dude & dudette!!! hope trish doesnt kill me for this but.....She's had her little BOY!!!! Thomas James...soo adorable!! Anyway I suppose I should let Trish fill you's in...i just couldnt help it :oD xxxx
Ps: hope you guys are well & having fun..lov ya lots xxx
Response: That's wicked news. I had heard from Mum, but my mobile phone's been knicked, DOH! So that's why I've not sent Trish and Wayne a text. Send them our love and get some photos sent to us on the emails. Miss you xxxx
From Trish
Hey kids its me again - still no baby Lowe as yet but still have 2 days to go... Hope you're both ok - you look great in the photos - esp. those big flip flops!! tee hee Take care - let you know soon (I hope) - Lots of Love from the Lowes xxxx
Response: Good t hear from you! Yes we're eagerly awaiting news, I keep checking for msgs everyday. We're heading for Perth today so we're half way through now, won't be long till we're home. Good luck xxxxx
From Andrew (brother)
p.s for God's sake Nicola dont wear that Tibet Rocks vest! ha ha xx
Response: Oh!! Was I not supposed to?!
From Andrew John Patrick
Hello my dear Lara Croft wannabies! Hope you guys are having an amazing time! It look like you are I do miss you a whole lot and think of you often! I hope to hear from you guys soon! Here are some of my top travel tips! 1.Shout what you want slowly and loudly if people dont understand you they will 2. If you run into any bother put on an England shirt and act drunk this will scare any hostilaty away and number 3. never eat yellow snow! hope those help you guys out this time I would like you to read this message out in the style of Graham Norton! Love you guys! Andrew x
Response: Thanks for the tips:
1. We've done a lot of seems to work
2. Nick has worn his England shirt a couple of times due to laundry situations, people seem to keep clear when he does, so that's good
3. ....urm there's no snow, but we'll keep it in mind!
From Salv
Ah mate i missed you, sounds like you really enjoyed vietnam,

where you heading next, maybe able to catch up some where else,

till then stay safe
Response: Yeh, shame there wasn't a Vegas reunion along the way! We're heading to Oz on the 29th for 7 weeks, then New Zealand for a month. When will you be leaving for OZ dude? It'll be roasting in Cambodia so be prepared. Take it easy chief