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Nikki's travel page! mines going to be the best!

Hi Everyone,

I'm only making this because everyone else is, and mines going to be better than the GC one! So this is comming from London now instead of Scotland xx

Diary Entries

Monday, 11 December 2006

Location: UK

HI everyone!

Just a quick update....

We move out of Newquay this Friday and move to Birmingham (the midlands) and spending xmas there. Then for NYE im heading up to scotland to have a house party at bens and julia & Yoonie will also be there, then hitting the town ! (edingburgh fell through!)

then I have a round the world ticket booked which leaves from london on Jan 16th, so Jim and I are doing cape town first for 10 days, then perth for a few days, then goldy for a couple of weeks and then driving down to sydney to live for about 5 months....then doing auckland and queenstown for a couple of weeks, then hawaii, then LA to do california and hopefully mexico and then back to london in about august/ september. so we booked it on the wkend so im so excited!! cant wait to travel!!

oh and ill be getting into brisbane on Feb 3rd and staying at dads for a couple of weeks

see you all soon!!


Wednesday, 08 November 2006

Location: UK

you can all stop heckeling my page now!!!

and roll out the red carpet... ill be back in the first week of jan!


Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Location: UK

Happy Halloween!!!

Well not much has been happening... Just working in a town called Truro which is the capital (the metropolis) of Cornwall..... quite a pretty town with a huge catherdral. It takes me almost an hour to get here on the bus each way and I drive through rolling green hills....llittle country lanes and fields of cows, sheep....very interesting!!

Ive picked up surfing.... now that its getting dark at 5pm its getting a bit harder to get out there and practice though. But its been so much fun!! Im really crap but love going out...I got a board a couple of weeks ago too.

Sally came down and lived with me for a while which was awesome! I miss not having her here! we had so much fun...then Lisa came down for 5 nights which was wicked aswell...just showed her around Newquay and chilled out really.

Went to a Halloween party on sat night and EVERYONE gets so dressed up!!! when i work out how to make the USB cord work on my work computer I'll put up some pics....and going to one up in Birmingham with Julia this have to get my costume ready... I want Julia to go as Vicky Pollard from little britian....she wouldnt even need to buy an outfit.hahaha.

I'm comming back to Aus for a few months to Live in North Sydney but will be comming to the goldy for a week so I cant wait to see everyone..!!

ps: we can buy fireworks from the supermarket here!! so cool!


Monday, 04 September 2006

Location: UK

Hi everyone!!

I swear photos will up soon!! swear.

I moved out of London and now live in Newquay in Cornwall which is right down the bottom of England, South West from London.

It's been so much fun! I live right near the beach so have been learning to surf and doing loads of swimming & camping.

Saw an xavier rudd concert the other night at a bar on the beach with only 40 other people cos it was a secret gig.

The night life here is unreal too.....reminds me of a cross between Byron Bay and Surfers...
It's a great change from London here; such a different place, really chilled out but also very active. And its a small town which is a nice change.

I'm hopefully comming home for a bit over xmas so cant wait to see everyone! then will be comming back to the UK

hope your all well!

and thanks everyone for my birthday messages! I didnt do much; just went out drinking cocktails and vodka at different bars along the beach then went out "in town" and decided to leave when i couldnt get rid of the hiccups.....nice.

miss you all


Thursday, 03 August 2006

Location: london town, UK

Yes i will update this site very shortly, still just have to get my camera fixed and renew my account and then im good to go. so maegan and julia calm down!

and just want everyone to know i cant and dont use crappy myspace!!!!!

Happy birthday to magoose (belated) I wrote out a big text for you when i was sitting in a pub but then realised I didnt have your number in the phone I now have to use!

also happy birthday to clea! clllarrrr and good stuff for moving house...and mums... haha sucker...

Not much has been happening...working....travelling all around england on the wkends. The camping/ canoeing trip in wales was awesome, probably one of the nicest places I've ever been to. we canoed for 20 miles over two days and ruffed it in a tent over night in a field. was one of the best things ive done since being abroad. (will put photos up very soon!!)

went camping in a place about an hour from london called winchester last wkend...also very nice.

been to birmingham and bristol a few times which are decent sized cities a couple of hrs from london town.

hopefully heading off to prauge in a couple of weeks aswell

miss everyone lots! will update soon i promise


Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Location: UK

Hi everyone,

been away a fair bit so haven't been up to date with this thing. basically its totally crazy everywhere is europe at the moment due to the world cup.

spain absolutley rocked!!! convinced im still moving there by september.

off down to the bottom of england this weekend... will actually get my camera to work too!

highlight of the past few weeks was the brazil vs australia football game, so much fun!

hope your all well, miss everyone


Friday, 02 June 2006

Location: glasgow

so im now in glasgee for a few days!!!! pretty entertaining place if you like to take the piss out of people speaking literally cant understand them. (picture willie from the simpsons but way worse)....

came up here today til about sun or mon to spend time with benny boy (brother)... just hitting a few pubs (so damn cheap)

went to bath for a night on tuesday (east of london...about 1.5 hours on the train/ or friken 4.5 hours on the bus from hell)...very beautiful and historic place, so historic and beautiful that i didnt take any photos....oopsies.

went to the south of france for 4 nights...france rocks!!!!! so beatiful and the weather was amazing!! still too cold to swim but the place was so nice!!

off to san sebastian and barcelona on wed... will put up some photos of france and scotland tomorrow!!! i know ive been slack....

all is well..... hopefully moving outta london at some stage!!

miss everyone loads


Thursday, 18 May 2006

Location: UK

HI Everyone,

Just a quick entry.

Still temping at a publishing company. Moved into a house in a really nice area on the river Thames with about 12 people. Italians, spanish, and the rest are all aussies an kiwis! Its heaps of fun..... 12 people, 2 bathrooms, 6 rooms......

Going down to an area called Newquay this wkend so will finally put up some more photos!! Its about 5 hours drive and is right at the bottom of sunny ol' England. Its mean't to be the Byron Bay of England (have to see it to believe it), but should be fun, and the beach has good surf apparently.

not much else to report... haven't been going out much at all, trying to save as we have some travelling coming up.... San Sebastian and Barcelona in 2 weeks then possibly Paris at the end of June....

hope your all well! miss everone lots and lots!! will put up some photos of our flat mates and newquay soon!


Monday, 01 May 2006

Location: Spain


Julia y yo llegamos a casa de San Sebastian en España después de cuatro noches. ¡Teníamos el mejor tiempo que he tenido siempre!!!! El tiempo era cubierto y frío pero no importó porque era un lugar tan hermoso. Su una vieja ciudad tradicional de Spainish que se sitúa en un tipo playa de la ensenada. Había calles de piedra del cobble y un catherdral en el centro de la ciudad. En la colina que las miradas excesivas todo son una estatua enorme de Jesús que está parada en un castillo del medievil.

Los pinxchos (tappas) ocurren antes y después la siesta diaria que era básicamente mariscos y carne, y eran increíbles. La gente en la ciudad es así que vestido para arriba para todo ella , así que me sentía como un idiota el día que usé havianas hacia fuera. ¡Acabamos de salir everynight, la vida de la noche era asombrosa y partied muy difícilmente! No había muchos otros turistas pero manejamos resolver algún americano, irlandés y las muchachas inglesas y algún símbolo pissed gente inglesa.

Nadie en el lugar entero hablaron una palabra del inglés así que era difícil ocasionalmente, por ejemplo usted pediría una vodka y conseguiría una sidra española tradicional en lugar de otro pero era toda la parte de él. Y la gente sebastian del san es basques que es una lengua totalmente diversa al español y es el aswell ma's wierdest de la lengua que mira. Cuál hizo la barrera linguística dos veces tan dura. Manejamos enseñar a la gente basque en la barra principal allí cuál el gusano es y ella dijo que wwhen la realmente fue bebido, nosotros pensamos que era absolutamente divertido.

Convencen Julia y me nos movíamos a Barcelona en septiembre (aprendían el spainsh hasta entonces) ¡Recomiendo altamente cada uno voy a Domistia (san sebastian) que tenía la cultura más asombrosa, al alimento y a la gente!

¡los everyones de la esperanza manan! fáltele todo xxxxxxxx

Monday, 17 April 2006

Location: UK


Firstly, I just wanted to thank my family for your kind easter messages??????? 077 4835 1738.... you obviously lost my number...

Thanks Lease for your drunken phone call! At least someone remembered haha
: )

Had a quiet weekend (no choice though because all 2 of my friends were away on a SUNNY spanish island called Majorca)
Julia and I went to an area called Hamstead for lunch on Easter Sunday then went to the Camden markets (a full on sex pistol type punk area; full of vintage shops and record stores...really cool)

Then went out for an easter drink that night....(a place where its only 12 pound for 4 shots and 2 vodkas.....Maegan you would love this place)

Claudia's birthday dinner at Nobu was so much fun. The black cod and salmon sashimi was my favourite (and maybe the grey goose cocktails?)

Doing temping work for the next two weeks and had loads (ok, a couple) of interviews last week...

I'll keep this short because I know how boring the written part is compared to the photos (take note Julia)

Also, Brendan arrived last week and Toby & Danyan just arrived so were catching up with them tonight! (my friend base is expanding)

Hope your all well....and whats the go with the St Hildas reunion...? hah


Tuesday, 04 April 2006

Location: UK

I don't mean to bragg but you have to check this out and scroll down to 'announced so far' ....just one of the MANY line ups to the festivals comming into summer.....

so you guys looking forward to the big day out next year? haha



Saturday, 01 April 2006

Location: UK

Just a quick entry. Had a few job interviews last week, nothing too exciting, starting 1 weeks work for a cartoon/ animation company this week which sounds cool, i love cartoons.
Went to Regent Street and Soho on Friday night with Julia, Alex and some people Julia works with. Then Saturday went to Oxford street to look around but the public are so disgusting we left and went home. Saturday night Alex and I went to Islington which is a really cool place to go out, pretty trendy. I'll put a few more photos up this week, don't have many more though.
3 weeks until San Sebastian, cant wait to see the sun properly. Although it is getting so much warmer here! and all the flowers have started to come out.
I've been looking into some upcoming bands that are in London, and there are so many... just to name a few: The Cure, Chilli Peppers, The Strokes, Three Doors Down, Black Eyed Peas, The Stones.... so many to choose from!!! So were hopefully all going to see a few concerts comming into Summer.


Monday, 27 March 2006

Location: London, UK

Hi everyone,

My wkend was good. Friday night we went to the East side (we are the West side!) and went to a few bars. Saturday Alex and I went to the Portobello Road markets again, but it was far too busy. Sat night we went out in a really nice area called Covent Garden. Then after a few drinks we ended up at a Portugese restaurant at 11.30pm (the place was packed), and had a really nice dinner (...2nd dinner) and it beats the soggy pizza near Melbas!
On Sunday Alex and I decided to go to Westminster Abbey which was really nice, and we walked over the river Thames...then kept walking for at least 2 hours.
At about 2pm, after our walk we decided to have 'a drink' at a pub in Mayfair (Monopoly?)....One drink turned to three bottles of wine and a really healthy pub meal!
Then caught the tube to our local pub and continued.....we lasted til 8pm...
It's getting warmer here, hardly wore a jacket all weekend! Still just looking for jobs and a flat (our lease is up in May)..
I have a marketing coordinator phone interview today, so hopefully that goes well.
My chest infection is almost gone too! Claudias mum arrives this week which were all looking forward to; and were thinking about driving (yep, were hiring a van!) to Bath next wkend....just have to work out where exactly Bath is....
I totally scored on Saturday too, I got 6 solarium sessions for free because they thought I had paid....yay I might not be white anymore!
I'm putting more photos up aswell..

Talk to you all soon

Friday, 24 March 2006

Location: UK

this net cafe sucks, wont let me upload the rest of my photos...will do it tomorrow

Friday, 24 March 2006

Location: UK

Everone can be quiet now about my lack of photos....I just bought a USB stick because this man in the shop said thats all I needed. hah.
Going out with Alex tonight in Old Street which is suppose to be really trendy, lots of bars etc.
Have walked around the whole city (feels that way anyway) today. Started at Oxford Cirscus then went to Soho and China town, somehow ended up in Leister (cant spell) Square. Then went to Covent Garden which was unreal, and finished up in Trafalgur Square which is near where I am now.

The highlight so far was when I saw a man walking a ferret on a little leash!! I couldn't take a photo in time though.

Haven't been up to much this week, Julia and I have booked St Sebastian (in Spain) for the end of April, so hopefully we might even see the sun!

Will post more after this wkend.

Miss everyone lots!


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