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Living in Krautland: The Good, The Bad n The Ugly

OK... ill try to be more positive about living here in Krautland. It isnt all that bad, but sometimes this place can really frustrate me! Latest pictures are from me and James' brief weekend trip to London. It was a great trip and it was really good to see kiwi friends from Wellington. I cant wait to move over when the PhD is done.

Enjoy the photos and leave me a message if you want to.

Photos - Click Below


A weekend in Basel

I went to basel to visit Randall from NZ. It was great to catch up with a young budding scientist after 3 years apart.



James and i had a great 2 days in London. It was so great to see all the kiwis again! I love London!!! Enjoy the photos.
Photos are courtesy of James (mine are to come!)



i took a 3 week trip to Canada Dec '04- Jan '05. I caught up with family in Vancouver and Seattle (USA), then headed out to Banff to meet up with Jules and Jono from NZ and snowboard.


2 weeks in Kyrgyzstan

In September 2004, i took a much needed to week break and headed out to Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia and visited Zena, a friend from NZ. It was good to hang out with a kiwi again and eat a Crunchie bar!


Easter '04 in Prague

Anny, Megan, Mike dT, Bertrand and I did a mission to Prague via Germany and had a small kiwi (plus french guy) reunion there. It was a blast!


Thailand '03-'04

Me, Jono, Julie and Gav met up in Thailand for a wee adventure.


Spain: Madrid, cabo de palos

I had a 1 week break in Spain in September 2003. Met up with Juan and Iona in Madrid....then we drove south to the Costa del Sol and hung out in Juan's holiday home at Cabo de Palos. We then headed north towards Alicante and stayed at Juan's sisters amazing villa.



Here are a few pics of my travels around Germany from the last 2 years since i arrived.

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Recent Messages

From al
Hey Cole,

Photos of London are cool, you look so happy :) Will be brilliant when you're closer.

Love Spali
Response: Hi Spali
Thanks for your message!
Glad to hear you liked the photos. The photos from your 'farm party' are pretty cool and funny! Wish i coul have been there to join you crazy Sheffield lot!
Will email (even better...CALL YOU!) soon
xx Luv Cole
From El Greengo Spagetter
Next time you are travelling, please do not contract the ebola virus or avian birdflu. it would not be that nice. If however, you do contract one of these illnesses, take to asprin and have a early night
Response: Thanks for the advice... Ill keep the aspirin in mind!
From The Masked Falcon
nicole nicole please do not go on the dole, or else you will, have to live in a hole!
Response: ha ha ha! I dont plan on it, but thanks for the warning! Nice poetry!
From Randall
I land on the 2nd of July!!!!!!!
Response: Cool Jandal!
Cant wait till you get to the EU...FINALLY!
Gotta come up to Deutschland and visit me :-)

Happy Travels and keep in touch
x Giggle Pants
From Natalie
nice work, nic! (copycat...)

see you soon,

Response: Yeah i know Nat...
But i cant resist....this page is a damn good idea!
I recommend it to anyone else O/S and want to show off their pics :-)
see u soon in London....3 more weeks! Horray!!