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Nina away from home

Diary Entries

Friday, 06 July 2007

“Not all who wonder are lost.”
This goes out to family and friends…..
It is exactly one year today that I have left Berlin. On July 6th 2006 I left for Buenos Aires where my trip would start.
From Buenos Aires up to the Brazilian boarder and back into Argentina, where I was looking for long-lost family, into the stunning countries of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia- always going north. Hopped on a sailing ship in Cartagena, Colombia and sailed for 5 days through paradise to finally set foot in Panama. Up north trough Central America where I focused on Nicaragua and Guatemala in particular, then up to Mexico, and finally reaching the States in November. Back to Casa Grande where I used to go to High School back in 1997. From here I made the way across to Los Angeles from where I took off to New Zealand. My boyfriend back then and I went through New Zealand until I left for Australia to spend a week with Katie- my best friend from High School in 1997. From Sydney into Hong Kong, through China to spend the last part of the journey in SE Asia. From China into Laos, across to Vietnam from where a boat would bring us into Cambodia through the Mekong Delta. After awesome impressions of a very different cultural part of the world, the last part was to go into Thailand, Bankok. Back to Berlin for two weeks in February. On the 16th of February I left Berlin to fly back to Australia. Here on the East Coast in the town of Newcastle I am studying at Newcastle University until the end of this year.
Today, July the 6th -a year later- I am sitting at the East Coast of Oz, we just got back from a 3-day sailing trip in the Great Barrier Reef yesterday.
I want this page to help me show you what I have been seeing the past few months and travel the places and faces that I came across.
Thanks to my family and friends for all you have done !!!!
I hope you’ll enjoy.
Cheers, Nina

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