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Nolene's trip to Oberammergau

Welcome to Nolene's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Monday, 20 September 2010

Location: Austria

Yes, I am still in the land of the living and presently in a beautiful mountain village of Kitzbuhel- It is 7.35am and <i am just off to breakfast as we leave here at 8.15. It is all go but having a wonderful time. Castle after castle and c hurch after church.

Sorry, no time for any more but look at Chris#s site as he has managed to get a couple of messages away

Bye for now

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A few very quick lines as we are about to leave this magic village for Munich prior to which we will do a tour around this area-

It is a <B&B, very comfortable and full of history. The window boxes are everywhere one looks and are presently at their best. Hopefully we will find a computer in Munich so will be in toucj from there. This machine is in the hotel and is free.

Everyone well here - we have had a few hiccups but have just been informed that Shirley`s baggage has been found and will be delivered toi Munich. Thank goodness for that.

More later


Monday, 13 September 2010

Here I am sitting in a tiny office in Rothernberg where we arrived around 1.30pm. The village is exquisite to say the least nd our hotel, right in the centre of the village is so gorgeous.

To go back a little....after a tiring day in the heat of Singapore we left early for the airport where we filled in time looking at the shops, having dinner and one or two of us a manicure which, in my case, was disappointing to say the least - give me <ballantynes any time.
Our flight which was due to leave at 11.50pm was delayed after we had boarded as a passenger who had checked in and whose baggage was loaded failed to appear so all the baggage had to be offloaded. They fortunately found his and in the process discovered there was a fault with the dor of the cargo may be the passenger did us a favour!!!! The flight of 12 hours was very long and quite turbulent in places and it was a very tired party who disembarked. We then caught up with our 9th member who had flown in from Turkey but whose baggage did not come with her !!!!! The joys of travel!!!!!

So, we are now 9 - 4 from Christchurch, 2 nuns from Blenheim. 2 from Auckland and Chris.

After the long flight (aabove) we were put on a bus and had a quick tour of Frankfurt. What a beautiful city....wonderful buildings largely constructed of red sandstone and very grand. We then headed for Rothenberg which was 2hrs on the autobahn and have had a quiet afternoon just looking around this "Heidi" type village, We are going to a restaurant tonight for our welcome dinner and then off to <munich in the morning.

Hope all is well in ChCh and not too many more aftershocks.

More in a day or two as we head for our main attraction, the Passion Play. Apologies for any mistakes these european keyboards are a nightmare for a touch typist as the keys are not all where they should be.


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hi Everyone

At last I have found a moment to sit at a computer.

We left ChCh 20 mins late and although a bit bumpy over the alps the flight was uneventful...afew bumps along the way put us in mind of what we had left behind!!!!! We arrived in Singapore around 5.30pm and then had to sit for 2hrs awaiting a flight from AKL on which our eighth member was travelling. Her flight had been delayed out of AKL because an passenger had a {anic attack just {rior to takeoff and they had to return to the terminal< take her off and then find her baggage!!!!! So, by the time we reached our hotel we were just a little big ragged!!!! A quick snack and it was off to bed for everyone.

We have a great group and everyone fitting in well - so far. We pick up our last member in Frankfurt tomorrow as she is already somewhere inEurope.

So for commenced with 10.00am Mass at the cathedral in 32deg but what an experience. A magnificent choir and organist along with trumpets. It was very moving and uplifting ....I commented to someone "I wonder what they do on a special occasion"!!!!!! The only thing that marred it was the homily which went on for ever....but the Priest had a beautiful speaking voice which helped a little.

Following Mass we walked downtown, had a cold drink in a food hall to soak up the atmosphere which was busy, busy and very noisy but that is the Singaporeans. We then walked along to Raffles, had a snack there and after finding Chris had left the tkts for our free bus ride at the hotel, decided to return and check was just too hot to carry on.

I am about to run out of tiime here so must finish. May be will continue from the airport where we are for some hours yet.

Hope the place is not shaking badly still.

Will be in touch again soon.


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Recent Messages

From George & Marie.
Nolene & Chris,
We are enjoying your travel comments.Hadn't really become aware of all the lovely places you are visiting.Both you Nolene and ourselves have been inundated with sick people.Arthur Brownlee died yesterday - been ill for ages but Jean and Marion sad.Peter Rennell also died suddenly yesterday and will be buried on Thursday.Glad you are so enjoying yor travels.
Regards.Marie and George.
Response: Thanks for news, sorry it is sad. Finally found a computer as we sit in lobby waiting to go to the airport en route home.
From Jan P
Hi Nolene
Seem to have had a busy week with Ron's sister Kay in town - she goes home Tuesday. Aftershocks slowing down the last 2 days, so by the time you get back should be okay to go back upstairs perhaps! Yesterday, Ron, his 2 sisters & I went South - Temuka to the cemetery, Timaru to see various relatives and then Peel Forest to see how things were (all well) and to pick up some things for Robyn. It was really a lovely day. Spent some time with Mary this morning talking Bridge - see if we can up our score on Tuesday night! Enjoy reading about your travels. Will look forward to hearing about Oberammergau when you return.
Keep well. Love Jan
Response: Hi Jan. Little time for internet unfortunately. LKook at Chris#s site for more info.
From Leonie Stenhouse
Hello Bernadette
wonderful to get this diary.
Have printed for us all to read.
Thinking of you every day. Enjoy and save up all the stories for us.

Response: Hi Leonie and co, all good here. just getting ready to head to the airport bound for home. Looking forward to seeing you all. Lots of Love Det XXXXX
From Charlotte Greenlees
Had a lovely meal on Saturday night @ Glenda & Graeme's and went to Blancy's for lunch today with Jennae & Jack. Received your card today thankyou. Kayla & Jayden say a BIG HELLO and hope you are having a GREAT TIME.
Eileen, Glenda, Graeme, Kayla Jayden Jennae & Jack
From nolene sheehan
Hello Nolene, many thanks for your news. Yes we are still rocking and rolling, and all waiting for more shocks. Went over to Merivale to-day for some retail theraphy, but was pleased to get home. Those that I met were feeling much the same, although Merivale itself seems to be OK and business as uusual. Haven't ventured into Bsallantyhnes yet, it opened on Sat. I wonder if you chCh people are tired. Love Anne
Response: Finally found a computer as we wait in the hotel lobby to go to the airport on way home. Long flights ahead- Have had a wonderful time.
From Hilary
First attempt at normality. Played Cranmer Bridge at Crockfords who also hosted ChCh club. We played out in the supper room.Shakes continue. I have the cataract op. tomorrow 9am and conicides with heat pump engineer repairing damaged pump. Neighbour stepping in to be here for him.Enjoy your time. The Mass sounded wonderful, and the heat is a plus on the this cold night with no hating in the house. Be well
Response: Ta Hilary. Sorry for delay no time to find internet and hotels only one if at all. Having great time