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We're travelling around New Zealand as whim and/or money permit or encourage us. Of course we promise to faithfully record our every move and experience for posterity as we soak up all the privleges that this great country of ours offers.

Diary Entries

Monday, 26 November 2007

We're currently holed up in Te Awamutu having come through from Waitomo. The road to Kiritehere beach was long and winding (The long and winding road) Great weather still but plenty of signs, such as limitless pungas in the bush, to show that rainfall and plenty of it is a fact of life around here. The beach is very isolated but sunsets and scenery made the stopover memorable. As you do we ran into a couple of other motorhomers who were camped between the local graveyard and the longdrop. Great choice of spots. On the way back we called in to Marokopa falls which were just 20 minutes or so into the bush. Click, click more pictures. On then to Piripiri caves. The caves were just a stroll into the bush but sticking to my old maxim (If you can't run out of a place don't go in) we only explored the first few metres. (Hey! I figure I'll be underground long enough anyway) Just down the road a bit was the Mangapouhe Natural Bridge. This is part of a collapsed cave system and was worthy of quite a few clicks. I've got to find a golf course this week. All part of my plan to turn professional when we get back.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Location: National park, New Zealand

We spent our first night a Kuripaponga. A very peaceful place with a great view to wake up to as you can see in the attached photo. I got up the first morning and went outside to have my daily pre-meet-the-world cuppa when half a dozen kamikaze midges died for their emperor in my tea cup. Several other squadrons were in formation outside the door so I beat a hasty retreat back inside. Evil little sods! Had a look around Robson Lodge which is available for only $40 per night and sleeps about 16. File that information away for later. DOC are developing an extensive site here which alsdo looks very promising.
Moved on down the Taihape road which will be a oncer for us. We'd had a little rain and the road was narrow, windy and muddy. Doesn't make for much stimulating coinversation when you are concentrating like hell on staying on the road. As it was overcast we also missed some of the great scenery. However Taihape and it's gumboot welcomed us.
The next day we moved on to a place called Vinegar Hill which is a river flat on the way to Hunterville. Nice place to park over for a couple of nights and the weather is great.
I have to tell the world!! I had a game of golf at the Rangitira course. It's located in the Mangaweka Gorge and is on three different levels. My result was a net 65!!!!! Got that? 65!!!
I'm going to be impossible to live with when I get back!
On to Ohakune after a couple of days. A really great place to stay. Perfect weather, perfect views of the mountain. We did a couple of bush walks and were really impressed by the bush around there. It's not all carrots and skiing. Worth coming back to have another look around.
At the moment we're holed up in Taumarunui (on the main trunk line) TV reception is being hampered by all the trees around so it gives me a chance to write up our intrepid travels.
We're having a great time exploring the volcanic plateau even if my notes make it seem a tad boring. We've met a number of people who are worthy of comment. Such as Bill and Lindy Purvis who have the POP stop in Taumarunui. Nice couple who are very hospitable. Tom and Ngaire Golden who may be interested in having us housesit next June in the Bay of Plenty. They own a humungus 5th wheeler that has all the extras and looks more like a travelling mansion than a trailer. Eric and Merle Flavell were our hosts in Taihape but we wern't keen on being surrounded by barbed wire in a back alley so we moved on after only one night.

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From Trish and Jac
Bout time! Sounds ever so exciting, we have a windless hot hawkesbay day, trish is off to Hakomi for nine days tomorrow - everyone is good as . . . I think we sold the second section to a friend of mine! So the title still hasn't gone through and everything is sold! cool aye. Trish has been wondering bout how you guys got on, on the lovely taihapi road must have been a shocker. You betta hurry up these kids are growing up before our eyes! The Clarks are missing those Nana puddings - and Granddad pop huggs. Now I happen to know you have a little more time on your hands than the average kiwi, we look forward to your stories even if they are a tad boring. see ya
Response: Boring?? Boring?????? Nat a chance. We went on the coast road from Waitomo. As far as the tar seal would take us. Plkace called Kiritehere beach. Very isolated but great scenery. On the way back we visited Piripiri Caves, Mangapohue natuaal bridge and Marokupa Falls. Plenty of photos. Like you said they take a long time to load so we'll leave it till we get home. Catching up with Peter and dawn this week and hope to fit in anither game of golf. Catch ya!
From Jac
If this is living vicariously through you, I'm looking for someone else!!!
Response: Whadaya want? Peru again ?