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Welcome to Trish & Pat's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 02 November 2007

Location: Milan, Italy

So this is our final entry on the blog!!!!!

We have spent our last week in Europe at Levanto, a nice coastal town on the edge of the Cinque Terre. We were fortunate that we had 3 beautiful days so we were able to do the coastal walk between the towns. The Ligurian Coast is certainly beautiful although our preference is still the Amalfi Coast.

The food here is wonderful and we have eaten the best ravioli we have ever tasted here – filled with fish and served with a magnificent seafood sauce. The anchovies marinated in lemon are also a specialty here and delicious.

We fly to Singapore tomorrow where we will spend a couple of nights before flying on to Phuket for 10 relaxing days on the beach.

Even though we are leaving for this time, we are quite excited about the prospect of future trips to Europe and, in particular, Italy. We adore Italy and feel like it’s our home away from home. We have spent considerable time whilst here researching and planning an itinerary of what we consider to be the true highlights of this great country. We have a plan to bring small groups of people to share in our passion of all that Italy has to offer. We have designed a 21 day tour which we plan to trial with a small group in September 2008. So, if any of you have always wanted to come to Italy, but don’t want to be herded on and off a big tour bus and would prefer not to do it all yourself, why not consider joining us!!!

We would like to thank all those who have kept in touch with us during the trip. It has been great to hear that people have enjoyed watching our travel updates – we can’t believe that the blog has had 1200 hits – incredible!

So this adventure is nearly over – what can we say!!!

Having driven 17,000 kilometres and snapped 1800+ photographs, it has been the most amazing time of our lives and has given us memories that we will treasure always. The fabulous people and friends that we have met; the incredible places and sights that we have seen; the amazing food, wine and beers that we have sampled; the great weather that we have enjoyed; the cultures and history that we have experienced; the languages that we have tried to speak and understand; the time that we have shared together – just awesome!!!

So for now, thanks again everyone for contributing to the blog.

Arrivederci, a presto! – Bye, see you soon!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Location: Castelrotto, Dolomites, Italy

We returned here as it was one of our favourite stops 4 years ago on our first trip to Italy. We stayed 4 nights at an agriturismo (farm house) overlooking the majestic Italian Alps. We spent a couple of days hiking in the mountains and it is truly spectacular scenery. The peculiar thing about this region is that whilst it is in Italy, everyone speaks German (a hangover from the 1st world war when Musolini gained control of the area from Austria). They have never accepted that they are Italian and all signs are in both languages – very strange indeed!

Again we saw the first snowfalls here (just can’t get away from it) and the temperature was below zero – great for drinking their local grappa which certainly warms the cockles of your heart as we found out.

We are spending our final week in Europe in the Cinque Terre on the Ligurian Coast of Italy and hope that the temperatures won’t be quite as arctic. Bring on Thailand for a bit of thawing out!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Location: Lake Bled, Slovenia

We had read in a guide book that Slovenia is the hidden jewel of Europe and we were not disappointed! To us it was like a mini Austria –beautiful Alpine scenery, lakes, gorges etc.

We spent 4 nights at the beautiful Lake Bled which is famous for its island church in the middle of the lake. People come from all around the world to be married herewith the poor groom having to carry the bride up 99 steps, otherwise he is deemed not to be worthy. On the other hand, it provides him with the opportunity to change his mind! It really is a romantic setting with a fantastic backdrop of the Julian Alps.

We were fortunate to see the first snow falls of the season in Bled. It was damned freezing but stunning watching and walking with the snow flakes falling. When you see the photos you will understand why this place is worth visiting.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Location: Plitvice National Park, Croatia

We spent two nights in Plitvice – what a magical place to spend a couple of days walking around the many walking paths that surround the emerald lakes. It is absolutely stunning particularly at this time of year with the autumn colours of the forest.

We were particularly impressed with the way they have constructed the walking paths so that you are actually walking on the lake and across the many waterfalls. Being a national park there is no fishing, and the water is so clear that you can easily watch thousands of trout happily swimming in the lakes.

Anyone coming to Croatia should not miss coming here. The photos speak for themselves!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Location: Split & Hvar, Croatia

Our adventure out of the EU and into Croatia has been very interesting. We left Italy and had to travel for 10-15 minutes through Slovenia to get to the Croatian border. That 10 minutes in Slovenia nearly earnt us a €400 fine and deportation!

We handed over our passports the young enthusiastic border official who proceeded to examine every page looking for our date of entry into the EU. As he couldn't find any (typical slack customs at Rome), he then asks us when we entered the EU. We proudly replied the 8 May this year - oops, wrong answer! Once he recovered and composed himself he said, "What?????" We then gave him the same answer (wrong again!). He then asked us for our tourist visa. We of course tell him that we are Australian and we don't need one! (oops wrong answer again). This conversation continued for a short time with Trish getting a bit testy with him (oops, not a good move). He says, 'Don't you think I know my job, pull out of the line and park".

To cut a long story short, about half an hour later, gagging Trish, producing my freddie and profusely apologising, he stamped the passports and allowed us to leave without a fine (we suspect he may have been looking for a backhander, until freddie appeared!). We left good friends and he assured us that Slovenia was a wonderful country to visit with a few suggestions. We have since checked and discovered that Aussies don't need a visa, however, the maximum stay in the EU is 90 days with no provision to obtain a tourist visa to extend the visit. Oops, it appears we have been illegal immigrants for the last 2 months.

We are now enjoying Croatia - we spent a few days in Split which is situated on the coast just north of Dubrovnik and is surrounded by hundreds of islands. We had some fabulous meals here and found the locals generally helpful and friendly.

We have spent the last few days on the island of Hvar which is fantastic and reminds us very much of the Greek Islands. Of course it is now out of season so there are few tourists (except for a lot of Aussies). The apartment we have found is great with a huge terrace overlooking the sea and islands and only $60 per night - what a bargain. As an added bonus it has been sunny and about 22c - You can tell the summer is over now as the nights are cool. The water is crystal clear and probably the cleanest we have ever seen in our travels, so it would be magnificent in summer.

We are now planning to go Nth to Plitvice National Park which is meant to be great and then back into Slovenia (that's if they will let us back in the EU). We may need to retire in Croatia - bugger!

Friday, 05 October 2007

Location: Venice, Italy

Well, Venice was just as magical as ever. We just spent two days here this time as we had seen most of what Venice has to offer previously.

We spent a day visiting the islands of Murano, famous for its glass and Burano, famous for its lace. We went to a couple of glass blowing demonstrations and admired all the beautiful glassware in the many shops. We love Burano with its colourful buildings, great restaurants and wonderful atmosphere.

We feel at home in Venice now and enjoyed returning to a couple of our favourite places including a wine bar and glass shop. The people in the wine bar greeted us with hugs and kisses and we felt like old friends. The guy in the glass shop was quite happy to take our money in lieu of some more wine glasses and plates.

To us, there is nothing better than St Mark's Square at night when all the day trippers have gone and the orchestras are playing - it's out of this world!!

We were thrilled with the B&B we found this time in Venice - it was by far the best and reasonably priced accommodation we have ever had in the centre of Venice (generally outrageously expensive even for 1 or no star accommodation).

No doubt we will return again to this magical place.

Wednesday, 03 October 2007

Location: Lake Garda, Italy

We have just spent the most delightful 4 nights at the largest of the Italian Lakes, Lake Garda. The good news is the weather has been fine and sunny again although you can tell that summer is now over as the heat is out of the sun and the nights cool.

We have stayed at a town called Sirmion at the southern end of the lake which is 75 kilometres long (hardly a lake, more like a sea). The lakeside towns are breathtaking and only a short distance from Verona, Milan and Venice.

We visited the famous Romeo and Juliet town of Verona yesterday and like every other tourist took the mandatory photos of the balcony and statue of Juliet. Trish also left a lovely inscription on the wall as you enter the R&J courtyard which is set aside for lovers – she joined the other million graffiti artists!!

We found a wonderful hotel backing directly onto the lake with a balcony view to watch the magnificent sunsets over the lake (see photo). We had only planned to stay here 2 nights but have enjoyed it so much that we stayed 4.

We are off to Venice tomorrow (and those bloody gondolas 400 of them apparently) and then plan to head towards Croatia and the Dalmatian coast which we have heard is amazing.

We think it is hard to beat all that Italy has to offer, despite loving our time in France and Spain.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Location: Sardinia, Italy

We spent last week in Sardinia – overall, it was disappointing for us due to a bad patch of weather. The landscape is rocky (granite) and barren with the main attraction of the island being its beautiful coastline and beaches with crystal clear water. Unfortunately we didn’t get to swim or take a tour around the smaller islands due to the bad weather.

One of the highlights of our stay was the dinner on our first night when we stayed at an Agriturismo (farm stay). The guy could speak no English but offered full board and given we were in the middle of nowhere (see photo) we accepted. There was no menu but they just kept bringing the local fare as follows:
Antipasto – pickled onions, salami, prosciutto & cheese board, marinated zucchini, capsicum, artichoke and a bread basket you couldn’t jump over. This was followed by deep fried zucchini, frittata and eggplant, tripe in tomato based sauce, pasta with tomato, ravioli with ricotta. Then came the mains – lamb and potatoes, roast suckling pig with salad. For dessert there was meringue and sweet twisted thing a me jigs. This was all accompanied by unlimited local vino (the more you drank, the more they brought!) along with a jug of dessert wine known as Vin Santo. Needless to say we could hardly walk back to our room and we had to say “Basta” (enough) whilst the locals continued to eat, drink and be merry. It was quite a night.

On another positive side the people were friendly and we are glad that we have seen it. It is really a place for summer beach holidays. We had planned to catch the ferry across to the French island of Corsica, however, when we arrived at the port, they could manage to fit us on the ferry but not our car – hence change of plans. Instead we took a ferry back to Rome (8 hours) and headed north to the Italian Lakes where we are staying at Lake Garda for a few days.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Location: Tuscany, Italy

As expected we have just had a wonderful 3 weeks in Tuscany. Based in San Gimignano we have visited many other hill towns and walled cities, eaten like kings and sampled the local wines. We returned to the same villa we stayed at 2 years ago and it is just perfect.

In between eating and drinking we have also made trips to Florence, Siena, Lucca and the Chianti Region. We have also met some fabulous people from around the globe, and generally had a very relaxing time.

On our first night here we met up with Alison Aquilina, her sister Lorraine and friend, Nicolette for dinner in Siena. We had a great night and it was great to catch up with people from home.

We leave tomorrow and have no set itinerary for the rest of our time in Europe. We are catching a ferry from Livorno to Sardinia, a seven hour trip and we look forward to exploring this island in the Mediterranean.

Tuscany remains one of our favourite destinations and a place we hope to return to many times in the future.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Location: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Okay, we got a bit carried away with excitement in our last update about our time in the French Alps and how magnificent those mountains are. Well, we won’t get that excited this time, despite the fact that we moved on to the Swiss Alps to a place called Lauterbrunnen (just near Interlaken) which is in a valley surrounded by very high mountains (yep and they also have snow on them all year round). Surprise, surprise, the day we arrived it was sunny blue skies with an uninterrupted view of all the main peaks – Jungfrau (4158m), Monch (4107) and Eiger (3970). We had another room with a view down the valley towards another mountain peak, water falls and Jungfrau (ho hum).

Anyway did the touristy thing and took a few trains, cable cars and gondolas up the bloody mountains and walked up down and around them, took photos of the tourist cows with big bells, until we got tired, and then came home for a rest.

Have a look at the photos to see what we are talking about.

We move on from here tomorrow and head to Tuscany for 3 weeks – feet back down around sea level and some warmer weather.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Location: French Alps, France

Wow, Oh, my god, this is unreal, look at that!, unbelievable! - these are the expressions we have been using for the past week spent in the French Alps. It is truly superb!

We spent 5 nights around Lake Annecy and its surrounding mountains which are approximately 2400m high. The lake is surrounded by 35km of bike paths (mostly flat), so cycling is very popular. As a special treat for Trish we hired a tandem bike for half a day - the bloke told us that it was a divorce machine. We returned after 2 hours to save the marriage! Trish said she didn't feel at all tired and had pleasure from giving directions from the rear. Pat was exhausted and could hardly stand at the end.

The last 2 days have been spent in Chamonix at the foot of the highest mountain in Europe - Mont Blanc which stands at 4810m - just awesome. Yesterday was one of those days when you thank god you are alive. We headed up the mountain via cable car to the viewing platform overlooking Mt Blanc and then took a further cable car across the Alps into Italy. We were blessed with brilliant blue skies and no wind - we think the photos speak a thousand words! On our descent we hopped off half way and took a 2 1/2 hour hike across the mountains just below the snow line. One of the best days ever and something that shouldn't be missed if coming to France.

Just in case we haven't had enough spectacular scenery we move into Switzerland today for the next week.

Our month in France has been amazing - we visited 5 different regions and they have all been completely different but spectacular in their own right.

Au revoir France (for this visit).

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Location: Buis les Baronnies, France

We have had a great week in the Provence region with our English friends, Peter and Simone Guest. The countryside consists of small villages, vineyards and Rocky Mountains. The small town we stayed in called Buis les Baronnies is very typically French with virtually no tourists – it proved a good test for our French skills as there were very few that could speak or understand English. Thank goodness Trish and Simone brushed up on their school girl French and managed to get us through apart from one dinner where they ended up with turkey instead of veal!

We visited a number of the local wine cellars a.k.a. caves and tested the local wines. One night we ended up in a local village which had a wine and food festival which the locals say attracts 10,000 people – not sure where they all came from but everyone had a good time, without a drunk, fight or copper in sight.

We also drove up to the highest mountain peak in the area, Mont Ventoux which sits just under 2000 metres above sea level. It provided spectacular views across the region and surrounding mountains. It is very popular with cyclists probably because the Tour de France (farce some are calling it after the drug scandals) has passed through here before. However, none of us felt the urge to try having seen a few of the faces of those cycling up, along with a few who decided to lay on the ground trying to recover after making it up just part of the way.

The local markets in the villages are quite a cultural experience and we visited a couple, stocking up on the gourmet food and local produce which provided us with quite a few lunches and a gourmet dinner. This ended at 2am one night and resulted in a very slow start for a few the following day.

We certainly enjoyed the company of Simone and Peter for the week and they are already talking of a return visit to France.

We have decided to stay on in France to visit the Alps before heading to Switzerland next week.

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From Paul
Hi guys,

You are nearly home after your amazing adventures. Now that yopu are coming home, I can share that I missed you terribly. Just not the same without you guys around. I have a little bit of news for when you get back but it can wait. Cant wait to see you and get some of your healthy vibes from your amazing holiday....

See you soon.

From Fabian
Hi Guys
Been following your trip for the past months and have gradually turned green. You've had a wonderful time and escaped problemd and fines thanks to freddie. Look forward to seeing you on your return and try not to bake too much in Thailand
Response: Hi Fabian,
Glad to hear that you have enjoyed watching our travels. We have a good supply of 30+ for Thailand. See you soon!
From Bob
Hi Trish and Pat,

Glad to see you are both enjoying the travel. Are you feeling exhausted or still just excited? The year is starting to close in on us all. Always was interested in Croatia, but will need to be prepared for the border guards!

Best, wishes, Bob H
Response: Hi Bob,
We have felt a bit weary at times, but discovering new places keeps up the excitement. You would love Croatia, especially the islands off the Dalmation Coast. Be back at work soon - see you then!
From Ken G
Hi Pat/Trish. Well, we have been and are back and I am on night shift ! Joy. It was all a bit quick I must confess. I think we'll have to do what you are doing. Just caught up with your blog, your great adventure is still good reading so keep it up. You'll be home in time for the election and a pay rise Pat - excellent timing ! See you in a few weeks. KG
Response: Can't wait for the election and the pay rise will be needed!! Hope yu enjoyed your trip despite the quickness of it.
From Lydia Popec
Hello, I'm happy that you enjoyed Croatia despite the shaky start in Slovenia (Wally started today and mentioned the 90 day limit in the EU).
What can I say, except that many don't realise there are beautiful sand beaches and scenery in Hrvatska.
Both of my parents are from villages between Zagreb and Rijeka, with my mum living near the Slovenian border.
Hope you enjoy Plitvicka Jezera which is heritage listed and is absolutely stunning. I definately wish I was there.
Did you try the lovely brodet (fish stew) or the sarma (national dish of sauerkraut filled meat and rice rolls)?
Dovidenja, Lidija.
Response: Hi Lydia,

We loved Croatia particularly our time in Hvar and Plitvice - it certainly is a hidden treasure and we hope to return.
From Gwen
Hi Trish & Pat
When I look at those magnificent photos, and read your travelogues, it's like being there with you. I am taking leave in December and my big trip is to Blairgowrie for a week or two!
I have a feeling that you won't be able to settle down once you get back to Melb, and you will be on the move again!
Cheers to you both ... enjoy!!!
Response: Hi Gwen,

Blairgowrie should be good in December. We will catch up on your return. We feel it is time to leave Europe as winter is setting in (bucketing rain here on the Cinque Terre) and we left the snow behind in the Italian Alps - look out Thailand!
From Cheryl and IR Co
Trying to gag Trish now we would like to see that. Actually we would like to know how you done it. So the news from here is Vicki Brereton is moving on to greener pastures. Peta Simmons has returned. Racheal Cleary leave us again to have her second child. Very boring here. Jaquie, Jodie, Jules and I are off to QSLD next week. And no you wont be seeing any photos from that holiday. Well, I believe that you now only have 36 more sleeps before you are back on home ground. Just couldnt resist rubbing that bit in.
Love from all at ER. PS by the way you no longer have a desk......
Response: I'll show you the technique on how to achieve it one day. Enjoy Qld. Tell who ever is sitting in my desk to be gone by 3/12!
From Anna
Hi there,
I've just come across your page. Lovely!!
I have two brothers that are currently travelling the world. I had suggested this site to them - they've never looked back. We've been keeping up to date with the news, photos and relatives. Even had a few web cam calls.

Keep up the exciting adventure!!!
Response: Great to hear you have enjoyed our site. It is a great way to keep in touch particularly when you are away for so long. Cheers.
From Paul
Hi guys,

Border guards - what an experience! I still cant believe the exten of Europe which you have exlpored! It is just amazing. You will not want to come back - especially with the news that Essendon appointed Matthew Knights as coach (I heard about it after we got back from Thailand). What were they thinking????? Isnt he the guy that got punched so he slapped that player? Darren Bewick would make a good 'tough' assistant coach to help him.... Oh well. Life here is pretty constyant. The weather is warming up and the beachhes are magnificent. Keep the log going - it is fabulous!


Paul & Lisa
Response: Look out next year cause the Bombers will be back in town! We are looking forward to the warmer Thailand and Aust weather given the cold, wet and snowy conditions that have set in.
From Nicolette
Hi Pat & Trish,
I just updated myself with your website. Our holiday has come & gone. How I wish I was still in Tuscany. It was great catching up with you in Siena and noticed also our faces on one of your pics. Hey did you mention us at Chirri Birri and did they remember us? I day dream alot at work and every time I look at my photos on DVD, I get depressed. Oh well keep hoping for my next holiday. Take care and keep having lots of fun. xoxox
Response: Hi Nicolette,
Yes, Trish in her best Italian mentioned you guys and they were very excited - that place is amazing and we had quite a few meals there. We will no doubt feel a bit like you in about six weeks. We think the way to cope is to plan the next one. The night in Sienna was great! Thinking of you today whilst we are in Lake Garda.
From Terri
Hi Trish and Pat,
Thanks for the great postcard from San G. It makes me jealous everytime I check out your website. Now just to let you know, for future planning, you must go to Iceland. It was amaxing. I'll show you all the photos when you get back.
Take care
Response: Thanks Terri, we will add it to our very long list of future destinations, if we can ever get out of Italy! Thought you'd like that card to remind you of your visit to SG. Look forward to checking out your photos.
From Paul
Hi guys,

Lisa and I just got back from our 2 weeks in Thailand - it was a great time - Karon Beach Resort was perfect - food, people, location, outlook (across the pool to the beach). Just updated myself on your travels. Simply amazing stuff! I wish I had not unpacked the bags...... au revoir pour maintenant
Response: Great to hear you had fun in Phuket - we love that place and look forward to returning there in about a month!

From debbie parrott
hello, finally found the blog. Forgot to put when you wrote it so just assumed. This is my home e-mail. Hope you're both well. Sent an e-mail last week, so hope you get this. Both well here, back to work is terrible. Last day in Florence was fabulous. Took the double decker tour that takes you out of the city and went to the rooftop bar at the Astoria hotel - what a a view - the duomo right there lit up. Eager to hear how you are and when you are. Be in touch soon. keep well.
Response: Hi Deb,

Great to hear from you. Unfortunately we didn't receive your email. Glad you enjoyed Florence. We had a great lunch at the restaurant that you recommended there. We are both fit and well and currently enjoying the northern lakes of Italy. Keep in touch and say hi to Stuart for us.
From Vivienne Paramore
G'day you two.
What a wonderful experience. Have read all and looked at all photos instead of doing some work!!
We are heading off to Italia, Toscano in fact, in November to look at the olive harvest, so have loved your comments on San Gimiano. We will be staying near Siena for a week then off to Paris and various other points and ending up in Rome for 4 days before retunring here. Sadly we won't see such glorious weather as you have obviously had.
Great to see the two of you looking so well. Hope to catch up some time in the not too distant future.
All the best.
Response: Great to hear from you Vivienne. Glad you enjoyed the distraction of the blog. Great news that you will be here in November - whilst the weather might not be so warm, you will have the benefit of seeing the Tuscan towns without the tourist crowds. Make sure you check out San Gimignano, and we also loved Pienza which is south of Siena. Will look forward to hearing about your travels.
From robyn hunter
Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Hope we can get over next year for a few months and visit some of the places we have seen and liked and some we have not. Too many things to see and do and not enough time. Well the footy is well and truly over for Essendon. Now just sitting tight awaiting our new coach - whoever that will be !! Good luck with your further travels.
Response: Thanks Robyn. We can only improve (Bombers) from here.
From Ken G
Hi P & T. Still greatly enjoying reading your travelogue. My sister & brother in law were at Mont Blanc about 3 weeks ago and had a break of about an hour when the blizzard cleared, rest of the time it was white out - you guys were blessed with the weather as you seem to have been throughout you trip. 11 days till blast off for us. Any last minute advice?
Response: Don't waste a minute, enjoy every moment and if you are not sure whether you should do something (i.e. the cost, tiredness, apathy) just do it! You never know when or if you may get another chance. Have a ball - we look forward to hearing about it.
From Todor
Hi Dudes,
Just found five wonderful spare minutes to have a read of your travels, and those of your friends and colleagues who are, have or about to travel. just thought I'd jump in and tell you some really really exciting news. leonie Tash and I are going to Geelong for the weekend, woohoo!!!. But wait it get's better, because silly me forgot to book a motel earlier, the only place we could get a room was the Corio Bay Motel. Woohooer!!!!! It's not 5 star, it's not even 3 star, the only star it has is the big flame from the refinery right behind it. LOL
Response: We bet the scenery at Corio Bay is just as spectacular as the French Alps - all you need to do is close your eyes and dream! Have a nice weekend.
From Sheridan Donald
Hi Trish & Pat,
Thought I would drop you a quick "hello".
Great to read about your travels. If you run into a drunk Aussie male in France its probably my brother - take a wide step around him!!!
Take care
Response: You must have a lot of brothers in France! Only kidding.
From gus
dear pat and pat,

what a wonderful adventure,bye the way it is one of the best blog i have visit. great work of art, and how many kms have done so far.

best wishes and keep eating and drinking.

gus your travel agent
Response: Only about 6000 - we are struggling to afford the tolls! No problems with eating & drinking, only knowing when to stop.
From peter and simone
thanks for a great week Pat and Patrice.we realy enjoyed our time with you and are looking forward to next time when maybe pat can teach us another card game mm! cant wait.bye for now. ps give dick our peter and simone.
Response: Start practising 52 pick up and we can start playing before 2am. Dick hasn't put a foot wrong since you left - don't think he liked you in the front seat and loves Trish the best.
From Kaye
looks like you are still having a fantastic time - great pics
Jess's 21st went well - everyone enjoyed it & the masks were great
Steph is gearing up for Hirdy & Sheeds last game in Melb this week (if they don't make the finals) she says she is emotional already about James!!!! Bit of a cat fight for 8th spot
We are off to Darwin in a few weeks - can't wait to soak up some heat & sun
Great to keep up with your travels love Kaye
Response: Just as well we're not at the G this weekend. Would definitely need tissues (Trish). Say hi to Paul for us and have a great time in Darwin.
From Courts
Hi guys,
The wedding sounded amazing and talking about all that food is making my mouth water. Spectacular photos!
Dad - Glad to see that you are wearing boardies and have gotten rid of the budgie smugglers!
Love Courts
Response: Thanks Courts, I graduated to boardies some time ago and have avoided the French public pools which require the mandatory wearing of speedos!
From Paul
Hi Guys,

I am back from sunny Solomons and have just had a look at the photos and commentary you have provided whilst I have been away...... What a trip. If you two do not wake up every morning and pinch yourselves you should. I keep getting these feelings of pleasure that you are having such a wonderful time and also setting a tremendous example for all of us back here that are in the groove. Actually living life and living your dreams - that is empowerment!

Keep inspiring.

Response: Glad to hear you are back in one piece. We are terribly bruised but loving it and not missing the groove at all!
From Lardners
Just sitting on the couch with heater flatout, dreaming about such a great experience as yours. The only thing keeping us going is that we are off to the US in 4 weeks. Not quite the same cultural experience as Portugal and Spain though. Take care.
Response: Good to hear from you Lardner here. Have a great time in the US - Disneyland with the kids?
From Wendy & Rob Warren
You are certainly having a great time, wish I was there. We had Jemma over for a week, it was great I have some pictures when you get back. Spent two days in Brisbane just to get away. Keep having a great time Wendy and Rob
Response: Hi guys, glad you had a great time with your darling grand daughter. Look forward to seeing the pics.