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Trish And Toms Adventures!

Welcome to Trish And Tom's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our times and travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a message for us. We will update the page regularly. Don't worry about the dates on the photos - sometimes they are not right.
We will do a House album and Visitors album so if you have been over here, look out for yourselves! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Photos - Click Below


Inside our house

Here are a few snaps of inside our house over here. I get some shots of upstairs and load them later.


Garden and Pond

Tom dug out a pond last summer holidays and made this decking. We are going to cover it with a roof this summer to protect the furniture - frost and snow.


Paris in Spring Time!

Tom and I went to Paris with friends who both speak French - this was particularly handy when trying to find our way round Paris on the Metro.


Buckingham Palace & Us

These photos were taken in our first year in the UK. You can see Linda and the Prowsettes with us at the palace gates.


Birthdays, Stone Henge, Lochs

Here are a few snaps of the family and Rachel's birthday. We also went to Stone henge again and took a few snaps for you.


Great Campervan Renovation

When we went to Scotland I slipped over in mud in the rain and tried to change my jeans in the front seat of the car. Just then a campervan pulled up and while I struggled the woman in the van made a cup of coffee and sat down gazing out of the window. That was it! As soon as we got home I began looking for a cheap van we could do up. Never again am I going through that experience - freezing cold, rain, mud and trying to change clothes - yuk!!


Our Belguim Trip Photos

We took the car ferry to France and drove to Belguim with friends. We liked Brugge better than Brussells and the waffles and chocolates are fantastic!


Random pictures of life in UK

I went through and chose a few pictures here to put in a folder that I can keep changing as we take new ones now and again. I have a phone camera now so can bluetooth ones into this folder more often.


Scotland, Puffins, Robin Hood

UK summer of 2006 trip to Scotland, to dip our toes in Loch Ness, see the puffin bird colony and attend the Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest.


Life in the Classroom

Here are some photos of my year 3 class I had. We did an assembly item on pirates. That's the red jumper I told you about, the one I bought in that village in France. The class were lovely - well, most of them!! Tom's shed at college is also featured here.

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