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On the go with Sean n' Jo!

As we bid fare-the-well to old London town, its time to strap on the old backpack once again and head off into the unknown - this time its Eastern Europe, Morocco and Malaysia on our way back to the land of sun, surf and ashes victories!! Keep up to date with our journeys with our online diary!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 11 November 2006

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hey there!

Back in KL now and counting down the days till we hit OZ... although loving what this city has to offer also!

KL is a real fusion of several cultures. We're staying in the centre of Chinatown - which is chaotic to say the least with endless street vendor and hawkers selling all kinds of cheap clothes, cds, food etc. We (well more Sean) gouged and covered himself with a massive serve of chilli crab last night - mmmmm, a real local specialty.

There is also a big Indian community here and for parts of the town we could swear we were back in Bangalore or Mumbai. The city is also quite western in parts, giving a truely mixed flavour.

Our last few days in Borneo were spent seeing the sights of KK (Kota Kinabalu) and relaxing on the local islands. We didnt end up climbing the mountain - that will have to wait for another day.

Anyway 3 days till we hit OZ - For those in and around Brisvegas, we'll see u soon.


PS have updated some photos from our last 2 weeks in Malaysia.

Tuesday, 07 November 2006

Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Selamat petang!

Our latest update is brought to u from Sabah, in the north of Borneo. We fly into KK this morning after spending the last 5 days in Kuching, Sarawak or southern Malaysian Borneo.

The Kuching area was really good with plenty to while the days away. We've been on the trail of the Orang Utan, known here as the "wild man of Borneo". These endangered apes are a whole lot bigger, hairyer and nimble than i imagined! We have also done some jungle trekking and spotted Probiscous Monkeys - also an endangered species. The wildlife here in the jungle is real interesting. Still yet to come across a 1.0 metre diameter raffelia flower - hopefully one will bloom b4 we leave.

Only 6 days b4 we hit OZ shores - looking forward to catching up with everyone soon! I'll get some up to date photos on the site next week.

Sean + Jo.

Thursday, 02 November 2006

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi all,

Quick update from Malaysia here. We departed London town for the last time on saturday.. a sad moment for all. The last few days we have been soaking up equitorial rays and generally loving being back in Asia. We have been on Perhentian Is off the east coast. Sean has been diving and jo sunbaking and generally taking it pretty easy. We fly accross to Borneo tonight to Kuching.

I'll write a longer update when i get the chance.

Hope all is well!!

Sean + Jo

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Location: Marrakech, Morocco


We have arrived back in Marakkech this afternoon after a sweaty train trip down from Rabat. Add to the broken air con the fact we abstained from any food or water for the 5 long hour jouney in respect for the others around us toughing out ramadan and it was a grueling trip!

Note - I (Sean) learnt the hard way with ramadan eating in Fes when the chocolate eclair bought from the local patisserie just looked too good to wait for returning to the hotel. Upon finding what i THOUGHT was a safe place tucked down a narrow alley in the medina i chowed into it only to encounter not only one but two separate 'ramadan police' - aka hungry locals who not so politly told me to refrain from eating in the street! Needless to say we did our best to hold out on the train...

Fes was a interesting kinda city - its famous medina sprawled for seemingly miles. We did as any tourist does and visited the tannerys - basically where they treat and colour leather literally straight off the cows back. Picture guys up to their wastes in a mixture of cowhides, entrails, coloured dyes and countless other chemicals... hmmm.

Next stop was Rabat - the countries capital and a welcome change from the hustle of Fes. Quite a chilled city actually considering its the capital. We opted for a stop here over casablanca and were glad we did.

We have only 1 day left here before we head back to London. i,ll fully update with some photos when we get there.

Hope all is well.

Sean n jo

Monday, 16 October 2006

Location: Azrou, Morocco

Howdy all,

Our Maroc adventure continues to roll on - diary entrys have been as sparse as we have been ploughing through the morrocan sahara over the last week. The desert is amazing - so many different landscapes. We have hired a car and are braving the crazy morrocan roads - or rather crazy moroccan people. Already we have been ransomed by a group of 7 year olds hunting out candy - twice; have been spat at by a disgruntled man charging towards us carrying two pet lizards... hmmm; have nearly cleaned up a couple of donkeys and wayward cyclists and have nearly been cleaned up ourselves by the maniac truck drivers carrying loads twice the height of their own truck!

But things are great nonetheless! We have found Morocco to be an awesome country with the vast majority of people being geniunely friendly. We have certainly had our fill of tagines and endless cup of mint tea. We are currently in the month of Ramadan here so we have found it a bit difficult during the day to get food - it seems everyone hibernates through the day and it all comes alive after nightfall - i think they must pretty much eat all night here - cant say i blame them though!

We have left the desert behind us now and are in the Middle Atlas. We are heading to Fes tomorrow before taking in the cities Meknes and Rabat on our way back to Marrakech.

Anyway, hope all is well with all.

Sean + Jo

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco

Ssalaamu Lekum (peace upon you)
We have now left Croatia and after a night òn the town for Sandos Birthday (hope you had a good one mate), we have reached our next location, Morocco.
It has been unexpectedly chilled out. We have come across few areas where the bussle and hassle compares to the happenings of our asian travels. Where there has been hassle, they lack the persistence. The people are exceptionally welcoming.
Despite this the main square of Marrakech did not fall short on snake charmers, chained monkeys, musical and acrobatic performers, storytellers, henna artists, food vendors and beggars.
My stomach has already had one turnover of the local cuisine (tagines, couscous and tomato salad spiced with tumeric, black pepper and cumin) but this was only minor by comparison.
We now have our own wheels and are on our way to Zagor.
We hope everyone is in good spirits at home. Cheers for all the emails.
Jo + Sean

Wednesday, 04 October 2006

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Well after much cursing and swearing i've finally got some photos on our page - seems that the computers here are from the stoneage or something... !!Click on the links on the right to see them...

Take care,

Wednesday, 04 October 2006

Location: Dubrovinik, Croatia

Well guys, I've let Sean take the lead so far with our diary entries but I can't complain, he keeps everyone entertained. Dubrovinik is pretty darn amazing as are all the places we have been to and the travelling has been pretty easy going, as travelling backpacker style goes. Dec & Jill can't wait to here your travel stories. Sara hope all is well and the Bundy hasn't become your best friend just yet. As for Sharne & Jay who we are supposed to be meeting here today...WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU TWO?

Wednesday, 04 October 2006

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Today's update comes from the sunny (and windy) shores of Dubrovnik. We arrived here last night after a couple of days spent in the neighbouring country of Montenegro. Our time albeit brief in Montenegro was fun - we stayed in a little old town called Kotor which sat on the edge of a nice bay surrounded by towering mountains. the town is gaurded by fortress walls which climb the mountainside around the town. A steep climb up the fort walls paid off with stunning views accross the bay. The Montenegran people we found to be genuinely friendly, humble and very proud of their independance. It seems hard to believe that conflict was so recent here, although the war damaged buildings was evident in many areas.

Then it was onto Dubrovnik - everyone who seems to come here rates it as one of their favourites and we can see why. The old town juts defiently out into the Adriatic Sea - towering mighty with its solid fortified walls encapsulating the city. We're staying with a family just outside the fort walls overlooking the coast - awesome location. The family are half Montenegran, half Bosnian and living in Croatia - an example of the harmony that now exists here. We'll be spending the next couple of days here before travelling to Split where we return to London en route to Morocco.

Till then, Dovidenja!


Saturday, 30 September 2006

Location: Croatia

Zdravo do Croatia! (that ones for u MC!!!)

Well 5 days into our trip sees us on Korcula Island - another island on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Life is very chilled here - days have mainly been spent cruising along the shores of these beautiful islands by day and devouring awesome food by nite - not to mention indulging in the deadly cocktails by the pint glass in Hvar town - did i say deadly?!?

The old towns here are quite striking - typical medit. limestone blgs with clay tiled roofs clustered beside the clear blue water of the coast (im working on my budding travel agent career here!) Walking through the marble paved narrow streets feels like another world...

We had a bit of a laugh yesterday when Jo recieved a bit of attention from a local while on the bus - well actually he was an 80 yo local who promply showed her to a seat, offered her the window seat and then proceeded to sit beside her, leaving Sean standing in the aisle! His develish smile said it all...

Anyway, lovin Croatia - easy travel, good food, good beer, great weather - all good.


Sean n Jo

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Location: Hvar Island, Croatia

Hi all,

Let the holidayz begin..! Left old London town and touched down in Split, Croatia yesterday. Made a b-line straight to Hvar Island - The place is beautiful -crystal clear water and SUNNY and WARM! Have to say dodgy computer keyboards though - why do they have to mess with those letters!! Anyway not much to report yet - watch this space for updates as we take on Croatia, morocco and Malaysia over the nxt 7 weeks..


Sean n Jo.

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oh man, this is very exciting!! JO AND SEAN ARE COMING HOME!!!! i think a bigass party is in order!
Response: get the beer on ice...
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Hey guys, loving the updates - not frequent enough though! When are you both touching down under? Looking forward to catching up and having a rum or two to help wash down some juicy prime rib.
Only 17 days till the Ashes!

Response: mmm steak... bring it on! i'm getting sick of Nasi Goreng (fried rice)!!!!
From Miss Smart
Hey kids
you're trips sounds awesome. more photos please.
discovered your stash of photos on my laptop - love em!
looking forward to seeing you both next week
miss you both

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Response: Not long now babes. Cant wait
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Looks like your avin a great time out there guys great photos (porno stop posing), also cheers for coming along saturday night, above and beyond. Will be in touch.

You beauty.
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From Lisa Pearce
Far out Jo, its so trippy to hear about your adventures and to think that we used to eat hot chips and bludge at uni!! I'm realising how long ago that is now! Was great to see the pictures, you guys look like you're having an amazing time. Will through an email your way soon
Love ya
Response: Just thought I'd give it a go at waking that travel bug in you.
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yo prawny!!! hi jo!!!!
looks like youre having a ball!!! must be a relief from the rapidly cooling england.
hotting up nicely over here for you. hanging around 28 most days.
dale and the bump are goin well. cant wait to see you both soon!!!!
Response: yep.. surviving the heat here... good prep for an OZ summa. Looking forward to seeing yas and bump soon..
From Lyndee
I am sooooooo jelous! nothing mucg to tell from my end. wedding plans are going well. can't wait to see you both again. keep having a ball. lots of love xo
Response: dont worry.. we will! See ya in OZ
From Lucas
Wow! Your trip sounds interesting. Croatia sounds like our trip in Europe. It had good food, good beer and great weather. But the travel wasn't that easy. Next time I go on travel, I'll use this site. Well, have a great holiday and I'll see you at the wedding!

From, Lucas Moctezuma
Response: I hope your not sampling the good beer Lucas!! Enjoy and see u in Feb..
From Linda Moctez
Sounds wonderful, Seany, I was there 25 years ago when it was still communist, and you could be jailed for insulting Tito! I remember the islands were amazing. Where next?
Response: I think it chilled a bit since then!! Off to Morocco this weekend...
From mark
Hi Jo and Sean,
nice to hear from you ,
anyway enjoy yourselves, bye for now , love Mark fullinfaw
From Pepe
Well done! Now I know how to do it.
I just came back yesterday night. I spent 4 weeks in Africa and three in Europe with Linda and Lucas visiting two families. One week in Zurich, one in Italy (Venece and Siena) and one in France (Provence). Linda and Lucas arrive on the 3rd.
Enjoy your trip too!
Response: indeed we are pepe... we'll probably fly right over u at some stage.. take care!
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Great idea Seany babe. Thanks. I'll keep checking in with great anticipation of the next exciting episode of "On the Go with Sean and Jo". Have a great trip and I look forward to your return. Take good care.

Response: cheers! look forward to being back!
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On the go with Sean and Jo hey? that's genius porno did you make that up yourself?
Little upset that you didn't greet everyone in the native tongue as is the norm on your posts and emails??? lift your game!! avagoody.
Response: I trust the last entry was up to standard mate.. see u at D1C.
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hey you two.
hope you are both having fun!
home computer all up and running and i am slowly but surely making way through the bottle of bundy.
Response: don't worry... there'll be hands on deck to finish 'er off late this month...!
From RM
Enjoy the trip guys. Looking forward to see ya both - and heading to the Gabba for the D1C.

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its not the same without you kids here! Have a great trip xoxox
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