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Welcome to Maureen and Dale's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 06 December 2014

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Well have been a bit busy lately enjoying Brisbane's lifestyle. Avis and I went into the city on the train and spent an enjoyable day looking around the city. I have to say we have better trains in the West and we don't have such a big stepdown to the platform . I have hurt my knee and everything seems harder including steps and stairs.
been to the casino here and have to say prefer Jupiters in the Gold Coast to Brisbane - - - - - they seem to have a mass of rooms everywhere.did okay though in the gambling stakes but not enough to change my life !!!

Weve been to the clubs and one day you put your hand up every time you win $2,50 and get a ticket. When it finishes all the tickets can participate in a grocerie buy up that was fun might go to that again next week !!!
The weather has been nothing but rain the last couple of days its lovely I just get to catch up with reading which I must say is good to get back to !!

Dale sems all rested up and quite contented - -thank goodness --- I know they say happy wife happy husband - - Is there a version the other way around ???????
All the clubs and all the casino's just don't seem the same without Jayne at my side - - missing you Jayne xx
The whole countryside is greening up before our eyes its amazing how real rain makes everything so healthy.

Tuesday, 02 December 2014

Location: brisbane

Well yesterday tried out the caravan oven with some good old ginger gems and they actually turned out just need a little fine tuning !!!
Ross,bill and Dale seemed to like them.
Went with Ross to Costco yesterday its so huge its hard to shop. Yesterday was tasting of cheeses they were from the UK very nice cheese.
Dale did some new wiring system to the car fridge so hes happy as its all worked out and it was a big job.
Its actually raining today slightly what a wonderful sight it is.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Location: brisbane

Its lovely being so settled for a while and take stock of ones sanity. We have the annexe up and its really a lovely annexe. We have the bbq going flat tak- - - - its great keeps the heat outside. Have been following Pattys cruise with interest. she's having a lovely time with John it seems.
Had a call from Carolyne thank goodness she's sounding better and is now planning our wedding trip for us in Bali-------- cant wait .!!!!! Jo and Gail are there now but hope they leave some alcohol for us when we get there !!!
Don't know if Im repeating myself but it was great to have an Eagles catch up with Janne I- - - think we've sorted the Eagles for next year.
Went around to Avis and ross last night and had an entrée of mozzarella garlic bread. lovely lamb roast followed by Avis's homemade icecream served with fresh strawberries and fresh mangos - 0 they excelled themselves it was yummy (they being Avis and Thelma )We enjoyed our evening and Bill and Dale yakked all night.
having another look around today and going to the club to watch the draws its end of month stuff.Those clubs hee are great

Friday, 28 November 2014

Location: Brisbane

Whew they had huge storms down in the city last night Im so glad we are safe here in Strathpine.We saw huge rain some wind and now its raining slightly which is quite nice.
As an avid cricket follower feel so sad about Philip Hughes and even more sad for the young bowler Abbott what a terrible accident and what a memory to have to live with. My heart goes out to him.
Talked to mum this morning that was nice and great surprise last night a call from Janne - - miss her chats actually miss all my friends.
The trains have stopped this morning and apparently Brisbane looks like a war zone - - shame as was going on the train to the city but will wait now and just do my shopping over at north lakes a shopping centre that we haven't seen yet.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Location: Brisbane


Well we made it back after going through revolting heat disgusting roads and huge mountainous roads that seem to be full of semis and and the odd lunatic !!!!!!
We have settled for two weeks at least so have put up our annexe and have a slight permanent feeling !!!
At this moment don't want to drive another centimetre !!!
Loved seeing Denise and Jacko, Shirley and Jack and Barry, Carolyne and Paul
Enjoyed Heathers 60th and said farewell to Cheryl and John who are fair scooting home. travel safe xx
We are all going out tonight for Ross's birthday its good to be around family during celebrations. ross and Avis are looking so well and happy xx
Please can we have some rain

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hot weather and driving along rough roads and huge mountainous hills and relentless heat.Decided to stop early and rest with aircon.

We did have a bit of a drama with a fire broken out on a huge hill and the firemen were there lucky with our timing as 10 mis later I feel they would have been turned away or held up.
Lovely surprise carolyne rang and yesterday Jayne- -all good xxx

Friday, 21 November 2014

just wondered is anyone reading my ramblings or am I wasting my time ??????

Friday, 21 November 2014

Location: Gunnedah

Well we have just finished the 2nd big driving day in our quest to make it for Ross's birthday.Its been quite uneventful with everything holding up. We have driven over huge hills again with mainly big trucks on the road,We have pulled into the showgrounds here and have the air con on full blast.
My brother Ross has become a grandad again and Shane seems just as delighted as Ross was with Shane all those years ago. Robyn and Shane certainly produce beautiful babies and its good to see the Wilson name carry on with a son.
A lot of these outback towns really encourage you to stop with museums and plenty to see and do.Whaet bins over here are all filling up and the harvesting is being carried out by the wonderful farmers doing their bit to put bread on all our tables.
dale has now discovered the cricket is on TV so that takes care of our evening !!!!
It now seems ages since we saw Carolyn and Paul and now have said bye to Cheryl and John. It wont be long and we all be setting off to corene and Mades wedding in Bali.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Location: Euchuca

Whew its a hot day today. weve all been out to the shops Cheryl and I were looking for something to wear for the wedding in Bali and found a gorgeous shop.
The guys went to the Holden museum then we met up for lunch.
The area around this district is known as the Gourmet District and they have wineries everywhere and we actually visited the cheese factory and Brown Brothers then ran out of time.
Beechworth is a quaint little town full of Ned Kelly memorabilia and lots of delightful churches of all denominations.
Poor Carolyne and Paul had a huge holdup at the airport waiting for their plane (at least they had 24 krispy Crème doughnuts !!) They wouldn't have starved !!! I bet they are tired today.
I have packed the presents the girls sent for Christmas in the cupboard so I wont open them until Christmas !!!!
The scenery around this town situated on the Murray is just lovely and full of visitors and people milling around all over. The paddle steamers look so proud and majestic as they plough through the water taking ones mind back to the early days. I bet life was fun here in those days.
Dale and Cheryl stocked up their booze supplys so we are all set up again in the alcohol side of things. We leave to head off to Brisbane and they head off to Perth.
I think we are off to the club tonight not sure yet.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Location: Wodonga

Well we have had some lovely days catching up with Carolyne and Paul its been just lovely. had a great time.We are all catching up and we are getting organised for Corenes wedding in Bali next - - it will be great.
Its been so good to catch up and carolyne arrived with stacks of Christmas pressies from the girls. I opened pats - -loved it then decided to wait for Christmas with the rest.Thankyou so much Anth for the flowers beautiful and loved the card.
Corene and Mades wedding invites are just lovely and so much effort has been put into them - -thanks.
Off on travels again tomorrow x

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Location: CANBERRA

We are really enjoying seeing our old friends its great to catch up.

Sunday, 09 November 2014

Location: Canberra

A nice lazy day today and a shopping outing with Denise it was lovely looking around more new shops.Jacko has been cutting up lambs and we are havering a beautiful roast for dinner I so love not cooking !!
an elated call from Craig he's so happy he has his skippers ticket ----Congrats to Captain Jarlov,Boucher and Suparta xx Well done boys.
dale talked to Paul today looking forward to us all meeting up again

Friday, 07 November 2014

Location: Somewhere between Sydney and C, Australia

Wah what a ride !!!! Trucks mountainous roads scary cliffs and all going one pace flat tac !! God those roads have long climbs and so high up above the tree tops !! so glad to pull over and chill out !!
Brought some cherries that they were selling yummo just love cherries.

Apart from being scared out of my wits the actual drive was pleasant and we crossed so many very long bridges over rivers the whole way.The countyside is so Australian all flowering gum trees and the paddocks are sp green.
Had a great chat with Carolyne last night and out of the blue Dot rang me and that was a great catch up.also chatted with Ross and Greg this am. They are settled in their new house.
might read my book and hit the bed early - - - its hard work breaking all day in the non drivers seat !!!!!!

Wednesday, 05 November 2014

Location: Coolangatta, Australia

Waw we left Brisbane overwhelmed with Avis and Ross's hospitality they are so kind. Had a lazy few days without cooking - - loved it.
As we headed off we approached that HUGE bridge over Brisbane and I nearly passed out but once on it wasn't so bad as it appears !! Wanted to take a photo but terrified to move - - - I just held on !! Yes I know that Im a woose but there you go it takes all sorts.
Melbourne Cup was an okay day I picked the winner but didn't take it !!!!
So glad to hear that Janne won the sweep great news.
Got a gorgeous text from Sandy - -thanks Sandy x
Phoned mum she fine and over the moon that she is the Mount Maunganui bridge champion - -again !!! Well done joybelles xx
We set off after doing some washing etc and looked around. Went to Jupiters for lunch and won a 7 out of 7 - -amazing have been trying to crack that for years at Burswood !!! I collected $800.00 so was very happy. We went for a long walk today up to Jupiters as our car is too high for the carpark with the roof rack.Jo will be pleased as walked back again and at full pace !! Went for a ride on the trams they are all blue and gold its a fun way to look around,
Visited Jack and Shirley and we really enjoyed seeing them I love their apartment its gorgeous and we were lucky enough to catch up with Brry after his hard days work.
Just made hot chcolates and off to bed xx

Monday, 03 November 2014

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Well it seems ages since I wrote anything have been doing the family thing and visiting the clubs (which I love ! ).
Avis and Ross have made us so welcome and we have just about eaten them out of house and home and they have taken us here and there its been great.The park that we are staying in has been so good as its so central to everything and is very reasonable as well.
Saturday night we went up to Bridie Island and surprise surprise Greg and Jo were there as well . We had a lovely night.
We also have been eating all the tropical fruits Paw paw off Avis's mothers tree,Mangoes that are just coming into season and pineapples are so cheap not sure why they bother growing them.
My no,s came out in lotto 4 straight on my systems that was nice.
Today is Sandy's birthday so Im guessing that Danny Darling spoilt her rotten !!!!
Nice to get the odd emails from Patty,messages from Jayne so Im not totally neglected.
The weather here has been strange just so hot and now cold which is lovely after all that heat as its kind of draining heat.
Avis took me to another lovely shopping centre which was great even saw Harris Scarfe again which is gone from Perth now.
Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day and we hope to be down in the Gold Coast in time for the race as its later than we are used to in Perth.
We have also been for drives looking at caravans and houses but so far no where has really grabbed me enough to up sticks and live here !!!!!!
I think so far I like the Sunshine Coast but love the clubs in Strathpine area !!!!
Dales had a really good rest here so is ready to roll the highways again towards seeing Denise and Jacko and my sister of course !!! Well adopted sis.
Might go to bed as feeling like some beauty sleep.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Location: Brisbane, Australia


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Location: Australia


Monday, 27 October 2014

Location: Brisbane

Well said goodbye to the Sunshine coast and hello to Brisbane. Found our way here so easily !! Arent those GPS's wonderful inventions !!!
Lovely people here in the park its amazing just how many people have sold their homes and are living in vans.
Have been to the clubs here already still love that Norths club its great. Went out for dinner with Ross and Avis at one club and Dale and I went to Norths to day.There are so many deals and things to do in them plus you can win as well !!!
We were treated to a huge sky spectacle today in the shape of lightening and thunder but I think the locals would have liked more rain.
Avis cooked a bbq for tea tonight it was a really lovely meal and in the fresh fruit salad was paw paw off their tree. It made me think of Carolyne she loves it as well.
Tomorrow Ross has plans for us so we shall see what tomorrow brings ???
Got a lovely big parcel from Amanda today it was full of cleanser,Face mask.rejuventing creams etc------ she said I have plenty of time now to use them !!!! Dale was lucky as well some chocolate and two new CD's for the car while we drive. Shes a thoughtful kind girl isn't she xx We miss her and Jem lots.
Im a bit tired seem to have the most persistant cough and feel quite drained not sure what the problem is but Im sick of feeling yuk.talking to people its going around and the cough hangs on - - Great !!!!!
well Im off to bed with my book x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Location: Cooroy still

lots of fixing up going on Dale and Greg are setting up foxtel so we can watch it in bed - - decadent eh !!!
dales also done a couple of inhouse jobs like fixing a chair etc. hard to keep a good man still !!!
Went to a lovely club last night dinner was two for one - - bargain,
Greg and Jo have joined it as its near their new hose on Woobye.
talked to ross last night sometimes get worried how safe he is in that job of his.
Talked to mum on Skype that was a long talk shes pretty happy at present so that's good.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Location: Cooroy Queensland

Spent two lovely res in Gympie rest up area a regular mini paradise with so much birdlife and parked 3 feet away from the water. It was a lovely rest then yesterday left to go to Gregs a very short trip in fact didn't realise how close that we were !!!
This is a lovely state just so friendly and welcoming . Last night had lots of rain. its rather nice lying in the van listening to the rain on the roof. Greg cooked spaghetti Bog for us all which we had with fresh tiger loaf and lots of wine (too much !!)
Dales fixing up stuff not sure what but you know him hes a perfectionist !!!
Talked to Jill yesterday that was nice makes you realise that you miss people. She sounded tired.
We are just off shopping so will close x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Location: Gympie

Well sadly we have left Bundaberg and we drove again through Cane growing fields and pineapples growing. All the gardens look so healthy and and make a lovely sight as one drives along. We stopped at Maryborough for lunch and Dale and John went to Bunnings .Trouble is as you get closer to civilisation the traffic increases !!!
We chatted today as Cheryl decided to ring her.
Talked to Craig and Deb today they sound pretty chirpy.

On arrival at the overnight stay John did his stack as their power from the solar panel stopped working but Dale to the rescue and it is all fixed and working again !!
Talked as well to Ross and Greg. tried Geof but as usual he didn't answer his phone ! hope I never need him urgently !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ross has ordered a special ladder for himself and one for Dale - - - I don't know men and their toys !!!
Im sitting here aand most people seem to be asleep aand their is a gentle hum of generators and birds still chirping ------- in the dark ???
Might go and read some of my book x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Location: Bundaberg, Australia

Well we had a lovely day today going into the Brothers Club for a bargain 10.00 lunch and we had a bit of a play on the machines where Dale proved the luckiest player YES Dale !!! he who never usually gambles !!!
I guess this will help supplement his pension ha .
We also went to the Bundaberg factory that makes the famous ginger beer we all buy. It was a lovely factory with lovely girls working there so friendly.
Dales watching the All Blacks playing and they aren't going so well guess they have to let Aussie have a very rare win !!!!
Didn't have dinner tonight as too full after lunch just a coffee did us and an early night as we head off in the am again.
Weve really had a lovely time here in Bundaberg its a really lovely place with sugar cane growing all around the town.There are many caravans here and we met lovely people all travelling and doing their thing. I cant imagine being able to sit couped up at work ever again
.Jill you are right once you make the break its hard to imagine having time to work !!!!!
Dales not impressed with the footy !!! good night for now xx

Dale very impressed now the Kiwis won by a point Yeah

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Recent Messages

From cussie
lets no your mumsdate for her 82nd. best be sure
Response: 21/12/
From Jill
Hi love, yes some of us are following your ramblings and enjoying them. I agree the clubs over here are great and I always enjoy going. Not that I have been so much this time as Pauline's surprise birthday kept us in hiding for 3 days. She nearly caught me out as I was at my nieces with Hudson giving him a bottle and she turned up out of the blue. I had to hustle Hudson in the bedroom and we had to stay there until she left. It was so weird hearing her voice and not being able to talk to her. But we have been spending a lot of time together since. Sorry we didn't catch up after all but I didn't think about letting you know I was coming over .
Response: Sounds like you had a great time, Sunshine coast is an hour and a bit away hated the humidity but now its much better . looking forward to New year now as we seem to have been flat out. xx
From mum
had an appointment with the vet for sophie we waited for ages then he informed me would have to go back tomorrow as the needle he needs had broken and he would have another tomorrow so gave me a xmas present for sophie and a large bottle of shampoo Geof rang from Taihape was going deerstalking he is getting to old to carry a deer out of the bush cooking roast lamb for our dinner tonight carol is coming pleased your both feeling refreshed again love mum xx
Response: Geof has to actually shoot the deer first !! If he did- - - - he would carry it out on adrenilin he'd be so pleased xx
From mum
had an awful day of bridge bottom cant believe it makes one feel humble. also made a light fruit cake for Xmas as have to have b 12 injections also high sugar no cake , at least have my licence for another two years. we have had another cold snap even put the electric blanket on to warm the bed. have to make a plate for another Xmas party cant think what. read about the hailstones in Brisbane pleased your all safe love mumxx
Response: Better make asparagus rolls or sausage rolls something NOT sweet !!! The rain was heavy here but now its like its never happened still very muggy xx
From Denise
Hi you guys! Finally have a bit of time to look at your rumblings! Rambling a! Haha. You certainly made good time getting back to Brisbane. Then again not much to see and it has been soo hot. Adele settled back to respite care and is better than she has been in a long time. Hopefully will get things organised for her in the next few new baby yet. Am getting very excited to meet him/her. Sorry your time with us didn't really allow for more quality. But thank you for being my'rock' during a stressful period. Would love to see you again whenever you decide to head back to Perth.. Will keep reading your rumblings. Cheers,
Response: Hi den yes we made it back for Ross's birthday and enjoyed our time in Wodonga seeing Carolyne and Paul. it was great to meet everyone again.So great to be in one place and look around Brissie without that security madness they had before the conference,glad Adeles getting better don't forget to restock the lemons xx.babies always come when they are ready must be a boy !!!!!.Love to you both was terrific to see you both xx
From big bro
Great to have my little Sister back in Brisvagus.....Will enjoy going out for tea tomorrow nite...Pity Mum couldn't make it over...

Response: Happy Birthday Rossi Yes its a shame Geof and mum didn't make it.
From Jo
iPad just froze so not sure if my last message came through, so will try again. Love ready your diary Maureen so don't stop, will try and write more though our life just isn't as exciting as yours! Greg finished water blasting the roof today, the deck looks great too after we oiled it last weekend. See you soon I hope xx
Response: You will we are back in Brisbane xx
From jack
Many folk read your van travels which i find most interesting. So keep them comming. Tell me where exactly are you both heading.. Nice to heaar of grandad ross again. . Joybells will also be delighted Jack 8.40 pm21/11/14
Response: Hi jack we aare nearly in Brisbane
From mum
off to bridge today had a really bad night with feeling awful took lemon and baking soda in water feel a bit better today playing all tomorrow in Te Puke do you know we have had snow on the desert road and its cold here. may exchange my big table for the smaller one Greg told Geof he would pay 500 dollars for my 10,000 table and chairs i have to pay 1500 dollars for a smaller table. love mum
From mum
went to Sues last night for dinner we had a delicious meal then off to bridge at Te puke we won as well. she is moving to Christchurch they have bought a beautiful house not quite finished she showed me on her i pad. today its probus club the speaker is talking on skin cancer should be interesting havent heard from you showed Geof the girls they looked so beautiful love mum
Response: We are still in Canberra enjoying it here immensely xx
Glad all is well geof rang me as well.actually all my brothers have rung me x
From Jack D
-Maureen where did u turn off to getn the windy & hilly road, I follow your route on the map but have not been in tthat area. Dalr mite like to poke his head into the war museum.Cheers
Response: It was the main highway I figure without towing a van its a breeze but towing is more stressful - - especially for the non driver !!!! We have been to the war museum its just amazing.
From mum
so interesting reading your trip, had a quiet weekend weeded the gardens then we went to the R.S.A for dinner left Carol playing the pokies she was doing really well, today off to bridge .Geof had the shop closed Saturday he did get the job looks like he will be back in Taihape. today is a good day to ring. the little girls are booked into the groomers at 8 in the morning love mum
Response: Sounds good what a backward steo Geof going to Taihape rather him than me !!! Glad the girls are going to look pretty.I see Mike has a cute dog does he realise the expense involved ?
Its lovely here in Canberra
Not a big one BUT...She was a winner ..came out $15- on top lol...Yep, pace of Brisbane is much more civilized..Strathpine..even better pace..Bit warm today..SO MUCH FOR THE STORMS ...cheers
Response: We missed all the bad weather thank goodness
From big bro
Missing my Sister...Was great having you & Dale here...Avis won a synd for the Melbourne cup...AmaZING SITE COMING HOME mum & baby Koala on the road...not far from where you guys were staying...guy in front of me wrapped them in a towel and took them off the road and put them on a tree...1st person I thought of was you Liz....5 BIG days of work coming up (63 hrs)..then we are off up North,,,can't wait...Cheers & take care out there..
Response: glad she won she took lots did she come out in front ??? We are flat out driving scary around Sydney !!!!! Cant believe Lisa wants to live there its a mad house. Enjoy your trip
From Carolyne
Hi Maureen,
Just watched the Melbourne Cup. We had a lovely spead at work as usual. Janne is over the moon with her win. Margaret popped in which was lovely great catching up with her. Sounds like you are really having a great time, what happening to all the photo's. Yum yum just reading about the paw paw made my mouth water. Paul keeps telling me to buy one when we see them in the shop but I bet they wouldn't be the same as Bali. I hope you are feeling better now and that the cough has started to shift. I got such a surprise when I saw that you were now coming to Heathers again I'm so glad you changed your mind. :) Well it is a week tomorrow before we leave I am soooo looking forward at seeing everyone. It is 4 months since you & Dale hit the road and it nearly 3 months for Cheryl & John life has been so lonley without you guys. I bet the next few days drag on as I am now starting to get excited about seeing everyone. See ya soon big hugs and kisses Carolyne xx
Response: Yes looking forward to seeing you guess that's what changed my mind,Saw Aunty Shirley nd Uncle Jack and barry (cuz) today it was really lovely.Love meeting up with family,Those paw paws just keep forming on the tree and as one riens and falls off the others keep forming. Not long now xxx
From mum
getting worried about you as nothing on planet ranger since last wednesday how is the cough? we had a lovely time at Flos party. Maree stayed the night and yesterday went to Papamoa and I bought some bushes for the back garden not growing veges or tomatoes this year this will be a lot easier. everyone admires the little fence around my porch thanks to Dale bridge again today love mum xx
Response: You can email me its more private xx
From Denise
Hi guys! Did you want to come through here on your way to albury and leave your van? Rather than tow it down there and back? You are more than welcome to do that. Plus we might then get to keep you a bit longer! xx
Response: Ha We need the van to stay in but thanks so looking forward to seeing you after all this time PS Im fat !!
From mum
had a lovely weekend went to the health show sat had my back done again not so good this time. Sunday Maree and I went to this cafe by Te puna. monday played bridge and had a terrible result. today meeting the girls for coffee tomorrow Spencer is coming to put the cupboards together tlak soon love mum
Response: Sounds like your busy it was all good in Sunshine coast now at Brisbane -
Will ring you today xx
From jack
Lizzy are u sure you want to use the word decaDENT i Looked it upin small Australian dictionary nOt ON THE HAPPY BACCY I HOPE.iS GREG SHIFTING TO ANOTHER TOWN? Enjoy Noosa
Response: Greg is in Cooroy moving to Woobai
From Jill
Caught up with your travel stories again just now. I have Hudson but he is napping so I am free for a bit. He is crawling now and is looking so much like a BOY. I know he is but he really looks the part now. I was sorry to hear about your Dad but he had a very good innings didn't he? My darling Dad left us when he was only 73 so think yourself lucky. I have to have an op on 2 fingers on my right hand in November so thats put the kybosh on calligraphy for next term. <Mike Halliday is doing it so I hope he is in top form on the day. it will soon be Hudson's 1st birthday. Can't believe he had been with us that long. Nor what kind of clucking maniac I have become. xxxx
Response: Hudson is just so cute. Hope that the op goes well its a buggar getting old isn't it !! If its not one thing its another.We love Queensland its got so much going for it that's for sure and so friendly.There seems to be always something to do or see. Its great catching up with family over here as well.We see Carolyne in a couple of weeks time as her and Paul are coming for Carolnes sisters 60th. looking forward to seeing them after such a long time. Miss the kids but hoping to catch Lisa in Sydney soon on the way better do as much calligraphy as you came before they carve you up. Good luck xx miss you
From denise
sounds like you have a vry busy schedule! look forward to seeing you.
Response: seems like that when you write it down but really keen to see you two as well.dale loves hearing from Jacko. gosh the weather here is sweet. See you soon xx
From Denise n jacko
Hi Maureen n dale. Making your way down the east coast now - heading our way? How long till we get to see you? Are you guys going to tassie? If so we might join you!! Got the wine chilling Maureen. We've got a lot of catching up to do.
Response: Hi We are in Noosa at Gregs then heading to Brisbane for a few days,then visiting Lisa in Sydney then a party for carolyns sister on border NSW/Vic .All good x
From mum
tell Jack no flu here its the bugs in the plane all my friends come home with flu bugs from Aussie yes they do want you to buy the machine hope Greg gets one love mum 2,500 they cost.
Response: Bugs come from NZ its an Air N Z plane xx
From jill
so sorry to hear about your beloved Dad. Such a sad time for you and we will be thinking of you. Good Dads are find to find and you were obviously one of the lucky ones! God Bless & Love.
Response: Thanks Jill I know that you know the feeling as you too were lucky enough to have a great dad. Hope that you've settled back at work by now you probably have another break !!! xx
From jilly
It all looks amazing and a lot more varied than I would have thought. So pleased that you are both enjoying yourselves and you both look so relaxed and content despite all the driving. Only you could go on holiday and still win Lotto!! All ok here although staff are still dropping like flies with cold & flu germs and the poor buggers are still working overtime when we ask to fill in the blanks. I've only been back for a couple of weeks and I don't know how they managed with me away as well (indispensable as I am!) for 8 weeks. This truly is the most amazing place to work and the greatest bunch of girls (and one guy) I could imagine working with. Laughs are a bit in short supply as we are all so busy, but they are all working like little trojans (not the other word! - not PC). They have advertised so DV we should get some help soon. Although I get the feeling there will be a few more retirees soon!
Stella should be back in Oz now - poor girl must have been at her wits end stuck in a Budapest hotel on her own for so long and probably too scared even to go out sightseeing in case she had another "turn". At least she got to fly back business class! Thank goodness for insurance.
My son is away with the Army next week for 6 months so I'll miss him a lot. Baby Ash is gorgeous as ever - can't believe how much I missed him when I was away and how much he changed.
Missing you but really enjoying hearing about your travels so keep it up.
Response: Hi Jilly Your holiday went so quickly and its good that you are back again working hard. You are right they are an amazing bunch well most of them !! Im not missing being there but miss them all . Hope that Ash knew you !! Love to Pete xx