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Blackburn YMCA and Crossroads in Accrington have come together to take a group of 10 young people to Bulgaria with the support of the Bhavagat Education Trust to paint an orphanage in Rila. The group is going for two weeks from the 26th October to the 7th November 09

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Unfortunately we did not have internet access towards the end of our time in Stob but for anyone that logs back on i will let you know what happened.....

We were suppose to finish the corridor on Thursday and have a small party on Friday before going to spend whatever money we had left but at 3 pm on Weds we were told that the corridor had to be finish by 5pm that evening due to an inspector coming the next day to check the child that we had not past on the swine flu as some of the children in order orphanages had been ill. The other group from Devon helped us and we finished by 5pm.
We had Thursday morning to lay in bed then in the afternoon we were armed with turps and scrubbing brushes and on hands and knee's got to work removing all the spilt paint.... In the evening we made a small bonfire and bought some fireworks which the children loved. A small lesson was given as to why us Brits celebrate Bonfire night and bang bang bang went the fireworks...

Friday we spent most of the day shopping and buying cheap clothes and cake to take home...

In the evening we had a bit of party at the local watering hole and Steven decided to attempt to strip to one of the songs... oh my oh my

Finally there were no problems with the flight and we all got home safe but very tired

Just wanted to say well done guys you made me proud!

Thursday, 05 November 2009

Location: UK

Since coming to Bulgaria I have experienced lots of different emotions. Its been hard not to get attached to the children but they are all so lovely even the boys. Even though there is a big language barrier everybody understands the beautiful game of football and we play nearly everyday with all the boys, some of whom are very good. We should get a few scouts out here to Bulgaria and sign up all the decent boys from orphanage's. Before arriving here I thought the conditions were going to be worse then they actually are here. But the children still needed are help. At the start we decided to go with a circus theme for our corridor. But as time went by we kept changing our mind and painted a bright and fun corridor instead. I am so proud of ourselves..... Stewart

Monday, 02 November 2009

Location: UK

What an amazing day we had yesterday. We invited the 8 young people that were left at the orphanage to come with us on our day off to Rila Monastery and then we took them bowling at the nearest town.

We where told that for the first time the young people had never had an knife and fork on the table. They said that they felt special. For another girl, it was her first time out besides the school and her parents home at the weekend.... She looked very very sad at the beginning of the week but now slowly slowly she is engaging with the group.

The monastery was incredible - it had been burnt down at the beginning of the 17 century to have been rebuilt to an incredible place where the coptic fathers live.

Tell you something mind it is incredible cold -4 oc. Frost on the window and very icy - oh well :) Most of us have bought ourselves a woolly jumper from the Bulgarian lady whom we have nicknamed Anne Warnbright - she does not let you out of the shop unless you have bought something - what she like but saying that the clothes are cheap - a woolly jumper for eight pounds - bargin thats want I say!!!!!

The wall is coming along nicely - it is bright and cheerful. We have changed its design several times during the week - it started as a circus and now it is just bright and funky as we realised that the children are actually young people so we what to keep it mature and hip......

No more injuries up to this point which is good and Sam's chin is healing great and Mandy's leg has had some care and attention to it.....

We have all decided that we have put weight on and need to go on diets as they have fed us very well actually too well...

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Location: UK

Todays on the up, its all coming togther the decorating is looking good although ther is still a bit to do til we are near the end. This is an amazing experience meeting the children and getting to know them but also spending time with them playing and also them helping us to decorate i can safely say that we have made some new friend i personally have grown an attachment to a certain little girl whom is going to be hard to say goodbye to when the time comes. The food at first i was unsure of but it just keeps getting better. when we first arrived the corridor looked dark and miserable but now its looking bright and vibrant i think i can say on behalf of the children that they think its good and they like it (dobre dobre)
Amy x

Friday, 30 October 2009

Location: UK

Day 4 in the big brother house -oh sorry the cold unfriendly corridor.... Every one is starting to feel tired and some a little grumpy :( It was just a matter of time when jet lag and tireness as well as the culture of being in a routine hit them hard ....

Steven and Laila are our team leaders today and they are doing a good job of keeping everyone in line and doing jobs although some keep disappearing off to the computer room - naughty naughty

The corridor is coming along nicely and everyone has lots of red and white gloss paint somewhere on their persons and the turps being our best friend well not everyone's best friend as Mandy did an amazing stunt earlier on in the day of sliding on some spilt turps and doing the splits and successfully pulling her muscle :(

Last night meal in the restaurant was amazing and the local wine was tried and liked.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Location: UK

Finally managed to access the internet and therefore able to let everyone know how the orphan-beat group are doing....
The journey was an interesting one we were delayed by 2 hrs and eventually got to Sophia at 2.30pm local time. Everyone was exhausted as we had not slept the night before and were practically running on zero energy. We were met by the Bhagavat Crew and kindly offered us interesting looking butties with boiled carrots and other interesting looking vegs....
Arriving at Rila was another 2 hrs later but what we saw looked pretty raw and beautiful. Rila is in a valley of an amazing mountain range but dare I say it cold! Freezing actually.... brrrrrrrr
The hotel is basic but home for the next fortnight. Food is fresh and lovely but not everyone is loving it!!!!!!! Vegetables what are they...... Cold cucumber soup last night - interesting.... A few brave souls tried it and like it......

Stob is the village where the orphanage is based and is actually warmer then Rila. The building is an old one with 4 floors to it and our floor or corridor is the largest of all of them. So far the group decided to create a circus theme and we are busy painting red and white lines up and down the corridors in lovely gloss - nice!

The children are adorable and love footy and taking photos.....
Yesterday we climbed Stob Pyramid which was pretty amazing after a hard days graft... The pyramid is an interesting rock formation that has a wild story of love and romance attached to it but parts of it were hair raising and at one point Sam decided to take the quick way down on his hands and chin - awesome.... blood everywhere and a very near visit to the local hospital but thank goodness for the care and attention of Sharon our on hand florence nightingale...

The Bulgarian lessons are going well and some are picking up the lingo better then others (Amy, David and Steven) others are better at sampling the local beer... which may i says is unbelievably cheap (oh my oh my) ...

The Orphan-beat team have so far gelled nicely and seem to be getting on famously, working together although those fags breaks seem to be happening quite frequent..... lol

Friday, 23 October 2009

Not quite yet there... 2 days yet to go.... still have paperwork to do with the group on Sunday/Monday morning whilst waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport - exciting :)

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Recent Messages

From Alex Cannon
Hello Troggy,
Well it looks like the twenty quid paid off ~ Lol.
I'd just like to congratulate you and all your helpers for doing such a marvellous job. I just wish I could have participated. I bet you all put smiles on the faces of the kids there, well done again and welcome home!
From Lee
Who's the Burnley fan then?????? See Gristo you can't escape Dingles wherever you go in the world whoop whoop BUUURRRRRNNNLLLEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
From Adele and lee
Hi guys! we have been enjoying the peace and quiet today without Keith Steven and Katie hahaha only kidding. Just to let you know we are missing you and can't wait to hear all about your experiences. Sounds amazing!!!! We both just wanted to wish you a safe journey home !!! see you when you all get home. Really proud of you all xxxxxxxxxx
From lorraine
won't be long now 'til I see your cheeky little faces...can't wait. lol
From Colin Mottershead
Pictures look brill - looking forward to hearing all the stories. Perhaps we could have a supper one evening to see the pictures and hear the stories?

From Lee Robinson
Hi all,

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves. The Monastery looks amazing. Hope the weather has been good. Its rained (heavy) for the last few days here in the UK.

See you all soon

From Lorraine
Have you done a head count Mandy? Sharon is only on one photo and even then there is no evidence except the title that it is her...
From Lorraine
Glad the injuries are improving. My advice would be to take more water with your alcohol especially before 10am! If you are all working as hard as you say (!) I can't understand how you are putting on weight...
Keep up the good work. Looking forward to hearing all your stories!
From sharon barker
hiya mum, been lookin at the pics, u look like u are all busy, miss you loads speak soon lots of love kelly, kacie - lee n byron x x x x x x x x xx x x x
Response: Hi everybody,
missing you all loads, looking forward to seeing you and sleeping in my own bed, not been able to get on computers until today been working really hard, will need a holiday when I get home, hope Kacie and Byron are being good, I have put all your names on the wall will take a picture, will speak to you at the weekend when I return. xxxxxxxxx
From lorraine P
Hi everyone!
Found you at last. Flippin' technology.
Read the page with interest - just trying to read between the lines!
Starving, frozen and drunk off cheap beer... or
Half starved, smoking too much, and trying to get out of working by diving off rocks...(I always suspected Sam had a - quote - 'wild romantic side' (or summat like that), but chucking yourself off the top to prove it is a bit much. He can't miss Nelson that much!lol
Hope everyone had a good weekend and you feel rested after a bit of a break. Now get that painting done and stop slacking. You never catch me smoking when there is work to be done....
From Colin, Adele, Lee, K
Hi, everybody, this is the first time I have actually got onto a computer, All the young people are getting on really well and doing a fine job, W e had a day off yesterday and went into the Rila Monestary the architecture was amazing so was the scenery we also went into Bagavad to go bowling and took 8 children from the orphanage they had never played before they were really excited, I am leaving the uploading of photos to Mandy you know what I am like with Technology, anyway speak to you soon take care and warm regards x
Response: To Colin, Adele and Lee, K
From Ian Sadler
Sounds like you are all doing a good job. Sorry to hear about Mandy pulling a muscle, I hope its the only thing she has pulled but with Mandy you never know. Its amazingly quite here at the office, can't figure out why though. Sorry to hear about the cheap beer that won't help one or two people out there. Keep up the good work.

Response: Cheeky :) It is not quiet out here more than quiet actually... leg is getting better and we are well and happy.... wait till we get back to the office....
From Megan Stretch
Hi guys, hope your all having fun and making a difference, you should all be well proud of what your achieving, keep going xx
Response: Hiya Megan
Thanks a lot luvy :)
Stuart is working hard up those ladders that he shares with Mark (legs eleven) x
From Adele
Pics look fab well done sooooo proud of you all. Kids look happy too!!!!!xadelex
Response: Thanks so much for your encouraging words
From adele
Hey guys!!! sounds like your having fun. I admire you all for going out there and helping out the orphanage in that way. The circus theme sounds fab!! I bet the children love it! Glad some of you are enjoying the local food and drink (I thought alcohol was a strict no no????) Anyway, just wanted to give you a little encouragement, do your best and come home safe (no more falling down mountains or doing the splits) Love to you all xx your not missing any weather here raining raining raining. Have an amazing experience and make the most of it x adele x
Response: Hi Adele,

sorry I did not send message before but actually this is the first I could get onto the blog with Mandy's help of cours, this has been an amazing experience and one which the 3 young people will keep with them forever, I will fill you in more when I return, I can honestly say thet Im glad I booked the weeks holiday I need it we have been working really hard, the corridor has now been finished and we are having a bonfire party tonight with the children, llok forward to seeing you all soon take care say hello to everyone.xx
From Colin Mottershead

The pictures are great. Keep up the good work!!

Response: Thank you :)
From Lee Robinson
Hope everyone is enjoying themselves in Bulgaria.

Best Regards

Lee (Crossroads)
Response: hi lee its gristy im having a brilliant time in bulgaria and missing you all down at crossroads. we are doing very well and ive learnt some bulgarian phases like dobar den (good afternoon). i havnt yet learnt how to say burnley are rubbish lol. ill see you when i get back tell every 1 i was asking cya later aligator
From sharon
No fags for 3 days
Love Me
Response: Sharon asked if I would say Hi on her behalf as she is busy painting with the group. She says she misses you and loves you but could not give up the fags (too cheap) lol
She will communicate with you via the phone as we dont get access to the net that often. Regards
From Colin Mottershead

Hope everything is going well and your enjoying the experiance.

Warm regards
Response: Thank you Colin on behalf of Sharon and the group. They are enjoying it and loving it....
From Judith Heald
Praying for you all - you CAN do it. Look after each other and remember you are a team! You will grow LOADS because of this trip, so reach out with your arms open and give and learn!

God bless! xxx
Response: Thanks for your prayer and things are going well only one casuality so far...
From Rachel YMCA
Good Luck Guys!!!
Response: Enjoying it and all is well
From Snezh
I will do my best to come and see you :))
Response: Would be nice if you could we are at the one and only hotel in Rila lol