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Welcome to jacquie's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Location: Australia

Hey well all is well at home working 3 or 4 days at a cafe in Bello at the moment which has been good. Good cash and now justwaiting till school goes back to start doing casual teaching. Just been to a bbq at a mates house we do it every tuesday night. Well hope everyone is well
Lots of love jack

Saturday, 07 January 2006

Location: URUNGA, Australia

Hey All, well i have up loaded some photos from new years. Hope you all like them it was a great night had by all.. It was a long few days that was for sure well worth it.
Love Jack

Saturday, 31 December 2005

Location: Australia

Man i just wrote a really long messages and mums laptop just froze and i had to reset it. So will try later on. Hope evryone has a great new year. Gosh i am angry now...

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Location: URUNGA, Australia

Hiya from Urunga.. Well we moved into our new house on SUnday night was very nice and very quiet. We didn't have any TV's so that meant we had to talk to each other... Then when we all went to bed we have got no curtains or blinds and trust it was full moon as well. So the light shone in all night. Mum and Dads room was like there was a lanp on. As we live on the beach now dad could hear this hushing noise and couldn't discover what it was.. When it was the waves crashing so funny.
Last night we all stayed in Urunga as mum and dad had a xmas party in Bello. It was nice to have TV and Blinds a bit of a sleep in from the day before when we were all up before 6am. For those who are overseas and feeling cold well it is a warm 30 today. Nice and enjoyable i have hada swim at the pool where we have moved in.
Spoke to Adam today and he is at Windsor Castle when i spoke to him. He had just had a sleep on the queens lounge... Only Adam could get away with that. The queen was having dinner with 800 of her mates.
Well hope everyone is well.
Take Care and Talk soon Love Jack xoxo

Saturday, 17 December 2005

Location: URUNGA, Australia

Hi all,. well here i am back to where the river meets the sea. Pretty excited but also very sad to have left all my new and old mates overseas and Adam of course. But hopefully he will be home in March. Well just being helping mum and dad get ready for the move which is also very exciting.
The flight home was a night mare 44 hours it took me.
Going to the carols by candle light tonight in Urunga which is laways a bit of a laugh and great fire works.
Will write more in the coming days. Just hope everyone is well. I am going to try and keep writing on this while i am home as it is only a stop over till i go again in May to Canada. As i started my work visa when i when through customs on Tuesday.
Merry Xmas to everyone and Take Care
Love Jack

Friday, 09 December 2005

Location: UK

Hi well what a day i had yesterday Jenna and myself went into town (Baker Street) and hung out with all the celebs at the wax museum. Man it was awesome but also they have this live chamber with real serial killers and things. Of course they are actors but man it was the scariest thing i have ever done or seen. They reakon children under 12 aren't allowed in there. I think children under 30 shouldn't be allowed to be in there.
Hope you like all the pics that i have added today. I am going to meet Ginger for lunch today as it is the last time that i can do that for a while...
Adam is head porter today for a job just near Tower Bridge so that is exciting for him. He is working most of the weeked but has tonight and sunday off which is good seen as thought i won't be seing him for a few months.
Well better fly got to take my flat mates car to the drs. Lots of hugs and kisses for everyone

Thursday, 08 December 2005

Location: Home, UK

Good Morning,
How is everyone going??
Well not much to report from here trying to tidy and get organised to move onto my next destination. I am going to do a bit of xmas shopping today to send home. There are some good sales and things on in and around london...
I am going into Oxford Street today to meet up with one of my mates this afternoon. Not a very nice afternoon very overcast and wet. Adams cousin Ronnie, is coming to London on the weekend so we are going to meet up with her so that should be good fun.
Well thats about it from cold out London Town and its only going to get colder in Canada.
Love You All

Tuesday, 06 December 2005

Location: UK

Well just a quick one to say hi now that we have the computer back in the house which is cool. Went into Oxford Circus today and met up with Daniel for lunch and he shouted!!! Adam is working late tonight he is at the Natural History Museum serving Prince Charles. He boys that packed the truck had to squash it all in to fit. So Adam just rang and said the Prince Charles may be eating some squashed food. I couldn't stop laughing...
It is pretty cold here tonight just going to have some dinner and snuggle into bed.
Well love to everyone
Take Care
Love Jack

Monday, 05 December 2005

Location: UK

Forgot to say check out the new pics. You will love them...

Monday, 05 December 2005

Location: Home, UK

Hi Ya,
How is everyone going well gto a week to fill you in on all the goss. Well theres not that much. Got back from the poms last Saturday night which was cool as Adam picked me up form Bolton and then we drove back in his work van. When we got back to his work they had put on a bbq and drinks for all the boys as they did over 100 hours in 5 days for the Porsche launch...
So we stayed there for a few hours and that was good.
Monday Adam and i had the day together as he had the day off and then we went to see 'We will rock you' man it was aweseome one of the best musicals i have seen. Then during the week just hung around visting people and having a final look around town. Thursday morning adam and ash had to go to Scotland Edinburgh then to Bolton near Manchester to pick up the left over grog and i thought well i might as well go for the drive so i spent about 20 hours in the van with the boys but was good to get out of London for another night and we saw the Edinburgh castle which was awesome. the country side was great as we went up there on the east coast road and then came back on the west coast road. Saturday the girls all went ice skating to somerset house just near waterloo which was awesome except it was saturday morning and there were kids everywhere falling over every which way and how.. Was extreme.
Then on Saturday night had The Farewell party and Adams birthday it was great lots of people. Dover, Shane, Lorraine, Clara, Ginger and heaps of other mates we have meet along the way turned up so that was a big night or should i say an early morning. Sunday didn't result to much i did alot of sleeping and eating.
Tonight we are going out to Mexican for dinner for adams birthday which should be nice. Well hope everyone is well and taking care.
Leaving London next Monday for Canada...
Love Jack and Adam

Monday, 21 November 2005

Location: Goldley, Near Manchester, UK

Hi Yah, Everyone... Whats news. Well i am up with the Poms been up here since last Tuesday and was supposed to go back last night, but it is way to good up here to be leaving and heading back to London.
Last week didn't do that much went and had a look around a near by place called Stockport which was good got a couple of tops there. Then on Thursday night Liam and i went out in Manchester that was good very different to London and a lot cheaper to drink. Friday was a day at home not much happened. Saturday Aunty Mary, Heather and i went into Manchester and tried to do some Christmas shopping but the place was mad. These english people go mad for xmas i thought we were bad at home but they run rings around us. Thats for sure.
So bottom line was didn't get any presents to send home for xmas.
Over the weekend it was so cold got down to -3 and -4 degrees over night. The Jack Frost has been so bad a couple of cms deep. Very icee.
Saturday night John, Heather and i went out and had a couple at drinks one drink was at one of the oldest pubs it dates back to the 1700's it was pretty cool. Then went to another one which had karaoke that was funny watching the oldies singing then went to there local which is called the crown and cushion. The old guys were giving me stick about being from Aussie and was i off Neighbours. They thought it was so funny.
Adam is good he is up here is the neighbourhood for the launch of the new Porsche... They go to all different places during the week seting up and waiting till they party with the lauch and then pack it all away to move to the next place. Prob won't see him till the weekend as they work around the clock.
Well thats about all from me, Will head back to London at the end of the week to do some sightseeing before heading off to Canada in Decemeber.
Well look forward to hearing form everyone. Lots of love Jack xoxo

Monday, 14 November 2005

Location: UK

hey guys had agreat weekend except for that fact that the Aussies lost against the bloody poms. We went to the walkabout and watched it. For those that don't know its an Aussie Kiwi pub that was full of Poms so i wasn't that happy with them being there at the end of the game.
It was only 3 degrees this morning man i will be looking for to warm weather when i finish up here.
Take Care love Jack xoxo

Friday, 11 November 2005

Location: WALES, UK

Hi all ADAM speaking. Had a mad time in Wales with Shane and the boys. The game was great and the atmosphere unreal. We kicked on at the pub afterwards and missed the bus back to London which was a good laugh at the time. Luckily we found some welsh hospitality and slept on a couch for the night. Made it back to London at 6 on sun . Jackie was not very impressed but a hell of a weekend anyway.

Friday, 11 November 2005

Location: EAst Dulwich, UK

Hey Everyone how are you? Well all is well over here now starting to get very cold and without the heating everyone in th ehouse is starting to get sick which isn't very nice. Having 13 people living there at the moment is a bit silly there are people sleeping everywhere.
Going to watch the rugby tomorrow for goodness sake i hope that we bet the poms other wise i will never here the end of it over here.
Well just a quick one to let you know that all is going well. Today is my last day of work. Lotso love xoxoxo

Wednesday, 09 November 2005

Location: UK

I just put the photos of Oxford on here, hope you all like them we couldn't go inside many of the buildings as there was a cermony happening which was pretty cool, seeing all these oxford studnets walking around in there graduation costumes. xoxoxo

Wednesday, 09 November 2005

Location: UK

Hey all, Had a great weekend up in Oxford was awesome the Uni is amazing. Ging or better known now as Hinge and i went up there we were there for about 6 hours we walked around for a while till it started to rain then we thought we better go and watch the rugby and have some lunch.
Came back to London and hung out in Shepherds Bush which was good for something different hadn't been there for a while. I won't be emailing and writing on here that much any more as my flat mate has taken the computer away unitl we all learn how to use it properly. And respect it more. Which is a shame as it is always the same people that ruin it for you.
Adam went to wales to watch the rugby and with 70000 people there ran into his family his aunty and uncle. He had a great time down there saw a bit of the country side.
My job finishes on Friday so i am going to go up and see the Poms for a week i think as i has so much fun up there last time and they made me feel so welcomed like my own home. And i bet they have a warm house as our boiler has blown up and the land lord won't fix it well actually now of us can get in contact with him. Which makes it hard. It is about 2 degrees here over night at the moment. A joke actually.
Hope everyone is well and having fun take care
Miss you all heaps

Tuesday, 01 November 2005

Location: UK

Hey just up loaded some more cool pictures on here. Hope you like them xoxox

Tuesday, 01 November 2005

Location: Home, UK

Hi all, well what a busy week i have had well for me it has been flat out like a tac. Started work all last week at 12.30 so had to leave home 2 hours before starting as over here during the day they have this thing fixing train lines and cancelling trains during the day. So trust it always happening to me. Then on the weekend it was pretty fun, one of adams school friends (yes another one over here) Gusty came down from up north and had the friday night with us. We just stayed in and had a few drink with him and our flat mates. Saturday night went to the local pub at the end of our street The Bishop had a meal and a few drinks which was nice as the weather outside was appauling. Sunday was a great day to spent in bed Adam and i went out and had breakfast and then due to the rain and wind we watching DVDs all day. Monday i put in a full day with the hcildren 8am-6pm as it was Haloween over here and it is really big even the parents get dressed up. SO i took the children out trick or treating it was actually a lot if fun. The loved it and it was amazing how generous the people were when we knocked at there doors. Today school has gone back to normal so don't start work till 3 i am doing the house chores today catching up on washing and room cleaning. We have got so many extra people staying with us at the moment that the house is a mess and its amazing we have a dish washer but the amount of people that don't know how to put there plates in the dish washer. Well thats enough from over here hope all is well. Lots of love jack xoxoxo

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Location: UK

Hi Guys, what a day i had yesterday, 2 hours to get to work and an hour and a half home. Can't wait till i can get back in my little laser and drive when i want. The trains had all sorts of problems. Well hope all is well just a little note to say hi and say that we are well. Lots of Love xoxo

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Location: HOME, UK

Good Morning to everyone, how are you all? Well all is good over here. Start work at 12 this week as it is half term so that keeps me busy and i am not sitting around as much and being so board. Had a great weekend was pretty mad, Adam had 7 of his school friends in one place at one time so it was just like a little school reunion for him. There was Ferry, Matt Burke, Dover, Friel, Jake, Simon Oliver and Adam so they had a fun time hanging out. We hung out in Shepherds Bush for ages then went into central London have got some great photos will down load them tomorrow. Sunday was a bit of a wasted day the weather was terrible so it didn't really want you to get out of bed and do very much except eat. We have changed our flights at this stage to leave London on the 22nd Dec to Frankfurt and then go around Europe and then on the 11th Jan 06. Head to Vancouver which should be pretty cool actually i am excited about that as it will be a change and something different as i have never been there.
I am now waiting to here back from the court house about my bond money should be hearing back within the next 1 or 2. So fingers crossed i get it back. Can't see why we wouldn't as it is mine and i am in the right. Take care and lotsof love jack xoxoxo

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Location: East Dulwich, UK

Morning All, how is everyone going? Things are ok over here in this big bad world. I have been enjoying going back to work which is nice the kids were very happy to see me, although everything i had taught them has gone out the window so it is like starting from square one again. Bit of a challenge but keeps me on my toes. It was a very cold day yesterday i quiet a few layers on for sure plus my gloves and scarf. I still have my black gloves from boaring school, they seem to let a little bit of air throught the games in the wool. So i think i may have to up grade them. Ging came over for dinner last night which was nice to see her as i hadn't seen her for about 5 weeks. I showed her all the things from the baby shower and all the photos. We are probably going out to Shepherds Bush this weekend for Jakes birthday but we are trying to find something fun to do. We thought of golf but i don't think the weather is going to be that good. There is a sport arcade in southbank so that is another option. We will just wait and see what the decision is on Friday night or even Saturday. Yesterday Mel and i scrubbed our house from top to toe. It was so gross when i got back as lots of my flat mates are not to sure where the cleaning products are or even how to use them. So that took alot of hours.
We are trying to work out where we want to spend xmas and new year this year. At this stage we may do our own tour of Europe with a rail pass for 22 days then head to Vancouver, but could be home before you know it as i have only had 4 days of the cold and its already doing my head in. I just don't know how people live here winter after winter.
Hope everyone is ok and having fun. lots of love xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo- xooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxox
miss you all.

Monday, 17 October 2005

Location: East Dulwich, UK

Hi all, here i am back across the other side of the world. My flight was pretty good coming back. Had a window seat all the way and also from Bangkok to London i had 3 seat to myself so i got to lay down. Jane came and saw me off at sydney airport which was really nice. And good to see her again before leaving, i think she wished she had a ticket to walk throught the gates at sydney. It took me almost two hours to get from the airport to home. I satyed awake till about 4 then i got up, adam and i had some dinner and i was back in bed by 8.30pm. Slept really well till about 2ish then some of my flat mates were having beers so i got up and talked to them for a bit and went back to bed about 4. Yesterday Adam and i went into town we went and ad a nice lunch then walked through convent garden and down to the strand then caught the bus to Oxfod Street had a bit of a walk around and was home by about 4. Back asleep by 7 and now been awake since 2.30am its now 5.30am Monday morning and i ahev just had something to eat and now waiting for my day to start.
I am sarting work today so will prob be pretty tired this evening when i get home but hopefully i will just slepp straight throught tonight.
Hope all is well
Lots of love

Friday, 14 October 2005

Location: Australia

GOODBYE eveeryone, next time i write i will be back in the UK was great to see everyone and and catch up and hear all the stories that have been happening while i was away. Take care and look forward to hearing from you all when i am overseas. Lots of hugs and kisses for everyone xoxoxo

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Recent Messages

From Prue
Glad to hear you a home and having a ball... new house sounds fantastic (minus the blinds part). I just wanted to wish you and your family and all those that read this a very happy christmas and all the very best for a happy, safe and prosperous 2006.
I am up at Mum and Dad's, it is nice to be home, haven't been here for over 6 months. Sure is hot though... 37 today, bit warmer than Sydney I think but love it anyhow. I bet you are enjoying the warmer climate, huge change from London. Well my sweet have a great Christmas with all the family, any plans for New Years yet?? oh and quickly, booked a trip to Sydney yet??
Well take care, chat soon.
Lots of Love Prue xxooxxxxx
Response: Thank you for my xmas wishes. Hope you had a wonderful time with you rfamily and friends as well. All is well in Urunga am about to write on the main page to keep you all updated with what i have been up to... No haven't booked a trip to Sydney yet prob won't be for a while. Have a great new year lots of love Jack oxoxox
From ali vetters as in le
yo yo ho ho petal,
hi, i have just discovered your website and what a mighty one it is.
you have been gone 2 weeks now and 'quite frankly' that is long enough, where the f--k are you?me and ginger are sitting here, we have had a bottle of wine and missing you.
gossip of the day- (pleaase remember i might be behind as i have not been out in a while since the ass out the window experience!)
adam has a mohhawk, i have had breast implants and if i do say so myself- i look hot to trot! ari is in russia and drinking the woman under the table so ihear. JD is missing you. feed the world is number 6 in the top christmas hits. nana moon died and sonya has left twelve year old martin and the east end is celebrating.
we are planning our xmas eve antics. I want to stay in with a dvd. but you know young ginger, well she wants to go and drink! so we have planned 1.)some salmon with mashed potato 2.) margaritas- handmade for extra strength 3.) ring you, oh you lucky lucky sausage 4.) meet some hot EFD talent 5.) leave them for some ugly folk who know where the kebab shop is. 6.)ring you again 7.) go to 76 EFD grove- 8 years later head to the bishop- because we have not drunk enough.

jesus i have just noticed we are listening to george f--king michael. who did he give his heart to? who is that special?

how is the sun?? beautiful skies and shrimps on the barby?

love you bella AKA petal

Response: Hi Ali. Good to hear from you well what a lot of goss you have for me... I heard about adams hair oh my goodness. Think he is rebelling as i am gone but i am sure when i see him next he will have his normal spike sort of style hair... Xmas eve sounds very tempting well i think you should try and achieve all of those things it will be an experience not to forget. Yes well the EFD pad (aka sofa city) is a problem with not coming out of there for days the time warp is scary i actually think you could write a book about it. We think i am off to the Urunga Raffles tonight try and win myself a ham for mum for xmas she would be stoked. Can't beleive how fast time is going since i have been gone. It scares me every day.
The sun is mad tan coming alone very well... Been at the beach a big 36 degrees expected for xmas dinner a little different to your neck of the woods. Will have athe bbq cranking and guess it would be rude not to have some beers. Got all mums family coming over on xmas day which will be nice they are coming to our new place... Which is awesome. Well keep the emails coming my aemail address is but love the messages on here will keep this going so you can be updated about aus...
Merry Christmas and Take Lots of care. You wonderful things. Give JD a big kiss for me.
Love and MIss you
Love Petal
From Hinge, Ginge, Mary G
Hi there Jennifer!

Sounds like you are having a great old time back home - very jealous! Our xmas barbie went down a treat and I think everyone had a good time. You were missed of course! Lard and Sailor have been camping over with me which has been fun, I always miss them when they go although I am sure they will be back next week for Sunday Funday - which has actually turned into Sunday/Monday Funday.

Enjoy that sun and will chat to you soon. Lots of love xoxo

Response: Hey Mazza, Good to hear from you... Thanks for my message. I hear it was a total hit which is a blast on the weekend which is great. It was great to speak to you on Sunday. What else is news??? I hear you are going to Hebrews for xmas dinner which was nice.
Take care miss you maz love Jack oxxoxoxoxo
From Ari
Hey Jac,
Cheers for the message on my website...thought I had better check yours out...great pix and i really like the journal. Had a great nite Sat...too much bloody drinking and talking peoples heads godfather! Sun was a writeoff! Cheers to tour leader Adam for guiding me home after my little tikitour! Will see you before you jet
outta here!
Ciao Ari x
Response: Hey Thanks for my message. Catch up soon Love Jack xoxo
From Libbit
Very exciting you're heading to Canada so soon. Will you be there for Chrissy? We are currently packing a cleaning to head off from here. Hope to leave Darwin next Tues and head down the guts to Adelaide to catch up with my bridesmaid (she doesn't know we are coming) before headin to Mudg. Have some friends coming to stay in our house while we are away which is good. Over cleaning th place though, too many louvres and fans!
Travel safely,

Libbit xox
Response: How exciting for you, but not that excting for the cleaning part of it. That was the same as here after our party the place was a mess. Not good fun at all... Thats awesome surprising your bridesmaid i love doing that sort of fun stuff. I sent you an email filling you in on all the goss. Think i sent it to your address hope it still works. Let me know if you don't get it. Take Care Love Jack xoxo
From Prue
My goodness Jack, sounds like you had a great adventure in the van with the boys - the photos are great, but it does look alot colder over there then here. Since I last wrote we have had the most beautiful hottest three days, I spent as much time as possible on the beach this weekend. A little fried but nice to see the sun for a change.
I saw 'we will rock you' in Melbourne a couple of years ago - fantastic isn't it, bet it was better over there then here - I hate to say it but from what I have heard from others who have seen shows they are better over there then here.
Not much happening - I seem to say that a lot - but things tend to get monotonous, however am looking forward to Christmas, have booked all my flights up and down from Mum and Dad's, Ben is going to come up and spend some time up there with us. Pen is in Singapore as we speak, she is sending plenty of texts asking me which fakes I want and perfumes etc.... they have just gone over to go shopping, she said it is also extremely hot over there as well.
Well my sweet no new and exciting news so I shall get back to work, please take care, and I suppose the next time we hear from you you shall be in Canada. Take care sweet, Lots of Love Prue xoxx
Response: You have one of the busiest lives i know of you are so funny always going here and there and everywhere... You will get some awesome things back from Singapore.
I am hoping to see another musical before i leave here 'Saturday Night Fever tiggles my fancy will see how the funds are going. Well keep in touch lots of love jack xoxo
From Prue
Hi there,
I am sorry its been a while since I have written. All is well over here, except we have somehow lost summer, it has been so cold, it was warm on Saturday and freezing, windy and raining on sunday - a bit of a joke really.
I had mum down again on the weekend so it was nice to catch up with her, Ben was also down on the weekend so we got a bit of Christmas shopping done.
Worked half a day yesterday then spent the rest at Icebergs helping a friend celebrate her birthday. It would have been so nice if it wasn't so windy. You wouldn't believe it but I had my black winter jacket on it was so cold.
Are you still up with the Poms? What date do you leave London? I love the sound of Canada, we were thinking of that too if we don't get sponsorship in London after twelve months.
Well my sweet I hope you are well, look forward to your next journal entry.
Take care
Lots of Love Prue xxoxx
Response: Hey... Goodness me the weather sounds a bit like here. It is 4.00pm and already is pitch dark so funny you never know what time is really is. Icebergs for lunch thats a hard life i had a staff lunch there once with the school and it was exactly the same in the middle of summer blowing a gale like no tomorrow...
Leave London within teh next few weeks to head to Canada don't have a confirmed date yet will sort it this week. I got back to London on Saturday Adam picked me up in Bolton and we drove back together in a convoy with the other boys he was working with.
Hope you are well and taking care lots og love Jack xoxoxo
From Mel
Hi Jack

Sounds bloody cold, god how I had forgotten what that was like, can't say I am doin too well in Mackay with the heat though, dying in fact!

Ad, dosent sound as though that hair doo is too good! Going down to Rach's to Brisbane for Xmas, Ness flying over on the 22nd, can't wait!!

Take care and behave, lots of love Mel x

P.S. What did Jake do to his curls!
Response: Hi there Mel Mel. Great to hear from you. Well adams hair is fine seems to have caused a bit of drama it has all gorwn back now. Yeh jake has cut his hair pretty short. Not that i have seen him for a while. Wow xmas is going to be great for you is brissy. Your mum and dad will have a quiet one in Dunnnes. Hope you are keeping safe and wearing sun cream lots of love Jack xoxo
From Nan
Hi Luv
Gee I don't have a social life like you when I go home to England - missing out again!!
Tried to send photo but got "stuck" so have to wait till Andrew gets back in office next week! Your new cousin Cadence is wonderful - am babysitting all through Sat night - no sleep for nan and pop but will love it! Take care and have lots of fun (as if I need to tell you!). xxxx nan
Response: Hey Nan, Yeh had a great time with the poms back in London now. It snowed in Goodley yesterday can't believe it. I missed it by two days. Yeh mum said she in beautiful. All is well here look forwad to seeing pics of Cadence. Lots of love to pop. hugs and kisses. xoxo
From Jane
Hey mate, thought i would leave a quick note, good to hear your well i just sent you an email with all the goss but felt bad looking at this website without leaving a message!!
Response: Thanks sweetie, got your email, good to hear that you have been very busy. Sent you a couple of texts not sure if you got them though... Will email later in week when got more to tell you. Lots of love xoxoxo
From Prue
Hi Jack,
How has the week been for you? Thank goodness its Friday is all I can say, have had enough of this week, give me a new week. Yet again not much to report, was nice to see Mum earlier this week, and its only two weeks until she graces us with her presence again. I am off to a 21st this weekend, feels a little weird as I have had only one other 21st this year, and it feels so long ago since we were all turning 21. I don't know about you but it feels as though this week has been a fortnight, I suppose it is because I have spent the last two weekends in Goulburn, lamb marking once and moving Ben's mum's shop the other, so both weekends have been very busy. Anyhow a more relaxing weekend this weekend hopefully. You wouldn't believe it but it has been very cold here this week, no it hasn't been as cold as where you are but for the beginning of summer it is a bit of a worry. Hopefully this weekend shall be warm so we can all hit the beach again.
Well my sweet can't wait to hear of the next instalment of your travels, have a great week end and I look forward to hearing about it on Monday.
Take Care of yourself.
Lots of Love Prue xxx
Response: Hey, Glad to here you are well. Hope you enjoyed your relaxing weekend. Not much happening i just put a new entry on the web page. As i haven't had acess to the web. So i am being a library nerd at the moment with all the young people around. Bet you are looking forward to hitting the beach and you are living close to the beach so it will be nice for you. Wish i was close to a beach and a bit warmer to go to it. ha ha. Take CAre love Jack xoxo
From Millsy
Hey, thought I'd try this messaging thing at least once before you come home! Yeah Adam, what the hell have you done to your hair?? I won't sleep at night. Newtown Festival was on Sunday, had a wicked day. So hot, sustained some massive sunburn. Good to see Friel back. Jake is looking well in the photos - you guys make sure you tell him me and Chad say hi....meeeaaaate. Uh..Safety goggles.
Response: Hey sweetie, great to hear from you. You have done well been travelling for 7 months and you finally write on here. Adams hair seems to of scared everyone. But it has grown back thank goodness. Jane said it was a good day at Newtown festival. I am up in Manchester at the moment which is nice and cold. It was -3 degrees over night last night. Adam is up here as well working. But don't think i will see him as they will be working around the clock. Will say hi to Jake for you. Hope all is well Love Jack xoxoxo
From jac baker
Hi chubs
What have you done to your hair?
That's bloody amazing you runing into A Carol and Kurt in Cardiff. Wicked stadium eh?
Take Care and see as much as you can!!!
Love jac
Response: Hi i am writing you an email now. Hope you are well. xoxo
From Prue
Hi there,
I forgot to say - I love your photos....
I am working with Boutique Financial Consulting Firm, we are based on Level 24 Westfield Tower in Bondi Junction, has great views. I am the Client Service Manager, so I have to keep all the clients happy.
I am glad to hear that you are doing a bit of sightseeing... am quite jealous really. But it can't be all work and no play so get out there and ENJOY. How long is Adam going to keep working for? Gosh I can't believe how close christmas is getting, it shall then be time for you to be packing and moving on again... your plans sounds so good - have you cemented any yet? You must tell me all your favourite places. By the way on your way over there you were in Bangkok? How long did you stay for? Did you get to Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam? We are just trying to organise things.
Well not really alot to tell. Have Mum down again this weekend, am looking forward to catching up with her again, but that is all so far.
Take care of yourselves, lots of Love Prue xxoxxx
Response: Hey we stopped in Bangkok didn't go to the other places but once you get to bangkok it is so easy to book trips and get around and lots cheaper everyone tells me. Just starting to think of dates and things to move on not to sure at this stage but will keep you posted. Love hearing form you lots of love jack
From Mans
Hi there guys
Classic photo of Adam on the horse at Piccadilly. too funny. Great to hear you guys are all well & having a blast. Not much is happening over this way. Life as usual. Thats about all. xx Mans
Response: Great to hear from you all is well. Yeh he tends to love the horses in piccadilly its not the first time, just the first time that i had the camera. Take care love Jack xoxo
From Forshie
Glad to hear that you arrived back in the UK safely. Loved looked at the photos above, they are fanastic & you look life youve had a ball. All is well in Australia its been raining in Sydney all week but all the same has still been quite humid. Things are well with me - had a win on the Melbourne Cup woo hoo !, but of course spent it all that afternoon.
Busy month of November as Im travelling to Brissie and Melbourne for work and having a little siesta in Noosa for a few days in between with some friends. No complaints.
Hope your both well darling, take care & most of all enjoy every minute of it.
Love always Forsh xxxxxxxxx
Response: Hey forshie, Great to hear from you darling. Well done on the win at Melbourne vup seemed like it was an awesome day and night saw a few photos and things. Did you catch up with jane? I went to Oxford for a day trip on Saturday that was pretty mad but very enjoyable the rain held of for us so that was nice. Thats cool you get to travel to those places for work. Hope everything is going well take care and lots of hugs and kisses. xoxoxo
From Prue
Hi Jack,
How has your week been? All is well over here, not trying to rub it in but our daylight saving just started am quite in love with it, it is deterring me from going to London, but if I don't do it soon I shall never do it. Have had a very busy week, work has been quite out of control, and silly me did have Tuesday off for Melbourne Cup at Randwick, (probably already told you that). It was a great day, started out pouring down then became the most beautiful day - very hot, all the girls were quite burnt. Nevertheless, at least I finally got to Randwick. Must run, my client has just arrived. Well my sweet have a great weekend and shall write again next week. Take care of yourselves.
Lots of Love Prue xxooxx
Response: Hey great to here from you, I here that the races was a great day. Jane went as well. Yeh the day light savings over here is terrible dark at 4 and light at about 7ish. What sort of work are you doing again? Glad to here all is well. The kids are good only got another week left or looking after them and then going to do a bit of sight seeing around England.. Take care and lots of love xoxoxo
From Libbit
Hey Jack,
Tell you what I'm over this bloody night duty business! Did three last week, two this week and one next week, that just rude! Only meant to 4 a month but I must have offended the roster lady! About to send a big groupie email about what we are up to for the next six months as we are all over the shop. Enjoy the cold while you can because its bloody hot and humid here, but not really any storm action yet which was fun last year. The nursery is on the 6th fall and one wall is all windows, so we have the best views of all the storms rolling on in! Anyway hope all is well with your little chargers.
Libbit xox
Response: Hey sweetie, just got your group email i was like who is Ash walker then when i read all loreto girls email address i was like it must be for me. Funny. Sounds like you have got a lot of things plannned and happening in the next 6 months very busy. look out for those storms take care love jack xoxo
Hey the pics are good, will send you some from Melbourne Cup was a really good day. hows things?
Response: Hey, good to hear from you? Adam and i got up at 4am to find out who won? Did you back any winners? hope so look forward to seeing the pics. Everything is ok over here nothing new to report. hope you are well lots of love xoxoo
From Prue
Hello Jack,
Sorry I haven't written for a while, there is really not much to tell, same old same old. I have another wedding this weekend, it will be nice, but Canberra has started to heat up yet like Sydney. So I shall probably freeze.
How is work? I am glad to hear you had a great weekend. I like the sound of your trip around Europe and than Vancouver..... very exciting.
Well my sweet I shall not bore you, I hope you are keeping warm, please take care.
Lots of Love Prue xxooxx
Response: Hey, sorry i have been a bit slack writing have been busy with work as i started early last week due to it being half term holidays. All is good over here have had a couple of nice day no rain but very cold. The clocks went back this weekend and now it is dark by 4.30pm. Hope you are well lots of love jack xoxo
From Libbit
Man you're a jetsetter, don't think I could cope with the jet lag. We're back in Darwin nowand Im loving it. Love having a choice of pubs to go to (because that is so important). Back in Nursery with all the bubbas and they are all so cute and secretly I think they want me to take them home! Ash is heading back to Gove early in the morning for a few days which is quite convienent as I'm night duty, but he has to come up to hospital at about 5am to see before he goes (give me a reason to stay awake). Anyway hope all is well.
libbit xox
Response: Hi there, Glad that you are happy and back in Darwin. Perhaps you should maybe take one the bubs home and look after them get in a bit of training for the long term. Night duty i couldn't think of anything worse. What are you rplans at the end of the year and you going to keep living in the NT? Take care and good luck with the babies. xoxoxo
From Prue
Hi Jack,
Glad to hear you arrived back home safely. Good to see that you are enjoying being back with the twins. Not a great deal happening it has been a slow week. But at least its Friday. Am off to Goulburn this weekend, can't wait to get out of the hustle and bustle. I think by going away each weekend makes me appreciated Sydney alot more.
Not good to hear about the cold - it is turning me off as we are hoping to move to London for a year. But let me know how you go... hopefully you can tough it out. I must admit I am not a fan of the cold - hence why I left Canberra.
Well sweet shall write again after the weekend, I hope you have a great weekend.
Lots of Love Prue xxooxx
Response: Hey how was your weekend away out of the rat race?? Weather wasn't to bad on the weekend. But very rainy today and forgot to take my umbrella so was soaked to the bone when i got home. had a great weekend for jakes birthday. Love jack xoxo
From Jane
Got the disc thanks havn't had a chance to check them yet though. Weekend was pretty eventful had a nice lunch with the fam on sat a good luck for sams HSC (started Mon scarey!). Then worked sat night, mark his brother, cousion (Az) and a few others were drinking at bch rd, they left to head into the city and some guy punched Az in the head as he thought he stole his cab! anyway he ended up spending the night in hospital with a cracked eye socket apparently when his head hit the ground it broke open and he stuffed his shoulder. They arrested the guy and charging him, they said he picked Az's head of the ground then dropped it again when he saw the pool of blood and tried to run off... pretty crazy. Was a bad crowd in there that night, i got abused by 2 different women swearing and stuff at me. That was basically my wkend, some friends from uni came over on sun and we went to markets. Hows it being back in London?
Response: Oh my goodness that is very eventful. What a drama that is so scary what a nutcase. How is Az now? At least the chicks didn't tip a drink over your head this time. London is ok, trying to sort out our travels of Europe and what we are going to do for xmas and new year. Ginger came over for dinner last night i cooked spag bowl. Adam worked late. Its good being back at work gives me somehing to do in the afternoons but by 5ish it is pitch black and next week its (clocks change) haha. So it will be dark by 4.00pm not looking forward to that at all. It jakes birthday this weekend so been trying to help him organise something for that. Great to here from you lots of love xooxo
From jane
Glad you got back safely, was so good to see you, good to see the pics too bit disappointed shiney shoulder didn't get an appearance haha!! Hope the jet lag isn't too bad xox
Response: hey, well i can always put the shiny shoulder one on for you. Did you get the photos i sent and did they come out alright. What you get up to on the weekend. xoxo
From Mel
Hi Jack,

Good looks like you had a great time, I can imagine it would have been sad to leave though! Good to see the pictures of everyone, god Deb is blooming!

Mel x
Response: Hey Mel Mel, Yeh bit sad to leave today, but i will be ok once i get back to the UK and see everyone there. I am having lunch today with Jane so looking forward to that. Dede looks great she only has 6 days to go now. Hope you are well and will email when back in the UK. Do you have an aussie mobile number?? Love Jack xoxo