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Welcome to charlie's exploits page. This will include my travel and general updates from time to time. Hoe you enjoy it, and feel free to leave me a message if you like !

Diary Entries

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Location: Sheffau, Austria

It's Sunday afternoon, 11th March, and myself and Trish have just got back from a weeks snowboarding in Austria, in a sleepy little village called Sheffau. We stayed in a place called Chalet Heidi which was run by a lovely English couple called Mike and Caroline, abley assisted by their Nephew Chris. The snow conditions were patchy for the first 4 or 5 days with the temperature more like summer than winter, which left the snow soft and slushy on the lower runs. However things picked up from Thursday with a huge dump of snow over night, which continued throughout the day, and made the last 3 days really superb. My snowboarding has improved, jumping is getting better and I'm landing most of them now too ! Trish has also improved and she enjoyed her time on the slopes, although wishes I would slow down a little so that we could board together ! Perhaps next time !
The group consisted of 10 friends, mainly from BP, 7 of us for a week and 3 of us joining on Tueday night (Me, trish, rich, jane, Bart + Aysegul ;-), matt, freek, dan and Amy). I think everyone enjoyed their time, although Rich did get injured in a collision with a skier (they should be banned from the slopes (except Freek, bart and ayse of course!).

I look forward to next years event which Matt is organising.

Hope you enjoy the pics...

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