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Oscar Photos And Some Extras

These are the last of the Oscar photos, so I decided to add some photos of Shamu, a panda and a baby chimp and it's mum.


Oscar Photos 2005

These are the photos I took from the window of the hostel I was staying in, in Los Angeles.

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Recent Messages

From leah of tennessee
hi there aussie!
reading something of your travels here in the us - didn't know you'd been in la and at oscar time too. hope you're enjoying europe, wherever you are. why don't you visit the east coast of the us so that we may meet up and have more adventures?
Response: HEY LEAH! Good to hear from you! I would love to come and visit, but more importantly paint yet another city/town/country red!
From Taryn
So cool Sarah! Almost looks like you could have reached out the window and touched them! Hope you're having an awesome time...
From lindsaybutler
johnny depp is so hot I am going to the oscars next year. g'day mate!
From Mum
These are sooo cool.
From Terri
Hi there. I am going to be going to The USA in June...and I will be staying in LA for a couple of weeks. I was wondering where the Hostel in LA was where you stayed and what it is called...I wouldnt mind staying there as I need some cheapish accomodation
Response: Hey Terri,
The hostel I stayed at was called Hollywood International Hostel. It's located on 6820 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, which is close to the corner of Hollywood and Vine. As it was the first hostel I had ever stayed at, I couldn't really tell whether it was good or bad. But looking back I suppose it was okay. It's close to the Chinese Manns Theatre, it's right on Hollywood Blvd, so you walk out the door and there stars are beneath your feet, it's opposite a subway station and the bus stop is right around the corner. Everything else though seemed to be around a 40min bus ride away. Here are the rest of their details: TEL - 1-323-463-0797 or 1-800-750-6561 FAX - 1-323-969-8829 EMAIL - .
Hope this helps and I hope you have a great time.