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I know that I already told a bunch of you that I have another web page, but I don't seem to be able to post any pictures, so hopefully this page will work.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 25 March 2006

Location: Amsterdam,again, Netherlands


well, we're in the city of sin once again and boy is it fun. it was soooooo nice to see my mum; exciting and relieving at the same time. she's been at her conference for the last few days so zoe and i have been amusing ourselves in the city. we went wandering yesterday and saw some of the coolest shops i've ever laid eyes on! they have such unique and original things here, every time you turn a corner you see something new. and i don't think i could ever even try to explain how amazing the flower markets are. yesterday i saw more varieties of orchids than i even knew existed! and they have amaryllis bulbs as big as my head!!! i'm going to try hooping a few before i leave so i can smuggle them home. anyway, zoe and i are off to the zoo to commune with nature. all right, let's be honest, we're going to get stoned and trip out on monkeys, who's kidding who.


love jbo

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

well, i know that it's been forever since i last updated this page and that most of you have probaby lost interest and stopped checking for updates, but i'm going to write something anyways. that way i can keep fooling myself into thinking that there is someone out there other than my mom who is actually interested in what i do.

so zoe and i have been trying to make our way in aberdeen. the city is on the east coast of scotland, and the north sea is just down the street from our place. we found a cute little one bedroom flat that has two single beds, mildew on the tiles behind the toilet, and decore straight out of the seventies. it's charming in a way that only a british flat could be. the man upstairs wakes up and gets ready for work at 5am every day, used to be in the arabian military and snores so loud we can hear it from our bedroom every night. the garbage is picked up on tuesdays, the recycle on wednesdays, and our shower blew a breaker, almost started an electrical fire, and we had to bathe out of our sink for three days untill it was fixed. in scotland, most of the banks won't give you an account untill after you've lived here for 3 years. the ones that will let you apply need you to have a job first, but you can't get a job untill you have a bank account. you need proof of your address, like a utility bill, but the phone company will only let you put one name on the phone bill, the gas bill only comes every 3 months, and the electricity is paid with tokens you buy from the post office. girls can't drink pints of beer, the popular age for child bearing is 17, and noone says "welcome", they just ask you why you're here. if you're happy, you're "chuffed", upset, you're "gutted", bastard is the worst swear word you can say, and it's pronounced "treble", not "triple" (as in times three). scotland's great!

other than that we're just sitting around our flat losing our minds. we don't have a phone yet, we don't know anyone here, and it's not safe to walk around our neighbourhood at night. (as you can probably tell, i'm having a bad day). cheerio!

Saturday, 26 November 2005

hi everyone,

we're in greece right now, and loving every minute of it. the food is sooooo good, and everything is much less expensive that the rest of europe. we should be meeting zoe's family tonight or tomorow, and from what zoe tells us, it'll be an experience and a half. i'll keep it short in the aim of savins money, but here are zoe and sarah's posting page addresses so you can check out our trip from different points of view. love you all, j

Friday, 18 November 2005

Location: Genoa, Italy

well, we left vernazza today and travelled to genoa. it's a bit of back tracking, but there's some stuff here we thought we would like to see. we got in and took the city bus to our hostel but it didn't open for another hour, so we sat around freezing our asses off for untill they opened the doors. we didn't really travel that far today, but the change in temperature was dramatic. it's way colder here than in vernazza, and i'm glad i brought my long john's with me now. we had pizza for dinner tonight, again, and now we're looking for a good hostel cause we'll need a place to stay when we get to rome tomorow evening. miss you all tons, love j

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Location: Vernazza, Italy

Well, we finally found our picturesque European town. It's called Vernazza and it's along the Italian Riviera. It's exactly what we were hoping for and we're having a great time now. The town itself is tiny, and some of the restaurants and places to stay have started shutting down for the winter already. But we worked a deal at the place we're staying right now because they were closing and we wanted to stay for about a week. We're also getting in with the locals. There's an Austrailian girl, Anna, who works at one of the restaurants and she had people over to her place last night to drink wine and hang out. She speaks fluent Italian, so she was translating some of what her friends were saying for us. Then a guy came over who spoke French as well as Italian and he was translating in French to me, and then me in English to Zoe and Sarah. Between the wine, the Italian, the French and the English, it turned out to be an utterly confusing and totally fantastic night!

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Well, I keep coming back and I keep hoping... sigh. Something new? Another little rant? A new picture? Nope, just dust gathering in the corners. Tunk.
Response: if anything new had happened or i had been anywhere that i'd never been before to take photos, i would have. as it is...
From Michele
Hey J, your flat looks great. I love the carpet in the living room. It's so outdated it's actually back in vogue. Thanks for the photos. I check your site when I check Zoe's. Hope the job is going well. Cheerio Michele
Response: the carpet may be back in vogue but the musk of the 70's that came with it isn't!
From brianna
just thought i'd remind you what my email adress is, since i seem to be the item of neglect where your life is concerned. i am still patiently waiting for my letter. anyways, if you are this bored i think you should go visit Alice in Oxford!! i know you might not have alot of money right now but I'm sure she would be more than happy to put you guys up. she will show you both a goooood time. her email is take care and ps i think you're house is VERY nice. and no i'm not joking, i have seen much much worse over the past month. bye jenna
love brianna
Response: wow, that was the best guilt trip i've ever gotten. i'm writing you an email right now!
You'd better be careful... Putting those pics of your flat on the web might have those roving decorator people knocking on your door twitching to do a make-over, shiny coffeetable and utra modern kitchen and all :-) Love you tunk xox
Response: it'll be that or we'll have a roving band of hippies looking to rekindle their youth by doing acid and tripping out on our carpet.
From jetson
hi ho... am most impressed by your recent webpage updating... took you long enough!
enjoyed your scotish rant very muchly, so true so true. im reading a travelling book about europe that i will send to you guys cause it has soo many things in it that happened too us is a little feaky, and just down right hi-larious!
glad to hear your job situation is underconrol, am missing you both very much, although its too hot to drink here so i havent had wine withdrawls - yet!
talk soon,
jetson :)
Response: awwwww, i'm so sorry tht it's too hot over there in the sun drenched land of thai to drink wine. my heart bleeds for you. we don't have that problem over here, as you're well aware. i guess you'll just have to console yourself by having another massage! miss you and hope you're having loads of fun. don't forgett to wear sunscreen!
From L-to the J
Hey Baby! Thanks for updating the e-page. FYI your mum isn't the only one who checks it out on a regular basis. I patiently wait for new pictures, Thanks for putting them up! They look great.
Just talked to you guys, and I'll send you a post soon.
Missing you like crazy
Love always
Response: glad to hear you're still checking! i'll try to be more on the ball with the pics! ciao, j
From mombo
Thanks for the new photos! I love to see what it looks like! Have you taken any of the hovel you and Zoe are renting? Love MOM and Strider
Response: the photos of the flat are coming just as soon as i can get my shit together. patience my pretty!
From michele
Been thinking re: language. Is chuffy, chuffiest, chuffier used ? Tell Zoe I think you can start a trend .How about uber -chuffy.! ? Or at the very least uberchuffed.Ex. After reading the adventurous tales of Z,Jand J, I spend the rest of the day with an uberchuffy hop to my step. Michele
Response: i think i'm going to start using uber-chuffy. it's very euro-brit! thanks michele
From From: The only perso
Dearest, thank you for updating the web page. I do go and check. Every hopeful, I guess. Love, MOM
Response: thanks mom!
From proudly OBO
i love Jenna Mac Phee and i will scream it on top of a mountain, for every one to hear... but i don't have a mountain just this massage board.

sent out a letter to you today, but didnt have time to get pics printed, ill have to send another one. missing you tons babe, and constently thinking of you.
Love Owen xxxooxoxoxoxxxxoooxxxoox
Response: thanks babeh, i look foreward to getting my first letter at our new place. love jbo
From brianna
hi jenna benna
my mailing adress is PO Box 80 Jasper,Ab
T0E 1E0
but i won't be here for much longer. only about 3 weeks. take care my dear and merry christmas.
love brianna
Response: thankyou! i'm going to try and send you your postcard now! i hope it gets there in time!
From muffin
hey pooh i love you and miss you like crazy!
Response: hi muffin, were off to amsterdam tonight to get high!!!!! yeah!!!!! love j
From J&J
Hello My Love
I'ts been awhile since your last entry, hows everything going? Greece looks fabulous. So did Rome. Did you get my last one of these that I sent? Are you using the other site as well for your emails? So how are the Beaches in Greece? I guess the weather is great. Drop us a line let us Know alls well. Or you can call, collect is fine. Besides we miss the sound of your voice. Thank you for the post cards LOVE them, looking forward to the Greece one. Say hey to the girls for us. Love You Muchly...
Response: hey guys, were in venice right now, and have been enjoying it for the past few days. were on our way to amsterdam tonight and then back to the uk. im not really using the other site anymore, but ill check it every so often to see if anyone still visits it! the weather in greece was pretty good, but it did rain about half the time we were there. ill give you a call once weve reached amsterdam! ciao, love j

Love you
wish I was there.
Response: what kind of a statement is that! how am i supposed to respond to that? did you know that my mother reads this! shame on you and your dirty potty mouth.
Hey Jen,
the pics are great,
what the hell is a "le-bay?" and what the heck is it used for washing your what hoo?
love u miss u
Response: it's pronounced "b-day", and washing your what hoo is exactly what it's used for!
From J&J
Hello to You Both;
The pictures were worth waiting for. It is Sun. 20th of Nov. and all is well here. I'm glad you finally found away to get your Pics. sent. I'm looking forward to the next bunch. Did you get pictures at the Multi lingual party ? How has the weather been ? Some of the shots looked like it had been raining. Work is grueling with a capital G . Hopefully a few more days and all the aches and pains will be gone. You Ladies be safe over there. Well I guess I should go tend to supper. We are having Ribs tonite. By the way, hows the Pizza ? Say Hey to Zoe...
All our LOVE...XOXOX J&J
Response: i think i've eaten more pizza in the last week that the rest of my life combined, but only cause it's so damned good!
From Brianna
I'm so Jealous!!!! glad you're having fun......FINALLY..
love ya
Response: hey, what's your mailing address? i have postcards for you but i don't know where to send them! love j