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While abroad this semester, I'll try to let everyone know what i'm up to as often as i remember to. Please feel free to leave notes or comments, as im sure some of these stories will warrant them. Bloody hell.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Location: UK

So I was under the impression that May came right after February, which is why I had no entries for March or April. No biggie. At this point, I have seen quite a lot of Europe, recent trips to Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Budapest and Barcelona. All have incredible qualities somewhat resembling Muskegon. Last 4 days in London with exams thrown in the mix. The weather went from spectacular to back to London; rain, cold, wind. I am unbelievably ready to get home. The experiences i've had here are priceless but 4 months has been quite long. I can't wait to see everybody soon, ill send pictures so you remember what I look like first. I know the communication has been crappy, but it'll be fun to sit around and tell stories in the coming weeks. Love you all, see you soon.

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Location: UK

Back from the Italy trip which included Venice, Florence and Rome. Posted a few pictures on the Picasa website, with tons more to come. Unbelievable time, great weather, sightseeing, and general hijinx. Not motivated enough to give a long detailed explanation of the trip, but as always, email and phone calls work. everythings goin great, hope to hear from everybody soon.

Sunday, 04 February 2007

Location: Dublin/Amsterdam, UK

Just got back from a weekend in Amsterdam and before that a weekend in Dublin, so i'll backtrack a little bit. I spent Wednesday to Saturday in Dublin 2 weekends ago. Travel was easy, RyanAir is cheap and they show why. Upon arriving in Dublin we had no accomadations prepared, so paid 50 cents for 2 minutes on the internet, where we came up with "Browns Hostel" for 11 euro a night, definetly the cheapest lodgings in the city/world. Again, they showed why. Quickly explaining, 15 bunk beds in a militiary like room, one bathroom, no lights/ hot water. no comforters, no turnover of sheets. Slept in jeans, sweatshirt, jacket, hat, gloves, socks, shoes. Quite an experience. Besides coming home at night, dublin was a great place. Caught the Guiness tour, very cool, best beer ive ever had. Spent most of the days just wandering through dublin, seein a few sights, basically just being nomads. One night there we talked up a local for a while and he ended up suggesting a pub for us for the night. It ended up being him and a bunch of his buddies in a small local pub, and live irish/celtic music. That was the best night of the trip, not a regular tourist story. Also went to Galway for a night just to get outta the city for a while. Better hostel there, clean(er), less cringe-worthy. Galway was nice, different crowd than the city, and got to see the landscape while in the bus there and back. This weekend was Amsterdam. Mixed reviews. The city itself is awesome. a series of canals runs throughout the city, im guessing like a dialed down venice. the red light district was hilariously disgusting, but im glad i saw it none the less. no crazy stories unfortunately. i thought it would be like some great lawless vegas, but its a normal city with a 5 block radius in the middle where anything goes, pretty weird, but mainly wayy overhyped. Its always fun to see new countries/places and make up your own mind about what you thought of it as opposed to hearing from other people. So everything continues to go well and every day is different. Feel free to email me whenever, its the easiest way to communicate, if not then i'll assume you hate me. Go bears.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Location: UK

Second week started, 3 days of class then headin off to Dublin from wednesday till saturday night. Hopin to stay with some buddies who are in the ND dublin program, or we'll just sleep in the green meadows.. Managed to find a tv last night to check out the bears game, kinda sucks to be here during that because literally nobody cares about nfl or even knows it exists. in other news, cut my hair into a mohawk with scissors on saturday night in an attempt to appear more euro. upon going out that night our group (who also wore euro outfits) were tagged as pure bred brits, great success. i put some of my pictures up on another website ill be putting all my pictures up on that site as i get motivated. keep in touch.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Location: UK

Classes have started after a great weekend doing random things around town and seeing most of the touristy sights. So far they sound great, the profs are all interesting and at first impression seem to be fairly cool. Also, to amend the last entry, the people within the nd program are great, no problems there, it was the local atmosphere which was kind of shaky, as we probably stood out horribly right off bat as loud americans. Starting to look at places to travel over breaks and long weekends. Considering Rome Sicilly, Vienna, Prague, Moscow, Madrid, and Barcelona. Obviously not all of those will work out, but by using the two big breaks as a central european trip and an italian trip could potentially work out, with weekend trips to places like Edinborough, York, Amsterdam, Paris. Hard to believe we've only been here 6 days haha.

Friday, 12 January 2007

Location: UK

Im here in London finally. travelling went well, the flight was way to long, but with some help from tylenol pm and a pint when we got outta the airport, i got over jet lag and have been wandering the city for the last 2 days. this place is incredible, the people..ehh... but we'll see. after this weekend itll be less group oriented and ill start moving around a lot. ill post pictures as soon as i can. cheers

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Location: USA

I leave tomorrow morning from Grand Rapids to Chicago to London. Details to follow.

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Recent Messages

From Will
Wow! I knew there was a time change between Chicago and London, but i didn't know that it was only Feb 27th there and MARCH 27th here. Cool - learn something new everyday.
From Kate
Love the hair, love the pics, love the stories! rock on
From teen angst
God! I hate posting pictures! Its so hard. I'm never gonna do it, ever!
From Will
blog something damn it
From Mags
How was Dublin?
From mom
Hey pk,
Post some Ireland pics, okay?
I miss your face!
love you, buddy!
From Rich
Pat--You might want to think about checking out the Sports Cafe in the Haymarket for the Super Bowl. I watched a couple U-M games there and it's pretty cool. They even have TVs in the bathrooms, or the loos as you would call them, so you don't miss one second of action. I'm sure they're doing something special for the Super Bowl and you'll be w/ lots of Americans and Euros who care about the game.
Response: yea we watched the last game there, potentially gets too crowded though, but thats definetly an idea
From Kate
Love hearing about all this, Packy! Keep the reports coming! Love you, Kate
From crap
i instantly regret the last post, dammit
From call me, you know yo
so man, how are the snaggle tooth brits treatin ya?? call me soon, i miss your voice!!

From Heather
You'd best get your butt to Italy and drink copius amounts of wine! I agree with you about the other international cusine being the way to go in the UK...try out some Indian food...that was my favorite when I lived there...curry anyone?
From Maggie
make sure you always call it "veg", but pronounce it with a hard g.
From Bridget Ryan
what'd you do this weekend?
Response: no travel, just went around with a small group of ppl and checked out bars and pubs in other places of town outside of just the area we live in....some amazing pics soon though haha
From denisebryan
FYI-- Airline, rail and ferry workers have strikes planned in the coming weeks that could affect transport thru-out the country......just in case you're making plans, be advised.
How was your first weekend?
From Heather
Good to see that you made it buddy! Let's see some pictures of your digs.
From denisebryan
Sunday in London. What's that feel like?
Tell me about meals. Are you eating three squares? Is it catch as catch can? Making food? You'd better keep up your strength for those 40 minute walks to and from classes. How's this for a mother message? love you.
Response: i eat bout one meal a day, i think i will weigh about 170 when i get back haha, but i will never pay 6 pounds for a sandwich. Theres a great fruit and veg stand near my flat where i spend abotu a pound a day on a few apples and some other stuff. aand, the food here isnt anythign to search for, the best food is other international cuisine.
From jenna
hey piaaatt!! don't forget my t-shirt and shot glass u promised, haha..ok have fun!
Response: i never said that...ha
From Rich Maher
Hey Pat,

Cool website--I just bookmarked it! Glad to hear you're settling in and already have some of the lingo down. Drop me a line and tell me where you live, study, &cet. Better yet, give me your phone no. there and I'll give you a ring. Cheerio! Hugs, R
From denise Ryan
Oh, yes, this is gonna be fun!!
love, mom
From Bodaciousbrit07
Hey patrick, just wanted to let you know that I got tested and I'm positive so you should go get tested too. Thanks for last night though, I had a great time. You were my first american. I thought they made everything bigger in the states, but I guess that doesn't include weiners.

Rose (the bodacious british babe you slayed last night)
From denisebryan
Give me a shout out!
From PJR
Yo PK - I hope you landed safely in London and are having a great time. Its wild to think that you are already over there. Send us a note when you can!
From mom
Hey buddy,
I'm thinking you will be arriving in London-town soon. We're missing you already!
From Bridget Ryan
bon voyage mon frere
From USA
Pat, chant my name as often as you can over in europe, thanks.
Response: USA, USA, USA