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Tongariro here I come!

After almost two years I embark on seeing another high point in the world! This time only few metres [1460m] above sea level but with a volcano, and a red carter and emerald lakes I figure its worth capturing. Above all the local Ketetahi people are inviting me to share their thermal pools and [I hope] a few stories. Before I ramble on too much Tongariro was the first national park in New Zealand and the fourth in the world. It is well known for its Maori cultural and spiritual associations and also for Mt Mt Ruapehu which still smokes well! Anyway, I’m off – on my own this time, but looking forward to sharing all the stories with you both while I am away and upon my return.

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Outback western Queensland is a maze of grass, fat sheep and cattle and grass hoppers! A lady told me that she was making a stew the other day and took the lid off the saucepan to find a grasshopper had fallen into the pot! Other grasshopper sightings include stomped on little critters on the footpath and then those wonderful moments as children chase and catch then release the hoppers to continue to chew their way through the channel country. It is cold at night and then beautful balmy days with clear deep blue skies.....on on...

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The best part of growing up in the west is to re-visit the region with grown-up eyes and childhood insight! The weather and the future of the weather still domiates conversation. The ladies still feel [in general] repressed and the men still take autoriative control...of conversation,public decision making and anything that asserts masculinity. WIth that verbal explosion out of the way I need to ask a question. Why would ther be 7 candidates for the bielection for council in Charleville and only onw woman and this was mentioned in the local paper. THE only woman to nominate is.......

It is great to reflect the dark blue skies, chilly nights and balmy days of May in the west. It is too cold for crawlies and things that bite yet too hot for frosts!

People are so lovely and helpful and kind and no one wants to say too much that is controversial. I should take a lesson from this diplomacy.

Wednesday, 05 May 2010

Reflections of a trip that turned in shape, size and variety include how the weather can play such an enormous role in our lives. As the world considers its economic future one volcano, a flood and a change of season can stop us in our tracks. I am off next to Charleville where we will enbark on a raod trip to the areas affected by the March 2010 flood.

Sunday, 02 May 2010

How interesting.....It is snowing and sleet and yet we can still talk with the wonderful people who live in this harse alpine condition about the issues they have to survive in the midst of global growth and progress. What a great achievement to have the Tongaririo region developed in an eco-friendly and bio-environmental capacity. It is so harse and what amazed me most of all was the free and democratic and uncontrolled manner that people were able to walk the region. This is of course not without plenty of \'spills\' and the rescues from the apline region were too numerous. Who are these people who enter this park without the necessary knowledge and preparation and how can this be curbed to lower the costs of recuse and danger to human life? Uuummmm

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Oh Dear...Rain halt. 60km hour winds and rain and maybe snow predicted so plans on hold.......plan to the locals in the local thermal centre. talk again soon....4c here

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

To learn about the culture and heritage of the Maroi people was fascinating and it certainly highlights the difference between those in Australia and these in NZ! Also it is about knowledge and power but above all the ability for multi-cultures to get on. The Chinese in NZ certainly don\'t see the local indigenous culture as Causasians and then there are local disputes about what constitutes local culture. Uuummm thinking! The black beaches were great to walk upon and to region is eclipsed with history.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It is cold! Max 20 maybe but chaning to 4C then showers. How do poeple survive in this? OK OK another layer. Off for a walk then some retail therapy. It is great to just sit and read and take in the surrounds. I will have to slow down at home as it is a nice feeling..maybe! Next is to get some foot-fleece because its the best packing for feet I have ever used. Only availalbe in New Zealand though. Talk soon...

Monday, 26 April 2010

Location: New Zealand

WOW! I am off again. This time I plan to trek with some wonderful people in the North Island of New Zealand. The weather forcast suggests it is FREEZING! Lets hope this changes to cold at least! The tracks around Mt Cootha in Brisbane get somewhat boring while doing the little dress rehearsals for the forthcoming adventures. This time I have feel more ready if you know what I mean. will be cold, and there are no showers and I will smell and feel awful and dirty and tired. Great hey! Just a couple of sleeps.

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From Karin
Hi there you little globaltrotter!

Wish I was there with you! Well I can enjoy my fleece slippers here in Sweden 8mths. of the year.....;-)
Enjoy and have a lovely time.

Lots of hugs Karin
Response: Uuummmmmm.... I mean Brrrruuuurrr.. I get your message....Hehe...I\'m just used to beautiful one day perfect the next when in Brissy!
From sharon
hey ! what trip is this? Where are you walking?
Response: NZ Tongariro - here is the link
From Margot and Geoff
Brrrr! Not too warm in Melbourne but not like where you are - or will be...

Have a great time and don\'t break a leg.