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Paul and Emily's worldy adventures!

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Morocco and Spain

Asilah (Morocco) and Granada (Spain)


Morocco - Part 2

Fez - the cultural capital


Morocco - part 1

The start of our holiday - Marrakech, the Altas mounatins and the desert


Le tour

Le Tour de France en Suisse


Savoie & Provence

Hiking and relaxing in the south of France


Geneva & Swiss Alps

A sunny weekend in Switzerland


Almalfi Coast & Naples

Part Three of our Italian holiday



Part Two of Italian holiday...


Venice & Florence

Part One of our Italian holiday...



Friends and fine wine over the easter weekend


Africa - part 3



Africa - Part 2

On safari inTanzania



Part 1 of the Africa collection



Long weekend in London...lots of English breakfasts and great fun catching up with friends!


Autumn in Lyon and Annecy

Relaxing weekend trips to a couple of towns near Geneva

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Recent Messages

From Karen
24 Sept 08 Yes I can just imagine visiting La Corse and Cinque Terre- looked like our kind of places! Particularly the bit where we relax on the beach - pebbles or not!

From Lavinia & Brendan
Great photos gang! Not enough food and wine for our liking though! You better plan some trips for us when we finally get around to your side of the world.. Although we´re not accustomed to carrying our packs. xo L&B
Response: Hi Guys,
Emily will claim that all the good photos are were taken by her, but its not completely true. Thanks for feedback re food and wine - we'll make amends for it in the future. Can't wait to catch up with you guys when you finally make it over our way. Hope you're mobilising all those prospective Obama voters. Cheers,
From Pam Whitehead
Hi Emily & Paul
It was great to view your photos, what a wonderful way to capture your travels. Take care, Love Pam x
Response: Hi Pam - great to hear from you. I just visited our site for the first time, so you beat me to it by a couple of months. I agree that it is a great way to acount for our travels. Wish I had discovered it earlier! Hope you are well.
Best wishes,
From Sandy
Great photos, it all looks so beautiful, you are having a great experience. Karen must have loved it and I'm sure you enjoyed having her there, I can't wait until it's our turn. You both look great and seem to be making the most of all there is to see and do, it all looks just fantastic. Hope you have a great weekend in Paris, sounds a bit more exciting than Philip Island,where I think we'll be. Look forward to your next installment.
Response: Hi Sandy, Thanks for your message. We'll give some more hikes a go, so that when you visit we will have a good idea of the best ones!
From Karen
It took a little while to open, but photos look fine! In fact, I recognise most if not all of them!
Response: Yes - I think you took most of them!! :)