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Welcome to our travel page

Here's just some brief details of what we're up to. Off to spend a year in New Zealand to have a massive change of scenery and tempo. On our way we're going to visit California and Fiji. Then on to NZ. From there who knows?

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PC & Leece

Diary Entries

Monday, 10 March 2008

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Just for those who still check the site, we are still here. Using Facebook for up to date photos at the moment



Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

We're still here in Queenstown, looking to buy a house here!!! Looking forward to some nice hot weather so we can get out and do some mountain biking. Managed to get Lisa onto a bike after a few years off of one!

Friday, 09 December 2005

Location: New Zealand

We head off to Auckland for the weekend to catch up with friends up there. And because Lisa is flying out of Auckland on her way home for Christmas. A big thank you to George & Jess, James & Caroline and Jude for putting us up while we were there. And for ferrying us about!!

Sunday, 20 November 2005

Location: New Zealand

PC's Birthday

Saturday, 15 October 2005

Location: New Zealand

Lisa's Birthday

Friday, 09 September 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

PC: Last day of my snowboard instructors exams . . . I passed, I'm a fully qualified instructor, cool, got my certificate and everything.

Thursday, 14 July 2005

Our Auckland buddies Caroline and James arrived yesterday - yipee! After a big homemade chilli we settled into a taxing game of Trivial Pursuit...which sent everyone off to sleep!

Today Paul is back up on Coronet Peak for day 5 of his course - no doubt looking for the learner boarder who cut him up yesterday and took a chunk out of his board and shin. Steve is also up the mountain on day 2 of his Learn To Ride boarding package. He was unusually quiet last night, which must mean he fell on his arse a lot and was perhaps in pain!!

I'm supposed to be working from home at the moment, Caroline and James are chilling on the sofa.... James appears to have mastered the art of reading with his eyes closed!!

Nathan arrives today, or maybe tomorrow, and then we will truly have a full house!

Monday, 11 July 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Last day of the winter festival today - I was working so spent 8 hours outdoors up at Coronet Peak, assisting media to get coverage of the Big Air ski and snowboard competition. I thought I would have the cushy job of 'media hosting' which usually means getting them all the info they need and a few glasses of wine.

I should have guessed it would be different in uber-active New Zealand. Instead, I spent a good few hours clambering up and down, up and down the slopes carrying a tv news crew's camera tripod.... it felt like I was being put through the early stages of SAS endurance training.

Walking up the snowy/icy slope with the 12kg contraption was tough enough, but getting down was hilarious. I didn't want to drop this expensive piece of equipment, but found it tricky to stay upright on my slippy descent, so had to resort to sliding down the entire slope on my bum. It was never like this in my heyday of London PR!!!!!

Paul picked young Steve up from the airport after his 30+ hours journey here from the UK, via Dubai, Melbourne, Christchurch and Timbuktoo!

Monday, 04 July 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Now eight weeks into this leg of the trip, we’ve settled well into Queenstown and I’m finally getting used to how bloody cold it can get. We’re renting a wee house set into the side of Queenstown Hill, with glorious lake views and plenty of space for visitors.

My mate Sarah has just been down from Auckland for a weekend trip – we’ve had a great time at the Queenstown Winter Festival, including seeing Kiwi icons Salmonella Dub play a gig, having our tarot cards read and drinking buckets of mulled wine. This weekend Steve and Nathan arrive, then 3 days later Caroline and James from Auckland come down for a week – it’s going to be busy!

On the work front, Paul is 3 days into his 11 week snowboard instructing course and discovering muscles he didn’t know even existed. He’s been advised to buy a pair of attractive padded shorts to protect his backside – nice. I’m working half of the week with Southern PR in Queenstown on clients including a skydiving operator, the Winter Festival and a gym – lots of diversity and good fun. The other part of the week I’m working from home for Text 100 – the agency I worked for in Auckland – and squeezing in some time snowboarding too – I think I am more in need of the padded shorts than Paul though!

Recent highlights include going to see the Lions v All Blacks match in Christchurch – even though they were battered by the Kiwis, the atmosphere was amazing.

After dabbling a bit with drama night classes in Auckland I’ve got a tiny part in a play of Ben Elton’s book ‘Popcorn’, so rehearsals start next week and we have a 5 night run in August. I’ve not been on stage since primary school nativity, so am crapping myself.

Other good news is that Paul and I have both just been granted New Zealand residency – we must have caught the people at immigration in a weak moment! We applied a month ago, with the view to extending our stay for 6 or 9 more months, but didn’t really know if we stood a chance. We still won’t be cheering on the All Blacks though in the final test – no danger. Come on Lions!

Sunday, 22 May 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Big day today..... the Queenstown annual fundraising book fare. Since we've not been here long enough to make many new friends yet, the book fare was a highlight for our weekend.

Little did we know that $2 entry fee could buy us so much fun.... and I'm not taking the mick either. After 2 goes of the chocolate wheel (bit like a tombola, but with a spinning wheel and many, many prizes) we were well and truly hooked!

It didn't seem to matter that we had no use for a free wheel alignment by Queenstown Autos, that we didn't have a dog to register with the free canine registration prize and it would take us 6 months to use 10 kilos of washing powder on offer..... we bought ticket, after ticket, after ticket!!

Two hours later we had bought a few books and spent at least $20 on the chocolate wheel, but we did walk out of there proud winners of a $50 swanky dinner voucher and a $50 bar tab!!! We're WINNERS!

Friday, 06 May 2005

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Day 3 NZ Roadtrip

Woke up nice and refreshed in our lovely room! Having hammered on the paper-thin wall to stop the couple next door from getting too carried away shagging, we did finally get some sleep! Headed out to the car and found it was still there and with all of our stuff in it too. We set off for the 9.30 ferry stopping on the way for a bagel and some coffee to wake us up.

We couldn't have picked a nicer day to travel from Wellington to Picton over the Cook Strait (New Zealand's most treatcherous channel) - nice and sunny, and totally flat sea too. Met a really nice bloke at the ferry terminal who runs his own horse trekking business near Nelson, so ended up chatting to him for most of the trip. Some other crazeee Kiwi people were taking a cockatoo on the ferry trip and kept getting it out to stretch its wings!

We took the scenic coastal road from Picton heading towards Blenheim and Kaikoura, a top place to go whale watching. Really great drive as the road winds its way round the coastline, passing some more fibreglass structures, namely giant crayfish! Stopped off in Kaikoura for a bit of lunch, and took some piccies from the beach of the mountains.

We left the coast and headed inland to our destination for the night, Hanmer Springs. A cool little town famed for its thermal springs (also has a ski area too). Arrived at our little chalet for the night, and dug out our swimmies for a trip to the hot springs. We got to the hot springs and were suprised by the number of people there at 9pm and the sight of lots of steam rising from all the pools. Its a great place to visit especially at night under the stars, in huge hot tubs! Running between the pools is advised as it gets bloody cold once you're out of the water!

After our relaxing and cleansing soak, we headed off to a bar to have a drink, a bit of food and watch the rugby.

Thursday, 05 May 2005

Location: Ohakune, New Zealand

Day 2 NZ Roadtrip

Woke up to a lovely sunny day. Grabbed some coffee and a bit of brekkie in town. Went past the BIG fibreglass carrot on the way into town!! Kiwis seem to have a fixation with these kind of things, whether it be vegetables, fish, fruit or whatever. This one is to let everyone know what the main porduce of the area is! (Bill Bryson writes about one in his Australia book - it has giant balls!!

As we sat outside with our coffees we noticed that the road we had walked up last night leads straight up to the mountain (and Turoa ski area). Hadn't noticed last night!!! So I decided it would be good to take a drive up there to check it out. Cool drive up passing through rain forest, pine forest then out onto the scrubby rock terrain at the base of the mountain.

Have to point out that it isn't really a mountain, Mt Ruapehu is an active volcano!! Last time it erupted was during the 1995 and 1996 ski seasons whilst people were skiing!

We headed out of the Tongariro National Park and onto the Desert Road. Which is often closed in winter from all the snow around here. Driving further south we passed by Palmerston North on our way down to the Kapiti Coast, a great place, nice coastal views and they make some great cheeses round here too.

Arrived in Wellington, not really relishing the thought of staying the night there since neither of us thought that much of the it on previous visits (admittedly it had been raining sheep and kiwi on those previous visits)! We checked into our slightly less than salubrious hostel, Rowena's City Lodge, apparently not many hostels round here are much cop and we were in the best of a bad lot! We got ready to go out and see what Wellington had to offer us, give it a fair go and all that.

Headed out to our heavily laden little car, to find that there was a van with 3 dodgy looking geezers in it smoking dope parked up next to it. Picked up a few things from the car and headed out on foot, thinking that our stuff wasn't particularly safe in the back of the car! (As it turned out, I was a bit pre-occupied with said geezers and totally forgot to lock the car anyway!)

We headed into town to find a place to have a drink at get some food. Found a cool bar (Emily remember the Cue Bar at 4am?!!) and settled in to playing a bit of pool. Using our trusty Lonely Planet guide to help us find a place to eat, we spent the next 20 minutes walking round Wellington trying to find a Mexican which featured in our book. Always pays to have the latest guide and not one that is a few years old - the Mexican has long since shut!! We eventually found a top curry house called Great India, which turns out to be where I had a curry on my last visit to Wellington whilst on the Kiwi Experience about 5 years ago!

Wednesday, 04 May 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Day 1 NZ Roadtrip

Today is our last day in Auckland. Its a shame to leave but we have something lined up, ie a winter season to look foward to down in Queenstown.
We packed up our lovely flat in Devonport, sorry to see it go with its great harbour views and going to miss our friends from here alot too.
Hopefully some of them will be able to make it down during the season for a bit of skiing or boarding.

We packed up our little car with a few of our possesions, eventually finding that we had much more crap than we 1st thought! The car was fully laden, with only a small space in the back to see out of! (see picture)

This is the start of our BIG NZ roadtrip. Our first leg of the trip took us out of Auckland, heading south down towards the centre of the North Island and Mt Ruapehu (NZ's biggest ski area). On the way we passed the lovely delights of Hamilton!! But I think the highlight of the day was coming into Taupo just as the sun was setting, a stunning drive round Lake Taupo watching the sunset over the lake. Nice. Then travelling a bit further south heading round Mt Ruapehu past the Whakapapa ski resort (pronounced f--kapapa!!!) on our way to Ohakune to spend the night.

Got to our sweet little cabin. Headed out soon for a bit of food, and thought we would walk to The Powderkeg (ended up being about 2km away!), but it was worth it, great food in a big log cabin setting.

Back to the cabin for a bottle of wine and relaxing on the sofa, nice end to our first day on the road.

Monday, 25 April 2005

Location: New Zealand

Set off to work today feeling elated and sad at the same time.
This is my last week at work - which is good and bad.... I'm looking forward to weeks of fun in the snow and many more bruises from snowboarding on a 'real slope' (not!) but I'm also a bit reluctant to say goodbye to such a great bunch of colleagues at Text 100.

What started as a 1 month freelance job just grew and grew.... before I knew it I was part of the furniture and part of a Kiwi work-family. I'm really going to miss the stories of colleagues' weekend exploits: beach strandings, hot dates, incontinent cats, Spongebob Squarepants movies and dodgy ferry crossings. Six months has flown past.... just 5 days left... and 7 days work to get done in that time!!! Hope you will keep in touch Texties... and send me down some Friday booze and slices of lush birthday cake!

Sunday, 24 April 2005

Location: Devonport, New Zealand

I've been woefully slack at writing diary entries for quite some time, so now it feels like there is soooo much to catch up on - meanwhile you will all fall asleep if we tell you about EVERYTHING we've done! So, it's time for a 'Top 10' highlights section to cover the past 4 months. Lisa x
1) My Mum's visit (Marilyn)
2) Paul's Mum's visit (Liisa)
3) Abel Tasman track trek in the north of the South Island with my Mum
4) Getting my Mum across the swinging, spindly little rope/stick bridge during the Abel Tasman treck - I honestly wasn't shaking it Mum!
5) Fishing for my supper and managing to catch a (tiny) snapper off the back of a boat on a Bay of Islands trip with Liisa and Paul
6) Seeing Jack Johnson in concert in Auckland - even if we did have to leave early and leg-it down Queen St to avoid missing the last ferry home (I didn't fancy the harbour swim in the dark)
7) Hearing that Fiona and Steven are having a mini-Kay baby
8) Hearing that Lou and Bob have also got a surprise in the baby oven!
9) Getting to the end of 10-week drama night class term of 'Acting in Mask' (yes, I always played the male characters this time too.... remember Darth Vader Maunie? And remember our Roman egyptians Aifs?!!)
10) After a few snowboard lessons and some very patient coaxing/coaching from Paul, making it onto the green run at Snowplanet. My knees and one boob still hurt from falling, but it was only yesterday, so I'm sure I'll mend before the next trip!

Sunday, 03 April 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

More aching legs, but not quite as bad as last time! With 7 work mates from Text 100, I took part in the Nike Women's Challenge 8k race. It was a fundraising event for breast cancer research, something we all felt strongly about on the day, and days later felt even more committed to supporting, as we heard the news that a friend who walked with us had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

If anyone gets the chance to take part in this challenge, go for it. We didn't run, just walked like many others, but the act of getting off our arses to do something to support the breast cancer cause was rewarding in itself.

Sunday, 20 March 2005

Location: New Zealand

Our legs ache!! Today we took part in Auckland's annual 8km Round the Bays race, which is a very scenic walk/run/jog/meander from Auckland harbour to St Heliers, via Mission Bay. It was a scorching hot day so we were really thankful for the Auckland fire service spraying huge hosepipes full of water at us. Truth be told, we didn't run - well Caroline and Janet did, but Paul, James and I set a fast-paced walk (not a power walk with idiotic arms pumping like a demented chicken though!).

For a while I was feeling a bit of a jessy for not even attempting to run, but I immediately felt better when we walked past McDonald's and saw the place full of people clad in sports gear, chomping through burgers and chips!!!

Saturday, 25 December 2004

Location: New Zealand

Christmas Day
Woke up feeling a little bit jaded after last night's celebrations! Nothing that a good strong cup of coffee followed by bacon rolls didn't sort though.
It took us a while to get with it enough to start opening our pressies. After a bit more coffee we were soon working our way through the large pile that had arrived over the previous few weeks from friends and family. We got so many great things, have to say a big thanks to everyone. One of my favourite gifts was the 'build your own snowdome' - thanks Mum xxx (Lisa)

Anna & David had offered to cook us an Aussie style Christmas feast. So we arrived early afternoon to find a tandoori leg of lamb already on the barbie, salmon parcels with honey and cumin ready to go. I was feeling a bit rough so had to start with a bit of diet coke, but soon put that aside as mojitos were made - very tasty. The feast was served with cous cous, zesty salad and some potato salad, accompanied with some nice wine. Feeling stuffed from our feast we retired to the sofas where the evening was played out with Trivial Pursuit next to their log fire.

Friday, 24 December 2004

Location: The Patriot, New Zealand

Christmas Eve! After our mammoth jackpot win in the pub quiz earlier in the week, we all decided the Patriot would be a good place to spend the best part of the evening with our winnings ($200 - yipee).
The church was calling for Lisa and some of our friends, for the Christmas Carol service. Which was lovely apparently!
Off to the pub after the church, where we soon got underway drinking our way through our bar tab. Champagne, beer, cider, wine, slippery nipples, B52s, c@@ksucking cowboys all went down well!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Location: Devomport, New Zealand

Went to the pub quiz at The Patriot pub in Devonport with a few friends. The set-up is a 5 round quiz followed by a jackpot round. Needless to say we did appallingly bad in the main quiz as per usual, but with a 'little assistance' we managed to win the rollover jackpot prize of $200!! Christmas was arriving early!

Friday, 10 December 2004

Location: New Zealand

Today we came home from the pub and found a HUGE pile of 7 parcels/boxes for us on the doorstep of our building!! Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas parcels.... we've put them all under our 4 ft tree and can't wait to open them.

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From Chris
Any chance of you updating this website you lazy, skiing bastards!
Response: Just put some piccies on, more to come soon.
From Mark A
hello PC - I now have Stanton warriors "the stanton session"...quality! Listening to it right now.

ps - hows it going in nz ?!
Response: Like the Stanton sounds. Check out Shapeshifter, very good. Pretty good over here, looking for a new job at the moment, but have been made bike department manager at the outdoor sports shop where i've been working for the last while!!
From Joanna
Hey Couz

Glad you had a nice Christmas and most of all you were not alone!

We are still in Maidstone, both our jobs are going well at moment. The plans to move back to Suffolk have been put off for a while with a new adventure on the horizon.......

Tom currently works for Chrysler-Jeep and there are job opportunities that can take him anywhere in the world with their "training passport programme" anyhoo Tom fancies Canada as they have been advertising for technicians and we are going for a month next May...for my 30th birthday eeek!! If we like it we plan to do a PC and Leece and leave this god damn Country!!

Hows things going with you, are you going to the snow for winter?!

Love Jo xxx
Response: Hey Jo and Tom
Whats your new adventure? Have you made a decision on Canada? Or somewhere else?
Wnter was great, had loads of snow, got in plenty of boarding. Stu came over for a few weeks and was really good to see him. Can't believe its been 2 years since we saw him!
From Joanna
Coouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzz- zzzzzzzzzzzz!

How you doing...whats new? Hope you were'nt too lonely over the holidays, did you spend Christmas on the slopes?

Sorry haven't been in touch for ages, work has been crazy busy. Got a promotion and working as Head of Pharmacy P.A!!! Bloody hard work, but all is well!!!

Hope you are both well?!

Jo and Tom xxx
Response: Hey Jo & Tom

Apologies too for being slack. Congratulations on getting your promotion, good work. Not much new, still waiting to hear about winter teaching jobs. Been mtbing lots, and falling out of planes too!!!!
It was summer over here for christmas, had a bbq round at some friends, good laugh, loads to eat and drink!
Are you still living in Maidstone? What you been up to lately?

From Leece
Nice pix Paul!!! Can we see some of your birthday too please? Now you're an OAP 30 year old!!

Response: Got some loaded Leece, check 'getting on a bit' ??
From Steve
Update your site with more photos ya slackarses!
Response: Apologies mate, got some on there now!!! Top mountain biking round here, you should come out again
From schenni
hello people,
do you wanna transform into an arnold-rocky-janefonda-tonyhawk-p- ersonality?i will never do some sport with you both.maybe if i start my stop smoking project;)
just wanna thanks for your e-mail!
on sunday i will travel with my boyfriend to southafrica.if i am not getting killed i will send you an email when we are coming back-i promise!
have a nice time in your new flat!!!!nice greetings and kisses from cologne!!!
Response: Jenneeeeee.... crazy German lady!! How was SA? You are probably fitter than my little toe, so don't worry about that! Email your news and travel photos soon. L xx
From Morse
Hey Lewis! How are you, lovely lady? Your photos look amazing (and how come you got so many presents on your birthday, and all your cards were of dogs and kittens?!!!)
Response: Greetings Lewis!! What's new? Really hoping to see you in London v soon... ru around on the 15th or 14th? Hey, you looked lovely at TPs wedding - was she a glam bride, or did she get pissed and fall over a la Comedy syleeee? L
From rudi
hows it goin?

hope yer ok, gies a wee bell at hame sometime.....if no, i'll see ye at christmas

gie paul a slap fur me

Response: All going good - had a lovely birthday on Saturday... early doors to garage sales ... got no furniture and moving to a new place, so had to be done! Then Paul surprised me with a home made cake - was ace! Will ring u soon - Happy Wedding Anniversary, by the way. Lisa
From Ms Brown
Look I am here too, reading etc!

Are you in London at all over xmas?
Response: Hello Ms Brown!!! It's lovely to hear from you - sorry I am very bad at emailing! How are you - running the Telegraph empire yet? I'll be in London Dec 13-15, then again around Jan 19-21... can you spare me a window? ;0) Can't wait to see you.
From Big Red
Look, here I am, reading and looking and seeing with my looking eyes and listening ears!
Response: Yeeehaaaaaa! CU in December.... pull the rip cord Big Red!!
From Steve
Boo! Long belated thank you for putting up with me/listening to my jokes/complaining about my ass etc on my hols to see you two and NZ! Was a wicked time over there! Now, get posting some more pics! Oh and put a link into: secure/NZ Nice!
Response: Hello Sore Ass! Have your bruises healed yet? It was very good to see you... the wind wasn't so great, but that's a small price to pay!
From Joanna Twining
Hi Paul and Lisa
What a laugh. Not that I am jealous AT ALL of what you are doing. No really. Tottenham Court Road really is lovely. The highlight of my day is that Natwest have opened a new branch nearer to my office than the old one. Oh fab. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Bet it was like old times with Stevie with you only without Tweeny bossing you around. I was only a teeny bit jealous of 'my boys' (what I used to call them Lisa! I have since given up ownership of them.... 11 months of me and them in dormitories around the world... woulnd't you?!!) having such a laugh and me nowhere to be seen!! So are you guys planning to stay out there for good, or come home or what? The Garden of England misses you. (not that I ever go there... but you know what I mean.)

Take care both of you

Response: Hi Tweeny
The new Natwest sounds great!! Really liking Queenstown as a place to live, got alot going for it, stunning scenery, mountains nearby for boarding. Great sunny weather in the summer.
Having Steve out here was cool, was more like living with him again rather than when we were all travelling! No shenanigans from Steve whilst he was here, bit of a shock!!! Had Nathan over here aswell for the sametime as Steve, he was over from Oz (he's planning on residency for there!).
The instructor course is going real well, had 1st day of exams today, so bit stressful as its 4 days in a row followed by another 5 in a weeks time. If I pass I'm hoping to head off to N America to work, with Lisa staying here and then I'll return and work the winter. Then possibly staying in Queenstown, but thats a long way off.
Hope there is more exciting stuff going on with you beyond Natwest? I'm sure there is!
Take it easy

PC & L
From Lizzie
Far too many babies on this website (congratulations Malin). Would like to tell you that I've got a puppy with chocolate brown eyes - but Karl won't let me have one until I've grown up.

Sorry I've been pants at keeping in touch this website just looked far too good and complex.

Anyway will save hot gossip for personal email.
Big-up the squirrel. Look forward to seeing you at Chrimbo.
Response: Big up the badger too.........!! Can't wait to catch up in December when we can Fling Wildly together with Miss Maunie too. Lxxx
From Kate
Hey, Lisa. Just searching for Popcorn on the net and what should pop up but this! It's not a tiny part - you are crucial. And fab! Have a great day.
Love Kate
Response: Thanks Kate - you're quite an accomplished liar...must be all that acting!! L x
From Malin Cunningham
HI there Lisa (& Paul)

Really nice to hear from you - sounds like you are having a fabulous time down there. Must say I'm quite jealous - although I don't fancy the cold...

Just thought I'd send you a quick 'hello' and tell you my latest news - I've just had another little girl - Hanna Emilia. She's only 12 days old, but doing fine - I'm ok too, could do with those padded pants you were talking about though... So, I'm off until just after Christmas which feels like a complete luxury (nappies and sleepless nights seem refreshing compared to clients at the moment).

Anyway. Hope you're still loving it down there. Keep in touch. Love Malin xxx
Response: Wow - that's ace news!! Congratulations to you and Mick. Can you email me a piccy of baby Hanna to hotmail? Hope I might get to see you over Christmas... are you off to Sweden or spending it in the UK?
L xxx
From Joanna
Hi Paul and Lisa!

How you doing? Congrats on the residency!! Hows the snowboarding going, are we to see you on Jackass??!!

Looking through the messages there I don't think I’ve been in touch since our Vegas trip, sorry about that!! We had a great time, heaps of shopping, boozing, and relaxing!! We saw Keane at a really small venue which was great, only about 500 people there!!!

Reports from Suffolk is that Gran and Dot have returned from their holidays in Hunstanton (!!!) and Gran has suddenly gone deaf!!!! I say too much time spent in the discotheque.

Hope you are both well......

Jo and Tom xx

Response: Hi Jo & Tom
Apologies for not replying to this one sooner!! Not going to appear on Jackass any time soon. Not quite that crazy!
Sounds like your Vegas trip was excellent, did you re-do your vows? Did you see Elvis?
Started my 1st set of exams today, 4days straight up continuous assessment! First daywent well though, we were al told that going on todays standard we would pass, which is cool.
Hows Gran doing? Has her hearing returned? Liisa went to see her a little while back for a wee break.
How did Tom get on in the motocross?

Take care
PC & L
From Chris & Kirsten
Skye Stoneley arrived Sunday July 3rd at 6:38pm; a healthy 8lbs 4oz (not quite up to her dad's 12lb 8oz, but a valiant effort) and 21 3/4 inches long. Ironically she shares the birthday of the woman who introduced Kirsten and I. Kirsten's well despite 78 hours of induced labor; I'm hoping they'll let her home tomorrow (5th). Nice to get your message and see your great pictures. Have a blast (and good luck with new endeavors) very jealous of your extended stay in one of my favorite places on the planet!

Chris, Kirsten & Skye Stoneley
Response: I'm chuffed to bits for you both - are you getting any sleep of lots of nappies and lullabyes? You Mum and Dad must be planning a trip out soon?
Lisa :0)
From Louise
Hi Leece,
How goes it in lovely Queenstown? Have you bungeed off Bob's Peak yet?! Did you get my fat pic? Hope life is really fab for the two of you. Have enjoyed, as always, reading about your exploits.
Lou xx
Response: Hello! I finally managed to open ur piccy - u look v cute with the baby bump - has it grown much recently? I've not done that bungy, but I did survive the Lions V All Blacks 1st test in rain, hail and minus 3degrees C temps, so that must count for something!!! Say hello to Bob too. Lxx
From Maunie
Bookfairs, tombola, baking - well you two certainly know how to live the high-life.....

Good luck in your new pad

Love Maunie x
Response: Don't we just.... things are improving though - we're off to see a local band tonight who have a norwegian singer. Lots and lots of snow now, so we can go boarding next weekend when the ski field opens - oh shit! I just hope I haven't forgotten how to stay upright on the bloody thing!! Hey, let me know when Brad invites you to his housewarming party and I'll pop over for it!!!! "Cup of sugar?" Lxxx
From Marcus
Hi Leece
I have to say for a bird your lack of updates on this sight is shocking! Glad to hear all is going well, and enjoy the boarding.
Marcus x
Response: Oooooh grab yer handbag ya shandy shifter!! We just got online at home in our new home, so watch out for updates a go-go!

From Jude Cooney
She was a little strange to begin with and now that we're used to her, she's off. It's been fantastic having Lisa in the office, never a dull moment and the Scottish accent makes those rarely uttered swear words just that much funnier.
Have a fantastic time down south & keep in touch.
Response: Puss orf you Kiwi! Keep the gossip coming Jude... you light up the office with your wit and intermittent rage at the 'feng shui pole people'! If Text 100 ever get their own pole, I'll be straight back up on the first plane!!!
From Mark A
Crikey !! what's your mum doing at the moment, Paul ? A bit of snowboarding, followed by a triathlon, maybe ? Even just typing this is too much for me.... I'm going to fetch my slippers and a nice cup of tea.

Response: Hey Mark
She didn't quite make the snowboarding - bit out of season. But she did go Heli-hiking on a glacier, luging in Queenstown, sea kayaking and a bit of whale watching!! How was your cuppa??
From Melissa
Lisa - so great to see you on Thursday for a mango smoothie between flights / massages! How bizarre to be in NZ and see you for 20 minutes. Glad I picked my weeks to be there as I know summer was shit until mid-Jan! Killer tan inciting jealousy back in 4C London-town :-)
Response: Lovely to see you too ... how are you enjoying the London snow?!!

From The Mowbrays
Hey Couz and Lisa!

Gran said you called, she was really pleased to hear from you!

We are both fine, working hard but looking forward to our hols. We are off to Vegas at the end of April, we'll be out there for our first wedding anniversary....

The new place is cool, although we are only renting it's very cosy and we feel really at home. Plus it's near to the town centre which is good. We're planning to stay there a while, I'm starting a part time degree in Sept in Education Administration!!

So, how are you both? Any more tv roles lined up??!!

Take care, miss you!!

Tom and Jo xx
Response: Hi there - no more TV roles for Paul as yet, but he keeps appearing in the canteen on Shortland St... or his back and hand picking up a sandwich does!! Today Paul and Liisa are in the South Island - probably doing a glacier hike as we speak! Liisa has become an 'Xtreme Sports Mum' - she had a jet boat ride last week (see the photo), then snorkelling this week, and swimming in the ocean at midnight! It can only be a matter of time before she does her first bungy jump. Have a great time in Las Vegas.

Lisa x