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Paulo's Mini Adventure

Welcome to my travel blog.
-Vietnam (13th march-28th march)
-Australia (29th march- 31st May)
-Tanzania (3rd June- 28th July)

Diary Entries

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Location: Tanzania

In Zanzibar at the moment and it is paradise. Drinking from coconuts, eating pineapple on the beach, white sands, warm turquoise waters, hot clear skies, not a worry in the world, beach parties, etc etc.

looking forward to seeing people when i get back!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Location: Tanzania


I went for 5 days to ndarakwai where I worked on a watering hole in a safari park. The group had to increase the water capacity of the hole which ment manually digging all day which was hard work yet so rewarding when each day we had to finish early to allow the zebras to come drink from the watering hole!

the place is tradtionalafrica. Orange african planes, Mount Kililmanjaro on one side of camp and Mount meru on the other. Slept in tents, hole for a toilet and showers consited of bucket showers in the bush!

One day our walk back from project was disturbed by a heard of wild elephants. We couldn't leave camp without a ranger with a gun! The nearest building for miles around was the rangers ranch! A true african experience!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Have been working in at a local school on the c anteen, have made a door frame and named it Gary Kelis in tribute to my new ca rpentry skills!

Visited orphange which was pretty emo tional.

Africa meets all the stereotypes. Kids walk miles to school, they have 3rd hand s hoes and they aree a LOT less priviliged than kids back at home.

Its truely an amzin g place to live though.

Going to a village with no electri city for a while so i wont be updating this next week.

Saturday, 05 June 2010

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Africa is every bit as crazy as i thought it would be


Monday, 31 May 2010

Location: Perth, Australasia

In 12 hours i will be in Johanessburg!

Can't wait to go to Africa now. I may even see Mr. Stephensons relatives!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

I want to wish anyone who has exams good luck btw. I'll try and spare you a thought when I'm on my travels :D

Plus, I think the Leeds line up is sweet. It's alot better than last year, I like the extended line up big time, especially Chiddy Bang! If you read this Mayo or Joe (Cpt. No0b) we are gonna have a sick time this year! I'm can't wait to go! I think Temper Trap and Ellie Goulding should play though!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Location: Alice Springs, Asia - South East

I got my piercing taken out as it was being rejected. I don't regret getting it as it looked good but it was high maintainance, it will leave a scar and it was painfull when i slept on it!

I had a Kangaroo burger (Thanks to Olivia and Mick my next door neighbours) and man it was good! Kangaroo meat is soo good! The burger was soo good! everything about it was soo good!

I chilled at the Hostel with the people from the trip which was cool we played some AFL and we got a flight to Melbourne together. Good times.

That night i had another nights sleep in melbourne airport which saves a good $50 :D

Friday, 28 May 2010

Mulga tour- day 3

5.30am start was brutal. I was soo cold it was hard to funtion. We drove to a look out point viewing Uluru and watched the sun rise. it was amazing as now the clouds had completely cleared allowing for an amazing mornings breakfast (peanut butter and jelly sanwiches) and tea wathing Uluru. Again, as I always keep saying it was stunning. The iconic rock of Australi, in the middle of the outback simply looked incredible,it's reasons like that why I'm in Australia!

After, we went to thebase of Uluru and a group of us started the climb. It was increbly hard. It was soo steep and only 2 weeks before a man had died on the climb (totalling 38 deaths on the rock)
In the UK, health and safety would have a hissy fit over the climb and never allow it! If you stumble or lose your footing at points you're dead,no question. Climbing was hard but I found motivation in the camaraderee between the group, the fact that Asian people were sprawled across the rock all the way up the climb absolutley exhausted and the simple fact that you got an insane adrenaline rush. About half way up, there was a kit by himslef just hugging a pole for dear life, no parents near him or anything, that was kind of random but funny!
They say not toclimb he rock because Uluru hold sacred vaalues for aboriginals. however, it was only a requist not a rule and plus, the Aborignals don't seem to say anythiong to promote there culture so i felt little guilt in climbing the rock.
Once at the top, it litearally was one of the best feelings i've ever felt. Clear blue skies, the Olga's on the horizon, the red ocks, the flat hoizon, the bush terrain and the team spirit was soo good.
It was one of the most memorable experiences of my trip so far!

Climbing down was scary, you see where you can fall and it messes with your head. At the bottom, there was a massive sence of relief having not died. The tour guide was saying that the climb will close soondue to it's dangerous nature. In summation, the Uluru climb was the bomb.

On the road trip back we sopped at a camel farm. they can go 2 weeks without water in the desert and can drink 100 litresof water per minute... WTF
We listened to more tunes on the drive back and it was a good day driving in the outback, clear blue skies, hot sunny weather and roads for as far as the eye can see!

That night we went to a bar to celebrate such a great trip. I had a snake bite which was soo good. It was a great night despite the women playing the Eucalaly and singing! Plus my fishand chips were soo good.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Location: Outback, Australasia

Mulga tour Day 2!

Again, it was a 6am start. We were up, packed our swags and had breakfast in the dark. It was strange to watcht he moon set on the horizon! I had a cup of ea, sood on a sand dune and watched the sunrise wich was spectacualr.

From themiddle of nowhere we drove to the Olgas. Along the way, we saw wild camels, horses and wedgetail eagles (2nd largest wingspan in the world)

We hiked though the Olgas which is a massive ock outcrop which is in the middle of nowhere. the rocks where o big it's hard o get your head around why they are there. We used rocks and water to create tribal aboriginal body paints and grafittied outselves.

After the hike we had lunch... The flies in the outback are literally the most annoying thing ever. they just diveomb you and ry and drinkthe water from your eye and eat your food. it got soo bad I actually wanted them all to die in the most paifull way possible!

After that was the moment id been waiting for for over 6months now... ULuru!It was an incredible sight. we went to the Uluru cenre and learnt about some of the Aboriginal stories.My favourite beig LungKata, the snake that stole an Emu! they have a sorry book at the centre for people who steal rocks or sand from Uluru as it is so sacred it gives you badluck. Some of the letters where hard core. People sending the rock back appollogizing and saying they'd lost half there family from disease which occured straigh after they stole the rock!

We went for a walk around the rock which was cool, however by sunset, clouds had rolled in and it began to rain.

That night we had a fire again and ate rediculous amaounts of Spag bol.

That night i turned inearly as the previous early starts were getting to me. And that was the start of the end....
I was in my swag again on the desert floor, I was a little colder this time. And i clearly recall the need to pee at 2am... Just as I was thinking about Peeing it started to rain... It's ok, Swags are waterproof,i just made sure everthing seemed ok... after the first rain came there was a torrential downpour, it was savage. i was just lying in my Swag hoping I wouldn't drown!
When the rain stopped, i sat up in my swag and puddles that had formed on my gushed off, i unzipped my Swag to go pee only to find I hadn't origianlly done my swag up properly... My sleeping bag and shoes were soaked! For the rest of the 3 and a half hours I lay there cold and wet driftingin and out of conciousness! I'm going to class that as an experience and leave it a that!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Location: Outback!, Australasia

Mulga tour!

We set off at 6am, it was dark cold but I had a great trip to look forward to so it was good times!

Day 1- Kings Canyon

This place is amazing, it's a canyon as you can guesse. It was 26degrees which was hot to hikein. I cant imagine doing the hike in the heat of summer when temperatures can exceed 45degrees!

There was a swimming hole called the garden of Eden, it was in theCanyon and was not exposed to much sun light. As a result, it was freezing! It was soo nice though as I got so hot during the hike. That swim really was a great experience, i can't really put it into context how much fun it was. Swimming in a Canyon in the Outback!

On the hike, there was a part where we could put our heads over the ege of the cliff... that screwed with your head. Such a long drop!

We were in the car for over 7hours driving which sounds boring but we had a good group and we had some good tunes playing which men good times.

We collected firewood at one pointand me and this Brazilian guy Gus saw huge spider! we watched the sun set which was ok, over rated though. And that night we ended up driving down a sand track and stopped literally in the middle of nowhere! YThat was our camp ground! A patch of sand in the outback with noting around us for miles andmiles!

That night we drank beers around the fire and tried to play the didgeree doo. They are quality instruments (if you can play them!) Non of us other tha the tour guild could though unfortunatley!

We were all sataroud the fire, under the stars in the Outback. ican't explain what a great feeling that was!

That night we all slept in things called a Swag bag, it's basically a big waterproof sleeping bag where you can fit your own sleeping bag inside. We rolled these out onthe sand and slept under the stars they were really warm (surpisingly) and i had an ace night sleep. Falling asleep under the stars was literally one of themost amazing things ever!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Location: Alice Springs, Australasia

After a night sleeping in an airport, I flew to Alice Springs and was there by 9.30am.

It was soo good to be in the outback. I'vebeen waiting for this ever since I left the UK. My first impresions were that it was alot greener than I expected. Not simply barron red sand for as far as the eye couldsee!

I walked around the town to see what it had to offer. I remember before I left Vicky (my old next door neighbour) saying that aborignal people sit in the dry river creeks and just drink. I was walking around before the bottle shops were open and there were literally over 100 aboriginals waiting outside the bottle shop. Alto of them just sit there doing sweet fanny adams. i think it's tragic that they are like that. Their traditions and culture have been destroyed by British and European settlement. I kid of feel bad for them.

That night, i went to a Steak house were i had a Crocodile, Kangaroo, Emu and Camel and not one of them tasted like Chicken suprisingly, they all tasted soo different and really nice, a very strong taste. It was great to try such wierd meats in an old school steak house! My favourite was Camel, then croc, kangaroo and then emu.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Location: Melbourne, Australasia

I went to the cinema and saw Robin Hood, it was ok. His accent is piss poor though.

I walked around melbourne city during the day. It's a really nice city, it has soo much about it. There is a really strong sports culture, china town is awesome, it's really trendy and has lots to offer. I really liked Melbourne and walking through the sports grounds you get a realy good view of the city and it's skyline.

It was really cold though.

That night I had a triple cheeseburger from Hungry Jacks... ow righhhttttt

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Location: Melbourne, Australasia

I went and saw an AFL game (Aussie rules). It's a mixture between football and rugby and if i'm going to be honest with you I was kind of expecting it to be lame. It was actually really good. Non stop, loads of die hard fans. I was sat next to this excentric guy who was explaining the rules to me. The crowd was 47,000 and the atmosphere was electric. Was pretty cool to go see, a little taster to watching NUFC week in week out at uni next year :D

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Location: Sydney, Australasia

I ate cornflakes and raisens again until the evening where I had to go back to Sydney to catch an overnight bus... When I was in Sydney Central station toilets a man, who was drugged of his face, was looking over my cubical and staring at me... I didn't realise him straight away but when I did it scared the hell out of me. How long had he been staring at me and why would you do that !? FAG

Friday, 21 May 2010

Location: Katoomba, Australasia

Recovery day, I ate cornflakes with raisens all day whilst watching south park! Good times

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Location: Blue mountains, Australia

19th-20th May

Hike- Victoria falls to Blackheath Station Via the Grose valley.

Early start, after catching a train to my starting point, I hiked 6K to the start of the walk. On the first day i passed victoria falls, victoria cascades and victoria lookout, all were stunning in their own right. The look out was a view from the top of the valley across the grand canyon style landscape. Truely amazing.
The cascades were amazing too, i too the time to take a wash in the water which was really nice but also extremely refreshing (It's winter in Oz now so the water is cool!)
My favourite part of day 1 was the top of the waterfalls. You could sit at the top of the falls and look over the edge which really made your stomach turn! i had my lunch stop there and sat in the sun, on the edge of a waterfall, looking across Grose Valley, eating peanut and jam sandwiches NOT getting pestered by birds! good times.
On the walk to the bottom of the waterfall, I encountered a snake, I was about to stand on the little fellow when i saw him, i jumped a mile. the snake (little jimmy i'll call him) was happy to just lie in the sun, on a rock, in the middle of the path. and there was no way past him. Whilst i was trying to negotiate my way round, All i could think of was the man at steve irwin zoosaying most incidents involving snake attacks occur because males provoke them... It's fair to say i was going no where near this guy as well over half the snakes in Oz are poisenous!
15 minutes later, when he decided to move, i made my way to the bottom of the falls. Again it was nice thhere and i had another litle wash in the falls. By then it was about 2 and i needed to press on to the campsite (It was ment to be a 3 day hike but i decided to do it in 2 days)
I passed the first campsite and pressed on to the second. however, by half 4 i was still 6 K away and I was only doing 2-3K's and hour as the paths were really rough often with trees lieing across and parts had fallen away in landslides, plus there was 400m incline 300 decline. Basically it was up and down alot or undulating as the internet described it... now when i first read the path undulates i didn't know what it ment, but from experience, i can now say that i know what undulate means, and it sucks.
Anyway, pitched my tent in the middle of no where by the creek which i washed in. I star gazed for a bit before going to bed. At night the temperatures were savagely cold, about 2-3degrees which compared to what im used to is freezing!
It was pretty cool being in the middle of nowhere, drinking and washing in chrystal clear creeks. it was the perfect remote camp out.

Next day i was up by 7 packed fed and washed by 8 and on the road for 8.15. i continued down the creek where I eventually got to campsite 2. There, therewas no electricity, running water, toilets, nothing. there i met 2 other hikers who were going to Govetts leap too so I joined up with them. It was a good days hike, we had lunch at the bottow of a huge waterfall, by them, my legs were knackered and my feet were sore. we were looking up this 350m high rock knowing we had to climb to the top of it with our rucksacks. After pasta, cookies and a cuppa, we headed up. It literally zigzagged up the side of the rock and 45 minutes later we were at Govett leaps lookout looking back across the valley. It was a great few days!
That night, i celebrated by having Pizza and chips (thats a real luxury for a backpacker) I claimed the double bed in the dorm too which was good.

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From Dad
Hi Zuluman, looks like you're doing some awesome work, have the zebras thanked you yet? Good that they're all wearing their black & white 'Toon Army' shirts though. Enjoy the rest of your stay and really can't wait to see you soon and hear all your stories. I'm in the US at the moment 'til next saturday but can pick your blog up on the hotel pc.
Response: Hey Dad. I had a dream last night that newcastle beat Man U. 2-1 on the second game of the season! Lets hope dream becomes reality!
Looking forward to the comforts of home thats for sure. a bed with no proding wooden beams will be a luxury as will a consistently warm (and clean) shower!
I'm working on an awesome project atm, I'm brewing banana beer! Tell Gdad please!
See you soon
From emma n
sounds like your having an amazing time:) hows africa treating you? can't wait to hear about it all when your back, im excited for our new revs lunch session already ahaha
MISS YOU!xxxxxxx
Response: Ow yes, you better be a member so we get deals as im gonna be skint as when i return!
Africa is awesome, life is so great out here. Safari was incredible. i saw 60+ elephants from 5 meters away! I have soo much to tell you when i return :D
From laura t
Cheryl cole's been to tanzania, did you see her?! Hope you're having an amazing time still! Have you seen lots of animals? I'd love to go one day. When are you coming homey? xxxxx
Response: Yeah, me and her are like a thing atm. I've seen soo many animals you can't understand! you will love my safari stories when i get back! You would go crazy on safari I bet (in a good way ofc ;) )

I'm back early august. Can't wait to use my free meal coupon and watch the hangover :D i made a kid cry the other day btw... tell gazza please.

paulo, x
From LLoydy
Haha thats brilliant. Did i not tell you i was going to africa to do a rally. i would of stopped to chat but my stage time would of been destroyed. I will be waiting for you with a pack of cider and a dvd of choice. Laters!
Response: hmm, I knew that red golf markII looked familiar and that drift round the roundabout!
Some of the cars looked like proper rally cars, they didn't even close the street! They simply expected people to dive out the way!
DVD could well be rambo4, team america or blood diamond! I have the last 2 and you have the 1st one so it's defo on!
From Laura Mc
Please don't bring me any form of spider please.
I hope you are enjoying Africa though the culture shock is just immense. I'd really like to know what working on the canteen involved, when I saw one in gambia it was a couple of buckets of live fish that the women were gutting, yum yum. Also well done on the door frame! Shame you can't update as much, love to have a little read. oh and I finished A2s finally, and passed driving first time finally oh yehhhh ;) xx
Response: wow congrats on exams and driving test! Are you insured on the Polo?
Updating is hard right now but it means i'll have more to say in person when im back. plus internet here is rediculously slow so updating is hard!
Working on the canteen involved helping build the new building as the old on was destroyed. it consists of 3 wood fires and thats it... feeding 600 kids! Hopefully the new canteen will be finished by august though. What plans do you have for summer anyway?
From Lloydy
Heyyy, still hope you are having a good time. You are taking loads of photos to show me over a viewing of Rambo: First Blood. Is it the end of July when you get back? Wondering if you feeling a weekend in Betsy Coewen again with me and cook beofre the summer is out? have a good rest of trip, peace
Response: Defo! I'd love to do that.
"I went to Betsy Coed... and it was F*ing awesome!"
I'll be back end of june. You would have loved what just happened on my walk to the internet cafe just now. i was walking with 2 other guys from camp when we were told to get off the road, next thing you know, 4 rally cars shoot past! This is on a public road not closed of from the public, pedestrians everywhere! UnreAL!
From Jill
I can't believe you are in Africa already! It feels like only last weekend you left!
Little secret- The sign we made you is STILL up on my sitting room about un-organized!
When you passed your driving test you took me on a trip to Burger king...all i'm saying is i can now return the favour! =P woop!
Still loving to read about your travelling...sad about the piercing coming out

p.s I'm not racist i like white ladys, i'm not racist i like white the Jager gang :) xx
Response: YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. road trip to somewhere other than Burger king though, if you remember the extreme disappointment with my "large meal"... JOKE
congrats anyway, im proud of you :P
From Alex Stephenson
Alright paul, hows it going? havnt spoken to you in a while. i hope everything is going well, glad to see your in Africa, back to the homeland! make sure you try some bush meat, its a nice delicacy. i have finished exams now, so just waitign to go to nigeria in july, so might see you in africa, i say we meet in Congo, its half way for both of us. im glad to see mr jones has kept in contact, very nice of him. enjoy yourself, and keep us updated!
Response: Jambo M'bongo!
Africa is amnazing and brutal dear boy. Last night outside camp, a thief got caught by some locals and the locals attacked him with a machette and cut his spleen out... Standard practice for the common theif apparently!
Tried Konyagi too... what a drink...
Nice to hear from you Stevo
From Natalie Bainbridge
Hy there,

Got your postcard....thanks very much it was dead cool!! Only just been on this page as got the address from your dad. Gary is very impressed with your carpentry skills!
Enjoy the rest of your travels

Nats & Gary
Response: happy days :D
Hope you have a great day tomorrow! Make it one to remember and have a drink for me (or several!)
Look forward to hearing about the big day when I'm back!
Paulo x
From sladds
i hope youve done at least one bench press in every country you have visited ;) looks class mate, top work xx
Response: beef cake
From Cousin Nicole
The pictures look amazing and you look like your having so much fun. Exams are going okay, prety tedious though. What on earth happened to your knee!! And your surfing pics are awesome. Love you xxx
Response: heyyy my little friend!
Good to hear things are going ok. Im sat in some internet cafe atm and the internet is soooo slow its annoying as!
You'd love the kids in Africa. they are so friendly and easily amused!
Bet you cant wait for nats and garys wedding now!
Knee was a surfing injury!

All the best, paulo!
From Lloydy
Yoo whitlingg!!! Hope you are all good hope you are having a sweet time, on your travels, sounds like it! I didn't realise youh ad a travel blog until now! Anyway enjoy the rest of your time away! safee
Response: "either die for something ... or live for nothing" Infamous Rambo4 quote
From Dad
Awesome photos, and great blog experiences, can't pick them up on my RR laptop in the US, but can on the Hotel free connection. Jimmy looks, well like a snake, and your knee looked gross..........keep having fun. Dad
Response: I had my piercing removed Dad! But i swear to you it was a real piercing
From Laura Mc
Poor thing! at least it wasn't intentional :( I know, it's art. It's still on going because the exam is so long haha (12hrs) my last real exam is the 16th of June :) its surreal!You'll be in Tanzania then!
And update your blog properly! :D and bring me an animal back, after all you've missed my birthday! xxx
Response: ill bring you back a funnel web spider... you\'ll love them! ;)
From Jill
Paul, well played at getting your eyebrow done, that is so cool :)
The noticeboard you got me for crimbo is now up and FULL of the best photos, there are even ones covering the wall around it- i know it's been a while haha

miss your face!
Response: Yeah, it\'s pretty cool but it is also high maintainence. I slept in it one day and it hurt like a mother!

Glad your board is coming into plauy!
Got to love secret santas!

I just did a surf camp btw, im now pro...
From Chris
I was just about to give you some abuse for not updating your blog for the awesome Fraser island trip, then I spotted you\'re photos page..
Still, get that speeded-up hill rolling video uploaded ASAP!

Also, if you fancy letting me know who you booked your alice trip with that would be useful?

enjoy your travels
Response: heya, i did it through Annies place. $250 is the cheapest if you do it through the hostel and cut out the middle man!

Yeah, I need to get the blog updated! Im just soo busy atm!

Ow I saw the girls from yorkshire on our fraser trip at this surf camp.

I\'ve lost my phone so please could you email me the name of that company you were on about.
From Laura Mc
was it ok? :( I hope it didn\'t die. how the hell did you kick it anyway!?
god yeh I bet you are, my first exam is next week fml lol!
and you got your eyebrow peirced?
just about to spend all afternoon reading this instead of working :D
Response: it was a little shaken i think! It was like the randomest thing ever... \"I went to Fraser Island and kicked a Possum!\"
It was dark and he was cotching in the shadow of the table, i was going to grab a beer and simply didnt see the poor fellow!
Eye brow piercing was an impulse thing, i walked past a parlour and got it done!
First exam! Wow thats crept up pretty quick! When do you finish?
Plus, my first aid was top draw, I was treating the cuts and people for shock! My many years of training came into play!
good luck with the Xams anyway!
From Laura t
Ahahahahahah thanks paul, make me look like a right loser <3 I\'m getting way to enthusiastic in the messages.
You didn\'t even apprieciate my koala joke i sent twice :P Anyway, keep having fun! xxxxx
Response: G\'day Sheila!
You\'re not to enthusiastic! You can never be too enthusiastic!
I did appreciate the koala joke, It\'s all i\"m saying in Oz.
Heyyyyyy, i got my eyebrow pierced!
how about this for a joke,
\"why does snoop dog carry and umbrella?\"
\"Fo\' drizzle!\"
From Laura Mc
Those spiders sound absolutely terrifying! Your updates have kept me going through my cw, good work ;)
Loved Pedro :) xxx
Response: hey hey!!! I\'m soo jealous of you...
Another story for you..
I saw a possum the other day and accidentally kicked one! which was hilarious for me! less so for the possum, he went about 4 foot through the air!
From Elouise
I can see that you are having an amazing time, sooooo jealous,
I hope you come back with an amazing tan!
Keyworth hasn\'t been the same without it\'s like there is a giant paul shaped hole in it, if we\'d had a jager night there also would have been a paul shaped hole there too.
I soo can\'t wait to see how long your hair is when you get back and too see you get your mohawk again =]
Have fun amigo, buy a joey for me
Response: Wotcha harry!
From laura t
Heyyy Paul! I\'ve tried to send you so many messages but i don\'t know if they\'re going through? :S I\'ll send you roughly the same message just in case! I\'ll look like an idiot if they all come on the page all at once!
Got your postcard today! Made my day!
I hope you\'re having a KOALA-TY time in Australia :D i\'m joke. I\'m loving the fact you named the koalas that <3
I love you forever for doing that awkward turtle thing! I bet you\'re the only person to have done that everrr! Everything sounds amazing, except maybe the giant spiders. i can\'t believe you\'ve skydived! It\'s insaane!
Crystal Castles are so good live, the crowds full of pill\'ed\'s so everyone goes mental ahahaha.
Have you seen gap yah on youtube btw? Look it up its joke.
Me and Emma were talking the other week about how much we\'ve noticed you\'re not here! We miss you! ahah.
Keep having fun! Sounds so so so incredible, i\'m insanely jealous.
P.s Ohhh and we have booked our holiday btw, a place in spain, that we read in the metro the following that the locals are getting annoyed at the partying tourists! ahaha.
Response: i literally have 2 mins of internet left so this will be short!
i csnt wait to hear about your holiday, i think itll be better than disney land!
From Jill
Feel free to bring me a koala home, I\'m sure Bryn would play with it :)

I saw the film Zombieland btw, I dunno if you saw it before you left but it is AWEsome, i\'ll make sure i have it for when you get home- how\'s the book going btw? mum and dad got it me for my birthday!

Sad to hear the dance moves are letting you down, i really thought you\'d got them, when it comes to co-ordination just remember you;re boss, your arms and legs should bloody well do what you say =P

i\'m well looking forward to you being able to tell me your stories- although it\'s fun to read them- byyeexx!
Response: sweet as! I think i did see it yes...
The book makes for some good reading. Although I can\'t read it too much otherwise I can\'t take it all in. When i get back and move out to newcastle, i\'m gonna equipt my room with supplies in the case of a class 1 outbreak!
I named a Koala Jill btw. you were high as a kite and apparently stuck up a tree!
From Michael Raymond
hey, sounds like you are having an amazing time, it may just be conincidence that i heard this and you arwe the 1 in australia but it has been on the radio that ausies are having big problems with britsh tourist spreading STI\'s. I hope you arn\'t the 1 to blame Paul!!!
Response: I am the cause of the problem. I can\'t help myself, it\'s just Aussie girls get $10,000 per kid so it\'s good money
From Mr Jones
Hello Paul,

It is nice to see that you are having a wonderful time travelling, I miss you very much and can not wait to catch up when you get back.
Sincerely yours,

Mr Jones
Response: hello matt
From Laura t
Hmm, i tried to send a message last week, not sure if it worked. Tried to send you this, you\'ve probably seen it by now:
I don\'t know whether to laugh or cry if you came back like that guy!
Hope you\'re having a KOALA-TY time in australia. Ahaha you get it?!
As if my parents called themselves mazza and gazza, how cringey. Don\'t listen to them about the pets aswell, they don\'t mean it.
It sounds amaaazzzing, seeing all the animals, except the scary spiders! and Especially jumping out the plane! and Parachuting! Actually everything. omg i love you forever, you\'re probably the only person in the world to have done that!
Also, crystal castles live are sooo good, the crowd may be full of pill \'eds but it means everyones acting crazy :D ahaha.
Oh, i think i\'ve decided to go to London Uni next year hopefully btw!
And me and emma were talking the other day, we misss yoooou lots!
Response: i will be that guy when i get back!