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Pole cats Site #2

Our first site filled up so this is part 2

Diary Entries

Monday, 14 November 2005

Location: Koh pangan, Thailand

Spent 3 days in Chiang Mai not doing a hell of a lot except snooping around the local markets buying plates of food and drink for 10 baht, thats 30 cents. Another overnight bus trip to Bang Kok where a funky looking Jap was dying of Athsma or bird flu. Got of the bus and loaded up our shopping (4 massive parcells) over our already bulging packs. We looked like a couple of Nepali porters but without the spring in our step. Just hung around Khaosan Road and did a day trip out to see the river Kwai. It could have been a great tour but the Thais were a shit fight so it was only OK. Travelled over the death railway which still is in good nick.
We are now on the Island Koh Pangan to see Englishmen make fools of themself again with alcohol at the full moon party. Plenty of them are sporting black eyes already and it's still 2 days away.
We are both running with the tide as far as our movements are concerned, both of us are frequently dashing over the hot sand with only one thing on our minds, that is clenching our bum cheeks. There has been only one failure at about 3 am this morning.

Tuesday, 08 November 2005

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

The boat ride up the Mekong was a ball breaker. The river is very rough and at some points it was like white water rafting. we sat on very hard bench seats and by the 2nd day our bums were that numb we hardly noticed it. We could have taken the fast boat up the river and completed the trip in 1 day but these tiny little boats with 6 westeners strapped in wearing crash helmets and eyes like dinner plates flying past at break neck speeds, like F1 on the water. We are now glad that the seats are as hard as stone.
Based ourselves at Houay Xai and jumped in a ute for a rough ride to the nature reserve to see some Gibbons. Stopped at a small villiage and then walked 1 hour through swollen rivers and up steep jungle paths (very Indiana Jones). Grabbed our harnesses and hooked onto the first of many steel cables suspended over the jungle canopy. This cable went to tree house number 1. Tree house 1 is 50 metres above the ground. Tara shot across screaming and was hanging on so tight to her caribina that she forgot to grab the rail at the tree house and rolled back to the middle of the cable howling out filthy words which cant be shown in this time slot. She was rescued by our guide. Slept in the tree house that night with the tree cat curled up between us.
The next day tara hit the Lao Lao (local wiskey) to get up the courage to use the zip lines, half a bottle later she speared into the landing platform shaking like a dog shitting tacks, and guess what she could'nt get enough. We went to tree house number 3 and on the way we had to cross a huge valley by zip lines. these lines are 150 meters high and 400 metre long and there are 2. No problem for Tara now.
Slept the night in number 3 not with the cat but with ants crawling over us. All our gear was swarming with the filthy little critters, the worst was Tj's jocks which got retired from active service and went down with the ship.
Still no sightings of any gibbons.
The next morning we had to zip back to tree house 1 for the walk out. Here lies the problem, yesterday Tara drank all the Lao Lao and had none in reserve for the return leg. To her credit she completed all zip lines again (sober), even though we spent about 1 hour standing on a platform at the top of a 50 metre tree being tree huggers.
The ute ride was dusty and bumpy and took 4 and half hours. Crossed the Thai border and bussed it across to Chiang Mai.

Monday, 31 October 2005

Location: Luang Prabang, Laos

After feeling a bit rich, on a whim we bought an air ticket from Hanoi to Vientienne (Laos) to avoid the 2 day hell on wheels bus journey. We spent a couple of days in this quaint capital eating massive banana pancakes and drinking cold Beer Lao while listening to bad versions of bad love songs.

Bus to Vang Vieng, our favourite spot in Laos. A gorgeous village surrounded by small dramatic mountains covered in mist, our guesthouse was a picture out of a trendy home decorating mag.. set on stilts, all completely open and with a big deck overlooking the river and mountains. The jewel in the crown was the view from the dunny and shower which was also open to the sky and spectacular view. Almost enough to make you wish for a dose of soup to give you an excuse to go more often. We can't believe it was $2.50 per night. The fast flowing Song river passes through town and the cool thing to do is hire a tractor tube and float downstream for a few hours stopping at all of the many riverside bars on the way getting drunk and doing extremely dangerous stunts like jumping off 7m bodgy platforms and swinging of death defying rope swings - see the photos. We had a great day out on our tubes, kayaking, and even caving. To make things exciting we had a close call with a monkey who leapt out of a tree and grabbed TJ's hat.

The other main attraction in the extreme adventure playground was to "hang" at any one of the hippy cafes and watch one of the 24 hour DVD's of Friends over a fruit shake.

Another all day bus to Luang Prabang where Eric Banna sat behind us spewing up coke into 3 plastic bags. WE've been in Luang Prabang 3 days and have done a walking tour which consisted of seeing 2 temples, a salon where Tj got her leg hairs torn out by eyebrow strips and a pub where it took 2 beer Lao to send us packing. Moving on do a 2 day trip on the Mekong and spend 3 days with the Gibbons (luckily Tj had her legs done or things might have got comlicated when trying to cross the Thai border).

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Just back from a 5 day tour of Sapa where the views are suppost to be spectacular, It was very north India looking but a touch cleaner.
Stayed with a local family for 2 nights and ate the local delicacies such as banana pancakes with chocolate sauce. Tied a big one on on the first night drinking rice wine and playing drinking games such as musical chairs with cards minus the chairs, work that one out! The game got vicious and some minor flesh wounds were found on Tara's hand when she sobered out. A girl named "nipple" who was as dumb as dog shit crashed our party, she was from England, Im sorry for all the poms out there but this is your lineage. Met an Aussie girl who had the most hideous laugh in history, sounded like a 2 stroke chainsaw with a fuel problem starting up.
Got a motorbike back to Sapa where Tj almost had a fatal smash when an oncoming motorbike was swerving all over the shop almost knocking her of the road.
We learned early not to drink from the river, as clean as it looks it's quiet filthy. While having a motion one early morning I noticed that the outlet went straight into the water.

Sunday, 09 October 2005

Location: Han oi, Vietnam

Welcome to the Polecats site #2.
Not much has happened in a couple of days so nothing to report.
just check out the lastest photos and we will keep you posted when a new entry goes in.
Keep the messages coming, we love to hear from you.

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Recent Messages

From Biccy
hey Shane and Tara
saw ya photos loved them, shane your getting a beard and moustash,
i hope you shave for christmas
write again soon, love ya

lov biccy
Response: no im not going to shave it, im going to leave it so its all itchy and give you a big kiss
From esmae
gettin a bit scrawny there shaneo.....
and teej, i am extremely proud of your zip line efforts especially the sober ones xo
Response: Nothing a beer or 2 wont fix in Kho San road.
From Kaye,Andy & girls
Great to see the pics, every where looks fab. This will fuel Andy's ideas of doing some travelling. All doing great in the UK...I'm even working now.
Love to both
K & Co. xxx
Response: Great to hear from you guys, I hope you can get out amongst it soon!
TJ and Shane
From zardidldard
hey teeeeeeejay looks like your havin a ball apart from that sick as a dog shot,lol,,,ya poor thing,, hope you recovered quick,, as for the self inflicted hangover shot cheers... zardiddledard knows the night was well worth it,, lol ,,shano looks far more hansome without the fuzz.. make sure he keeps a razor on hand at all times,, well me and the kids are beach bumming down at parsons beach for a week,, leavin in the mornin and i can't wait,,lol,, and its with a straight couple,,, i will feel lost ,,,lol,,, have fun tjay an shano,,,catchya when i get back,,ps zardle has a job,, oh my god its true,, i'm a workin woman,,lol,,
Response: Oh zardiddle dardledum you are such an internet addict, i hope this job has you bumping into nude AFL players too! and don't worry 'bout the straighties just talk about gardening and cooking hehehe
From aunty ezra
can't believe how awesome your trip sounds - hate to wish you back from it but i can't wait for adelaide in december!!! love u both and lap up the saigon beer - it tastes like crap back here (maybe because you pay $4 instead of 40c)
Response: Esmae - we miss you too, even Shane who is going soft on you but would never admit it - he keeps spotting your stunt double, the last one was a nude 3 year old boy with a 43 year old attitude, needless to say he wan'ts to smack them all!
From CJ
To TJ and Shane
Hi TJ and Shane its CJ howe are you doing.I can't waite for you to cum home agen.I have
made your bed's for you.I can't
waite for you to cum back.
from CJ xxxoooxxxxoooo
Response: Hey CJ - we are having a fantastic time thanks, been trekking again which is lots of fun and I'm looking forward to coming home too, can't wait to see your faces at the airport - love Teej and Shane xx
just wanted to be the first to put a message on. Keep on having fun, tj give us a call when you get back to aus.
Response: For sure Andy xx
From Tobias
Hi folks!
Just looked thru your pictures. They are very cool. Like the cave man in India!!
Response: Thanks mate you should see the ones we cant publish on the site.
Get your kit off and put a entry in