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Hey everyone!

Check out this page to get the latest update on our travels and general life in sunny London!

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Diary Entries

Friday, 08 June 2007

Location: Donington - East Midlands, UK

This was a weekend we were looking forward to for a while - Download Festival 07 - A heavy Rock festival that goes for 3 days, at Donington Race Park in the East Midlands. You basically camp there for the whole time and 60 bands played over the whole weekend.

So on Friday we headed with our mates, Jasz, Dave, Erin, Andrew, Glazy and Hales in 2 cars up to Donington with all our camping gear and food. Arriving there it is a sea of Bogans as far as the eye can see. I think someone said they get about 120,000 people there over the whole weekend. I have never seen so many tents in one place!!

It was an awesome weekend, definite highlights would have to be Iron Maiden, Wolfmother, Velvet Revolver, Linkin Park, Dragonforce, there are way to many to mention. Another amazing part of it is that Donington park is just across the road from East Midlands Airport, so while you are watching the bands there are planes flying so low overhead, but it just adds to the atmosphere.

The boys had a great time in the mosh pit and us girls enjoyed taking in the atmosphere and rocking out to some great music. It was a bit of a nightmare getting home on the Monday, we left our campsite at 10am and didn't get home til about 5pm where we finally got to shower after 4 days!! You can imagine it was all pretty feral by then!

Friday, 25 May 2007

Location: Glasgow/Edinburgh, Scotland

25th May 2007

Long weekend time so we though we would head up to Bonnie Scotland for a bit of a look around. So Friday night we headed to Kings Cross train station to meet Ness and Andrew and caught the train from London to Glasgow. I thought I was all good booking us seats all together, little did I realise I had booked us onto the 'quiet coach' of the train! So we were a bit worried getting on with our 2 bottles of Pimms and picnic food, to sit in silence for 5 and a half hours!! Well it started out pretty quiet and ended up in loud whispers (If there is such thing!).

Once we arrived in Glasgow we headed straight to our hotel, The Alexander Thompson Hotel - we had a lovely quad room booked which felt a little like a school camp! We arrived quite late so it was an early night the first night. Then it was up early for Ness and I to check out the shops while the boys kept themselves busy just wandering round. Anybody who has been to Glasgow before will know it's not the most exciting place, so we headed for the train station early arvo and caught the train to Edinburgh.

On arrival in Edinburgh, we had a bit of a mission to get to our B & B - the Granville Guesthouse. It was about a 30 minute walk from the city, a quaint little guesthouse and another quad share room! After settling in and taking it easy for a while we headed in to the Royal Mile - one of the main streets of Edinburgh, found an awesome little restaurant and filled up. Had a bit of a wander around town then it was back to bed.

On Sunday we decided to start the day with Edinburgh Castle - god it is massive - we were there for about 4 hours! Andrew and Pete got the historical headsets and Ness and I just wandered - there is so much history in that place its amazing- we even saw the Crown Jewels there! And it has massive views of the whole of Edinburgh.

After the castle we got on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus and did a tour of the town - I just love that in such cold places they actually have topless doubledecker buses!! It is such a pretty little town, there is a nice park at the bottom of the Castle and its beautiful and green - it was good to get some not so polluted fresh air!

That evening Pete and I did the City Of The Dead tour - it basically starts at the Royal Mile and there is a tour guide dressed in a floor length leather coat and he does a good job of filling you in on the gory history of Edinburgh. Then the tour winds its way through the streets towards the Cemetary where it is rumoured that there is a Poltergeist. They do their best to scare the wits out of you by locking everyone in an old Crypt at dusk and telling ghost stories! Then it was off to a bar called Frankensteins!

Monday was spent back on the bus and looking around the shops before boarding the train from Edinburgh back to London Kings Cross. The scenery on the way back was well worth the train trip.

Monday, 07 May 2007

Location: UK

Ok, for anyone who doesn't know yet, Petes arm turned out to not be broken at all. He went back to the doctor as it was feeling better and they XRayed it again and discovered it was fine. Apparently they had put it in a cast as a precaution because it is quite hard to determine wether or not the bone is actually broken in your wrist. So he was back at work after a 2 week holiday at home!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Location: London, Fulham, UK


Well, we haven't written in a while so this is going to be a general overview of what we've been up to - are u ready for it??

March 11
We headed to the London Astoria with Hales and Glenn to check out Eagles Of Death Metal - if you haven't heard of them they are a bit of a piss take rock band and they are great. The venue wasn't that great but the lead singer really was the highlight - he wore the reflective aviator sunnies and continuously combed his hair and rocked out all night. If u ever get a chance to see them do it!

April 5 - An easter never to forget!
This day started out like any other - we all went to work and it was a nice warm day so we decided to all meet at the pub, The Elk after work. We had a few drinks there then Pete and I met up with some of his mates from work, all Rockingham boys. So we had a few more drinks and headed to Acton to the boys house and were on our way to the Redback in Acton - and this is where it gets a bit hazy! - Pete was mucking around with the guys and they were wrestling or something and Pete ended up on the ground and hurt his knee and his arm. Anyway at that point we decided the night was over and hopped on a bus and headed home.

April 6
When we got up on Friday - both a bit worse for wear Pete noticed that his knee was quite swollen and his arm was still sore, so he decided a visit to the doctor was in order.
Anyway - long story short - He got xrayed and his wrist is broken - to be exact the Scaphoid bone is the one he broke, but the knee was fine - just a little sore. So now he has a cast on his arm and he's off work for approx 6 weeks!

April 7
Pete's knee was feeling a little better so we headed out to go and watch 'The Boat Race'. Now, I had never heard of any boat race - but mention it in London and everyone knows what you're talking about. Its the annual Oxford vs Cambridge rowing race - happens every year 1 Oxford Rowing boat vs 1 Cambridge Rowing Boat Race from Putney Bridge to Chiswick Bridge, (ok stop yawning!) It sounds kind of boring, but we headed down to the riverfront in Hammersmith and joined the millions of other people down there and watched the exciting 2 minutes of 2 boats going past. I think it is more the atmosphere and drinking in public that people go there for! Caught up with my old mate Frog from Mandurah and had a few drinks, it was a great day weatherwise so was good to be outside enjoying it.

Saturday night we ventured out to a nightclub in London called Ministry Of Sound - yep, the same people that do the music compilation cds. It opens from 11pm to 7am and costs a whopping £20 to get in!! So we went there with Petes Rocko Mates cos it was one of their birthdays - all I have to say is it is an interesting place!

April 8
Still feeling a bit worse for wear from Saturday night we decided to make the mission to The Church - being Easter Sunday we thought we should go to Church! Well, for anyone that doesn't know The Church is a pub/event that is only open on a Sunday from 12-4pm. U have to queue up for a while to get in and then once in there it is a big concert venue, with a few bars. Drinks are given to you in a plastic bag in cans and you carry the bag around with you. They have a comedian warm up the crowd and then there is a couple of strippers that do routines on stage. Quite a lot of people dress up to go there, and on this occasion our mate Hamster was the easter bunny! Anyways its another interesting Aussie ritual over here! - check out their website to get a better idea -

April 15
This past weekend was pretty quiet seeing as Pete is now unemployed due to the broken wrist, but we're back into the AFL season and headed back to the Slug pub in Fulham to watch the derbies - what a great result! GO THE EAGLES!! And the weather is finally getting warmer so summer is on it's way and its already daylight until about 8pm!

So thats what we've been up to, let us know what you've been up to!! Lots of luv to all, missing u all too!

Monday, 05 March 2007

Location: Biarritz, France


Well for those of you who have no idea where it is, Biarritz is located on the South West side of France. If you look to the map to the Right, it is just below Bordeaux near the Spanish border. We decided to go here after I made a boo boo on our original booking to Paris, so we had to go somewhere else - (long story - don't ask!)

Anyways, we flew out of Stansted airport on Friday morning, after a 75 min bus ride from central London. We flew Ryanair direct to Biarritz - 1 and a half hour flight. A quick Taxi ride and we were at our apartment in Biarritz, located 300 metres from the beach. And after not seeing the beach for 6 months that sight and smell was amazing!! And Pete nearly wet himself when he saw the surf!

So, the rest of the day was spent looking around and at the same time searching for a decent 2nd hand surfboard for Pete to buy. We walked miles but at about 6:30pm finally found a board! So with a smile on Petes face from ear to ear we then headed out in town for a meal. Now with French being the 1st language this was where we came into difficulty! We decided on a quaint little restaurant and sat down to study the menu. We were determined to try the french delicacy of snails - or escargot, and chose one other thing on the menu we had no idea what it was. Well the meals came out and the snails were really nice, but the other meal was 2 big pieces of animal bone hollowed out with some weird white stuff inside and a couple of pieces of bread to dip in it. It just tasted like animal fat and we later found out it was Bone marrow - mmm lovely! We then headed out to the local casino to throw away some money - pretty small cas and felt a bit like the high rollers section of a normal casino, but nice enough. It's off season so there wasn't much else going on in little Biarritz.

On Saturday, Pete got a few waves and we checked out the rest of Biarritz. It is an amazing little town, kind of French/Spanish Gold Coast only smaller. The Pyrenees are not too far away, so it rains a bit, but we were really lucky to get some good weather. On Sunday we got temps up to 25C so the white legs were out in Boardies, but it was amazing to get some sun for a day.

So it was such an amzing weekend enjoying the sea and sun, and on Sunday it was time to head back to dreary London. When we came in to land we passed through a lot of cloud and it was pouring down with rain when we landed. Then we had a lovely hour and a half bus ride back into London. And back to work Monday, but surprisingly we've actually had a little bit of sun this week, and the days are getting lighter earlier. Daylight savings starts at the end of the month so hopefully the summer weather wont be fare away!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Location: Fulham/Holborn, UK


Well just a quickie on the general life we're living in London. The wether in London so far this winter has been what they call 'mild' over here, which means average daily temps of about 8C - well to me thats cold. Anyways it's nothing compared to what we are starting to experience this week! We are having what I have repeatedly heard described as a 'cold snap', well thats what the weathermen call it. Well I don't care what they call it, I call it f***ing freezing!! So freezing in fact that I was woken this morning to Pete coming back in from outside to tell me that it snowed! Now I'm not just talking about a little bit of snow falling, I am talking about 3inches of ground cover! Apparently it actually snowed for 8hrs straight last night.

Now I don't really mind the snow, although I am a bit peeved that there was more snow from last night than the entire 1st week of our 'Snow holiday' in Austria!! Ah well, you gotta get over that fact, so the snow is exciting - everything looks pretty covered in white stuff and it's very festive. But then you have to deal with the Tube! Cos anything to do with the weather here affects the tube. For some reason their signals fail every time there is Rain, Snow, Sun, Leaves, Hail, sleet... you get my drift! Oh the fun of public transport in London! So while all u aussies are in Oz enjoying the beautiful summer we are dealing with having to wear 5 layers of clothing! Ah the joys!! And Pete is lucky enough to be working on a roof outside in this lovely weather!

Well thats my whinge and I've had it! Back to the fun, we had our first house party last Saturday night. Fun was had by all, we were all taught to play Beer Pong by the master Glazy, and that was pretty much the focus of the party. All in all we had a pretty good turnout and Shaun was back from his Contiki to enjoy it as well. The cleanup wasn't even that bad either and we didn't have any visits from the Cops, unlike the weekend before, but thats another story....

So the next big event will be Friday - Australia Day - should be good, we all have to work but then we're heading to a bar in Clapham thats broadcasting the Triple J Hottest100 countdown and serving aussie beers and food, can't wait!

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From shaun Trotter
Hay sis and pete good to here about ya travels got me a lap top so can keep in touch. All the Best shaun
hello Annette and Peter...Sounds like you should have kept the plaster for your knee!!! Cheers..missing you still cheryl & jeff 28/04/07
Glad to hear your news when do u think that you might leave & come home Louise is looking forward to seeing u.
Jess is in America now .
Allan & I will be going to a wedding in Vanuatu in Aug
All the best xxJennifer &Allan
From cheryl & Jeff
Hey you 2!! Miss you both.Great to read about your adventures...XOXO
From Jess Johns
Hi Pete & Annette
Mum passed on your travel page. Looks like your having fun. I'm off to the USA - South Carolina on the 20/3/07 for 3mths. Won a trip with Rotary for 6 weeks and then travel to NY, Montana, Canada - Alberta and BC, San Fran and LA get home 19th June. Louise is heading over to do contiki in June, so she catch up with you. Saw Dave & the band play in Albany Aust day weekend, great show & great to see Dave. Hope all is well with you both. Love Jess
Response: Hey Jess,
Great to hear from you, have fun in the states and don't do anything we wouldn't do!!
From Party Boy Pontius
Yum Yum bone marrow .. Bet that went down well. Sounds like you had a wicked time and im jealous as hell you got to go for a surf. See you back in the ghetto for some stroh and glacier ice.
From Kylee & Craig
Way to go guys, looks like you are livin' it to the minute! There is a super summer cranking along in Sunny Perth at the moment, but don't worry there is a nice one lined up for you both when you get back....Be safe K&Cx
Response: Hey Guys!
Make sure u soak up some rays for us - definitely missing the sun!
Missin u guys heaps!
Word on the Biarritz 'street' that filtered its' way back to perf was that some Aussie gringo kook kept dropping in on everyone !

Great to hear of your adventures bloody wish we were there

Miss u guys

Keep smiling

Ps Miss Brixton Academy too !
From cheryl & jeff
Hooray!!! Found the photos.Thankyou for sharing you great time! Miss ya's .Thinking of you all.Lots of love 2 you. 08/02/07
Response: Yay! Love technology!
From Digs
Hello kids!!!!
Well My god digs, i am in awe. that trolley of beer and fireworks is like a dream, i would be all over that like a kid in a candy store. You guys look like you are having a ball!!!. Digsyette, pretty as ever and Digs...well what can i say mate, luv the pimp mo!!!! But you aren't allowed to go back to the states without me!!!!! haha. Oh by the way, the prado is almost parked in the garage!!!! take care my mates talk soon
Response: Luv ya digs - missin Sundays on the couch with the Docter!
From Sammy
Pete how good is Vagas! I stayed at the Luxor which is the big pyramid casino across from MGM and next to Mandalay Bay. I had a crazy 3 days constantly blind roaming from casino to bar to night club! had an awsome night at Studio 54!
Take it easy bro....
From Carly
You satyed at the MGM Grand??!!? I was in awe when I saw that place geez ....and you stayed there! Yep the jealousy has kicked in :)
Trotta - knee injury on a snowboarding trip .. ironic.
Be cool xx
From Camille
Hi Anette! Love reading your emails - was wondering how the Xmas trip went! All settled back into Brisvegas now. Miss you Aussies at CWT loads though! Say hi to everyone for me!
Response: Great to hear from u Camille, Will have to make a trip over to Brissy when I get back!
Everyone says hi back!
From Sammy
Merry christmas and all the best for the New Year! keep living the dream! I hope the UK doesnt run out of beer with you two there! being a small country and all :-)
Response: Hey Sammy,
Havin' a ball, plenty of beer left, hopefully it'll last the rest of the stay here!
From Carly
Trottttaaa, Pete,
Looks wicked, seems awesome...ahh its very cool! Love your stories. Keep rocking the streets guys. Perth is flippin hot but you gotta love it...finally we have Summer!
Great shots too.
Be cool now and always follow the magic....
Love Carls xx
From gran and pa
Just seen photos of your trip to Ireland - very pretty place. Not too sure about the Mo look Pete. Just as well November has ended. About time you answered my letter. Going to miss you all at Christmas. Just look after yourselves and don't party too hard. What's this about selling your house? Enjoy Austria and don't break any bones - make sure Shaun has a good time and doesn't play up too much.
Lots of love from Gran and Pa
From kt
love the mo Pete!!!
From Roadys Brain
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz slayer zzzzzzzzzzz beer zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
From Ness
So you gonna be up for a beer or two in January??
Response: Hey Ness!

U seriously coming over? Of course we'll be up for a beer!
From kez
**new email addy***

I'm so jealous. can't be your friend anymore so jealous :P

Is pete really kissing a stone- he looks like he is vomiting.

We might be coming over start of next year will you guys still be there???

kez xxx
Response: Yeah of course we'll still be here! Come over!! Please???
From katie
Annette!! U've got a dead beaver on ur head mate!!! How did u get thru customs???

Love u long time!!
From Debs
Hi Annette and Pete, your blog is great Annette and the photos too! I attempted to do a blog when I went to Ireland to live last year (I too loved Dublin - Guinness and Bulmers aplenty -yum! and agree with your report that Cork is boring!) but I think I only added one blurb and no photos - I'm useless- but love ya work and keep partying! I'm back in Perth now, good to be home, but social life has well and trully slowed down! Saw your Dad, Lil and her kids at Aunty Irene's 60th the other week. Nice to see them all. Debs x
From Sammy
Hey Guys good to see your having a ball in England send me your Ph # so I can give you a call. Im in the US at the moment and Ill be in LA in a couple of weeks if Dave is still there could you give me his contact number. Thanks
Take it easy
Response: Hey Sammy,
Petes mobile number is +7976274696. Don't know if he's got Daves number.
From Digs
Digs I can't believe my eyes mate. Are you wearing an english shirt in some of these pics ??? DIGS??????? That is it I have already packaged up a wallabies jersey and am sending it over express!!!! Don't make me come over there digs and sort you out... hahahah
Response: Digsy!!
Good to hear ur trip went well! U gotta come over here Digs, we're missin the pissy nights out and day long recovery with the couch and the Doctor!
BULK recovery every weekend here!
From Digsy
Hey there digs and digsyette.
Well I am back home now. Arrived in Sydney a few hours ago. Am gonna pimp it up here for a few days!! you know how it goes. DIGS.... I am returning form one of the best trips of my life. saw amazing things, met amazing people and fell in love numerous times hahah!! I am meeting up in Sydney with a girl who I met in the US. DIGS.... hahah I guess it is almost time for me to get back to reality. I really miss you guys and I am looking forward to the day when we can have a few quieties digs and then drink dr all the next day!!!! P.s Respect AYY!!!!!