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The Yellow Snow and illegal Squirrel Fighting Tour

incase you didnt know or you just bumped into this page im off to vancouver, canada on the 10th of september til may 08 to play a season of canadian rugby!! hope you enjoy my thoughts and adventures

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

hey everybody!!!
just in the airport at the moment... with my 15-17hour stop over!!!
i had a good couple of days in vancouver with the poms!! we pretty much chilled out and drank a bit and chilled some more! pretty much the only constructive thing i did was cancle my phone and my bank account....
im now in taipei and it is about 1:30pm. i got in and 5:40am and i met some other aussies doing the stop over and we signed up for a complimentry half day tour, which was really fun!! we went to a part of a the city and it is the new year(lunar year) and they have this big festival at this really old temple... they call it the pig something, and what they do is, people enter the pigs and the biggest pig wins!!... and then it is killed!!! but the owner makes a fair bit of money out of it... the pig was a record 1200kgs!!!! massive!!!! the guied was this cool old dude and he was very funny!! he also took us to a museam which showed us all about he main industries of taiwan and all the history of how they were owned by the chinese then japan then the chinese again, but they want to be idapendent... kind of confusing but me and the 10 other aussies had a ball!!!

this will probably be my last blog so i guess i should thank everyone that made my trip possible (MUM AND DAD), and everyone that sent me lots of messages and what not, i really did appreciate them, as they kept me sain and made me feel loved when i most needed it. i have really enjoyed my travels and have learned alot about traveling, different cultures, people, and most of all myself. i have seen some amazing things and experienced some amazing events... i have meet some really amazing people too.... i really thank everyone again for all your coments and advise and i cant wait to see you all in the near future.....
with love

Thursday, 07 February 2008

Location: Vancouver, Canada

ok so im back in vancouver, i had to cut my ski trip back due to lack of funds.... but i still got a good day in at golden.
so most of you probably know, but incase you didnt, im COMING HOME!!!!! mostly due lack of funds.... me and the boys were going to set up on vancouver island, but because it costs a bit to set up and what not and i dont have the money, we decided that maybe ill just go home and the boys are going to travel around until they run out of money. we could set up but i would have to borrow money from the boys and then i would be spending the rest of my time here paying them back, and that would suck!!! so instead im coming home, and im thinking of either oing done to bathurst and playing rugby, or i might go up to the top end and jackaroo for a few months.... anywho ill figure that when i come home...
love pete!! xoxox
ps. ill be flying in to sydney on the wednesday and 1030am

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Location: Edmoton, Canada

hello all.....
me and the boys headed off yesterday to edmonton... the trip was about 7-8 hours but it didnt seem to long. we were all very keen to leave. the bus went via calgary but it only stopped long enough to change buses and off to edmonton....
we got picked up by erin (the girl we are staying with) and we havnt done anything yet.... BUT!!!!!!! at the moment it is a lazy
-40!!!!!! and a wind chill of -54 WOW!!!! and last night it was actually -54!!!! so i dont know the wind chill after that!!!!!! its cold enough to freeze any thing within minutes!!! the news is saying keep you pets indoor, and it said it is cold ebough to give you frost bite in minutes.......
but like typical aussies we have decided to go to a indoor water park in the biggest shopping mall in the world, which has theam parks and and motels and all sorts of stuff!!! should be good.
ill be meeting up with jake cranston tonight and tomorrow, because we are going to eat at the bar and grill he works at.... so that should be fun too, and he is getting a party organised for us for this weekend....
looking forward to this week and me and the boys are having a good laugh!!
love yas all and miss yas all alot
love pete xoxoxox
ps welcome to the world my newest nephew, lewis harvey lindsey!!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH AND UNCLE BENNO and the new one who i call mr t...
i had my last day of skiing and lake louise today, pretty good but very icey. i have 2 more days of work the aussie day then packing day then monday we are off to edmonton. we are all looking forward to it because we are going a little insane being so far away from everything, not long though.... mitch and woody went to fernie (snowboarding) and me and jimmy are going to wet the babys head...
by the time you read this bek and rich you should have had your baby, so congrats and i hope it isnt as ugly as the 3d shots ben sent me hahaha
not much more to say so ill be off
love you all and missing you heaps, and welcome to the world little fella!!
love uncle pete!!! xxoo

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

ok i have new and official plans....
me mitch and woody are heading to edminton on the 28th of jan.... we are going to saty there a week with a chick we met up here at lake louise, she is this mad chick that woody got chatting to when she was on a holiday and she became our besty in no time!!! she wanted us to come up and she wants to show us the sights and a good time aswell!!!! unless we fall in love with edminton, we are going to go to vancouver island to try and find a job for about 2 months, and save up so we can see a few other citys like montreal and ottawa and maybe halifax!! but if edminton is good we might get work there instead. we were going to go to ottawa and do all this, but it is exspensive to live there and there are not many jobs. so we figure we will go to where the work is and save up to travel instead of spend money to work. we wish we could go further east but the further east you go, the less chance you will find a job. so we will travel east instead. but we are deffinately going to visit edminton!!!
the cool thing about vancouver island is that they have rugby, so we are thinking about joining a club over there, and they play in the same comp i was playing in before. so i might get to play my old team.
thats about it for the moment, ill keep yas up to date as we know more...
love yas pete xxoo

Saturday, 05 January 2008

Location: Lake louise, Canada

ok so now i have plans for my next move.
me woody and mitch are heading to edmonton for a week on the 27th of jan, im gunna catch up with jake cranston and a few other mad travelers ive met over the time..... then we are going to fly to ottawa and try and get a job and maybe live there for the rest of my time... it seems like a cool place, its only 45 mins from montreal and close to the usa boarder (f--kin yanks!!!) and there are ski hills not far either. i figure if i stay here for any longer then january, it will be hard to find a job anywhere for only 3-4 months..... me and the boys are loving the sking and that but the amount of aussies and their shitty jobs makes it pretty sucky.
anyway better go
miss you all very much ( i even had a little wet eyes today)
love yas
ps i can do a 180 in the air and land backwards!!!! get that up ya benny!!!!! not very high though. 360's are next!!!

Wednesday, 02 January 2008

Location: Lake louise, Canada

yeah sorry everyone for not posting any pics.... i was about to do it the other day, but relised the computer at work doesnt have a usb!@!!!!!!!!! but ill figure another way OK!!!
new years was good, there is only 2 pubs in lake louise so we had a big party instead!!!!
the boys are getting sick of it up here because they havnt had much time in a real canadian town, so they are getting over it fast!!! there jobs suck too, so i we are thinking of going to ottawa at the start of feb...... not much else to say because it is very same old here, however still very fun sking and what not....
oh and my camera doesnt like the cold, i tried to take some photos from the top of the mountain but it said it was flat, even though it had new batteries...
love yas all hope your all well now, and you all had a good new years...
love petey

Friday, 28 December 2007

Location: Canada

thanks everyone for letting me know you all are shiting like no tomorrow.
yesterday me and mitch decided to swap my ski's for his board... and wow!! i hurt myself more in 1 hour of snow boarding then my whole time sking!!! i gave up not long after that and we swaped back... im really feeling it now, my arse feels like ive been melesterd, and i thought i broke a rib!!! i have alot of respect for boarders! mitch picked up sking ok, but he is no pete ballard!!!
christmas was good, me and all the people mitch lives with decided to do a massive christmas dinner. must say i cant carve turkey, but i gave it a red hot crack!!! really nice dinner, i supplied desert from the bakery (dont tell to many people about that!)... it was no ballard christmas, with shit and vomet flying every where, which made me not miss home as much. but i still whish i was home for chrissy. missed home alot that day!!
other then that work has been busy because of christmas. and me and my mate are doing up another batch of pies tonight, so ill let you now how it goes...

Monday, 24 December 2007

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

merry christmas every one!!!!!!!!!
no new news other then im an awsome skier.... actually i told yas that!!!!
oh and if anyone eats my lollie bag, I WILL NOT ONLY MAKE THEM BUY ME A NEW ONE!! I WILL KILL!!!!!
love yas all and missing home heaps!!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

my new adress is
Peter Ballard
BOX 28
Lake Louise
Alberta T0E 1E0
My number is still the same... (778 846 pete(7383)

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Location: Lake louise, Canada

well ok, im not only an amazing skier, i am also an amazing businessman, but not a good speller....
so this is what im doing... me and one of the cooks tried to tell the bosses they need to sell aussie pies, because there are so many aussies here asking for them... but they wont because they have no idea... so now me and the cook are going to bake them ourselves on sunday night, and sell them at one of the residents here... we have all the ingredients and everything... we are going to make about 120 just to see how they go and we have estimated that we will make about $100 profit each, providing we sell the lot... they cost 130 to make and we will sell them for about 3 each, or less by the bulk....
so ill let you know how it goes and if we make enough profit to keep doing it... we are also going to make buffalo ones as well.....
love yas all and wish me luck

Saturday, 08 December 2007

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

I JUST TAUGHT MYSELF HOW TO SKIIIIIIIIII!!!! and im probably the best i know at it too!!!!! i just hit the bigginers hill and i was tearing it up!!! SELF TAUGHT!!!! tomorrow is cheap for locals day, so i get a full pass for $20 for a whole day!!! thats why i went today to learn...
but know i will be poor until this next weekend so please send some money. (its ok mum, im not really poor)
LOVE YAS PETE, the man who revalusionized(??) sking

Thursday, 06 December 2007

Location: Lake louise, Canada

so ive been working in the bakery and i have come to the decision that ill stay doing it for 2-3 months. the job is so cruzy.... i dont do anything and it is a good laugh chatting to people all day... i also get free food... so i think ill just try and save for a ski pass and what not.... its really funny because my supervisors are all younger then me because they are just out here for a few months and the turn over rate here is so fast people that have been working for 2 months can become supervisor... so they are younger then me and they all get stoned before and during work and i just bludge and do nothing.... there is no way im leaving this job anytime soon.....
other then that not much has happend, there has been lots of snow and it hangs around for ages, so every time you go out side your walking in snow...
anywasy im off ill try and make some phone calls this weekend ok...
love yas all
pete the bakery boy

Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

HELLO ALL!!! very sorry i havnt posted in a while but ive had not e-net access.
well soooooo, im in lake louise with mitch and woody, i got here on thursday night and started looking for a job. now ive got one in a bakery, just serving... the pay is 10 and hr, and rent is 10 a night. its a pretty good place but i dont get a free lift pass with the job, so im hopeing somthing else comes up on the mountain.... it all very much in the air at the moment, so ill tell you more when i find out more....
lake louise is really pretty, the place is full of mountains, and is covered in snow. is bloody cold too!!! the other day it was -35 today it is -5 but thats because we have had alot of cloud cover, and the clouds keep the heat in.... ive met some really nice people... all BLOODY AUSSIES!!!! but really nice just the same... the place is full of french canadians and aussies, but im not planing on staying much longer then 2 months anyway so im not too worried.....
thats really about all, im just working and trying to save up enough to learn to ski and if somthing else better comes up ill run with it, that my new outlook on the canadian experience.
oh blake th pom gave me a set of ski's for free too, he got a couple of pairs of a rich dude chucking them out so he gave me a pair... they are about 7 years old but bairly used so im pretty happy about that.....
until somthing new happens, love yas all heaps and slip slop slap
pete xoxoxox

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Location: vancouver, Canada

oh and by the way on sunday for our amazing sunday activity we went to capilano suspension bridge which is on the north shore and is a really cool tourist sight, i loaded pictures

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

oh and i forgot to tell you it snowed in vancouver yesterday but didnt really settle, it did a little in places but didnt hang around long.... still bloody cool. and i just bought my first christmas tree for the poms for a going away thank you present, i had to walk it up the main street of kitsilano and i had people laughing at me, but whatever!!!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

ok... so some of you may have herd, im leaving vancouver!!!!
so this is the storie.... im leading club try scorer, and im playing good rugby. however even tho ive proved myself as a player, they still decided to stuff me around and put me back to thirds!!! so i had my last game on the weekend, (scored again) and i decided i would change my pupose of the trip. so i talked to woody and mitch in lake louise, and they said that there is still plenty of jobs going. so i could email them and apply, but that process takes forever so instead im going balls out and heading up there on thursday early morning and arriving later that night. its a bit more risky to just head on up there but you have more of a chance of getting a job if you meet them face to face. im a little nervous but im sick of hanging out in the city because it just doesnt feel like im traveling it just feels like im in another city but far away from home... but yeah thats all i really have to say because i dont know anything more about what im doing. but ill post soon when i get up there and ill tell you all how its going.....
love yas pete

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Ok I'm f--king over this stupid f--king club!!! I'm still in 3rds!!! 'I've done f--k all to deserve it!! last game this weekend and my intentions are to punch the shit out of someone, either from the other team or one of the coaches!!! WANKERS!!! im looking seriously into some other options so ill post again when either im in jail or ive left Vancouver.... dont worry i wont really end up in jail, but im looking seriously into leaving town... just weighing up some options
talk soon
love you all Pete

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

it was my birthday yesterday!!! and it was Richards too!! happy birthday rich!!!
i didn't do anything to exciting but i did have a good time!!
first i did my washing!!! then a chick mate of mine called me up and asked me if i wanted to do lunch, so i did. so i hanged around in a bar and grill drinking coke and eating burgers!
i had training that night when i got the call up to 2ND GRADE!!! oooo big deal i know!!! WANKERS!!!
after that i went dowm to the poms and had my lasagna, which was awesome and they bought me a tube of Vegemite for my birthday!!!! i would have to be one of the coolest presents ive had!!! my whole childhood in a tube!! the poms couldn't understand why i was so excited even after i tried to explain to them how much it means to an Australian!!
all and all it was a very fun birthday!!
ill try and put up some photos
love ya all and thanks for remembering me

Monday, 19 November 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

well sorry i havn't written in a while...
few things to inform you of...
first of all on thursday night at training the firsts coach told me i was playing 3rd grade... yes pretty pissed off!! but i asked him why and he said that they need to stck 3rds and firsts because they both really needed win on the weekend (they did and i scored... AGAIN, thats 5 now).... but im really over it thought, because im sick of being yo-yoed through the grades, especially after the coach has told me im his first choice hooker!!! so now im looking seriously at other options (maybe ski season, another club, or work in a random town in the interior, or i could just stay here and put up with it)... not sure yet!!
i had a good weekend though, i stayed in on saturday, and brewed beer on sunday in a brew it yourself place. pretty cool and it cuts cost on beer come christmas and new years... and it was bloody fun!!
this afternoon im going to a temping agency interview. tomorrow is my birthday but it my birthday today at home... but tomorrow minty is cooking me lasagna for my birthday!!!!
other then that not much else to say... ive just been on the job hunt during the day and fighting crime at night, so yeah
love ya gutz

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looks like you learnt a lot about spelling too!
Response: thanks
From Naomi
Good to see you're coming home this week!!! im looking forward to seeing you, we miss you!
I've been doing my wedding invetations up, you make the cut! its only 4 months to go, crazyness!!!
Response: oooo am i doing something in the weddin??
From mum
can't wait to see you and give you a big hug!!!!
hope you have a good flight
love you
Response: it will be shit... i know it
From Amanda
Hey pete finally able to get onto your page ! when u comin home? U gona call in on way to where ever your going? Anways enjoy the rest of your time over there!
Response: ill be home on the wednesday, at about 1030, but i dont know what my plans are...
From Luke
Hey mate, Sorry we haven't written for ages, just so hectic...

Anyhow, we are now in Braidwood, started working at Bungendore, broke, but enjoying life. Mum said that you might be home earlier than expected? Sounds good, hope we can see you soon, miss ya mate!

Luke and Shona
Response: yeah could be very soon.... so i know your not good for a loan then hahaha
From Matty Gay
Hey dude its been awhile hows things. Heard you moved in with mitchy. I knew it would only be a matter of time before u homo's got back together. Just giving ya heads up with whats going on with me. I got caught speeding and failed my suitibility for the cops. lol There still letting me stay for a simiester to get direction but then that might be it which sucks. Going back to Bathurst tomorrow after an awsome summer break.. and by the looks at tonks message footy training too. Well keep safe homo

Response: i herd all this from mitch, dude that sucks arse!!!
From Mum
it is Lewis Harvey Lindsay
and he is very cute just like you were
Response: too right he is cute if he looks like me
From tonks
hey mate,
hows it all going, havnt talked to u in a while so i thought i better leave a message, sounds like you lads are enjoying it over there, if its any consolation i sucked at snowboarding to, you end up getting used to getting smashed everytime you stand up. not much is goin on in bathurst, footy trainin starts 2day which is goin to be fun, cant wait to start playin again, anyways keep it real mate talk to ya later
Response: mate im really mising the doggies hey..... me and mitch are having a blast though..... i think ill stick to skiing though, im a little better at that!! good to hear from ya!!! ill give you a call soon ok
From Naomi
Lewis actually is really cute (you know how mum will say ugly babies are cute cause she has no idea), he's tall and big but not really chubby! he has big eyes and a neat little head!
i went to big day out, it was good, a bit tiring trying to run around to get to see all the bands you want, and it had a bit of a negative atmosphere cause there were so many nobs with their shirts off and fake southern cross/australian made tatoos and they were all a bit angry, but you just had to avoid different bands that you knew would attract those dicks!!! paul kelly played with dan kelley, he was awesome, spoon were good, and this guy out of rage against the machine played this country johnny cash type stuff, he was amazing, soooooo good, he's called the night watchman if you see any of he's stuff!
anyways i might get going and wake andy up cause he's taking me to breaky cause i was driver last night after fordy's 21st, yay!!!
peace out player, love ya xox
ps wats this i hear about you coming home early?
Response: yeah im not sure... if i cant get a job in vancouver island then ill just come home and play rugby, and save up for a car and shit!! take it easy you know!! but i wont know for some weeks yet...
yeah aussie day over here was a bit like that (alot of dick heads but no to bad)
any way dude, im gunna put up another blogabout my journeys....
love ya
From Mum
Ok so i got it wrong it is LEWIS Harvey and he is cute. Hannah is going to write to you again. I'll try and send some photos as soon as i can so you can see him.
love you
Response: goog to hear hannah, and also good to hear they are spelling it lewis and not louis, because people will think his name is louise
From Hannah
Hi Uncle Pete
How are things in Canada??
thank you i had a lovely birthday.
how's it going in Canada? what have you been doing other snow skiing?
i have been doing lots of stuff and i want you to come back home. I have been going to the beach and Meika's house and shopping and out to see uncle Gubby and i saw Louis today, he is so cute aunty bek had him last night. that's all
love you uncle Pete
hi uncle Pete
this is Toby
the fishing has been very good. and the fish have been nice. Uncle Petey, Uncle Petey. Fishing is very fun. fresh prawns are good bait. from tobo the fisherman
hello Uncle Pete, hello pete
love you!!! bye bye
from Meika and Jakey.
PITDFRRERHJCMHHJLKJJUTRT5 T T;;nn nbvcnn kkj jkk;j 'k
'kx'kck'kd' k;m ml kjklkooj 9ijj jjjjfppypupu[upu[uuuushddfmgnmgnh
jnm /dd
']lki fdx
Response: canada is a colder then daddys meat freezer, everybody has to wear lots of clothes and then they are still cold.... toby i think you should try ice fishing.... you have to walk out on a frozen lake and dig a hole down to the water the put a tent with a hole in the bottom over the ice hole, then you sit in the tent freezing your backside off fishing through ther ice!!!! hannah there is not much else to do in lake louise the ski and drink lots of coke!! ill be back before you know it, and ill bring you kids some cool presents OK!!!
love yas lots and be good for mum and dad and your other uncles and auntys and grandma and grandad, and give lewis a big kiss for me!!
From Mum
IT'S A BOY!!!!!
we have been trying to call you but can't get through so i hope you get this.
Louis Harvey Lindsay
8.44pm 24 Jan 08
8lb 10oz
very cute baby boy, he is so so cute.
Uncle Ben's B'day present
so now he will have to learn to share it has only taken him 32yrs.
Response: suck shit ben, i have to share mine with rich!!
From Dad
Its a boy! Lewis Harvey 8lb 10 oz
bor last night
Response: fat kid... does it look like mr t
From azza
sounds like i should come over ha ha good to hear all is well and about perth i wish i were over there but that never ended up happening unfortunatley oh well dude hope you stay safe and ill be looking forward to talking to you again soon all the family says hi to see ya bloke
Response: no worries mate keep reading my site to keep in contact
Hey petey, its been a long time since i've filled you in! now probs isnt the best time cause i have done a night shift and my brain isnt ok with that, but what ever!
i decided not to work in oncology, its very stressful/emotional and quite dangerous with all the chemicals before you have babies AND they stuffed me around a little so i was like nah, i dont wanna do that! so i am gonna be working in the community like i used to, lots of wound care etc. 3 days a week, then hospital 2 days a week, so i'm really relieved and excited about it all!
wedding plans are going great guns, getting married on one of the lookouts, windmill hill (near flynnies) then reception at flynns beach resort, blue water bar! should be sweet! just starting to do my invites up now... your invited! oh and simmy way cocacola is gonna do the music, he's very cool!
going to big day out tomorrow, driving to taree tonight and flying from there early in the morning and staying with ben that night, i'm super excitedits gonna be ace!
well thats all the news i got to tell ya for now! i might go and vegetate somewhere til andy gets home and pries me from the lounge!
love you lots see you in a few months! yay! xox
Response: party time... im going to drink lots of coke at you wedding haha, not really, AM I MC???? or is luke??? or are we both???
From benny
its my bday this week too. should i ring you for it or will you remember? ;-) i want a big arse plate of that f--king poutine stuff (its f--king brilliant!!!) & a packet of the peanut butter covered chocolate.
Response: i can deffinatley bring you the reese penutbutter stuff, but poutine might be hard!!!\
From benny
hey bro, if you get a chance over there...go and see feist, buck 65 & tegan & sara. you wont be disappointed, very good!
Response: i really want to see tegan and sara, but i dont know when they will be playing next so ill be on the look out......
From Amanda
Hey petey pie
We are just in Singo and we have Nomes and Andy here for the night but they have gone to bed coz they are soft (according to Gabe). We lost the cricket to India tonight which was very disappointing and Lleyton Hewitt looks like he might be out of the Aust open but we cant say we are very disappointed about that! Well hope all is well in Freezingville and keep posting messages-we are getting bored!!!
Response: its good to see evryone lives their lives through me! hahaha
From mum
but Pete I'm sure it is only because we don't want you to feel left out or anything.
Missing you heaps and i think i am going to go and live somewhere where it is cool, it has been so so so humid here we are all just one big sweety crumpy lot of people
love you
Bek still hasn't had the baby but she is getting very close now. very exciting!!!!
Response: hahaha yeah well live up the heat because im f@#king freezing!!!!!!
From Naomi
Can you tell your family to stop having conversations through you!
Response: ok, everyone stop trying to talk to each other though me, because incase you didnt know IM IN CANADA!!!! and that means its probably easier if you just talked to one another yourselves!!!
From mum
i think the boys are getting bored
sorry for waking you the other night but i was a bit worried.
love you
Response: thats cool, i only just remebered that you called, i dont even remeber what we said!! haha love ya
From Benny
Luke has man boobs
Response: so does mr t
From Luke
Ben is a complete wanker, I don't even like the little bitch.
Response: cool
From benny
i dont what your problem can definitely write like a 7 year old so start showing us you can ski like one too
Response: im a nurse not a teacher!! i dont need to spell, i just need to save peoples lives and shit!!! i know, no big deal.....
From Naomi
I hope so...
Response: so do i